Suburbia Ch. 15 – House Sale

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This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone.

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts lesbian sex, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


Almost daily Anna thanked her lucky stars for her regular running. Even at forty it ensured that she stayed trim while accentuating her shapely legs. It helped her stay slim and work off the day’s frustrations. The former to flirt with prospective house buyers and sellers alike. The latter as human beings could be such assholes.

Most of the viewings she held were either with a woman on her own scoping properties before bringing their men onboard or couples which enabled her to at least flirt discreetly with the men even if it was largely the woman who made the decisions. Occasionally she came across a man looking at houses on his own. Many of these men propositioned her and a few had even got their leg over — only after they had agreed to buy a property for the asking price or higher — she had standards after all. Putting Anna in the good books with the sellers, making a better percentage-based commission and perversely did well hitting her sales targets on the back of them. Today would be different though.

Today’s property had been on their books for well over a year. A classic case of seller over confidence with a property that needed a lot of TLC to appeal to the modern market. Anna was parked on the drive in her car when a very expensive Mercedes pulled up alongside her and out stepped a tall, elegant woman with straight long red hair that cascaded down her back and seemed to shimmer in the sunlight. The car and the person looked out of place with the house and its location but who was Anna to argue with a sale. Anna stepped out of her car and extended her hand towards her visitor “Hello. You must be Ruby. I’m Anna, we spoke on the phone”.

The redhead shot Anna a dazzling smile and gently shook the offered hand replying “A pleasure, thank you for being so adaptable to my timing. I’ve only got a window of three days to come up with a shortlist of properties for my husband to view Monday of next week”.

Anna bowed her head and said “Not at all, any estate agent worth their salt would be flexible under the circumstance. Shall we?” as she steered Ruby towards the front door which she unlocked and pushed open for the buyer to see the entrance hall. Stepping in behind her she went into sales patter mode pointing at the various doors that led to the downstairs room accentuating the size afforded for parties, which side the sun rose and set on and so on.

“Can I see the kitchen first?” asked Ruby and Anna pointed to a door towards the back of the entrance hall. Ruby stood in the doorway and explained “I know whatever property we buy will be remodelled but I like to get a perspective from the doorway on how we could configure it”. That made perfect sense to Anna so she waited outside the kitchen, she was just glad that she had a prospective buyer that could see past the current dated décor all be it still struggling to put the woman with the house. Anna always said she had a sixth sense with these things– mainly to win dithering buyers over.

Ruby then stepped inside the kitchen and started opening various cupboard doors, Tutting sometimes, others an approving nod and a “Mmmmmm”. Anna found this behaviour a little strange but wasn’t about to say anything until Ruby said mumbling as she was bent over, looking under the sink “I can’t say I’m terribly impressed with the homeowners cleaning”.

Now Anna wasn’t sure if Ruby was expecting a response from her and said by way of reply “In fairness to the homeowner the viewing was arranged short notice in the middle of the week”.

Ruby pulled a face and replied, “I guess so” and carried on looking in the cupboards. If truth be told Anna just wanted rid of this house from her books, it was both one of the most expensive and the longest listing on her books. She had secretly hoped that after so many viewings without an offer, the owner would have removed the listing and taken bursa escort it to one of her competitors, but she had done too good a job of flirting with the owner for them to do that. The rest of the lower floor was conducted without much to report. Ruby added the occasional “Nice touch” or “I like that” but a lot of “That will need to come down” and Anna’s heart had begun to sink as they climbed the stairs.

Naturally they started with the master bedroom and after checking out the view from the main window Ruby proceeded to open wardrobe doors and drawers. Again, Anna felt a little uncomfortable with how much Ruby was focused on the contents, but the prospective buyer chipped in with “You must understand. This kind of inspection gives me an insight into the type of owner. You know. Are they all show and no substance? That type of thing”.

Ten seconds later, while Ruby was crouched down looking at the ladies’ shoes, she exclaimed “Well, well what have we here?” and pulled out a box slightly larger than a shoe box. Ruby stood up and brought the box to the bed and immediately Anna could see the top item was a dildo and by the looks of it there were quite a few sex toys crammed in the box.

Recovering quickly from her initial shock Anna felt she had to say something even though she desperately wanted Ruby to make an offer on the property “I really think we should put that back. Both privacy and from a hygiene perspective”. How was she ever going to look the owner in the eye again.

“Nonsense” replied Ruby “This is exactly the type of insight I was looking for. Besides, that’s why we carry hygiene wipes in our bags, right?” and proceeded to whip a small packet out of her handbag and start to clean each item she picked up. Next out of the box came a harness for a strap on dildo that Ruby held high saying “Oh my, now this certainly makes the mind boggle as to what this beauty has seen”.

