Strip Search Pt. 02

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“Ryan let’s go,” Kim shouted up the stairs.

“Where to?” Ryan asked, rubbing his tired eyes.

“I got a hold of the owner of that clothing store, some woman named, Rachael, and she promised to do something for us for what happened yesterday.”

“Its a women’s clothing store. What am I getting out of it?” Ryan asked.

“Who knows, maybe you’ll get you dick sucked again by a couple of hot women,” Kim said, smacking him on the ass. “Now get in the car.”

“Hi I’m Rachael,” a red headed lady said when Ryan and Kim entered. They all shook hands. What Ryan noticed first about Rachel were her hug tits. He knew a couple of girls who had double and triple D’s, but this chick must have been an E or F. He just knew that even in a bra, those baby’s bounced when he and his mom shook her hand.

Ryan saw Nancy and Brandy there as well.

“Come back to steal more shit?” Brandy asked, walking up to Kim and Ryan.

“I didn’t steal anything yesterday, you little…”

“Okay, that’s enough,” Rachael said.

“Brandy, go count the inventory in the back,”

Brandy scowled at them and walked off.

“Nancy explained what happened yesterday. So to make up for your negative expieexperience, I’ll give you fifty percent off any bra and panties set you want to buy.”

“Wow, really? That’s great,” Kim said excitedly.

“Yes, and to ensure there’s no misunderstanding, Ryan will keep me company out here. But I also want you to model what you try on in front of us so we can give our opinions about what we think.”

“Ryan are you okay with that?”

Ryan looked up from Rachael’s cleavage and simply nodded.

“I’ve already picked out some things in room 3. Oh and don’t worry, I canlı bahis closed the store little early so it’s just us here.”

Ryan tried to have a normal conversation with Rachael about his likes and whatnot, but it was hard not to look at her boobs. Sure he was an ass man, but damn what he’d give to see those knockers. Rachael was even a little heavier than his mom, with a bigger butt. She had long red hair, green eyes and a very pretty face.

After some small talk, Kim came out in a purple lace set that was very nice, but didn’t look great on her, according to Rachael.

“Is there a bathroom I can use,” Ryan asked.

“Nancy will you show him?”

Nancy escorted Ryan to the restroom and waited outside. She made a point of telling him this.

Ryan quickly finished up. As they were coming back, he noticed Brandy coming from the back of the dressing rooms. She looked startled at first, then smiled and joined the other two women in the front of the dressing rooms.

Kim ended up with four sets of bras and panties. As they were walking to the register, Nancy reached back and grabbed Ryan’s crotch, making it seem like an accident. Surprised, he jumped back, crashing into his mom, causing her to drop everything, including her purse, where out spilled a bra and panties set.

“Oh my God!” Nancy said, staring at the bra and panties.

“I knew it!” Brandy said, smiling wickedly.

“Care to explain that?” Rachael asked.

“I…I…” Kim stuttered.

“Everybody in the office,” Rachael said.

Once again mother and son were strip searched.

“First off, you can forget about the discount. Second not only are you going to buy the items you picked out, you’re also going to buy bahis siteleri the one you tried to steal,” Rachael said.

“But I didn’t. I swear,” Kim pleaded.

“Now for your punishment. You’re going to get an over the knee spanking. But not by me, by your son.”

Brandy pulled out a folding chair and forced Ryan to sit down. Then, before he knew it, his mother was across his lap. Each time he smacked her, his cock rubbed against her stomach and it grew harder. In between spanks, he’d rub and fondle his mom’s ass. After a few minutes, the women made them switch, so now, Kim was spanking Ryan. His hard cock trapped between her legs.

Apparently, they hadn’t done a good enough job, because soon Kim and Ryan were bent over the desk getting spanked and their assholes tickled, fingered and licked.

At some point the three women had gotten undressed. Rachael made Ryan suck her boobs, while she stroked his cock.

Meanwhile, Nancy made Kim eat her out, while Brandy fingered and ate Kim’s pussy.

The problem with big boobs, Ryan discovered, is that you have to hold them up to get to the nipples and they are pretty heavy. But soon enough, Rachael wanted her pussy licked, so they got into a sixty-nine. Her pubic hair was trimmed, but still covered her pussy, so that took some getting used to. By the time Ryan and Rachael had given each other an orgasm, his mom, Brandy and Nancy had two orgasms each.

Then it was Rachael’s turn with Kim, while Ryan had to satisfy Nancy and Brandy. He fucked both of them to orgasm. Then he had to fuck Rachael.

Ryan had a toned body and an average size cock with a fat head, so every time it slipped out of Rachael, it made a popping sound, causing her to yelp. Her bahis şirketleri pussy was really tight too and it didn’t take long for Ryan to explode inside her.

After everyone caught their breath, they descended on Ryan. One sucking his cock, two licking and sucking his balls and the fourth, licking his asshole. They rotated until his cock was rock hard again.

Then Ryan was made to lick every women’s asshole, then fuck it. He picked Rachael first. He wanted to see if her ass was as tight as her cunt. Not quite, but pretty close. As he fucked her, he reached around and fingered her pussy until she had a huge, screaming orgasm.

Nancy was next. Her ass was pretty tight too. He had a hard time getting the head of his cock through. He also fingered her to orgasm and almost had one himself when she clamped down on his cock.

Bitchy Brandy had a loose asshole. It figure that she’d like it up the ass. He brought her to two orgasms, just to torture her. He knew she was the one who planted the bra and panties in his mom’s purse.

Finally it was his mom’s turn. He spent a little more time licking her asshole, first because he wanted to and second because he didn’t want to hurt her. He couldn’t believe he was fucking his mom’s asshole in front of three other women, whose assholes he just fucked.

Kim wasn’t sure if she was having several small orgasms or one huge one, but it didn’t matter because soon she felt her son’s seed fill her ass up.

When he pulled out, he was pushed aside as the other three licked his jizz out of his mom’s asshole.

As Kim and Ryan were leaving, Rachael said, “Don’t forget about our Spring Cleaning sale!”

After they were gone, the three women masturbated to the video tape of the whole event that had just been captured on several cameras.

“That family is loaded. I think we can use this to our advantage,” Nancy said. The three women the concocted a plan as they got dressed.

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