Swaying Nooses

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I worked graveyard shift at the university library, re-shelving the engineering journals that our technological future were too lazy to return themselves. Up here on the 7th floor its quiet and kinda dark, almost like a dungeon with the linoleum floors so old they’re practically petrified into rock, and the walls that never had any treatment since the construction of the building 100 some odd years ago. Being a loner, I didn’t mind the solitude.

I heard the footsteps long before she came around the corner of a bookshelf, her three inch heeled black boots dully tapping. I recognized her as the assistant librarian, but I had never had a chance to meet her since she worked 2nd shift, and everyday as I arrived she was on her way out, usually wearing her hair in a bun, glasses on the tip of her nose, skirt that ran to her ankles, and a blouse that showed off nothing.

She was wrapped in a dark trench coat, and didn’t have her glasses on, but the first thing I noticed was her hair wasn’t in a bun. She wore it down behind her in two braids that reached to her waist and swung to either side of her as she swayed down the aisle towards me. In the dim light it was hard to notice details, but it seamed that at the ends, her hair looped back up and braided back into itself, like each braid had a noose at the end of it. My brain did a quick calculation of length, her hair had to reach her calves to be able to braid bahçeşehir escort a secure noose with the diameter of an average human neck. Of course no head could fit through that noose.

She stopped 5 feet away from me, and I began to say hi, but her finger came up to her lips so fast, telling me not to say a word. In the silence I tried to listen for any other sounds, but we were alone in the quiet. My focus suddenly returned to her as she unwrapped her trench coat and let it fall to the floor, revealing a very naked, and very shapely body.

She wore nothing but thigh high, black, fuck-me boots that you only see on comic book villains or porn stars. My jaw dropped, studying her luscious breasts that were always concealed at work, her hips that accentuated a tiny waist, and a shaved pussy with lips that looked ready burst. She was already wet, her cunt juices dripping onto her trench coat.

She grinned as I studied her, and quickly closed the distance between us, reaching for my button down shirt, and pulling it apart, the buttons popping off and landing everywhere. She then ripped my undershirt, revealing my chest. I was in a trance and couldn’t really react.

She started unbuckling my belt and undid my pants, pushing it and my underwear down to my ankles. She knelt down without waiting and started licking my now hardened shaft. bakırköy escort She took it into her mouth and pumped a couple times quickly, making sure to get as much saliva on it. I moaned, but before I realized what was happening, she pulled herself off me and turned around, her hands and knees on the floor, and her ass pointed up at me.

I didn’t wait, I dropped down to my knees, my ankles still tangled with my pants, grabbed her waist hard with both hands and inserted myself into her wet pussy. As we started going at it, I was barely aware of my raggedy torn shirts that still hung on to me. We fucked, the noises from our mouths escaped, despite us trying to keep quiet. Our breathing became huskier. She began to whimper, and would look back at me over her shoulder. I pumped into her harder, her vagina walls firm and tight around my throbbing cock.

She whipped her head a couple times, her noose-braids coming close to whacking me in the face. I released her hips and caught one, and then the other noose-braid in my hands, and gave her hair a slight tug. Her head jolted up, and her arms seamed to collapse as her upper body went flat to the floor, her face pressed down, and her ass still high, keeping rhythm with my thrusts.

I started twisting the left braid, making the diameter of the noose smaller, it took several turns before I thought başakşehir escort it was ready, our rhythm getting a little out of synch as my attention was averted. I grabbed her right wrist, pulled it behind her and across her back and put the noose around her wrist, then did the same thing with her right braid and left wrist. Her arms were effectively tied up behind her, and any movement of those arms would rip the taught hair out of her head.

I started up my harsh thrusting again. She couldn’t support herself with her hands, so she pushed her ass back with her thighs and neck. I could see her face and the expression of lust. She wanted more, she loved this so much. Who knew this was the desire of a conservative librarian.

I was going crazy, fucking her like this was building up my cum so fast. I grabbed onto her hair and pulled up hard, her head jerked back, her body came up off the floor, her face winced. I balanced us as this new position took away our stability, and I kept ramming into her from behind. With each thrust, I pulled her hair, combining pain and pleasure. It was too much for her. After 10 to 15 hard thrusts like this she began to shiver and convulse. I was close as well, and with a couple more pumps, I shot my load into her. My moans escaped me with each injection, which was accompanied by her whimpers after each pull of her hair.

We finally lost balance, and both crashed down. My weight slammed her into the floor again, but she didn’t seam to mind as we both took time to regain our breath. Then, she rolled me over, took her wrists out of the nooses, stood up and wrapped her trench coat around her, and walked off.

I laid there on my back, still catching my breath, my neck craned to watch her up-side-down image recede into the shadows.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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