Anna took a step nearer and started to say “I really must insist…” but was cut off with a stare from Ruby that spelt out she meant business.

“Look young lady. We both know how long this has been on your books and we both know it looks very tired and in need of some sprucing up. So much so that it’s listed for way too much when you consider how much we’ll have to spend to bring it up to scratch” said Ruby with a very stern tone in her voice. She continued “I’m guessing you don’t get your commission until the sale completes and we’re fast approaching quarter and year end and so, I imagine, your targets are under regular scrutiny at the moment”.

Anna was floored that Ruby knew precisely what was going through her head, ‘Was she a mind reader?’

With Anna remaining silent, Ruby continued “So if someone came a long and offered the asking price on this very tired property on the condition the legal side is completed in double quick time. Just In time for a year end I might add, and the end of this year’s sales target. Then that would get you out of a couple of holes I’d hazard a guess?” and then went quiet waiting for Anna’s response.

The best she could manage was a few “I… I… I guess…” and Ruby knew then that she held the trump card now.

Ruby took her phone from her bag, pressed the screen a couple of times and then held it for Anna to see “This is our bank balance. We can afford two of these properties and are buying cash with no chain. I have three days to find a house that my husband can view next week; and let’s face it we both know he is going to agree with my choice. What are you prepared to do to sell this house to me?”

This was so far out of Anna’s comfort zone it was hard for her to think. Just then Ruby started waving around one of the dildo’s she had cleaned. Anna gave a slight cough and shook her head “Surely you can’t be serious?”

Ruby smiled a devilish smile and replied “Oh I’m deadly serious. Do exactly as I say, and as long as the vendor is prepared to pull out the stops on the legal side, you’ll have a sale agreed in an email before you pull off the drive today”.

Anna’s face coloured up and all she could say was “But… But… “.

Ruby cut her off once more “But nothing. Do you want to sell me this house for the asking price?”

Anna could only nod and gave a whispered “Yes”.

Ruby decided to press on “And do you think the seller will bursa escort bayan agree with my one and only condition to complete quickly?” No verbal reply this time just another nod from Anna. “In that case then I have one final question “Are you prepared to do EXACTLY as I say?” the emphasis was on the word ‘Exactly’.

Anna remained still while being scrutinised by the other woman but eventually she nodded once more. Ruby’s face broke out into a broad beaming smile as she said “Excellent. In that case, pretty as your summer dress is, I think we’ll have it removed please”. With shaking hands, Anna reached for the zipper behind her neck, grasped the little ribbon tucked inside the zip and pulled it down. Without realizing, her knees were trembling, but her pussy was leaking as her dress swept past her knees to lay curled around her ankles.

“Mmmm, very nice” said Ruby, “Very nice indeed. Now the bra if you don’t mind, those look very yummy tits. Remember, carry on following my lead and this is a done deal”, she continued. Anna reached behind her back and unhooked her bra clasp, Ruby’s last sentence ringing in her ears, driving her on. This one sale could answer so much for her. Ruby stepped forward and ran the back of her right hand across Anna’s soft left breast making the other woman shiver at the touch. The redhead then switched on the vibrator in her left hand and ran it around Anna’s right nipple which had extended to its fullest.

“Good girl” was all Ruby said as the other woman stood up straight allowing her to get to know her more intimately. She turned her right hand to touch and fondle the brunette’s right breast while her left hand travelled the vibrator down Anna’s right side and gentle work it along the elastic of her panties. Another involuntary shiver from Anna made Ruby chuckle slightly as she dipped her head down and captured Anna’s right nipple between her lips, beating the rubbery nub repeatedly with the tip of her tongue. This distracted Anna enough so that she missed Ruby sneak the vibrator inside her panties and run the tip over her clit. Anna couldn’t help herself and let out a low, guttural moan as she raised her hands to hold on to Ruby’s shoulders to steady herself.

What was she doing? She was stood almost naked in someone else’s house while another woman, who she had only met a half hour ago, who was bringing her rapidly to an orgasm. What she was doing was selling a house that was never going to shift — that along with a rapidly approaching orgasm. Quite a sizeable one by the feel of it. Although she was no stranger to lesbian love, it certainly wasn’t an everyday occurrence for her and the first while trying to sell a house.

Ruby pushed Anna backwards until she fell on the bed. With a quick flourish she removed Anna’s damp panties, prised her lovely long legs apart and drove her face in the apex of her legs. The redhead’s lips captured the enflamed clit and her tongue beat a very determined pattern until the brunette was sent over the precipice and climaxed, letting a long high-pitched moan while trying unsuccessfully to close her legs. She did succeed in bucking her pelvis up and down repeatedly, but Ruby was determined not to lose contact with her mouth.

