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Part two of Push.

I told you not to thank me until it’s over. And this—this is far from over.

Love is an inherently deranging effect. By it’s very nature, when love comes into the heart of a person it causes them to act “differently.” To act in an irregular fashion. This framework will eventually become the new normal. The person, the deranged individual, will fall into a new rhythm as will their partner. The entity known as the “relationship” will also go about such changes.

You may be wondering why I’m talking about averages and shifts in behavior when I have you tied down, neck bound inches above the mattress, ankles and hands cuffed together with your mouth sealed shut. I grant you, this probably isn’t how you expected this story to begin. But bear with me. As if you have a choice.

Love changes things. It makes you become someone new. And my love for you is just that—it has transformed me. It has made me better. So when I asked you if there was anything I could do for you after all the beatings and bruising your body like spilled paint-I thought you might say something like a spa weekend. Something like ‘bake me a cake.’ It never crossed my mind that you’d hold your breath, steel yourself and look into my eyes requested that we have a threesome.

Oh we could talk about the doubts and the insecurities and the issues of it all but the purpose tonight is to tell you about derangement. You changed me. You made me better. I asked if you if there was anything you wanted, anything I can give you in return. And this was your request. So it’s going to happen. I’m going to make sure of it. You’ll get what you requested to the letter.

But that doesn’t mean I have to go quietly. Take what I want along the way. Invade you and leave you in ruins before it happens.

You want me to be present while you get fucked up the ass by another man? Well, time to see if you can handle it.

I bring my hand down on your ass with a thunderous clap. Then the other cheek. I go back and forth between them, easy swats for me as I stand over your chained and exposed body. “Is this what you wanted?” I don’t care what your answer is. I don’t care what you imagine it’s going to lead to. There will be mercy and no hesitation erotik film izle in me. Something I imagine you considered before opening this door.

A little lube is applied to my finger before I shove it up your ass without hesitation, without any of the tenderness that I gave to you the last time you asked for anal training. I don’t do it to harm you, or punish you, but to simply be a man on a mission. To get you ready for the next stage and the stage after so we can be done with this entire affair and you can belong to me, and only me, again.

My cock betrays it. It twitches as I go up your ass. It is hot and vibrant and loves the idea of being inside you when you cannot fight back. Loves the idea of watching you with another man. There is something about the agony of caring for someone so much and then having them be with with someone else. I can’t imagine, even for a moment, that it would happen with any other girl. But here we are, you and I, and I move my finger in and out of your ass I find myself getting hotter. Harder.

You start to moan through the gag. Your body starts to sway back and forth as my finger moves in and out. You’ve been a very good student with every lesson I’ve taught you, but this? This is something else. You’re more ready for it than I am.

And should I really let that stand?

I pull the finger out of you, take the lube and slide it over my cock until it is nearly dripping from me. Then I grab your waist with both hands, clench around the center of your hips and begin making my way in.

Oh, you’re not as ready for this, are you little girl? It’s just a bit more to take in than a finger. And it makes me wonder what you’ll do when the time comes to take two at once. Will you buckle and moan as you are now? Shifting your knees to get away from the push? Or will you simply sit there and take.

As my cock slides up your ass I wonder if it will be my eyes or his you’ll be looking into. Will his cock be larger than mine and if so, will it hurt you despite our preparations? I grunt, I grab onto you harder, and I push in all the way.

Your feet kick, as much as they can, as I am entirely inside you. My cock is hot in the slick, tight hole of your ass. I have absolute dominion over film izle you. I could hurt you in such a way that you’d beg to never do this again or make you cum by simply reaching down and stroking your clit.

As is—I don’t know. I have a moment of wondering who I am with you anymore. If this is truly what I’ve become and if it was something inside me all along, or what you made me into. As such, I start to rock back and forth, slowly, like I’m playing a soft song on a delicate instrument.

Your neck and wrists must be killing you in this position, but it makes it easy as can be for me to move in and out of you. I give you loving, long full strokes before jealousy takes hold of me and I give you a few hard pushes and a spank.

This seems to knock you off your game. However well you know me, you truly do not seem to know what man is behind you from one minute to the next. I shove, you shudder. I push gently and you clench. We dance like this, back and forth, until the movements get easier and your moans start being appreciative.

I lose myself. Jealous has no place when I’m up an ass this amazing.

The moans sound like whimpers when I get to the end of every push now and it turns me on how easy this is for you.

When I pull out you whimper. You shift. You’d turn your head back to look at me if you could while I picked up the small, vibrating dildo and made my way back to you. “You want to know what it’s like to feel penetrated? To be taken in two places at once?”

This toy? This little bit of plastic and gel? Oh, I have no scruples or concerns about it whatsoever and I shove it into your cunt like you’re invincible. You cry out, thrash and even seem to beg as I turn the vibration on.

Then I steady your hips with my hands again and hold my breath as I move into your ass once more.

Oh yes. You are so much tighter now. And I can feel the vibrations from your pussy ringing out, moving into my cock as it invades you, takes another inch and another bit of your sanity from you.

“I’m going to fuck you until you’re as crazy about me as I am about you.”

I say the words without you knowing my thoughts. My feelings. But of course, if you are helpless, what does it matter?

Once all seks filmi izle the way in it’s easy to pull back and shunt back and forth. After all, this has been coming for far too long.

You’re a dirty little anal slut. You’re been afraid of this all your life and, as soon as you got it, you couldn’t help but want more and more and more of it. So here it is. The full brunt of my attack. My vengeance. My anger. My lack of discipline and my insane, deranged love for you all working through my cock.

And I fuck you up your ass for all you’re worth.

More than that.

I fuck you up your ass like I can exercise the request from you. Like I can take every other man you’ve been with away because you didn’t allow them to be here, where you only permitted them but begged me to go.

My finger dip into your skin in such a way that I can feel the sawing skin off. You’ll be bruised and raw on your hips for days. But of course, that’s not what you’re going to remember about this.

You’re going to remember the full extent of my cock, hard as it can be, slamming in out of your ass. My balls tapping against the back of you and growls filing the room.

Unlike how we usually fuck, I am not close to you, drinking your small frame in with mine. I am posed, at the distance, standing and easy in my gait I slide in and out.

And even as I feel myself tighten, my balls screaming and my cock getting so hot it can’t stand much more, I am composed.

“You’re mine.” I say it a half dozen times through teeth grit so hard spittle flies over your back.

You’re screaming now, through the gag in such a way I feel the police may be called but all I can care about are those last, few rapid strokes.

Then I give in. Jackhammer. And go as hard as I can into you. I let myself become the motion, the monster who can go a few seconds of this torture longer, before I give in.

I shoot near-molten cum into your ass and I keep it plugged with my rigid and angry cock.

After a moment I pull the toy out of your pussy, but I stay steadfast.

You’re skin is glistening. Your hair is damp. You are making no movement or noise.

I pull out and you gasp. I undo your ties and you remain perfectly still. When I pull you to me, you grasp on for dear life. “Are you sure,” I ask it one last time. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

You kiss me like I’m long lost.

You move your full lips to my ears.

And you whisper, “Yes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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