Tastes Like Strawberries

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I was raised and educated in Texas, a very conservative state by any measure, so other than the beautiful young housewife who lovingly seduced and introduced me to the resplendent world of female sexuality, there weren’t many opportunities for deep and sexual relationships with other young women growing up. There’s an expectation for Texas girls as they mature, as is the same as many other places. So a large part of my sexual growth involved the experience aspect of relationships, and coupled with my independent streak, I’ve been less interested in longterm relationships as opposed to having fun. Which isn’t to say I want to be alone, or use people for my own craven desires. I truly love being around people I’m comfortable with, and will try my best to make them feel wanted and respected.

My current relationship is with a lovely woman named Staci. She’s 32, divorced for two years, no children. Was married just under five years, but said he became a controlling, insecure person, and not the man she had dated and married. At least not that she detected. But he started to become suspicious of her when she said there was absolutely no reason for that type of behavior. And while he never became physically abusive, although she saw that as a next step, he was mentally and verbally so. She’d had enough, and with secure employment they separated – well, she left him. There were the usual reunions, but each failed and finally she had her lawyer get a restraining order and subsequent divorce.

I’m also very aware of Staci’s vulnerabilities, and won’t take advantage of her. She was deeply hurt, spent many hours questioning her judgement in relationships, and I love helping her work through these issues without leading her in my preferred direction, but what she determines is best for her. I want her to know she’s loved, and that goes beyond our personal circle. She knows she can be held and comforted in ways that don’t always have to lead to an orgasm, but brings pleasureable thoughts and assurances to her soul.

Staci stands about five-seven, a 34C-29-36 figure with natural auburn hair color top to bottom, although she does have highlights above. Her breasts are alabaster where not tanned, with pink areolas and nipples, light freckles over her breastbone/shoulder area. But those are just the physical aspects, and of course she’s much more than that. Staci is intelligent, bubbly, outgoing, beautiful inside and out, unpretentious and loving.

She works for the company which oversees our books. I’ve known her informally for over a year. One Friday afternoon a couple of people from her group, including her, were wrapping up their quarterly obligations and a few of us invited them to join us at our weekly gathering. After a couple of drinks and lite fare Staci and I grabbed a couple of coworkers and dragged them onto the small dance floor. Maybe it was our familiarity with the guys that led us to pay more attention to each other as we moved to the beat, but before long we found ourselves alone on the floor where we watched each other more intently. A couple of times the music was so loud we had to lean in to speak with each other. I’m sure we purposely ensured the other felt our hot breath on their ear and neck as our flirtation pendik escort increased. After a few moments of that type of behavior, she leaned in towards my ear and licked the outside before pulling back away with a mischievous smile.

That sealed it for me, and the dancing became closer and the touching more purposeful, the heat and perfume from her body so sensual. Once we’d had enough dancing we went back to our tables and Staci asked me if I’d like to accompany her home. We couldn’t get out of there fast enough! As we walked outside to our respective cars, with Staci to my right, we paused and grasped hands.

Staci then pointed and said, “I’m up here, just follow me,” and then leaned in and brushed her lips and tongue lightly over mine, before turning and walking away.

I jumped in my car, with more than the engine revving! Once we arrived at her apartment and went inside, we embraced in the foyer and practically smothered each other with passionate kisses (wasn’t that a song?). Not sure how one or both of us didn’t fall down as our bodies pressed together in heels!

Finally Staci pulled back and said, ‘Its been a long day, would you please join me in the shower?”

Taking me by the hand, she practically pulled me down the hall, and into the bedroom, not that I had to be dragged there! Again, pressing her body into mine with an intense, but loving kiss, she ran her hands down my back, squeezed my ass gently, and then slowly back up where she teasingly pulled my dress’ zipper down. Pulling my sleeves outward across my shoulders, the dress fell to the floor leaving me there in my bra and panties. Staci stepped back to look at me and smiled, then practically knocked me down when she came towards me for another passionate kissing session. While I didn’t think about it at the time, looking back I can definitely say she was aroused and, dare I say, sex-starved?

She was wearing a lite peach – colored blouse and black slacks. I tried to make room between us and unbutton her top, until finally she again pulled back and finished taking off the blouse and stepping out of her pants. She was wearing a nicely laced white bra and matching thong. I couldn’t resist reaching in and touching her breasts, gently squeezing and watching them rise up magnificently from their cups. Where there was no tan, snow white skin showed along with her pink areola. As sensuous as they appeared before me, I had to see, feel and taste them. Staci must’ve thought the same because at that moment she reached behind and unhooked her bra. As soon as I saw her hands go behind her, I released my own. We simultaneously brought our hands back to each other’s bosom, and softly manipulated each millimeter of skin. My vagina and panties were soaked as I reached up to cup her face and brought her in for another kiss, making sure our breasts pressed together in a heated bond.

I could feel her nipples poking into me as we moaned into each other’s mouth, tongues dancing together in a wet and loving bath, her hands gently gliding up and down my hips and waist. I then bent down and kissed the tops of each breast, holding them in place before gently assaulting them with my tongue, lips and rus escort mouth as she steadied herself by spreading her legs further apart. Her auburn hair is a few inches past her shoulders, and I looked up to see Staci use the backs of her hands to toss her hair back and she tilted her head up to the ceiling and moaned, which I could feel within her chest. She tasted and smelled mildly of strawberries, it was sensuously stimulating and drove me to lavish her breasts more.

