Stuck on the Stairs Pt. 01

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Big Tits

This is insane. This is absolutely insane. It felt out of body, but there I was. My cock was in my hand. I was stroking, getting closer and closer to the point of no return as I listened to the shower run. My mind was torn between the slideshow of images that had burst forth from some hidden recess and the scream of my conscious imploring me to, “Just stop!” But, I couldn’t. As I felt that first twitch and the warm spurts of semen begin to coat the outside of my hand I realized, through gritted teeth that were holding back the audible growl of my orgasm, that I was risking everything for something that could never happen.

Allow me to interject some context here, if for no other reason than to help illustrate the true gravity of the situation in which I had found myself. Amy, has a daughter named Danielle from her previous marriage. Over the years, I helped raise her as if she were my own. I’ve seen her blossom into a strong, confident, brilliant young woman. I’d never let myself admit it before tonight, but apparently I’ve also watched her develop in other ways. Just like her mother, Danielle has legs that go on for miles. Her frame is firm, tight, and slender like a dancer’s. Her breasts are small and perky. She has thick wavy strawberry blonde hair that she likes to flip and twirl. Her most unique feature, however, are her freckles. They are a trait that many have grown out of by her age, but she wears them with pride and the suit her well.

I don’t know why, but that night, as I was walking up the stairs to Danielle’s room to ask…hell, I can’t even remembering what I was going to ask…I heard the shower running, and a voice clear as a bell rang in my head, “your step-daughter is wet and naked in the shower right now.”

What it was about that magical combination of words I will never know, but like some incantation, it unlocked a stream of images that awakened an utterly uncontrollable desire in me. Memories of Danielle sitting by the pool in her bikini, sauntering by in her yoga pants, sitting on my lap, kissing me on the cheek all of a sudden became hyper-sexual to me. As I stood there on the stairs, I imagined the water cascading down Danielle’s body and her skin slick with soap. I imagined her delicate fingers beginning to tease her clit. I imagined her spreading her legs slightly as she began to rub herself faster. With her eyes closed and mouth slightly opened, I pictured her legs shaking and body convulsing in orgasm as her whispered moans were canlı bahis drowned out by the sound of the running water.

Amy was just in the family room and Danielle was only feet away. I could have been caught by either of them, a thought that was both titillating and terrifying at the same time. Amy and I shared everything with each other. It was the constant that had made all of our adventures possible. I was risking the safety that honesty afforded by masturbating to thoughts of her daughter behind her back and I was risking the safety that Danielle knew in me as her step-father.

I heard the shower turn off as I slowly withdrew my cum covered hand from my pants and backed down the stairway leading to Danielle’s room before sneaking by Amy, who was watching a show on the couch. I needed to take a shower of my own. I was half hoping that it would wash away the memory of what I had just done. That night, Amy wanted to make love, but I just couldn’t. She knew something was up and asked if I was alright. I could have just fessed up then and everything would have probably been fine, but the words I needed to articulate what I was feeling and what I had done simply escaped me.

The next day was very unproductive, except for the elaborate fantasy I began constructing. I am a door knocker and, out of respect for her privacy, would never walk into Danielle’s room without first announcing it. Believe it or not, but I had no idea what her naked body actually looked like. I spent the day wondering about her nipples and how they would feel in my mouth, how the curves of her body flowed and how I would follow them with the tips of my fingers, if she got really wet when she was excited like her mother did, and how tight she would feel wrapped around my cock.

By the time Amy and I settled into bed I was ravenous. She had barely pulled the covers up before my hands started groping and my lips began delicately kissing her neck. “Finally in the mood, are we?” she jabbed, remembering my reticence the night before.

“Uh huh.” I whispered as I gently nibbled her ear and moved my hand down her stomach.

“Mmm…good.” she moaned as she spread her legs.

My hand slid easily into her panties. She was already wet. I moistened my finger with her juices and began to gently circle her clit. She writhed and came. I plunged one, than two, fingers into her soaked pussy and began kissing down the length of her body. With my middle and ring finger curling up to hit her bahis siteleri spot my tongue lapped at her clit. Without warning the slideshow started up in my mind again. I tried to stay focused, but all I could think of was Amy’s daughter, Danielle. As Amy came again and again on my tongue, I imagined Danielle’s sweet pussy gushing into my mouth.

