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The following morning, we’re both rested but our bodies are a little exhausted still. Our bodies aching from the prior night’s fucking. We both lie in bed, starting to stir a little. I roll to face you as I start running my fingertips over your chest, circling your nipples. We exchange small talk, deciding that it’s best that we take it easy today…maybe take a dip in the pool later. I lean forward and kiss you as I let my hand wander…now, caressing your soft cock. I run my fingers up the shaft, ticking you slightly…as I feel your member hardening in my hand. I fondle your balls as my hand starts to stroke your cock harder and faster. Pulling and pushing my hand…up…down….up….down.

With your cock now at full attention, you reach around and grab my breast, playing with my nipple – pinching and tweaking it…making it hard in your fingertips. You caress my breast as goose bumps form on my body. I quiver slightly as I swiftly sit upright and stare immensely at you. I throw one of my legs over you as I straddle you. I sit down hard and fast…your cock buried deep in my drenched shaven pussy. I fall forward and kiss you deeply. Our tongues pushing against each others as you grab onto my ass. I buck my hips down a few times as you sigh loudly. Both of us ready to fuck one another’s brains out.

I throw my other leg over you, sliding off of you and the bed. I start to walk away and glance seductively at you over my shoulder. Your expression shocked, wondering what in the hell I am doing. You get up from the bed, pissed as hell and grab me. I look at you with excitement in my eyes as you push me against the wall. You kiss me hard and lustfully as you force your tongue deep in my mouth. I turn my head, not wanting to kiss you, you grab my head with both of your rough hands and force my face forward and kiss me passionately. My mouth trying hard to be nonresponsive, however I can’t help but feel the heat emitting from my pussy, craving and wanting more of your tongue and touch. You draw away from my mouth, and lightly run the tip of your tongue over my lips…I quiver and sigh quietly…allowing you the chance to impel your tongue into my mouth again. Our tongues meet, this time I push my tongue to yours. My mouth open wide, letting my tongue taste you…kissing you back fervently. One of your hands slides down my body, tickling me as you find my pussy. Your fingers opening my sopping swollen lips as you find my clit, fingering it hard and fast. I yell out as I look at you, a mischievous look in your eyes as your finger pushes harder against me. I yell out in ecstasy and pain all in one. I press against your arm, begging you to stop the pleasure and pain you’re causing my clit. You grab my arm and pin it against the wall so that I cannot fight against you anymore. I moan out as your press your mouth to mine, your rock hard cock pressing against my thigh. You pull my pussy apart as you impel three fingers into my tight fuck hole – I whimper as you push them deeper into Bostancı Escort me. My body squirming, trying to make its way away from you…but, I am not having any luck.

Moments later, you fall to your knees taking my clit into your mouth, flicking your tongue over it, taking it in your mouth and sucking it. My body finally starting to give into the pleasure you’re bringing my body as I sigh loudly and allow by body to give in. I grab onto your hair, pulling you up to meet my mouth. I force my tongue in your mouth, tasting my sweet pussy juice on your mouth and tongue. With my free hand, I grab your cock and stroke it wildly…fast and hard. I let go of your hair as my other hand finds it way to your balls, playing with them…rolling them and kneading them through my fingers. Your fingers still buried inside of me as I jack you off and tease your balls with my fingertips.

You pull away from our kiss, and take your grip off of me against the wall. I fall to my knees as your fingers slide out of me. Seconds later, you shove your cock deep into my mouth – my mouth taking every inch of your hardness deep into my throat. As you impel yourself into me, I play with the tip of your cock with my tongue – circling the tip, flicking my tongue over it. You thrust your hips hard and fast…your cock…in…out…in…out…fucking my face. My fingertips digging into your ass, pulling you to me, I want you deep in my throat. I let the grip go of one of my hands as it wanders a little…pulling your firm ass cheeks apart as I start to tease your tight asshole with my fingertip. With one fast movement, I shove my finger into your ass as you push your body forward hard, yelling out. I grab onto your nutsack with my other hand…feeling them tighten…I know you’re ready to cum…but not yet.

I fall back, pulling away from you, letting your cock slide out of my mouth. I crawl back, looking up at you as I smile. I push you back onto the bed, your cock standing at attention. I giggle as I lay back…fingering myself…enjoying your eyes on me. I now have three fingers of one hand deep in my pussy, my juices glistening on them as I push them in and out. With my other hand, I toy my clit with my middle finger. I tilt my head back and moan out as you grab your cock and start stroking it. This site excites me even more, so I shove a fourth finger into my pussy. I yell out as you pound your fist harder and faster on your cock. I pull my hand out of my pussy and bring it to my mouth…running my fingers over my lips smelling and tasting myself…licking my juices off of each of my fingers…sucking them like they’re little cocks. I smile at you as I crawl onto my knees…scooting towards the bed. You’re on the edge, so when I get to where you are I kiss the tip of your cock, licking the pre-cum. I lick your cock from the tip…to the shaft…all the way to your balls…sucking them slightly. I grasp your cock with one of my hands, stroking it…my tongue feverishly flicking at Kadıköy Escort the tip…fast and forceful. You moan out a little as I nibble your cock a little…giving you love bites here and there. Your hands on my head, as I take the entire length and girth of your cock into my mouth…bobbing my head up and down…fast and smooth. Humming a little…sending vibrations up your shaft to your body…goose bumps all over your body. Your hips pushing forward a little each time I go down on your cock. You feel and taste so good…I can’t get enough of you or your cock.

