Team Chemistry Ch. 02

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Please email me your comments or suggestions as they are always appreciated. Please be assured that this story is a fantasy and does not refer to any specific location or place. I do not agree with many hazing practices and this particular story is merely one for the reader to enjoy, keeping in mind it is erotic literature.


Leanne was the coach of the Pandas and they were participating in a season opening tournament at St. Mary’s. Arriving on Friday evening, the team spent a restful night and the time was used up getting acquainted with roommates as everyone stayed in their assigned room.

Leanne and Vicki, the team captain, were roommates and that proved eventful as the star player welcomed her coach to the fold. In a matter of hours, the two became acquaintances, friends, teammates, and best of all, lovers. Each felt a special bonding with the other and Leanne didn’t think it possible to feel such an attraction for another woman. Being married to Rod, she was happy and they got along extremely well as man and wife. This new relationship was totally mystifying and Leanne felt a touch of guilt for what had happened.

The pandas played three, real good games on Saturday and all players and coaches were satisfied by the results. Finishing first in their pool guaranteed them a place in the playoffs and made the trip a success even if things didn’t go well the next day. For tonight, the girls had an initiation to conduct and all looked forward to it, except possibly the three who were going to be inducted into the team.

All rookies went through the ceremony and this year it was going to be special because Vicki had talked their new coach into joining the ritual. Many of the players had secret agendas and for them to concede a spot in the ceremony for the coach was done for different reasons. Tonight, Doris and Sarah the two rookies on the Pandas were going to be initiated along with Leanne. As the time drew closer to the dreaded event, all three grew nervous and apprehensive.

Leanne knew she should not be going through the ceremony as nothing good could come of it. When Vicki had told her about it last night and asked if she would like to be inducted, there was no way to refuse the expertly worded request. In the heat of passion, people often were persuaded into doing unordinary things. Reluctantly, Leanne had agreed to go through with it and prayed that nothing too severe would happen to her. Remembering that Doris and Sarah would also be there gave her a measure of comfort, as she wouldn’t be the only sacrificial lamb.

The players just had time to shower and change after the games before the scheduled rendezvous was to start. Vicki tried her best to give confidence to her new coach and did feel a touch of regret for convincing her to partake in the proceedings. Then her mind skipped over the events planned for the evening and a little shiver ran up her spine. She wondered what Leanne would think when it became apparent that she was required to submit to the initiation ritual.

Glancing over at Leanne, Vicki was awestruck by her womanly beauty and how attractive she was even in a sweatsuit. She truly had a sexy body with breasts that many women would die for. They were 36B’s and sagged ever so slightly, making most men admire the way they jiggled whenever she moved. Vicki thought back to last night and wondered at the way her hard, pink nipples stood out so prominently from the soft breasts. Her mouth actually watered remembering how sweet they tasted and how kissing them made Leanne squirm with ecstasy.

At 5’7″, Leanne was average height with a slim waist and nicely curved hips. Yes, Vicki was feeling regret for allowing this to play out like it was and wished she had not put Leanne up for initiation. Last night was probably her fondest experience in lesbian affairs and Vicki now knew she was beyond doubt a chartered member of the girls club. She realized that Leanne was a married woman and probably not a lesbian, but also knew that they had developed a special bond in a very short time.

With the memory of what happened last night still fresh in her mind, Vicki remembered the neatly trimmed womanhood and how the sparse hair did so little to hide the immense beauty. Then the way her coach responded when she used her skillful tongue on her was with more passion and desire than any woman in her past. Yes, Vicki envisioned this evening being full of many breathtaking memories for all the Pandas.

It was time to join the others in the meeting room set aside for this raunchy ceremony and Vicki wanted to blurt out that Leanne should reconsider. Seeing her lovely coach humiliated by the other players was enticing but also had a touch of remorse. Could she stand by and let them degrade the woman she was growing fond of or would she step in and withdraw Leanne’s name? With a shrug of her Amazon shoulders, Vicki reluctantly led the way to room 205.

There were 10 players on the Pandas and that meant that eight were holding the ceremony for Doris, Sarah and taksim escort Leanne. The ritual was well documented and followed a set routine with all rookies going through it before they were considered true Pandas. It was mandatory for rookies but not for coaches and Leanne was the first ever coach to be inducted.

