Susan’s Son’s Friend Ch. 02

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Jeff had a big smile on his face as he walked home from his friend Ryan’s home. He had just fucked Ryan’s Mom, his old High School teacher Susan Jenkins. What was more, Mrs. Jenkins wanted more, and apparently was willing to please him to get it.

There was only one more week before he had to leave to return to college and he was determined to make the most of the time by having Mrs. Jenkins as much as possible. After work the next day he went over to her house around 3pm to help out in the yard as he had been doing for the past few days. Mrs. Jenkins answered his knock at the front door. Jeff let out a low whistle.

Susan had obviously prepared for his visit by putting on make-up, and dressing in a pair of very brief shorts and a top that was stretched to its limits across her firm 34B breasts. It was clear that she had no bra on as her nipples were popping out through the thin fabric. Jeff stepped inside and pulled her close to his strong young body and kissed her deeply.

Jeff’s hands moved down to cup her tight ass-cheeks, but Susan pulled them away.

“Work first, young man,” she admonished, smiling. “Special treats afterwards!”

Jeff went to work in the back yard weeding and tending to the flowers. After about an hour in the hot sun, as on previous afternoons, Susan brought out some cold lemonade for the two of them and sat by the pool.

“Why don’t you take a dip, Jeff?” Susan asked. “I will just sit here and enjoy the view today.”

“It’s a hot day and you looked flushed, Mrs, Jenkins. Why don’t you come in too?”

“Maybe I will. I’ll go inside and get my swimsuit on.”

“No need, Mrs. Jenkins. I am going in naked like I did yesterday and you can join me!” With that, Jeff peeled off his T-shirt and dropped his shorts and underwear. Susan couldn’t help looking at his semi-erect cock as it hung between his legs and she felt an immediate dampness between her own legs, remembering how good it had felt inside her the previous day,

“I… I can’t do that,” Susan stammered. “I can’t be naked outside… I would be so embarrassed, What if somebody saw me!”

“I’m the only one who is going to see you naked, Mrs. Jenkins. This yard is so private nobody can see us,” Jeff stepped over to Susan’s chair and pulled her to her feet. He quickly pushed her top up, releasing her perfect tits. Susan meekly allowed him to take it off completely, then stood still as he unbuttoned her shorts and let them drop to the ground. Her panties soon followed and they were both naked in the open air.

Susan noticed his cock growing in response to seeing her naked, and she smiled. Jeff led her to the pool where he jumped in and urged her to follow.

“I don’t want to get my hair wet, Jeff,” Susan says as she walks into the pool down the steps. Jeff noticed how hard his former teacher’s nipples get as the cool water reached them. He swam over to her and began playing with them. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined being in the pool naked with Mrs. Jenkins!

Susan playfully pushed him away, laughing, but Jeff got her backed into a corner of the pool. He reached around, grabbing her ass cheeks, and pulled her against his young body. She felt his fully-erect cock pushing against her pelvis.

“Don’t be teasing me, Mrs. Jenkins. Remember yesterday how you told me I could do anything with you! You did say that, didn’t you?”

Susan nodded and softly replied, “Yes.”

“Tell me again, Mrs. Jenkins.”

“You can do anything with me, Jeff, You can fuck me any time canlı bahis you want.”

“Good girl,” Jeff told her. “For that I will give you a treat.” He flexed his strong young arms and picked Susan up, sitting her on the side of the pool. “Spread your legs for me, Mrs. Jenkins!”

Susan hesitated. She was very uncomfortable being naked outside, and spreading her legs would reveal her most intimate parts. She assumed Jeff wanted a close up view of her pussy, and reluctantly parted her legs to show him. She turned very red in the face as she allowed this former student to stare directly at her cunt.

Susan was then shocked when Jeff grabbed her ass cheeks and leaned into her pussy with his face, and began to lick her “down there!”

“What are you doing, Jeff? What … what… ahhhh that feels so good!” Susan had never had her pussy licked before and it was sending waves of emotion and passion throughout her naked body. She leaned back on her elbows and let her body be taken over by the feelings coursing throughout her. She began to moan and in no time felt her orgasm rising within her. She stifled a scream as her pussy spasmed with intensity.

“Jeffrey… that was wonderful!” Susan gasped. “I have never experienced anything like that before.”

