Taking the Lad out of Alladin Ch. 07

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“Smile for the camera, Alain!”

I looked over and winced as I saw Jasmine pointing her cell phone at my face. I gave her a weak, watery smile and of course Julio chose that moment to shove the head of his cock into my cheek, making it bulge obscenely. I fought to keep the smile plastered on as he pulled his cock out and slapped me with it, leaving a long trail of spit on my cheek. A badly worded wish had gotten me here, and an evil genii I thought was my friend had planted a big pair of tits on my chest. Now I was doomed to learn to be a stripper as a kinky, big titted babe who couldn’t say no and it had been a real yo-yo of experiences so far.

“Hey, send me a copy of that, okay?” Julio shoved his dick back in my mouth and I wrapped my lips around it and closed my eyes, trying to ignore what was happening in my mouth.

“Only if you make the bitch earn that money. Really give it to her Julio, fuck that two hundred right out of her face!”

“Oh I fucking will, but you better record it in landscape mode. Portrait is bullshit!” Julio grabbed my hair and used it like a leash to jerk my head forward on his cock with even more enthusiasm. He wasn’t huge or anything, but his dick still hit the back of my throat and set off a round of gagging, which lead to some explosive drooling, which ran down my chin and coated my boobs.

I tried to say something, but Julio was working his cock over my lips pretty much however he liked and the words just came out as garbled syllables. The idea of sucking dick for money had started out hot, and I was even kind of turned on by the idea. A dick in my mouth, me on my knees, swallowing his hot load for money then picking up his cash and sauntering out while he flopped down on the couch and tried to catch his breath. The reality was his dick tasted like sweaty socks, his ball hair was rubbing on my chin, my knees hurt from his scratchy carpet, and my jaw was already sore.

Jasmine didn’t seem to care though, and just leered down at me from the other bayrampaşa escort side of her phone. “Tell me how much you like sucking that dick, you little whore.”

Damnit, give a bitch a camera and she thinks she’s Michael Bay all of a sudden. Julio let me slide his cock out, and I swallowed hard and smiled. “Oh, I want that yummy cock lollipop in my mouth, sir! I want to suck it so bad! Please give me another taste of yummy cock, please!” I had started out just going along to get along and take a breath that wasn’t strained through his thick pubes, but by the end I was starting to feel warm and tingly again. Apparently by genie magic standards blowjobs weren’t kinky, but talking dirty while giving a blowjob for the camera was.

Maybe I could use this… I shoved his cock in my mouth as far as I could, wrapped my lips around it as tight as I could, and sucked and moved my head back. His cock slid out of my lips with a pop, and I licked them and purred. “Oh yeah, I need that jizz in my mouth! Give me a mouthful of come to fill up my belly with!” I worked up a good mouthful of spit and put his dick in my mouth again. I guess I was getting used to the taste, because it wasn’t as bad, and I got another hit of pleasure.

I was kind of starting to get into it again. Imagining people watching the video Jasmine was making me feel even warmer and more tingly, and I started trying to do the moves I’ve seen in porno movies, shoving his cock into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat, hacking up lots of spit, and looking up and making eye contact. He wasn’t really panting, just rocking back and forth on his heels and praying in Spanish, but fuck it I was doing my job. I even tried shoving his cock far enough in my mouth that I could stick my tongue out and lick his balls, but that must have been like experienced veteran level dick sucking, and I was just a beginner.

My knees were still sore, but I didn’t notice it as much, and I could see Jasmine smirking at me from escort bayan istanbul the side. Ohhhhhhhhh… All of a sudden I felt really good. Having a live audience made it feel way better. There was a rushing sound in my ears, and I felt like I was flying. It was a lot like the time I drank way too much Red Bull and vodka while I was painting a basement with no open windows or fans or anything. I felt amazing, like I was having an out of body experience. Maybe I was. I had Julio’s cock so far in my mouth his balls were smashed against my chin, and I could see my throat swelling and contracting around his dick. My hands were clamped on his ass, and Julio was on his tiptoes with his head thrown back and his eyes clamped shut in what I guessed was either ecstasy or horrible pain.

Then it sounded like he was praying in Spanish, and I could feel his dick twitching in my mouth. Come dribbled out, and it didn’t taste good. Kind of like spoiled milk and the texture was really gross, like watery gravy, but my cock got so hard I could feel my asshole clenching. Jasmine was laughing at me, and Julio was kind of patting my shoulders. Wow it tasted bad! Julio stepped back and his cock popped out of my mouth. I wanted to spit the spunk out of my mouth onto the carpet, but instead I turned to face the camera. Being recorded and Jasmine laughing at me gave me enough of a rush to force myself to swallow.

But only after I’d opened my mouth, given a come filled grin, and then closed my eyes in pretend bliss. I licked my lips after and mugged for the camera with a big dumb fake grin. “Yummy!” All things considered I felt like I did a pretty good acting job, and I flopped down on my ass. My chest jiggled at me, but I was too tired to enjoy it, and my knees were super relieved.

Jasmine put her phone away and turned to Julio. “Money, please. You came, she swallowed. Two hundred dollars, no traveler’s checks or coupons. And one Xbox.”

Julio groaned but pulled his pants up and taksim vip escort walked into his bedroom. He shut the door behind him, but came out with a milk crate with the game console, a bunch of cords, and a wad of cash in his hand. He dropped them in Jasmine’s hand and frowned at her. “Fucking pimps.” Then he turned to leer at me. I was desperately wishing I had a breath mint and had pulled my shirt back down, but that didn’t keep him from staring at my tits. “Hey baby, if you ever get lonely look me up. I’ll show you a good time and it won’t have to be all business.”

Jasmine punched his arm hard enough he winced and walked towards the door. “Forget it, we’ve got an exclusive deal for now. But she’ll be dancing at the club soon, if you want to come in for some more time with her. Speaking of, come on Alain, we have a lot of work to do.”

I stood up and followed Jasmine out of the apartment. The door shut behind us and I heard the rattle of locks as we trudged up the stairs. I pulled out the waistband of the sweatpants I was wearing, and looked down. My dick was still half hard, and I think I could literally see my balls turning blue from being so turned on and not coming.

Jasmine let us in, and gave me a nod. “All right, so you’ve got eighty bucks.” She handed me the cash, and I started sputtering.

“Hey, it was two-hundred and the Xbox!”

“Oh sweety, manager takes sixty percent. That’s standard. And you don’t have a television right now, so let’s not worry about the Xbox until then, okay?” She peeled off some cash and handed it to me, then put the milk crate down by her television. “Now, you wanted to buy some stripper costumes right? AND the clothes you’re in now are mine, so hand them over.”

I peeled off the shirt and pants, and reluctantly handed them to her. Fuck, even that simple thing made me hot and horny again.

Jasmine took the shirt and pants and laughed. “First, we’ll have to do something about that though.”

“What?” I looked at her in confusion, then followed her gaze down to my crotch. “Oh.” My dick was hard, and bouncing in the air. “That.”

“Yes, that. Don’t worry, I have a few ideas.”

I whimpered, and was pretty sure that wage theft was going to be the least of my problems for awhile.

-Casey Heart

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