That Night Ch. 01

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She had this look, a look of wanting more, needing more. I could see the hunger in her eyes. They pierced through me like a well sharpened knife. Her touch was soft as we sat on her sofa. I knew what it was that she wanted and it would be only a matter of time before she took it from me.

She lusted to be touched like no man had touched her before. All her doubts and insecurities would soon be gone with the soft caresses of my hands, gentle kiss of my lips. She longed to hear her name part from my lips.

Her hands began to tremble as they went up my shirt. My stomach jumped as she dragged her pink chrome nails across my pale skin. I bit my bottom lip and she let out this chuckle. Like a hyena ready to devour its’ pray. She pulled my shirt off over my head, exposing my silk black bra, nipples already standing for her attention. With her thumb and forefinger, began to play with my right nipple, kissing my neck while squeezing it. First it was soft, but as my breathing increased so did the squeezing.

I couldn’t handle it anymore. I wanted her, but she refused to let me touch her. I wanted to feel her skin under my hands. Instead I felt her hands reach around my back, unhooking my bra like a locksmith. I watched as she removed it from my body and threw it across the room. My breasts were now bare, no longer able to hide from the predator that hungered to taste them. She kept eye contact with me as she took my 34bs into her mouth. She began to suck on them and I tried not to moan but I couldn’t. With every moan came a bite. With every wince came a atakent escort suck. I couldn’t believe that I was her first girl. She knew exactly what she was doing.

She then straddled me. Grabbing my neck she kissed me. First soft but as I gave in more and more, she hungered for more and more. I was waiting for her to take me. Feeling her arms around my neck made me yearn for more. I sighed, feeling her breath on my lips. She was teasing them with her tongue. I began to slowly move my hips. Seeing that she liked it, I picked up the pace. I could feel her wetness on me. I watched her counter my movements, gaining control. I tugged at her shirt but she wouldn’t take it off. In a seductive voice she whispered, “I am here to break you.” Then I knew. I was her puppet. She was going to make me move in ways I had never moved before, moan louder than I ever thought possible, cum harder and harder over and over till my body spasm or I passed out.

She got up and led me to the bedroom. She looked like a little temptress and I was all hers. On the verge of cuming just by her look. We walked holding hands into her room. Shutting the door she slammed me into the wall. There was a look of fire in her eyes. She knelt down before me, keeping staring into my eyes as she unbuttoned my jeans. They dropped to the floor exposing my barrel of monkey’s underwear. I saw this sly smile come across her face as she pulled them off. I may not act like I was 19 but my underwear sure showed it.

In one swift move she pushed me ataköy escort onto the bed. I was finally out of her reach but still in her sight. Watching her watch me was incredible. I was trying to figure out what she was planning on doing. She said that she was going to break me. But break me? That would never happen. She was 24, robbing the cradle in a way. How would she break me?

She pulled her top off, exposing her breast and stomach to me. Her tan skin and dark nipples called to me. I wanted to bite them. I needed to mark them. I knew that they would be mine. But getting to them would be the hard part. My thoughts were interrupted as she came onto the bed. I missed when she had taken off her pants showing her garter belt. I let out a sigh. She was kinky. Kinky as kinky can get when you are 24 I guess. I knew I was going to be taught something as she slowly licked up my legs and my thighs. She was there, in between my legs. I wanted to cum. I couldn’t take it. But her curly burnet hair was so far from my reach and I didn’t what to piss off my temptress. I felt her hot breath on my pussy. I twitched. It hadn’t been touched in months. Well, touched by someone other than my fingers or my little buddy.

She slid a finger onto my clit, toying with it as I squirmed. The fire in her eyes had turned to lust. She knew exactly what she wanted and what she wanted was me. Her fingers began to move faster as she played me. Softly kissing my thighs, picking up the pace as the moans that I no longer had control over insisted atalar escort on leaving my mouth more and more.

She then slid a finger into my vagina. Slowly moving it around inside me as she tongued my clit. I began to move my hips as she sucked on my clit. She then stopped, leaving her finger still inside of me, and moved next to me on the bed. I pushed her finger out of my hole and kissed her.

I kissed her neck and traveled down to her nipples. My left hand traveled to her wetness as her hand found mine again. I sucked on her nipple as I slid two fingers inside of her. As she picked up the pace so did I. I pulled her closer to me, pushing my fingers in her still, and kissed her. As we kissed, she began to move her hips slightly. She then nuzzled her head on my shoulder and just before she came, she bit me. I kept with fingering her and she kept biting me. I pushed against her g-spot and she moaned into my shoulders. I pulled all the way out and she flopped back on the bed.

She reached up on the head board and grabbed a little blue bullet. Turning to me again she stuck it on my clit. Whispering in my ear she told me to control it. Then she slid her finger in my hole, finding my g-spot. Playing with my spot, she kissed my nipples and turned the speed up on the bullet. My hips started to move on their own and my clit was starting to get sensitive but she cupped her hand over the bullet so I couldn’t move it at all.

As I begged for more, she sped up the vibe. I arched my back when I felt her tounge touching my clit. A moan slipped from my lips and she began to tickle my clit with her tounge. Her tounge was soft as it touched my clit. I could feel her fingers inside me, feeling around my hole. They were begging me to cum and her tounge was seeling the deal so to speak. With one final thrust I screamed. She licked faster, cleaning me up as I shuddered.

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