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my head snaps back as my lips overflow with the silken feeling of… of… where was i, as consciousness returns. Disbelief and reality unfolds, eyes fall weak as my bra cuts into my chest. tess, snap out, my head spins trying to recover. Breasts crushed into me and my weight leans forward, arms bound wide as if crucified; silken cock fucking my face. i can’t struggle, mouth overstuffed, i choose not to… i must have been here awhile, as i resist from throwing up; steadily mucus warms my neck and chest.

Hands seem to come from all over; smothering, groping, insistent, as i always envisioned. The largest it seems, holds my head in place, i look to turn, force this violation from my opening. i’m breathing, yes? Gagging, yes, i cough hard around the invading penis, taste like dirt. Gawd, “no” screams from my eyes… weeping, i want to see myself. Gawg, gaw, gaw… ‘elp, ppppooooooootth,” blows hard around that cock that invades. Breathe girl, my brain explodes..breath cool sneaks past his cock, into my lungs and oh yeah my nose.

Knees ache on the cold steel. Can’t rise from them, my ankles,’ can’t close.

“my turn, let me in there,” explodes from behind me.

my bike toppled beyond them as the eclipse of bodies part, the voice moves before me to taking his place. “yes…,” he stands hissing, fitting his way tight into the crowd.

“yes… ” falls from my lips as i look up at the shadowy figures fumbling to get in, all aimed at my face. Hot on my tongue the words sizzle out. “Yesth, yefff please,” i cry. Ones Man-slit opens wide as i see past the blur in my tears. “yefff.” He’s gonna cum.

“…we spoke of many things…” The sound appears in my head. i shake it, to regain focus..

interrupted, i resume, “i want it,” now clearly i admit. my pussy on the verge of convulsing. Needing to release the orgasm, now wound tight in my loins. “yes… cum. yesssss”

“Fools and kings…” frustrated, the blanket warming tone fills My head. Blinking, blinking hard, reality returns…

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn Is just to love and be loved in return…”

sigh. i let go of my vulva. “Thanks Nat!” the tune dies to an to my empty room, my apartment, my bedroom. i think, “i need to hurry”.

“try to save myself, but myself keeps slipping away…” the new disk hisses.

” i grin in the mirror. The tune grinds at me.

Perfect, well shaped lips framed well as i can never get enough sun. Chuckle,” one’d think me a vampiress. Come, be bitten and enslaved forever, or tie me up and whip my ass… well?” Humored by the note of irony; always taken for Domme, never for my nature.

Stepping bedside, i raise the long sleeve fishnet top. Stretching…, Br’er Bear crushes the plaid skirt. Slinging the top over my shoulder. “Come here,” gathering this massive maine coon. His purr pronounced, his chest to my bikini top. “you’re gonna have to find some other way to keep me home tonight. This skirt i’m wearing… you evil brute. i need to get dressed. There’s a pile at the bottom of my closet i left for you.” Whomp! His paws crush the ground. i need to remember to take it easy on the neighbor below, as He looks back in disdain.

“… kinda i want to.” …Nails screams from the speaker. Br’er bear prowls off.

Simple, solo piano notes rise, “I still recall the taste of your tears, echoing your voice just like the ringing in my ears..” tightly reverberates around the room.

‘ work the crop top fishnet sleeves over me. Good. Looking back at the mirror, tugging at the netting as it falls off the shoulders, “nice”. “Tied to a bike wrack, what was i thinking…” Set adrift again, not as deep. As i can see the skirt, ‘m stepping in. Out of body, “… gawf… ,” chuckling,” always the victim. As far back as i can remember, the desire to be bound, pinned down.” Straightening the skirt, i recall masturbating on Craig’s thigh in that pile-on of kids. The crushing weight of neighbor kids as his knee found it’s place. The crossed oversized clothes pins hitched over the pleat, i snap back; cold, i’m steadily stroking metal, perfect texture. A down pour of recollection rushes over my forehead, the weight of limited movement.. grinding my mound into his hip. Some-ones hand, accidental or not, steadily molesting my nubile breasts, and all the while my panties cut into my bottom.

“… i’m starting to scare myself,” The record burns on.

i chuckle, “Yes, maybe just a little.”

Hips move, Grinding into the new tune. “talking to myself all the way to the station, pictures in myself of the final destination,” Toes dip into my Doc Martins. Firmly planted, “i look… yeah that’s it.”

“all lined up (all the ones that aren’t allowed to stay) tried to save myself but myself keeps slipping away,” i sing along, rocking side to side. Warm up, ready.

