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It was a quiet night in her household. She was feeling horny so she decided to go play with her husband, who is sound asleep. She quietly gets off the chair, walks towards the bed, slowly takes her clothes off, and as gently and quietly as she possibly can, slides into bed.

Her nipples are hard, her pussy is wet, and she’s not going to let him get away. She slowly inches closer to him, he moves; she stops and waits until he gets settled again. Inch by inch, she gets closer to him, pressing her breasts against his back while her hand moves to his chest, playing with his chest hair before moving slowly down to his cock, which seems to have a mind of its own. She slowly strokes him; he ends up moving onto his back with a moan, she continues as she no longer cares if she disturbs him. She wants him in the ‘worst possible way’.

She scoots down the bed so his cock is near her face; she licks his cock head and shaft a few times before thrusting him into her mouth. He moans and thrusts his fingers into her hair, forcing her mouth down onto him, she moans and starts sucking him slowly, being careful not to do it too rough, even though that’s the way she does it, she obeys his non verbal ‘order’ and does it slowly and gently. Her mouth is moving up and down his incredible cock.

His cock is incredible; it’s so hard to resist içerenköy escort the urge to straddle him. But, still, she continues, now she’s moving a little faster and he’s making a noise that sure means he’s awake but is pretending to be asleep. He does not want to interrupt her, as that’ll probably make her stop. She stops so she can re-position herself on his leg, to take him in at another angle. She looks at him for a split second before stuffing him back into her mouth as deep as they both can go without her gagging.

Using her other hand, she plays with his balls. Massaging, gently squeezing, rubbing, and rolling. This is making him moan again and again. She knows he’s awake, yet doesn’t care. Why should she? They are both enjoying it tremendously! She is fighting the urge to straddle him still, but sucking on his cock and rubbing her pussy against his leg is awesome too. She stops playing with his balls and grabs his shaft, squeezing gently yet firm. He likes that, too.

His fingers managed to stay in her hair, but now it’s to the point where both of them want what the other person has. She removes her mouth and hand from his cock, stands up on the bed, turns around, and impales herself on his cock. When she is all the way down, she moves so she’s sitting kadıköy escort Indian style, and starts rotating her hips left to right, front to back, and does this repeatedly while now his hands are on the back of her neck then her hips, then scratching her back, then pulling her hair, his hands are all over her body, and she absolutely loves it. They both love this!

She starts bouncing slowly at first then starts picking up speed. She squeezes her PC muscles as well as her thighs to make herself as tight as she possibly can, at this kind of angle. After a few minutes of that, she stretches her legs straight out before leaning back onto him, where he promptly puts his hand around her throat. She’s moaning, groaning, growling, and he’s moaning as he thrusts up into her as fast and hard as HE can while he’s practically being pinned down by her body. His hold around her neck tightens as they fuck with all they have and before she realizes what’s about to happen, she finds herself on her stomach, pinned between him, her arms, and the bed. She loves this too. Hell, she just loves the feeling of his big cock inside her pussy. PERIOD! Who could really blame her for that?

His hand is still around her throat, he’s laying on top of her plowing her hard, fast, and deep. kartal escort All she can really do is try to keep from suffocating in the pillow and tilting her hips up so he can get even deeper. He lets go of her neck so he can grab hold of her hips AND ass; what can I say? He’s an utter genius, continuing to plow into her hard, harder, harder, fast, faster, faster, deep, harder, harder, faster, and faster. She’s grunting and screaming into the pillow that won’t let her get away from. She moves slowly to his fast, it’s a fantastic feeling for both of them, her hips are tilted. He smacks her ass and she squeals.

He’s relentless when it comes to fucking her pussy, but she’s not going to tap out. However he does, he can’t help himself, since she’s now in that one prime position that makes him lose control, makes him want to cum, to fill her with his cum. It’s serious now, no more ‘play fucking’ as she’s used before. It’s time to fuck to the finish and finish is what he’s going to do… sometime soon…

She’s a lucky woman to have a man who tries to get her to cum as many times as possible. To have a man who uses her as a very loved and very well used sex toy. To have a man who uses her as a cum dumpster. She’s a very lucky woman indeed!

He’s pumping her, his hands are pushing her even further down onto the bed, his hands firmly on her ass, he’s thrusting faster and faster, he buries his cock as far into her as possible and cums so hard he grunts. Staying still for a few moments while catching their breath, he kisses her back, and slowly he rolls off her, onto his back, and falls asleep. She rolls over onto her side and wills herself to sleep with a smile on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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