Suburbia Ch. 02 – Garage Clearance

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This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone. It’s a short story but I felt it a necessary bridge between Chapters 1 and 3.

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts lesbian sex, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


She had picked such a lovely day to tidy her garage out. The early morning sun warmed her nicely whenever she stepped out of the garages shade. It was a job she liked to do every couple of months so that it didn’t take long each time. Judy was your average late thirties mother, her son had already left home to start up a new home with his girlfriend, her daughter was in college just about to spread her own wings and Judy job shared for three days a week at the local GP’s to give her a bit of pin money.

She was blessed with a body that attracted young and old men alike — and thankfully women. She never strayed with men but had a number of female lovers in the immediate vicinity that her husband never knew about. She was tall, had dark shoulder length hair, perhaps carried a little too much body fat but that only went to accentuate her best asset — her chest. It ensured it attracted all the attention she needed and today would be just another day filled with fun and orgasms.

She was bent over at the back of the garage when she heard a cheerful “Hello”. Standing up she could see her next-door neighbour Sheree plus Jayne who lived a few houses further down. Judging from the time, they istanbul travesti had both been to drop their youngest children at the nearby school.

Judy picked her way through the boxes and went to greet them, sharing a chaste peck on the cheek with both. Jayne always appeared the most shy out of the two blondes but was the first to point out Judy’s attire, a very sheer white silk negligee over a matching and equally sheer bodice. “Very nice but that’s a bit revealing isn’t it” opening the negligee to reveal the bodice beneath.

Judy smiled and replied “Normally I wouldn’t have anything to worry about as I’m stuck in the back and the neighbours all know me by now. Especially two sex crazed Lezzie’s I could think of” referring to the two friends stood before her.

“I don’t know about you Sheree but I think Judy here needs to go back to the back of the garage, remove this… ” fingering the negligee “… take off the bodice below, put this back on and come back outside to us.” Jayne said addressing the other blonde. At this point Judy did as suggested, removing the bodice and came back out to her two friends. To the outside world nothing else had changed but closer up Jayne was delighted how the negligee clung to Judy’s curves saying, “That’s much better”.

Jayne then proceeded to undo the single ribbon keeping the garment closed. Immediately the gap opened under the pressure of the chest beneath to expose a goodly amount of breast flesh, this allowed Jayne to reach inside and cup the nearest breast, revelling in the way the flesh moved and flexed under her grasp. Judy gasped and had a quick look around to make sure no-one could see what was happening.

As Judy returned her attention back to her friends, Sheree istanbul travestileri took her lead from her friend and reached up to repeat the actions on Judy’s other breast making her gasp once more. “Relax will you, there is no one around right now and even if they did you need to be standing up close to see anything” said Jayne just as she leant forward and captured the nearest nipple between her lips.

Despite her shock Judy’s pussy had been leaking profusely since she had emerged back out of the garage, her only response was a hissed “Oh Jeez” as Jayne’s hand wormed inside the top of her panties.

After a minute or so of suckling on Judy’s nipple and flicking her clitoris, Jayne straightened up and suggested “I think it’s about time we took this gig inside”. The other two agreed and all three quickly bundled the remaining boxes back inside the garage — Jayne couldn’t help but notice that Judy didn’t make any move to retie the negligee. Instead, she was the one doing the most rushing to get the boxes stowed away so that she could shut up the garage.

With the garage door closed the two blondes bundled Judy down the side of her house to the rear door, Jayne was one step behind the homeowner and once they rounded the corner and couldn’t be seen from the front she reached for the collar of Judy’s negligee and pulled up and back. Judy twisted her arms back so that it removed easier, Jayne then threw it over her shoulder for Sheree to capture.

Judy had to walk the rest of the way in just her lacy panties and sandals. The three stepped inside the kitchen and Jayne pushed their host up against the work top. Her hands immediately reaching for the nearest breast ducking her head down to resume the kissing, travesti istanbul nibbling and sucking she had administered minutes earlier.

Sheree closed the door and went and stood the opposite side of Judy so that she could copy Jayne’s actions on Judy’s other breast. Both of them traced a hand down to the elastic of Judy’s panties but instead of them playfully fighting to finger her pussy Jayne left Sheree to strum on her clit while she traced her fingers inside the brunette’s snug moist labia.

Judy was truly in seventh heaven; her boobs were always sensitive, but the dual fingering was making her buck her hips in time as she approached her first orgasm. For her part Sheree loved playing with Judy’s very fleshy clit as it pulsed all the way as her neighbour came all over Jayne’s intruding fingers.

Eventually both blondes disengaged their mouths and fingers, and Judy sank to her knees with a deep groan. She twisted slightly and pushed Sheree back so that she was leant against the worktop and lifted her flowing summer skirt to reveal her naked pussy beneath. Judy wasted no time in flicking her tongue in her neighbours’ fleshy folds, tasting the musky sweet elixir she loved so much.

Jayne decided she didn’t want to be a bystander and so leant down, pushed Sheree’s T-shirt up and clear of her bra before peeling the nearest cup aside so that she could repeat the ardent nipple sucking she had just been doing to the brunette. Between the two sucking mouths and enquiring tongues Sheree’s pussy was buzzing nicely and her own “Ooooh’s” were being drowned out by the other two’s “Mmmm” moans.

Thankfully Jayne didn’t have to wait to long for her turn. Once Sheree had juddered her way through her climax positions were shifted. Judy remained on her knees, but slightly raised as Sheree had lay down on the floor and got the busty brunette to sit her pussy squarely on her face. She had the other blonde bend over the worktop so that she could swirl her enquiring tongue in and out while Jayne held the back of her head in place.

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