Some of the other experienced players had noticed Vicki’s sudden affection for their new coach and saw that she had quickly bonded to Leanne. Jenny and Rose were two that had secretly planned to take advantage of the newfound situation if they drew the lucky straw. Although they were not officially married to each other, it was well known that they were a couple. For the past two years, they had lived together and always roomed with each other during the season when on the road.

Jenny was the dominant force in their relationship and Rose was more than willing to follow her in any endeavor. “I know the two of them are lovers and I want us to show them some sweet lesbo lovin’ if we get a chance,” Jenny told her partner. “If we win the draw, I want to payback that bitch for dumping us for some floozy,” she informed Rose. “You just leave it to me, I’ll get them both in our room and we’ll fuck them with our new boy toys. Remember the last time we did it with Vicki and how she turned into a wimpy baby when we did it to her?” Jenny asked. “I want her to watch us do it to her new lover and then rape the bitch with our toys,” she said and giggled with pure delight.

Lynn, who was the assistant coach and Vicki’s best friend, was also a chartered member of the Pandas but that was virtue of being a player before becoming a member of the coaching staff. She looked forward to the ceremony and relished the thought of seeing the new members in the nude. Although not a full-fledged lesbian, she did enjoy the fruits of girl love from time to time. Her affair with Vicki had gone on since her playing days when they both played for the Pandas. Both girls lived separate lives but kept coming back to each other as they had developed a true friendship.

Vicki drew up to the door of 205 and held for a brief moment, hesitating before knocking. She looked at Leanne and noticed the frightened look in her dark eyes and it gave her a twinge of sorrow. Hopefully the trust and compassion that Leanne felt of her would not be destroyed during the upcoming sacrament, Vicki prayed and then gave a light tap on the door.

Cindy, a tall, dark girl greeted them and led them into the dungeon. Mandy was the chosen leader for the night and she was the one to conduct the proceedings. All three victims were dressed in team sweatsuits while everyone else wore a combination of shorts, sweats and t-shirts, whatever felt comfortable.

The exact events, which would be conducted this evening, were well laid out. They were structured so that each rookie was humiliated to some degree but also had signs of compassion, which was designed to welcome each into the team fold. The initial proceedings would have each participant demonstrate total submissiveness and compliance while the last part was designed to illustrate that the rookie was cherished by her teammates.

“I want each one of you to sit on a chair with Doris on this one, Sarah here, and Leanne on this one,” Mandy said as she gave the initial instructions and pointed to each girls intended location. Each girl rose and went to their assigned chair where Mandy had indicated and waited for her next order. The seats were aligned in a row and about three feet apart on one side of the room.

“Now when I tell you girls that the ceremony is starting, from that moment you will not say one word or you will be disqualified,” she said. “Is that clear? You will not say a word,” she repeated so that her orders were understood. Doris, Sarah and Leanne all voiced their compliance to her instructions and then she continued.

“I am going to place a blindfold over your eyes and then you will sit on your chair and wait for further instructions. You will sit perfectly still until I request you to move, then follow my directions explicitly,” she told the apprehensive trio. “We will initiate one girl at a time starting with Doris, then Sarah and lastly Leanne. You two,” she said and pointed at Sarah and Leanne, “will remain motionless until it is your turn.” Then she gave them a questioned look to see if they understood the directions.

“Now is everyone clear on what is going to happen and understand that there will be no talking until the end of the ceremony?” she asked and again the three nodded their approval.

The preliminaries finished, Mandy proceeded to blindfold the victims with the black, sleeping masks. “Once the blindfold is placed over your eyes, the initiation begins,” she said. When she tied the last elastic string, Mandy moved to the front of the girls and smiled at the three, frightened faces.

Memories of her ceremony two years ago flashed into her mind and a shiver ran down her spine. It was not that topkapı escort the ritual was that hard to take, it was the sitting blindfolded and having to listen to the proceedings as they unfolded. She had been the second one to have the ritual done to her and remembered hearing the dreadful sounds of the first rite, wondering what they could be. It was certainly better to be first so a person didn’t have to hear all the eerie sounds. Glancing at Leanne, she wondered if she would be able to withstand the mental abuse of the night ahead.

