Taking the Good Girl Home (MF)

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(This story directly continues from the previous Good Girl story – I recommend reading that one first!)

After our encounter in the parking lot of the movie theater, Sandra made it clear that she wanted to go home with me. Who was I to say no?

On our way to my house she stayed close, holding my arm next to her as she leaned over. It was very cute and really made me realize that this kind of thing was not really something she was used to doing. When we got to my apartment, she seemed to let me go reluctantly, which was also really cute. I am not sure if she waited for me or was just a little unsure, but I made it around the car to open the door for her. She got out and then took my hand after I closed the door. We walked together to my apartment, with her holding my hand and leaning close to me.

In retrospect, it was things like that that really made everything we did memorable.

We got to my apartment and my roommate was there, playing something with headphones on so he didn’t really pay a lot of attention except to say hello over his shoulder. We snuck behind him into my room and closed the door — she was bright red and very nervous so I got close to her and kissed her and we talked for a minute in whispers. Not that my roommate would have heard us with the head phones on, but she was a little freaked out by him being there.

We decided to just talk for a while and laid down facing each other on the bed, me on my left side and her on her right. I don’t really remember everything about our conversation that night, it kind of wandered in that way that good conversations go. I do remember feeling very close to her and I think she felt the same way too, because when she got cold, instead of just grabbing a blanket she suggested getting into bed.

It was kind of funny undressing with her that night. We had Turangüneş Escort already had sex, so you wouldn’t think it would be a big deal. But I didn’t want her to feel like I was assuming anything. Which meant that I was watching her to take my cue about how much to take off. Of course she was gorgeous so I was watching her for that reason as well. And she was watching me watching her as well and feeling shy too, judging from the blush that seemed to cover most of her body. So we ended up standing in our underwear, me in my boxers and her in panties and bra. That was when she decided to slip into bed and get under the covers. I followed and she took off her bra while I was getting into the bed.

I had a double bed at the time, a gift from my parents. We went back to facing each other on our sides, but this time a little closer. We started talking again, but we also started kissing. Somewhere in there we heard my roommate go to bed and she seemed much more relaxed after that. It was really nice laying there kissing her, going slow but wanting more. We hadn’t really done this kind of thing exactly and I felt very close to her.

Of course, having an almost naked girl in my bed did eventually cause my hand to wander from her face and shoulder down her back. And when she shifted closer and I could feel her breasts touching my chest, my hand wandered even lower and onto her butt, pulling her closer. As much as I had enjoyed this position while we were talking, it seemed awkward (at least back then) to try to do a lot more. We were kissing non-stop at that point, or at least only breaking to take breaths before starting again.

I ran my hand around her hip and between her legs and she shifted so she was laying on her back next to me with her legs a little open. Obviously Türbanlı Escort she enjoyed and wanted this. I teased her by running my fingertips over her thighs and stomach while I was kissing her neck. She had her arm around me, and her fingers in my hair as I kissed. I laid my head on her shoulder then and concentrated on teasing her more. Something I noticed was that her own hand kept moving almost by itself down close to her pussy, then she would pull it back. Her hips were also moving up and down slowly. I moved my fingers so they brushed the front of her panties, which were already soaked, and she moaned softly. Those soft moans she made always really got to me.

About that time she shifted again and then reached down to pull off her panties with her free hand, which I ended up having to help with. I took the moment to also take off my boxers. When we got back together she was on her back again and her legs were already open really wide. She had the arm closest to me down by her side instead of around me like before. When I laid on my side next to her and started kissing her again, she reached over and started stroking me lightly with that hand. I started teasing her again and stopped kissing so I could watch her. Her free hand kept moving down to her stomach and I could tell she was aching to touch or be touched there.

So sort of being in the moment I reached up and pulled her hand down between her legs. She moaned and started stroking herself and for a minute I just watched her, amazed by how sexy that was. Then I started whispering things to her, all kinds of things about what a sexy girl she was and then escalating when I saw she liked that into things about her being a dirty girl who would play with herself in front of me like this. She was making soft little moans Ukraynalı Escort as she stroked her pussy and her grip on my cock was tighter.

I shifted at this point to lean over to lick and suck on her nipple and her moans got more intense. Not louder exactly, just more. I could tell she was close so I reached down with my hand below her hand and circled her entry before sliding two fingers into her. And that was all it took. It was like an explosion and she shook and shuddered next to me for a while, her legs together, her hand and my hand trapped there. I kissed her shoulder once or twice during this but it made her jump — she was so turned on and sensitive at that point- that I just lay there and let her recover.

When she recovered she sort of pushed me over onto my back — not overtly just kind of made it known that she wanted me like that. She then threw the covers off us and got on top of me. Instead of putting me inside her she settled with her wet pussy pressed against the lower side of my cock, rubbing her clit on me there, like she had done before. She put her hands on my chest and just started moving and grinding on me there and it felt incredible. She was so wet and pushed down just right and I could feel myself getting close after only a couple of minutes. And I could tell that she was close again too by her breathing and the little moans that she almost hissed as she moved.

She started moving faster and I put my hands on her hips to help move with her, sliding my cock along her as she ground down onto me. I felt her start to cum and then she lifted up and pushed me inside her. She was so wet and so tight from cumming that I basically started cumming with her as she collapsed on top of me. It felt like she was pulling the cum from me by squeezing me so tightly. We both moaned loudly, completely forgetting about my roommate.

I wrapped my arms around her as she shook in little aftershocks and she stayed there on top of me a long while. Although she did reach down and pull the covers back over us before nestling back in again. It was amazing holding her there like that and I will never forget how she just completely relaxed into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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