The beat fills, thumps through me. my skin’s Maltepe Türbanlı Escort alive, as the pulse it rocks my knees. A breath of relief,”… home again.” The club, my surrogate home, i’ll assume where i belong. Turning in the middle of the floor, i look down to find another, assuming His ownership. Hips invades the air hard right, far left, i continue, He’s there, can’t hurt, could help. “Sure”, drools from my mouth. i turn, His chest, quick to find my back. i drop, slink up, His Hands find my curves. Molests my shape He touches, brain tense, i gush, my body surrenders. How dare… no permission, the beat thumps, eyes soft. His hands find my hips, mine overhead i sway.

A buzz builds to the corner entrance, They must be here. “come…,” in my ear His lips hot on my neck, tugging at my waist. my head snaps to his hand.

Looking back, “no,” eyes cut at him.

“over here slut!” his voice burns in my brain, he further works to guide me to the opposite end of the floor. “you have ass, property.” He winks, as his pet name fails to take. “my knob needs service!” he roars, attempting to get over the din, the music, i look back to see them cut the crowd, towards the lounge.

i take his gaze, his shrunken head between my thumb and index, he goes pale my objection obvious. “no,” small grin breaks from my cheeks… my state of being, more than flush. “sister?” i look over as she takes my hands.

“tess,” she replies.

“i didn’t expect … Wasn’t He out of town?”

“i know, He came and broke right into.’we’re going out.’ my heart stopped a dozen times at the thought and here we are.” her lips crush mine. If only she were switch. “…drinks, come with?” we trot off.

“ugh.. That bastard.”

“what?!” my sub sister snaps.

“that Top there, he grabbed me, thought He owned me because His Dick hangs low.”

“what?!” she returns.

“What….?? Oh, naw what i mean is that He just put His hands on me, just because He’s Dom. Not like i’d know how to be taken… but damn it, i want in on the decision. Not just grabbed.”

“humph; tessie, i was grabbed.”

“mmmm yeah, but that’s different, you wanted Him to take you.”

“not long… hell we’d just…”

“met? Yeah i know, while your submission must have been obvious. i mean then it would have been some sort of rrr…”

“stop. You’re making too much of all this. Frankly, i think your Dom will grab you just like that. Take you, tie you up and that will be the end of that.”

“You say. While i’m not waiting around for it… ie i’m ‘home’ tonight.”

“and you are, tess.” tipping her glass.

” and He has me and training, which i’m grateful to both of you,” i smile.

“easily, as you’re appreciated and a best friend… so, to Hands off till my eyes say so.”

“here here… and let His lips shackle me forever.” smiles…” stupid boys piss me off.”

“and no need to be so anxious, hell…” her voice buried by the beat.


“i said… what do you need with a Dom anyhow, you have U/us.”

“and if a tree falls in the woods with no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?! Even nearly as loud as these beats??” i look around.

“you… away from the plateau. meanwhile, you be you…Master will do well to shape you. you just can’t make a big deal out of every Top and go run off the ranch. Master’s good at this… will let you know when the right Dom is there.”

“i know… i’m just ready.”

“yeah, sure… like you’re ready to hand that guy His forearm from the chum pile. God forbid that had been your ‘One'”, while pulling me with and turning to offer my glass to Master.

she drops to his feet and curls at them as her hand slips from mine; i join her. my back pressed firm to her bosom, we stroke each other, her thighs to my digits; hers safely to my naked torso, looking back, He lovingly looks down on us caressing her hair and nodding ahead.

i turn, a couple have made their way to the middle of the club. The spectacle obvious and their grinding and touching looked louder than the music, which seemed to crush to a dull mumble as he reaches in her skirt touching her lewdly. His action broadens as more onlookers take note. One moves closer, His look of control… His gaze freezes her. her face flush, the corner of her mouth sags as her body gives in. her Dom nods at the stranger, she snaps back to reality, as His hand joins her Dom’s behind her skirt. Her Dom turns the fold in her skirt back, revealing what this stranger is doing to her. The gleam from her excitement obvious as she squirts, the dance lights catches it spilling at their feet. He backs them to the loft bed, she dry humped from front and back. Dry… well… nothing dry, the dampness to the strangers slacks apparent as well.

my sister, benefactors touch moves to a clutch Maltepe Otele Gelen Escort as i realize her breath had frozen. her link to the scene obvious, while wasn’t this the chick that said to be patient…?? my lips land on her cheek and glare barely breaks as our Master / Trainer leans in.