“Once the whole evening is finished, that is this first phase followed by phase two, then you will be full-fledged Pandas,” she told the frightened lambs. The three sat silent and time seemed to stand perfectly still as they waited their demise at the hands of their trusted teammates.

Mandy moved to the far, left chair and stood directly in front of Doris whose breath caught as she sensed her approach. The other two knew it had begun and that Doris was about to have the rite performed on her. Their ears were finely tuned and could hear a pin drop, as each girl concentrated on just a single sense.

Leanne, who was on the far right, knew she would have to endure whatever happened if she was to keep her sanity. She bit her lower lip and waited. “Please stand and do not move,” came the first order to Doris. Leanne listened intently and thought she could hear the rustling of clothes. Then a distinct sound of a zipper was heard and it gave her goose bumps, knowing it was most likely Doris’ sweatsuit top.

There was more rustling of clothes and then a snap like an elastic band striking a hard surface. It was the sadistic move of Mandy as she pulled the elastic strap of Doris’ bra out from her body, and then let it slap against her flesh. As she did this, everyone watched the startled faces of the waiting two girls who most likely knew the sound, as most clothing didn’t have elastic.

Then Mandy stripped the bra from the shivering girl and reached for the last bit of skimpy clothing. Everyone admired the girls taste as the shear panties made her womanly assets look very attractive. She had a dark complexion, with small pea sized nipples on fairly flat breasts, and a thick, black bush, which concealed her charms. There were a few ooohs and aaahs as the girl’s naked beauty was exposed and then Doris uttered a couple of deep, low moans of agony. Mandy quickly cautioned her to be silent and the shaking Doris obeyed her order.

The frightened girl was ushered back into her chair and Mandy positioned her so that she sat with her legs slightly spread. Leanne was sure she heard Doris groaning ever so softly and wondered if it was fear or excitement. To Doris, she could not remember being so afraid as she could only imagine what she looked like sitting naked in front of others.

Mandy used her sadistic tendencies again by opening and closing a pair of scissors a few times to give each girl another scare. They could definitely tell it was the sound of shears and wondered what could possible be cut or trimmed. Suddenly Leanne could hear the scissors go to work. “No, no, oh no,” Leanne heard the almost inaudible sighs which most likely came from Doris. Mandy put her finger to Doris’ lips and shushed her to be silent.

It took a few minutes to trim all the curly hair but nobody was in a hurry. The erotic scenes brought an intimate atmosphere to the room and all the girls watched Mandy’s handiwork. Doris squirmed and twisted in her chair, as her legs were held splayed to enable all the curly lochs to be trimmed down to a mere whisker.

“Please be still as I certainly don’t want to cut you,” Mandy whispered as she lay the scissors down and picked up a razor. Leanne’s mind froze and puzzled over what she meant, as there was no clicking sound of scissors any more. The only sound was a soft scraping sound, which could be almost anything. Oh my, she thought, and her heart rate must have increased ten fold from the uncertainly of not knowing what was happening. Suddenly it sounded like someone was sobbing and Leanne reasoned it must be Doris who was crying.

It took about fifteen minutes for Mandy, with the help of Cindy to finish with the first participant. The two spread the long, muscular legs wide enough to enable the razor to shave the trembling girl without leaving a nick or cut on the most tender assets. All the Pandas admired Doris’ freshly shaven pussy and each had a kinky desire to touch the rosy skin. The dark, dense forest was no longer and the frightened girl sat in her chair, sobbing slightly.

Suddenly Doris sensed that Mandy was moving away from her, over to her left and she gave a big sigh of relief. Phase one was over for her and none too soon as she was not sure she could have remained quiet much longer.

Leanne’s hearing was super sensitive by now and she could hear heavy breathing all around the room. Why, she wondered, but then she heard the sound of Mandy as she whispered to tesettürlü escort Sarah. “Please stand up and do not move,” she said to the ultra-hyper teammate. Sarah was determined to fulfill her obligation and become a first-rate Panda. She moved her body to assist the leader remove her sweatsuit and again Leanne heard the rustling of clothes. The zipper was distinctive for a second time and Leanne realized that her suit would surely be removed. As silly as it sounded, she wondered if she wore appropriate under clothes.

