Taylor’s Job Interview

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Wanted: Secretary. No experience necessary, strong computer skills a must. Must be flexible and willing to accept additional duties as required.

When she walked in the door, an old lady got up from behind a mahogany desk and greeted her warmly.

“My name is Ethyl,” she said, extending her hand to the newcomer. Ethyl was trim in her business blouse and slacks, and looked to be in her 70s, though it was hard to tell. She seemed like one of those women who stop aging past a certain point.

“Taylor”, the slim brunette in a pencil skirt responded.

Ethyl looked her up and down, nodding her approval. The boss would like this one, she knew. The girl couldn’t be a day over 21, with straight, brown hair, and perky little breasts. More important, knowing Mr. Smith’s proclivities, she had a round little butt and long, slender legs. Yes, she would do nicely.

“Have a seat Taylor, and Mr. Smith will be right with you,” said Ethyl, indicating a soft leather couch in the corner.

After a few minutes a fit young man in a suit came out of his office and walked directly over to Taylor. Instead of taking her back to his office, he sat down on the couch beside her and made a show of examining her resume. At length, he looked up and asked her a few more of the usual questions about her experiences so far and her goals for the future. Then he took the conversation in a direction that she was not expecting.

“I have special relationships with all of the women who work for me in this office,” he began. “I will look after you well financially, but I also care for all of my employees emotionally and sexually as well. Have you ever had anal sex before?”

“Nnnoo” she stammered.

“Of course, your pussy is your own to share with whomever you like, but I claim free use of your anus as a condition of employment. From time to time I will send Ethyl to clean and lube you up, then you will report to my office to take it in the ass. You may not know this yet, once you experience anal lovemaking, you will güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri realize it’s something you need in your life. I’ve found if I don’t get to each of the girls by at least the middle of the week, they’re bent over my desk waiting for me by Thursday morning. So what do you say? Are you ready for the next part of the interview?

This was still a pretty good deal, Taylor told herself. After all, she would be getting sodomized metaphorically in any of the other jobs she could get with her BA in women’s studies. In any case, some women said that getting fucked in the ass could actually feel really good. The pay checks would certainly give her lots of pleasure…

When Taylor nodded her agreement, Mr. Smith got up off the couch and dropped his pants. Ethyl got down on her knees and took his half hard cock into her mouth. She slurped and stroked his member with the routine love and care of a spouse. Only she knew that once everyone else in the office went home for the day, she would be rewarded with that beautiful cock in her pussy. All the other girls in the office got to take Mr. Smith in their asses, but it was always Ethyl who would prepare him with her mouth. What others did not know was that she would also get him in her vagina when they were alone late at night. It was a special relationship that the others might have guessed at but that no one else in the office really understood.

Taylor watched what was happening with growing alarm. His dick had seemed a pretty manageable size when she first saw it, but now it had grown in Ethyl’s mouth to be as large as one of Taylor’s skinny little runner’s thighs. She bit her lip and decided she would have to try. She was going to have to start making payments on her student loan soon and she needed this job. Hopefully he would be gentle and take his time.

She let her panties fall around ankles and gazed at her new master for instructions. Mr. Smith had wordlessly laid a pillow on the desk. Taylor bent over, bravely offering güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her backside to this man she had just met. She clutched the pillow nervously while Ethyl’s practiced fingers spread the cold jelly between her cheeks. She spread the lube around her tightly scrunched pucker, taking care not to penetrate even slightly with her fingertip. It was Mr. Smith’s job to open her for the first time.

Once her part was done, Ethyl dropped her pants and lay back on the couch to masturbate and enjoy the show.

The size of the giant head pressing against her anus abruptly put an end to Taylor’s inner monologue. Her whole world became what was happening to her bottom. The strong hand on the small of her back pinned her to the table while his other hand lined up his battering ram with her back door. Her tiny ring stretched and stretched, making her feel like she had to take a huge dump, but in reverse. The pressure was so unbearable, she was about to tell him to stop when he finally broke her open and the bulbous head of his cock popped in. What started as a thin squeal turned into incoherent gibbering as his shaft slid past her defeated sphincter into her rectum. She felt every vein of the huge member violating her most intimate opening. There was no way it could possibly fit, yet here she was, taking it, inch by inch. After what seemed like an eternity, she felt the tickle of pubic hairs bunching in her ass crack. She tried to slow down her breathing and relax.

His warm hands massaged her hips authoritatively, comforting her while also reminding her that he was in charge. She was surprised to find that the giant cock in her ass was not quite painful, but it was right on the edge. It was like Mr. Smith could read her body somehow to know just how much she could take without hurting her. Even so, she felt like if she moved or breathed the wrong way, she would be ripped in half. She willed herself to relax and slow her breathing.

At the very moment Taylor felt like güvenilir bahis şirketleri she was regaining some semblance of control, Mr. Smith began to slowly pull out, then push back. The slow buggery elicited a thin whine from the young woman. Her tortured sphincter tried to grasp, sucking, clinging to his shaft, but she was no match for the rock hard invader. The head broke free with soft sucking sound and he admired how briskly her hole would try to close after he withdrew. She was just as helpless to resist as he slammed back in, knocking the wind out of her and filling her to the brim with cock.

Faster and faster, he picked up the pace until he was fucking her virgin ass like it was pussy. Her screams filled the room, joining the rhythmic slapping and sucking sounds. Again he pulled out, letting her fart before plunging back in. Pleasure mixed with humiliation as the once private scent of Taylor’s bowels was pumped out and wafted through the air.

Ethyl mercifully reached between Taylor’s legs, pleasuring the young women while she continued to pleasure herself. She grasped the swollen nub of her clit between her fingers and gently worked the sensitive flesh. Warm undulations of pleasure radiated from Taylor’s crotch and spread upwards through her belly.

Within seconds a white hot orgasm exploded from Taylor’s womb and convulsed her whole body. A deep guttural cry escaped from her lips. Mr. Smith could take no more either because his once gentle hands clamped hard onto her hips and he slammed his cock balls deep into her. She felt his cock swell even larger still as he pumped surge after surge of cum into her willing body. The moment seemed to freeze in time, Taylor skewered in helpless ecstasy on Mr. Smith’s massive cock. Her convulsing rectum milked his cock, greedily demanding that he fill her bowels with his seed. In their ecstasy, he became her slave, helplessly fucking her ass until she drained his balls of everything he had.

Satisfied, she collapsed onto the desk, savoring the comforting weight of his exhausted body on top of her. Her limber young asshole closed around his softening erection, promising to make getting out almost as difficult as getting in. He stroked her tenderly, gasping for breath. At length, he recovered enough to whisper softly in her ear, “When would you like to start?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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