“Well there is a lot more I can do with you, you know. Things I bet you never dreamed of in your prudish marriage,” Jeff replied. “Now it’s you turn to pleasure me.”

Jeff got out of the pool, wiped himself down and lay on the chaise. “Come over here Mrs. Jenkins and straddle me.”

Susan did not have to be told twice, She wanted the feel of Jeff’s cock inside her again. She put one leg each side of the chaise and lowered herself towards Jeff’s cock.

“What do you want, Mrs. Jenkins?” Jeff asked.

“I want you inside me, Jeff,”

“You need to do better than that. Ask me explicitly,” Jeff responded sternly.

“I…I want your c…cock in my pussy.”

“Come on Mrs. Jenkins. Remember how you asked yesterday.”

“I… I want you to fuck me Jeff, I want you to put your cock up my c…c…cunt and fuck me,” Susan whispered out. She had never spoken like that in her life. With that, Jeff grabbed her hips and pulled her down, impaling her cunt on his cock.

Susan gasped out loud as she relished in the feeling as it penetrated her hungry pussy. As she worked her body up and down, Jeff fingered her pussy, even getting it inside her next to his cock. Next thing Susan realized he had both hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them … then a wet finger was at her asshole.

“What are you doing Jeff? That’s my ass – it’s dirty back there.”

“This is one of the things I am going to teach you, Mrs. Jenkins,” Jeff answered. His finger then pushed on her pink rosebud and slid into her rear passage.

“Jeffrey! Stop!” Susan wailed as her most private and tight opening was violated. It felt very strange to her and a little uncomfortable, but didn’t hurt. Jeffrey, however, did not relent and pushed his finger in even further,

“Remember, Mrs. Jenkins, you told me I could do anything I want with you. I am just preparing you. I am going to put my cock in there and fuck you in your ass.”

“W…what! No. It’s too big! You’ll rip me apart!”

“Do you want me to leave then?”

“No,,,, no – I need you. But isn’t my pussy enough for you?” she wailed.

“Fucking you in your cunt is only one of the pleasurable things I am going to do to you, Mrs, Jenkins. You will learn to enjoy it. Now are you going to turn over for bahis siteleri me or should I leave?”

Slowly and reluctantly Susan stood up, feeling empty as Jeff’s cock slid out of her. He told her to get on her hands and knees in a grassy area. She soon felt Jeff kneel behind her and spread her ass cheeks again.

“You do have a gorgeous ass, Mrs. Jenkins,” Jeff admired. Susan was mortified at him staring straight at her anus. She gritted her teeth when she felt his cock, lubricated from her pussy, touch her anus.

Jeff ran one hand down between Susan’s legs to find her clit. He rubbed it clit lightly, just enough to make her pussy throb.

“I know you want me to fuck your pussy and fuck it hard – you ache for it, Mrs. Jenkins. But your asshole is so erotic, so virgin, so taboo. I must have it.”

Still with his cockhead just touching her pink rosebud, Jeff continued to finger her cunt lips, taking time to massage her clit and stroke her clitoral hood. Soon he pressed his fingers deeper inside her pussy and, stroking the inner walls of her cunt, pushed his fingers as deep inside her as they would go and curled them appropriately until he located the soft sponginess of her G-spot. He stroked her sweet pussy like this while his cock probed the outside of her ass.

Jeff looked at her glistening rear entry as it twitched in nervous anticipation, twinkling with Susan’s pussy juices he had smeared on it minutes before. He thought it is such a magnificent sight, wet with lube, so virginally vulnerable.

He took hold of his cock to align it with the entrance to her asshole, moving it in very small circles, massaging it with the soft spongy tip of his cock. He grabbed her hips and slowly began to inch it in. Susan squealed and tried to rise up.

“It’s too big!” she wailed in panic. But Jeff pushed her back down and pinned her down on the grass with a powerful hand to the back of her neck. Susan tried to mumble something but she couldn’t catch her breath as the head of his cock popped past the tight muscles of her anal sphincter.

Susan gasped as Jeff’s cock started to slowly inch its way up her ass.