I started to slowly slide my hand down her abdomen, across her soft but tight tummy, before she gently took my arm in her hand and said we really needed to get in the shower. Looking up at her, but staying bent over slightly I nodded, before putting my head lower and kissing her stomach very quickly before standing. I then pulled down and stepped out of my panties, before reaching over and gently pulling her thong down until it was far enough down her slender thighs to fall on its own to her ankles. She was shaved, with a groomed auburn strip covering her mons. Her fragrance was intoxicating.

She took my hand and led me into the bathroom which had both a small jacuzzi tub and shower big enough for two. Nice. She reached in and turned the shower on, adjusting the shower head so we could both walk in without being hit by cold or scalding water. Once in Staci asked if the water temp was okay, and it was. She stepped under and thoroughly soaked herself from head to toe, and then pulled me to her in a soft embrace and kiss as the water cascaded over us, leaving us both breathless. I took the initiative and poured body wash in my hand as I asked her to turn around. And you know what fragrance it was? Strawberry, of course! Starting at her shoulders I massaged the gel into her skin, and tortuously worked my way slowly down her back and side, teasing her a little as I rubbed the sides of her breast on the way down.

Then I thought of a nice idea, from something I’ve seen a few years ago on the internet. I started thickly soaping up my breasts and tummy, and then used my my body to rub up against and clean her, like a human washcloth. This elicited several moans from Staci, and my breathing became more ragged as I worked my boobs up and down, and in circles, on her back while holding and squeezing her breasts. I then started to squat down and rub them all over her nice tight butt, nipples finding their way up and down the crease between her cheeks as I held her hips. And, I did literally kiss her ass while I worked cleaning her legs.

I turned Staci to face me as I stepped back and squeezed more body wash on my hands before applying it liberally to my breast and tummy. I then embraced and began kissing Staci as I began rubbing my breasts into hers, then a little above and below them as I began to slowly work my way down her front, tickling my nipples in her frothy public hair and over her mound.

As I worked on the front of her legs, I also placed my nose gently in her wet crease, eliciting a series of moans as I think I detected her knees start to buckle a little. Standing up, I placed my right leg between hers and gently pushed down on her shoulders until her pussy was resting on my lower thigh. Holding sancaktepe escort her waist, I began to move her up and down my soap-slickened thigh, with the intent on cleaning her lady bits. I even asked her, is this what you had in mind when we stepped in the shower to freshen up? She only moaned as she looked at me with half-closed eyes. Believe me, this was turning me on as much as it was Staci!

Which the led me to rub my own pussy up and down her leg, which drove her passion even further. I said let’s finish here, and we kissed under the flowing water as we used our hands to rinse. Then turning her, I rubbed her front side with my hands from behind as I nibbled on her neck. Then, for the first time I placed my hand / fingers between her legs and cleaned her butt and slick lips. Once she was soapless, she did the same to me, nibbling on my shoulders from behind as her hand teased between my legs. I think it took all our mental strength to keep from burying our fingers in one another, but we must’ve thought the bedroom would be the place to heighten each other’s pleasure.

Getting to the shower, she had been the leader / dominant one but now I felt like I was in control and knew I had to have her. So I was the one who used the towels on us both and then hurriedly led Staci to her bed. We practically fell onto the mattress and into each other, kissing and licking lips, cheeks, necks, ears and breasts as if we hadn’t eaten in a week. Finally I looked her directly in her beautiful eyes and told her I had to have her, kissing and licking my way down her tummy and finally between her legs. Her coral lips opened as if inviting me in, as her wetness quietly oozed out of her, and down across her perineum. I inhaled her fragrance before softly kissing the insides of her thighs and the crease between her legs and lips. I then placed a kiss on her mons, directly on her center, which caused her to jump, and finally placed my tongue delicately on her rosebud and with my tongue flattened slowly and lightly licked my way up to her button, savoring her sweetness.

Staci kept saying oh my god over and over, as I felt her tense and release and saw her grabbing at the sheets from time to time as I explored every inch of her, literally drinking her in. I like to think I have a delicate side and know when to be soft and loving, but her heat and continual well of fluids drove me to actually bury my face between her legs, moaning into her as I drank everything she produced. My tongue snaked in and out of her, my lips gently pulling on her loving bud at the top of her flower, my tongue rolling over and around causing her to curse and pull at my hair as her rapture approached. And it, well SHE, came soon after one teasing finger, followed by a second, played inside her as I sucked and kissed and flicked her clitty until her thighs squeezed my head so tightly I thought I’d smother in her delicious broth.

Releasing me, I crawled up her abdomen and flushed, heaving chest, covering her open mouth with mine. Our tongues danced sensuously in and out of each other’s mouth, and she kissed my face all over as we savored her taste. Catching our breath, we held one another as we shared butterfly kisses on each other’s face, neck and shoulders as we whispered soft words of love and contentment to each other.

I may let you know how Staci pleased me in another story, but suffice it to say we were concerned her neighbors might call 911 with the way she had me screaming and climbing the walls in those early morning hours.

I love my Ginger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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