The Master of this trio hoists her back, giving the stranger full access to his exposed slut. ‘gawd” breaks through the din as He takes position over her. Her Master, poised behind her head, the bed, perfectly elevated to His hips as if meant for… a crowd musters close. my? sub sis is trying to speak.

“gawd.” is all that eeks out and i need her to move her grip on me.

The crowd, mostly men get nearer to the threesome.?, they approach. Faces of shock, disconnect, and desire all in a musky heap nearest them. The glee from her Dom like a beacon over the scene, then shattered sound, her yulp to life, “they’re touching me!!”

i froze. Victim? Sister? my heart bounds towards them, springing up from my side. her clutch leaves me. Distended over her toes, she ache’s to fill her eyes with scene of this cadre’ of desire. Patent leather pumps bow, gleam grabs my attention to the curve of her calf. my eyes trace up her, as the din of the spectacle continues.

“Sir?” she yulps back at Master.

“‘ must be ideal as He hasn’t changed the scene,” Master roars from His armchair up at U/us. Calm, He continues, leaning into our H/hosts. They converse; nodding in agreement they look back on the scene.

“Sir… i,” sisters words lilt over the music.

“can’t turn away, can you,” rightly our Master returns. Gleeful, His uncanny means of control, insight over us.

Eyes between scenes, i look to His for approval, my feet slowly shuffling towards the mound of humanity building in front of us. Approval settles over His face as His voice dissipates;” want to touch yourself?” i move around the bed, back to the rack over the Leaders shoulder. i look back as my sub sister nods. my chin prone back into all this flesh before me, that woman’s features barely made out from all the hands.

“they’rwe touph-ching me,” tear filled, a still hard cock falls from her lips. her Masters grip firmly locked in her hair. Another a-stride her face to one side.

Heat builds to my right. Uncertain, i turn to where my sub sister has taken position. The vinyl from her hoop skirt wants to melt against my wrist. i pull her in for a better view,” are you ok?,” i ask.

“Master’s checked, it seems within their play.” my hand drops from her waist again flipping the skirt as it passes.

“i’ve not seen this.”

“something edging on a gang-bang?” she continues,” not usually, not here but…”

“no… this look of yours.”

Surely distracted by me, “i’ve worn it.”

“girl?… na ah, i love this skirt too much to forget it. You’ve been no-where near me in this thing, if you had, you wouldn’t be in it now, as i would be.” Giggling,” and they’re ok, yes??”

“huh, what…?? Fetish Factory.”

“Dear God girl, ” i break into her confusion, “get in there.”

“no… but i can’t tear away.”

“He’ll allow you to, just ask.”

“no… why can’t i tear away?”

i comb her hair through my fingers, breaking her attention well kissed by me,” i’ll ask Him for you.” my hand falls, tracing hers to find it below the vinyl hoop dress.

Hand squirming gently, “no don’t!” i jump back. She tenderly draws me back in, as my index finds her wetness… index, middle finger, ring finger, “don’t… i know what i’m allowed.”

“…but to deny our impulses, is to deny what makes us human,” smacks the sound of her wetness from between my fingers and from off my tongue. i continue,” he’ll…”

“one,” she snapped,” i’m allowed to cum once.” her hand behind mine, as she guides me past her thong again. “once… only,” she struggles to mumble.

our hands turns, the pace picks up. her eye’s like saucers.

“they’re touching me!” fractures my soul from my side. The look in her eyes, the scene unfolding to my… left? back? around us, as we’re center the melee. “they’re touching…” now my labia invaded.

“Red light?” a dark voice rolls down my spine. my fuck hole gushes,”gawd…” working feverishly at my sisters ‘one’, my hand drifts back to be replaced by her own. my hips fall back to accept the invasion; victim, willful, sub slut.

Craned over, one hand after another in my locks. The hot touch, glazed at my cheek, ” red light?” over and over, one voice then another. my jaw drops air force free by cock, one, then another, sword fighting for entry. my arms splayed wide, knees ache, in recollection, molested… felt up, throat fucked, cunt up for display. Hot, feminine, felt knee-ward… gawf… fuck, gawd gawd gawd, leaps from my throat repeatedly. “red light…?” haunts this Maltepe Ucuz Escort voice, over me.

Shaped shadows, torsos, skin, a blur before me. i see her beyond them. Back pressed into the wall behind. Arched, chair-like she strains to avoid sliding to the ground; strains to keep her commitment. Skirt hiked to her tits, mouth screaming and nothing emits. On fire, my subsister, her hand a blur. Soul locked to my own.

loud cracks, moans, and madness has broken out beyond the crowd.