Jeff worked his cock in her very tight hole, and when he felt he was in enough, he thrust it as far as it would go into Susan’s violated ass, and she gasped again, not ready for its size. Her breath was short and fast as she tried to tighten her ass, trying to deny its entry. After a while though, she fell into a kind of used submissive mode as he took what he wanted from her. She felt so submissive taken this way. She so wanted to please Jeff, but being forced into being so lewd, so dirty that it made her feel like a filthy whore. Yet… yet she realized that she liked this – the position, the intrusion in her ass, the humiliation. . . it all came together as one lustful feeling that washed over her.

Jeff leaned over her and put his palms on the grass on either side of her head, pinning her shoulders down with his forearms, so she couldn’t move forward or from side to side. He wanted to make sure Susan stayed in position as he took her anal virginity. He was sure that, after a while, she would like it. He rammed his hard thick cock deep into her ass. Susan’s asshole and body were helpless to stop the whole force of each thrust as he held her down.

Slowly, he pulled his cock out, until the tip of it was hovering fervently at the entrance to her ass. Once his cock had been completely withdrawn, he thrust forward violently to cram his thick meaty hardness back deep inside her ass. bahis şirketleri He did this again and again, and each time Susan felt like she was being violated anew. He buried the entire shaft of his long thick cock up her anus until his balls massaged the lips of her cunt.

As he forced her butthole open each time on the girth of his cock, he whispered into her ear, “You like this, don’t you? You need this, don’t you? My naughty teacher all held down and getting her tight little ass fucked.”

After the third time of saying this, Jeff was pleased to hear her breathe the word “yes”, as he pulled out and did it again.

“I like watching my hard cock as it slides effortlessly into your naughty little ass, Mrs. Jenkins. Tell me how you like it.”

Susan whimpered back quietly, “I like you fucking my ass, Jeff.”

Jeff smiled. He really felt he had Mrs. Jenkins under his control now. He spanked Susan’s ass gently as his ass-fucking got faster. He varied the angle of his hips to alter the direction his throbbing cock penetrated and stretched her gaping hole. He pulled her back onto his cock to magnify this effect, grabbing her hips and driving his cock deeper into her. He reached around and found her small nipples, pinching them as he fucked her. With each thrust, he pinched them a little harder.

Susan wasn’t sure why, but the feeling in her ass and the pinching of her nipples was building up towards an orgasm. A whiny sound was coming from her throat, as she felt Jeff’s cock grow inside her and she sensed his orgasm could also be near.

Jeff stated calling her names as he neared his climax. “Mrs. Jenkins – you are my naughty slut and my dirty little whore.”

Susan felt his cock swell and was thrilled at the feeling it brought. She found that she loved being taken by this powerful man, being his lustful toy, being his play thing, for his pleasure. Being taken by force in her most private place.

“You know you are my dirty little whore and you love it!” Jeff repeated. “Do you want my cum in your ass?”

“Yes, yes … I do. . .” she whimpered in reply.

Jeff grabbed her hard and held her still for one last time as he shoved his cock deep into her ass. He held it inside her, as he spurted his hot cum deep into her bowels. He groaned a deep groan that built into a scream. To Susan, it sounds like a roar, pure and animalistic. She whimpered her appreciation as his cum filled her virgin ass. She wanted to cum herself and finally, Jeff reached around and pinched her clit, rubbing it roughly, telling her to cum for him as he continued to fuck her ass.

Susan screamed as she couldn’t contain the violent spasms that rushed through her ravaged body. Her cum gushed from her cunt and ran down her legs onto the grass. Jeff continued to fuck her, until the last of his cum was buried deep in her ass. Susan’s own orgasm was so powerful that she couldn’t catch her breath as her first orgasm spilled over into a second. . . and a third, as Jeff continued to manipulate her clit from behind. She finally started to breathe more easily after a few minutes.

Jeff sat back and stared at Susan’s freshly fucked asshole, watching its quivering pucker, winking at him as if trying to convince him to put his cock back inside.

He thought to himself that indeed he would be fucking Mrs. Jenkins’ ass again – many times!

Susan turned over and lay naked on her back, her legs spread lewdly, cum seeping from her ass. She tried to analyze her feelings. Jeff’s cock had hurt a little at first, yet she had grown to like it up her ass. Maybe she was a slut, but it had been the most intense sex session she had ever had in her life. She wanted Jeff more than ever and was thinking how she would do anything to keep him.

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