Mandy positioned the second, naked slave in her chair so that her hips were thrust forward which made it easier to trim the curly, blonde bush. The once neatly trimmed strip of hair running up from the girl’s crotch lasted but a few seconds as the skilled Mandy cut all to a short, defined stubble. The whisker-like stubble would be left for Cindy’s handiwork as she used the razor to completely remove every last blonde thread.

When the last hair was shaved, Cindy used her hand to remove the remaining cream used for lubrication and with an evil grin, made the girl groan when she swiftly ran her finger along the crimson slit. All could see that Sarah was going to be a willing member for whoever drew her straw. The reddened flesh looked so appealing that Mandy felt an urge to caress the innocent pelvis with the pretenses of finishing the cleansing effort.

Glancing to her right, Mandy could see the last inductee who was listening to everything with intent interest. Leanne’s breathing became a little ragged as she felt Mandy shift over to her location and knew the time had come. “Please stand up and do not move,” came the order and it was on shaky legs that Leanne stood.

She wanted desperately to swat the hands away from her jacket as fingers grabbed the tab on her zipper. Slowly, very slowly the fastener was lowered and Mandy wanted this one to be special so she would act out the ultimate seduction. Leanne gave a tiny groan as the suit was rolled off her slender shoulders and cast aside like dirty laundry. Her breathing was extremely rapid by this time and when Mandy’s fingers touched her tummy, Leanne almost collapsed. It took every ounce of willpower to not grab the fingers as they slowly lowered her sweatpants to the floor.

Now standing in just bra and panties, the cool air gave her goose bumps and the anticipation was getting the best of her. The hardened nipples put bulges in the lacy bra the size of quarters and attracted everyone’s attention. Oh gawd no, she is undoing my strap and going to take my bra off. Her vision was exactly correct as Mandy removed the frilly garment and her titties bounced in the open air. There was no script anymore and Mandy pinched the two hardened buds, feeling them swell even bigger in her fingers. Leanne almost screamed in agony and held her arms to her sides in obedient fashion, letting the young girl molest her boobs.

Leanne felt she would surely faint when her last bit of dignity was stripped from her and she waited for the next step. Feeling the fingers roam over her fevered flesh, they left a burning trail down the middle of her body to the waistband of her shear panties. Oh no, the scissors were most likely used to trim her womanhood and now she knew what to expect. Suddenly she was filled with fear as what would she tell Rod. What would she say to her husband about her bush being trimmed? Oh gawd, she could only hope it was trimmed and not completely shaved.

Her breath held for the time it took Mandy to strip the dainty garment down the muscular legs, leaving the astonishing, gorgeous woman naked in front of her team. Leanne almost fell when the Mandy guided her back to her chair. Seated, she felt Mandy’s hands nudge her legs apart, wider and wider until they were spread in vulgar fashion. They were much wider than the previous two but that was the plan. Leanne desperately wanted to cover her cherished womanhood with her hand but knew the team would chastise her if she moved.

Oh what would Rod say when he saw her, she asked herself. Then she became distraught over the impending hazing by her team and knew it was too late to back out. She scolded herself for making such a fatal mistake and allowing this to happen. Mandy’s hand roamed over the hot, silky skin and brought the scissors to the intended area, touching the flesh ever so lightly. Leanne flinched madly as the cold metal grazed her skin and Mandy cautioned her to remain steady so she would not hurt her with the sharp instrument.

Leanne felt like crying out loud when she heard the swish, swish of the steel blades and felt the short, curly hair being cut. It took minutes for the job to be done as Mandy went pain staking slow as if to punish the woman. She clipped the fuzz until there was merely extremely short stubble left and now came the sweet task. Cindy suddenly applied the cool, lubricating lotion and it made Leanne jump again with shock. “What the hell are they doing now?” she wondered as the liquid was applied to her reddened skin.

“Now hold real steady as I really don’t wish to cut your lovely skin,” Cindy whispered to the distressed coach. Oh gawd, she is going to shave my pussy and all my hair will be gone, Leanne thought and anguished over the fact. The razor flowed smoothly over the entire area and stroke after stroke removed the last remnants of hair.

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