Hands overlapped, bound at my bony wrists. Bound, then drawn behind my head; secured to my torso. “red light?” reality a blur, i surrender. A cock gags me. Smothered in his bush, it swells. The knob pops from my throat, unable to escape i suck in; one’s Dick slit blossoms as it moves past my face. “ffffffFFFuck!!! It’s Hot!!!” He gushes over my cheek, behind my eye. i want to retreat. No. “gawd, red…”, i stop myself, the humiliation rushes over me, my most dessert heat, hair to toe, more complete than i’d ever envisioned. The safe words i’m halted from using, no… i won’t say.

If like magic, my hips rise. Feet airborne, light as a feather a dozen tender touches lay me,” they’re touching me…” she shrieks. Mounted, molested, and cum clad, she struggles. her shaved mound, red hot, looks up at me… forced face in. my tongue falls out to pad my landing, but fails, my nose crashes into her mound. instinct insists i make her feel… better? i’m wanting her panic to die away. “they’re touch…!!!!” my slit smothers her plea. God, no… queening, throne, no… no.. not me?! Her tongue, lips, chick mumbles into me, i qweef. A cock rams home in my throat.

Choked, i wretch hard around this Dick. “i’m cum… shit, Sir, may i??” i need to… mouth full. “hmmmm.. M… Um?? quuummmm?? Mmm??” wretch harder still, i sense a pop as my ass gives way!!! Taken!!!! Tears leap from my eyes, then fall weak. i’m gonna… gonna, “Sir May i cum?” i scream ignoring the breath i require.

Like a warm blanket meant to save me, “yes.” The familiar voice of one of the red lights once called out. “yes, cum for me,” He granted, my invader permits from behind me.

Cumming… gawd cumming, i’m uuughhh… why? i … ssssssssssshit i’mmmm….. wave after wave. Someone help me?! please? save me. i’m drowning, head swimming. Someone help me… “That’s it… do it. impress me,” He continues, tossing me the life ring i need as a new wave crushes me into this fleshy soul below me.

ms. thing draws bubbles from my slit, she’s forced to exhale, only to open me with her tongue to inhale. The last of this convulsion erupts over her mouth. This is not where i belong. Gawd, my ass.. Mmm please, yes, yes.. Take my ass, Sir, traps in my mind. As i’m quick to forget her again, pleasing my saviors cock. Another’s Dick choke fucks my face. Please use me.. the thought settles over me. Just not here. Not like this. my thoughts leap back onto her and hard stab between my ass cheeks and i’m a slut again.

“gaaaawd!!!!” cuts through the din. “Oh gawd?!!!” familiar… i know that voice. Sis!

Ummmmmgh,.. i’m blinded, a hot stream leaps into my eye. i hope to save my kin at a glance, but the weight, the force, mounted, taken. SssssSSHitt… aaaawww gaaawdd… He’s fucking my asss…

Masters Dragon’s tail slices the air like thunder.

Aaaawww gawd… mmmm yes. “Help!! Please??!!!,” sister yulps. i want to see.

Ggawd,… more, more cum. “slut.” my invader hisses.

“yes,” falls from my lips. A heavy hand clears the glue from my lens, as it tears down off the end my nose and chin.

The familiar sound of the air cut, wwwwwwwwHack!!! again Master whips her.

“They’re touch….” the room breaking in to snow, forward i fall. Torso slack in slow-motion. A ringing in my ears. wwwwwwwwWhat, i think. Who’s touching? i think. Blackness.

Lurching forward. More attempting to, thick leather around my neck, pins me back, the air cool over my glowing flesh. Nipples dilated, the music dull, a warm towel makes it way over me. “Welcome back.” my loved O/ones break in.

The One mastering the towel over Me, dispenses water into my parted lips. Calmed further, all tension rains away.

“you will let me borrow this,” sis holds up the fishnet top over me,” not exactly my style, but…” she giggles “should W/we call you alice now, tess?”

The towel continues. Again, i attempt to rise. The figure strong, holds me in place, the slip and fall of a belt buckle at my left ear. He towels me down, i blush, as i feel as a prized steed, but who…? Him, yes? “Sir?”

Master breaks in.” i hope you’re not referring to me,” looking over the Man above me.

Crushed, He’s releasing me, i hurry to speak,” S…”

“you’re in capable hands… ” my flesh being massaged over. Master continued.

my focus, vanquished, a song has broken through my despair of being released. “and while he spoke of many things Fools and kings This he said to me”

The One pinning me here would murmur, making light of all the activity, the noise… my invaders voice warmed over me.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn Is just to love and be loved in return”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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