After a few more minutes, I pull you out of my mouth and stroke your shaft. I start to lightly kiss your inner thighs…to your belly button…and back down to your cock. I stop for only a moment at the base of your cock, licking and kissing it…teasing it with my lips and tongue. I bite is a little as I get a small group of skin in my mouth…sucking it hard for a few moments as you groan loudly. I pull away and look at the reddish mark I have left…my love bite…grinning to myself.

I stop stroking you and stand up. I look down at you lustfully as I tell you to scoot back all the way onto the bed. You don’t listen to me…you sit up and kiss my stomach as I wrap my arms around your neck. You look back up at me now as you throw me back against the wall. You lift me up, thrusting your cock deep inside of me…my body hard against the wall…I yell out as you fuck me hard. I claw at your shoulders, digging my fingernails deep into your skin. You yell out, my action causing you to fuck me even harder…your cock easily sliding in and out of me, my wetness sliding down your shaft to your balls.

My mouth hungrily searching for yours…finding it…my tongue licks your lips…your tongue against mine…our lips not touching yet. As soon as they meet, the electricity is ignited…our tongues hard against each other, our lips pressed firmly together. Your hips bucking wildly…my body losing control and starting to shake…I’m on the verge of a massive orgasm. You let go of me as I fall to my feet…looking at you oddly. You laugh as you grab my shoulders, throwing me onto the bed. You grab your cock and stroke it, as I watch you closely waiting to watch you shove every inch of you inside of me. You tease my fuck hole with the tip of your cock…I close my eyes waiting to feel you inside of me. Moments later, I open my eyes and look up at you. You’re just grinning. I sit up, grabbing at your cock…begging you to fuck me as you push me back onto the bed. you start to slide your cock up and down my slit…up…down…up…down. I push my hips down, almost forcing your cock into my pussy. You grab my hips with one hand, stopping me. Your other hand is too busy guiding your cock up and down my slit. You stop at my clit, pressing your hardness against it, moving against it quickly. I squirm as I yell out – telling you I want to cum…begging you to make me cum. Once I say it, you fall to the bed taking Göztepe Escort me into your mouth, burying your face in my pussy. You lick my clit one single time, then pull away. In one quick movement, you shove three fingers deep into me. I yell out and buck against your hand. My voice hoarse and deep…I want to cum!!!

Your mouth on my clit again, circling it, sucking it…flicking your tongue against it. My hips rotating with your hand…as you insert another finger into me…my pussy spread over your fingers, taking them all in. my moisture dripping everywhere…in your mouth…on your hand and onto the bed. I yell louder and louder as you finger me faster and harder. I push against your hand…your fingers against my cervix…ticking and teasing it…sending my quivers all over me. I grind my body on you…wanting your cock deep in me.

As if you read my mind, you crawl onto your knees and impel your cock deep in me. I scream out as I grab your ass, pulling you to me. I feel your muscles clench with each thrust. You fuck me faster and harder. I wrap my legs around you, helping pull you to me. I want you as deep as I can get you inside of me. You grab my ankles, pulling them to you…sucking on one of my toes for a moment…your cock pushing in and out of me. You them throw my feet over your shoulders as you scoot even closer to me. Your cock penetrating me even deeper now…my orgasm even closer. You grip my legs, fucking me hard. Sweat dripping off of your body onto me…I watch you fuck me…my hands tweaking and fondling my breasts. I moan and groan, my pussy tingling…I am so ready to cum…please make me cum. I run my fingertips down your chest as you fall forward…grabbing my arms, throwing them over my head, positioning yourself perfectly to rub yourself against my clit as you fuck me even deeper.

You yell out with one more quick, deep thrust, your cock deep inside of me you shoot your thick and creamy load inside of me. I gasp for air as I cum all over your cock. My body shaking as you kiss me softly…collapsing on top of me. We kiss for a moment or two before you roll off of me onto the bed. Both our chests heaving as we both try to get ourselves together. I roll onto my side, grabbing my pillow…you slide up to me wrapping your arms around me as we lay there…in silence. Both of us wanting to go back to sleep so badly, but knowing we can’t. Check out time is two o’clock and we’d already slept most of the morning and fucked the rest.

We finally get out of bed and get ready for the rest of the day. We take a shower together…fooling around a little…but keeping it clean.

After our shower, we get our things together and head to the front desk to check out. We walk out to our cars, put our bags away and then lean up against our cars to say our goodbyes. We look at each other and you grab me and pull you to me. We kiss softly and you tell me what a great time you had. I tell you the same as I turn to my car, opening the door. I kiss you again, wrapping my arms around you giving you a huge hug. I pull away slowly and get into my car as I tell you to call me later.

I drive off…heading home….all the time thinking about our weekend and counting the minutes to our next meeting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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