Sliding back up Amy’s body, I took myself into my hand. I was already hard and throbbing. I only needed to guide the tip into her. Amy was already soaking the sheets. The full length of my cock slid into her easily. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around me. As our bodies slapped together I heard her whisper, “Yes, dad. Fill me.”

If you’ve read my previous entries, you know that Amy has had an ongoing sexual relationship with her own father for some time. Her parents live far away and when Amy is missing her father’s touch she will fantasize about him while we make love. Normally, the thought of Amy’s dad filling her pussy with his cum is enough to take me over the edge, but as I began to fuck Amy harder, I wasn’t picturing that at all. All I could think of was Danielle looking up at me saying, “Yes, dad. Fill me.” And fill her I did. I came hard all the while dreaming that I was spilling into my step-daughter. I pulled out and saw a thick white stream drizzle out of Amy’s still pulsing pussy.

Now, your probably asking yourself, “why are you so afraid to tell Amy that you have sexual thoughts about her daughter when she has sex with her dad?” Well, odd as it may be, I was very much afraid of telling Amy that had sexual thoughts about her daughter. What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander. No matter. Everything came to a head that following weekend anyway.

That Saturday, Danielle had spent the morning in her room and then left to go hang out at the neighborhood pool with some of her friends. Amy and I were alone in the house. My phone was dying and I needed a charger, so I climbed the stairs to Danielle’s room in search of one. Danielle had just turned 18. This was her last summer at home, and as I stepped into her room I pitied the poor soul who would eventually be her roommate. Let’s just say that ‘tidy’ is not a word I would use to describe her. As I scanned her room for a charger, I saw her phone resting on the night stand charging away. The screen lit up as I unplugged it revealing images of shirtless guys. Nothing too risque, but enough to make me raise an eyebrow. Curious, I bahis şirketleri pushed the back button on the phone’s browser. A movie loaded of a couple making love – very risque, and enough to drop my jaw. Was Danielle doing what I thought, what I hoped, she was doing in her room that morning?

On the floor, I saw the outfit that Danielle had been wearing before heading out all crumpled up in a ball. A pair of white cotton panties stuck out the top of the mess of clothing. I just stared at them for what seemed like an eternity. In spite of the voice in my head that was once again screaming to “Just stop!” I had to know. I took the panties into my hand. the crotch glistened with wetness. My pants got tight at the smell of her cum. Looking over my shoulder to make sure Amy wasn’t coming up the stairs, I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my throbbing cock. My head flew back as I rubbed Danielle’s juices all over me. Standing in the middle of her room, I began to stroke. Gently at first, and then as if I couldn’t get enough I began licking the crotch of my step-daughter’s soaked panties. It tasted better than I had imagined. My want for her had morphed into a full on need.

I started jerking myself ferociously with her panties. I was gone. I was lost. I was about to cum into the soft, white, wet cotton when all of a sudden I felt arms wrap around my waist. I jumped. “What tha…!”

“What are you doing, naughty man?” Amy said letting me go with a giggle.

“I…uh. Fuck. Oh my God!” I stumbled.

She put her finger to my lips. “Shhh…its ok. I’ve seen the way you look at her.”

“Amy, I swear I have never done this before. I’ve never even seen Danielle in that way until a couple of days ago. I just…” I weakly tried to explain.

“Look, you may believe what you’re saying right now, but I don’t.” She interrupted playfully – something I was glad for because I really didn’t have an end to the sentence I had started worked out. “You’ve been wanting our little girl for a while now, and if I had to bet I’d say that she’s been wanting you too.”

“What?!” I was totally unprepared for the turn that our conversation had just taken. Let’s face it, I was unprepared for the conversation period.

“Sounds like you two could use a talk,” Amy sneered.

“What? Are you crazy? I could never! She’s your daughter…my step-daughter.” I was incredulous.

“Yes, and your cock is still hard.” she retorted as she turned and left the room. “I think I’m going to go out tonight for a while. Your call, naughty man.”

I listened as she walked back down the stairs. I was still holding my step-daughter’s panties in my hand. That night was going to be interesting.

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