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As the faint buzz fills the room, a growl of pain begins. Light at first, but steadily growing. Sliding my hand along your breast ever so carefully, making sure I don’t miss a spot. My fingers caressing so softly, yet with a firm touch. As the machine nears your nipple you growl more intensely, as if the pain is more than you can stand. I smile devilishly and pinch your nipple ever so slightly. Surprisingly your screams of pain take a familiar turn to pleasure. I glance up wondering if I will be caught.

I see your eyes are closed tightly, and a slight smile on your lips. Your screams have changed to moans of ecstasy. The buzzing stops as your moans continue. Slowly and softly with my other hand, I trace down your breastbone to your waist. While rolling your nipple between my thumb and finger and caressing your breast at the same time.

Slowly drawing my hand along your stomach feeling the muscles quiver while your moans deepen as if to say “Please.”

I undo the button your pants carefully watching, waiting for you to say “No.”

As the sound of your zipper fills the room, the slight smile on your face grows larger. I lean close licking your nipple, flicking it ever so gently. My hand exploring, feeling, and caressing any exposed skin it can find. My hand slipping inside your pants, feeling the soft fabric of your thong, feeling Kartal escort the thick edges of the seams and the smooth, soft skin it lays on. Every so slowly pushing it to the side, as my other hand rubs and caresses your breast and nipple. As my anticipation builds, wondering when or, if you will stop me… I feel your hips rise.

Pausing slightly, I realize your not stopping me at all, but pulling your jeans down a little. My hand glides past your jeans with ease, exploring the skin, embracing all I can feel. As your hips fall back to the chair my fingers glide over your clit, quick and soft. My fingers concentrate on your clit… small circles, then a light pinch. I can feel your juices as your orgasm begins to build up.

My fingers slide down indulging in your warmth as they gently slide in to you easily. You scream as your juices heated by passion in gulf my fingers. Your pussy is more then willing to swallow every inch of my fingers as your hips begin grinding into my hand, as if refusing to give it up with out your satisfaction. As you feel the pressure build I can see in your face that it won’t be much more now. With my fingers inside you I suck on your nipple while pinching the other one. Your screams of lustful pleasure fill the room as your orgasm comes. Your juices cover my fingers and hand as it gushes out Kurtköy Escort of you filling the room with the sweet musky sent of sexual pleasure.

Your orgasm leaves your muscles shivering uncontrollably as my fingers thrust ever so slightly, begging for your final drop. As it falls, I slowly pull my fingers out and slightly up to your clit, lightly rubbing it. Then slowly pulling my hand away completely. Smiling as I watch you hips buck, as if searching for my fingers once again, gliding my finger tips up your stomach, between your breasts. Finding my tongue, the taste so sweet. I watch your eyes open as the look of ecstasy passes. Hoping that this won’t be the end I watch your eyes carefully looking for any glimpse of regret.

Instead however I notice you eyeing to bulge that has appeared in my jeans. Feeling the caress of your hand starting at your breast and running up my arm to my shoulder, gliding your nails down my side with just enough pressure to excite me even more. Once your fingertips reach my waist they trace the top of my belt to the buckle as I look at you with questioning eyes. Your hand quickly flips my buckle and the button on my pants before I can even blink. As I pull my hand away from your breast you sit up spinning in the chair to face me. Both your hands working quickly at my zipper, while your Maltepe Escort eyes intensely stare at where my erect cock will spring from.

With my cock standing full and hard it’s only a matter of seconds before your hands and mouth are all over it. Your hands sliding up and down as I pump my cock into your face, fucking your mouth. My hands finding the sides of your head, grabbing your hair on each side pulling your head onto my throbbing cock even farther with ever thrust. I can feel my lust growing deep within as my cock is sliding down your throat in long, slow rhythm. Once the heat begins to grow in my balls, you know my seed is coming.

Quickly you pull your head back sticking your tongue out bagging for me to cum on your tongue and in your mouth. As I feel the explosion of cum escape the head of my cock I see it hit firmly on your cheek. Your hands keep pumping as the rest of my cum falls to your tongue and down you throat. Once the final drop has hit your tongue your mouth is again on my cock sucking it dry. I can feel your tongue whirling around the head of my dick lusting after every drop of my cum it can find.

Once your thirst is quenched you sit back and begin buttoning your pants, and layback to relax. A pleasant smile on your face your eyes closed. I button my pants and sit back down looking at the tattoo I still need to finish. You open your eyes and look at me once more; the look on your face is almost disbelief.

“Did that really happen?” I ask myself, as if to prove it once more I bring my fingers to my mouth.

As I taste the sweet nectar once again I know it did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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