Team Effort

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Rupert cursed under his breath. They were behind at half time, 21 to 10. The team headed en masse for the locker room and the inevitable lecture. Coach Hargrave was a tough, no-nonsense task master. Rupert settled onto the bench as the rest of the team filed in followed by the coaches.

“Rupert, what the hell were you doing out there? Is something wrong with your arm?”

“No sir, coach, I’m fine.”

“Fine? Fine? You think 2 out of 11 is fine? It is pathetic. Are you sure you want to play football?”

“Yes sir, coach, I definitely want to play.”

“You go talk to the quarterback coach. We have to do something different.”

Rupert shuffled over to Mac Lindsey, the quarterback coach. “I guess I had a run of bad luck.” He explained.

“Bad luck?” said Mac. “Bad luck? You have lost concentration. The first half, you couldn’t drop a marble in a wash tub. Get your mind off the cheerleaders and back into the game or you’ll be flogging your dong by yourself!”

“Yes sir!” Rupert replied. Coach was right. All he had been thinking about was ruby red lips and creamy white thighs. He knew he had to get his mind into the game if he wanted any more of that wonderful stuff.

Rupert and the team charged out onto the field to start the second half. This time, he went 21 for 24 and 4 touchdowns while their opponents were held to 1 touchdown and a field goal. Rupert’s team won 38 to 31.

The team assembled in the locker room after the game. Coach was a lot happier this time. He congratulated the team, ‘invited’ them to the next practice and dismissed them.

Big time college football was taking a toll on Rupert. He had an excellent GPA. He knew he wasn’t quite good enough to get into the pros, but he wanted to keep playing. 2 more years of school and it would all end. Then he would need his degree. As he walked to his house, two cheerleaders pounced on him.

“Hi Rupey,” they chorused. “Can we come home with you?”

This is what made it all worthwhile. The collegiate bonus. Fresh, young cheerleaders.

“Sure, come yenibosna escort on over,” he agreed.

He knew what they wanted. They knew what he wanted. It was a great way to keep everyone happy. He walked hand in hand with the two cheerleaders. They kept looking at him and smiling. He smiled back. They smiled because they knew they had the right stuff to trap him. He smiled because he knew they thought he would be a pro football player someday.

“Did you guys bring your swim suits?” he asked innocently; knowing full well they didn’t have suits.

“Not with us,” they replied.

“Gee, that’s too bad. I guess you won’t be getting in the hot tub with me.”

The girls looked at each other, shrugged their collective shoulders and said as one, “We don’t need swim suits.”

Things were looking up. “I could use a good massage. I’m sore from the game.”

“Oh, we can do that,” said the first one.

“Yeah, we can definitely do that,” agreed the second.

He strode up the walk, opened his front door and went in with the girls close behind him. “Lock that, honey,” he said to girl number two. She immediately complied.

Now he thought he had them trapped. They thought they had him trapped. All parties were right.

They followed him into the exercise room. He started taking off his clothes. They stared at his ripped abs and muscular form. “Well, are you two going to get ready or what?” he asked.

“What are we getting ready for?” asked cheerleader number one.

“There is the matter of the massage. And then, there’s the hot tub.” He reminded them, “Unless, of course, you don’t want to participate.”

They looked at each other and started peeling off their uniforms. When they got to their panties and bras, they stopped.

“Are you shy?” he asked. “I am nude. You’ve gotta be nude too.” His big, hard cock was waving at them.

Mesmerized by his dick, they slowly removed the rest of their clothes. Their eyes never left his crotch.

He stretched zeytinburnu escort out on an exercise bench and said, “Get the massage oil out of that locker and let’s get started.”

The women hopped right to it, grabbing the oil and heading for the bench. One started at his head and the other started at his feet. They rubbed the oil into every nook and cranny on his body, stopping at his crotch.

“Come on girls. Grease me up! Don’t neglect my dick!”

Together they started massaging his cock and balls. He almost came when they first grabbed it. It was now harder than it had ever been. He sat up suddenly. The girls jumped back, thinking they may have done something wrong. “My turn!” he announced as he stood up.

Both girls lay on the bench, head to head, flat on their backs. The first one felt the oil drizzling onto her tits. She looked down just in time to see his hands engulf her breasts and slowly knead them. She was starting to get into it when he moved to the other girl. The second girl was treated to the same wonderful feeling. When he finished her breasts, he slid his hands between her thighs and inserted a finger into her now wet pussy. She groaned in appreciation. He applied the same technique to the first girl and elicited some moaning from her. He clapped his hands loudly together, scaring the hell out of both of them. “Tub time!” He cheerfully announced.

He held their hands as they climbed up and into the hot tub. He followed them into the steaming depths. Casually flipping on the whirlpool switch, he watched as the water swirled around the cheerleaders. They wriggled as the jets brushed their nether regions. His nether regions were receiving a treat, too.

The girls approached him from opposite sides and curled up next to him. “Can we make you more comfortable?” asked the first.

“Yeah, we want to make you more comfortable.” Responded the second.

They were already playing with his cock and balls, kneading, rubbing, stroking. He felt acıbadem escort himself grow larger in the hot water. “You better be careful or someone’s gonna get fucked!” he announced.

The first one slid over his big hard dick and pushed it into her pussy. “Yeah? Who?” she playfully asked.

“It must be you,” he replied as his cock slid in and out of her.

“Oh, boy, I was hoping it was me!” she giggled excitedly.

The second one rammed her tongue down his throat. He sucked hard on it. When they parted, she requested, “Save some for me.”

“You’ll have to ask your friend about that,” he replied.

Both girls giggled as one of them fucked him and the other one drove him crazy with her tongue on his nipples and ears. Soon the first girl screamed and came in a torrent of juice.

“My turn!” declared the second girl. She shoved the first girl off Rupert’s cock and slid it into her own cunt. She hopped up and down at an ever increasing rate.

The first girl was massaging his nuts. She felt them tighten. “Here he comes!” she shouted.

The cunt that was fucking him clamped down hard as he and girl number two came together.

After they calmed down, Rupert got out of the tub and helped the girls out. They toweled each other off, playing with pussies and tits, cock and balls. By the time they were dry, Rupert was hard again. He held their hands and led them to his bedroom. He lay on his back on the bed. One girl straddled his face and put her pussy right on his waiting lips. The other girl straddled his hips and drove his cock into her greedy pussy. He was licking pussy, fucking pussy, teamwork was great!

It took him almost half an hour to come again and by then the girls had changed places and both had come at least twice. He squirted his load into the pulsing pussy. Although many people made fun of ‘jocks’ he knew that the joke was on them. He had everything a young man could want including an infinite supply of college aged snatch.

They lay together in a big, sweaty pile on Rupert’s bed, feeling each other up. The girls finally got up, dressed and left.

As they walked down the side walk together, he realized that he didn’t remember their names. He wondered if he had fucked them before. He also realized that there would be more unknown pussy in his near future. Coeds, cheerleaders, even female teachers were all there to service the team. It was a team effort.

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