The redhead spent a minute or so lapping up Anna’s come before pushing herself up so that she could stand and remove her own clothes. Once Anna had recovered, she lifted her upper body and supported herself on her elbows while she watched the stunner disrobe. Her skin was flawless and pale, her stomach flat and taught but it was her nipples that fascinated the realtor. She had heard of ghost nipples but never saw any in real life. They were the same pale colour as Ruby’s skin, but the main nipple was a dark pink dot.

Ruby climbed up on the bed and straddled Anna’s upturned face, planting her pussy square on the brunette’s mouth. It took Anna no time before she started to dart her tongue around the fleshy clit and pussy lips, repeatedly darting her tongue in and out of the redhead. While she rode Anna’s face, Ruby reached for the discarded vibrator which was still buzzing away, reached back and inserted it inside of Anna’s still leaking pussy, the buzzing sound suddenly muted as it slipped inside her.

It didn’t take too long for Anna to bring Ruby off. The sheer wickedness of her fucking escort bursa a relative stranger in someone else’s house was a supreme turn on, although she had to admit that Anna had a reasonable amount of skill with her mouth and tongue. As she climbed off Anna’s face, Ruby knelt at the side of the brunette’s head and dropped her face so that the two could share an intense tongue duelling kiss before she stretched out at Anna’s side so that her face was adjacent to the sparsely haired pussy.

Anna guessed what Ruby wanted before she spoke and rolled on to her side so that her own face was looking straight at the thickly red-haired pussy. Anna craned her neck forward until her extended tongue was once again in contact with Ruby’s clit. Ruby in turn repaid the complement and started to lap at Anna’s pussy. The two happily lost themselves in time as they pushed each other onwards until first Anna came but closely followed by Ruby.

The two lay on their backs staring up at the ceiling while catching their breath. Ruby scrambled for her phone started to quickly type, Anna leaned up on her elbows once more with a curious expression on her face. Ruby quickly looked in her direction saying “I keep my word. I’m just sending you an email confirming I’m offering the asking price”. Anna slumped back so that she was once again staring up at the ceiling and missed Ruby kneeling up on the bed and rummaging around in the box of toys, extracting the harness and dildo to attach to it.

Once the buckles were in place Ruby announced “You’ve only come twice. I think that needs rectifying.”

She then reached into the box of tricks once more and extracted a pair of handcuffs and snipped them around Anna’s wrists “Now wait a minute how do I get out of these” Anna asked a little frantically.

Ruby smiled at her and pressed a button on the buckle, and it popped open saying “I have the self-same model at home” as she reclasped the bracelet. Rolling Anna on to her front she instructed her “Ok lady get up on your knees” as Ruby positioned herself behind her.

Off to their side and slightly behind them came the words “Well, well. Started without me, have you?”

Anna quickly swung her head around exclaiming “What?”. She had a sudden thought that the bottom had dropped out of the world as she expected the homeowner to be stood at the doorway but then she didn’t recognise the tale shapely blonde leaning against the door frame.

Ruby took up the narrative saying “I was merely getting our friend revved up for you. I’ve already agreed to buy the house so that she can meet her commission target.” When the new visitor pulled a face Ruby added “You need a bit of imagination I’ll agree but it has good bones I can work with. Now are you going to stand there and watch or come over here and take an active participation as I intended?” Anna twisted round and looked quizzical at Ruby. The redhead smiled and replied “This is my friend Zoe. I might have texted her the address while I was dropping you that email. She likes pussy more than I do so you might have your work cut out.”

It was at this point that Ruby thrust her hips forward and buried the plastic cock inside Anna’s pussy and a few quick hip thrusts soon had the brunette pushing her own hips back. Zoe had removed her clothing and climbed up on the bed with her back to the headboard, her widespread legs were at a perfect angle for Anna to drive her tongue into the moist ripe peach before her. Anna was a little too distracted to notice Ruby remove the dildo and insert a different, slimmer model only for the original dildo to then replace it in her pussy. She did however notice it once it was positioned at her anus and Ruby pushed forward in unison with a thrust from the strap on. Anna let out a deep, guttural moan which made Ruby chuckle saying, “That went in way too easily for it to be the first time something has been in that little rosebud.” Little did she know that Anna regularly got herself off with a vibrator in both her pussy and butt.

An afternoon of fun was had by all three. Anna wasn’t released from the cuffs until the end, and she was certainly put through her paces. The vibrator in her butt remained in place throughout. Zoe rolled Anna on to her back so that she could take control of the strap on while Ruby hovered over Anna’s face and danced her pussy on her outstretched tongue.

Yep. Anna certainly earned her commission that afternoon but then the sale did help her hit her target and was a healthy pay out that year end. She often thought back to that afternoon when she was spending some of the commission.

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