The Adventures of John Law Ch. 04

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Berlin Trip

I finished my shift working the gate at 7:00 am. I walked over to the mess hall and was having breakfast when my sergeant came over and told me the commanding officer wanted to see me. Since I had been fucking three Captain’s wives, one Major’s wife, and our Provost Marshal’s wife on a routine basis for several months, the first thing that came to mind was that I had been found out and I was about to be court martialed. However, I couldn’t do anything about it now, so I mustered up enough nerve to go to the Captain’s office.

When I reported to him with a snappy salute, he told me to have a seat. He had a folder in front of him and was reading some papers when he said, “I see here that you qualified expert with the .45. Is that right?

I said, “Yes sir.”

He then said, I understand you are proficient in martial arts. Is that right?”

I again answered, “Yes sir.”

He then explained that the Commanding General and the Provost Marshal would be travelling to Berlin for a conference and it had been decided that the General needed a bodyguard.

The Captain said, “I have been looking at personnel records and have decided you are the best qualified man for the job. Do you have a suit?”

I answered, “No sir. I never needed one.”

He then told me to go to Brigade Headquarters where I would get temporary duty orders and a clothing allowance. He told me to go to the PX and buy a suit, dress shirts, ties, and some shoes. He then asked, “Do you have a shoulder holster for your .45?”

When I told him I didn’t, he reached in his desk drawer and handed me his. He then asked if I had ever met the General or the Provost Marshal. I told him I had never met either. I started to say, “Although I have been fucking the Colonel’s wife for several months” but I felt that would not be in my best interest.

Before he dismissed me, the Captain said, “Don’t fuck this up, Law. This assignment could make or break your career.”

I told him I would do my best, saluted, and left his office.

During the week, my sergeant, who had experience conducting protection details, showed me how to walk behind and to the left of the General, what to do if an attack occurred, how to scan the crowd, etc. He told me to sit in the right front seat of the car and to not speak unless spoken to.

Since I wouldn’t be leaving for a week, I had time to keep my weekly officer wife appointments and get in at least one more good fuck with each of them. The only one I would miss was Beth since I would be leaving on a Friday morning and returning Saturday evening. I told Beth I would be traveling with her husband. She said, “Tell the old bastard I said hi!”

I told her I didn’t think I would do that.

The following week I arrived at the Division Headquarters wearing my new suit with my .45 in a shoulder holster hidden under my coat. It felt weird, and I was a little queasy since I had the responsibility to protect the General even though I had no idea what I was doing. I would also be spending time with my Colonel whose wife I had been fucking and whose daughter I had recently fucked. Pardon me for feeling nervous.

There was a shiny staff car with a driver waiting when I arrived. The driver, a sergeant, explained that he would stay with the car at all times while I would escort the General from the building, open the right rear door, wait until the General was seated, and then close the door and get in the right front seat. He told me to reverse the procedure when we arrived at each location. He told me not to worry about the Colonel as he would open his own door getting in and out. I went up to the General’s office and waited until he was ready to go, then I escorted him out of the building and into the car. Just like the driver had explained, the colonel went around to the left rear door and got in.

It took about three hours to get to Berlin. The General and the Colonel chatted about something, but I was not paying attention. My sergeant had told me to act like I was not eavesdropping. Thankfully, neither one asked me any questions. When we arrived at the VIP quarters, a full bird Colonel met us and took us up to the General’s room. My Colonel had the room to the left, and much to my surprise, I was given the room to the right. I was not expecting to stay in the VIP quarters.

When the General went in his room to freshen up, the Colonel who had met us when we arrived asked me to come with him. He explained we were going to attend a dinner that night where the General would be giving a speech. The Colonel showed me the General’s table and the podium, and he explained that when the General sat down at the table, I could sit at a table to his right to eat. When the dinner was over, I was to escort the General back up to his room for the night. I thanked him for his help and went up to my room.

At ten minutes to seven, I was standing outside the General’s door. A few minutes later, my Colonel came out of his room, nodded at me, knocked on the door and went inside. Göztepe Escort A few minutes later, they came out, started heading downstairs, and I followed behind.

While the General gave his speech, I stood in a corner, and when he went to his table, I sat at the table to his right. The table was round and there were two Second Lieutenants and three women already seated when I arrived. We chatted during dinner, but I never introduced myself.

The lady to my right introduced herself as Julie and said she was the manager of the VIP quarters. She was about 30 years old, brown hair and brown eyes, and had a very pleasant southern accent, though I never asked her where she was from. Several times during our conversation, she placed her hand on my right arm. A couple of times when she did that she bent forward, and I got a peek down the front of her dress at her ample cleavage. She caught me looking once but didn’t seem to mind.

When dinner was over, I excused myself and got up to stand by the wall. As I was scanning the room, I looked over at the table and saw Julie looking at me. When the General stood up to leave, he had his dinner companion on his arm. She was an attractive and statuesque woman of indeterminate age and was wearing a sexy cocktail dress that seemed formed to her very curvy body. As he started heading out of the room, my Colonel was right behind him with his dinner companion in tow. I followed them up to their rooms and as the General was entering, he said, “That will be all for tonight, Sergeant.”

I answered, “Yes sir”, without telling him I wasn’t a Sergeant. In fact, I had just been promoted to SP4 the month before. I lingered outside for a few minutes, just to make sure he wasn’t going to stick his head out the door and ask for something, and then I went into my room and took my suit coat off.

I was just about to sit on the bed when I heard a soft knock on my door. I opened the door and saw Julie standing there. She asked, “Can I come in?”

I let her in and asked, “How did you know what room I was in?”

She laughed and said, “I guess you weren’t paying any attention to what I was saying at dinner. I told you I am the manager here. I know who is in every room.”

I said, “Okay, but what are you doing here?”

She answered, “Well, I thought that would be obvious, but if I have to explain, I was watching you all night. I knew you were the General’s bodyguard, even though you didn’t say anything about that at dinner. I thought you were very cute, you looked like you were very tense, and I thought I could help you relieve some of that stress. Only if you’re interested.”

I told her I was very interested. I said, “Make yourself comfortable while I get out of this suit.”

I then took off my shoes and socks, then took off my shirt, tie, and pants and hung them in the closet. I took my pistol and shoulder holster and laid them on the chair where I had hung my coat. When I turned around, Julie had dropped her dress to the floor. As she wasn’t wearing a bra, she stood there in only a tiny pair of red panties.

I walked to her, put my arms around her and leaned down to give her a kiss. I was pleased to find an open willing mouth awaiting my tongue. We stood there for a minute pressing our lips together and playing tongue hockey while I gradually brought a hand around to cup a breast. I rubbed my thumb over her nipple, and it became rock hard. I then leaned down and kissed and sucked first one and then the other. She started moaning so I guided her to the bed where I laid her back. She started to lift her legs up to the bed and I told her to leave them hanging over the edge.

When I dropped to my knees, she smiled and said, “Oh you dirty boy.”

I said, “Just sit back and enjoy. If you think I’m too dirty for you, just let me know.”

I pulled her panties off and licked both of her upper thighs before switching to her outer pussy lips. After I had given them ample attention, I spread her pussy apart and used my tongue on the inner lips. I felt her starting to get wet, so I sought out and found her clitoris and started to lick and suck on her clit while I finger fucked her with two fingers. She was now moving her hips back and forth and moaning. She raised her legs and locked her feet behind my head, pulling my face closer to her now sopping wet snatch. I heard her gasp and say, “Oh shit. I’m cumming.”

I got up on the bed and positioned myself between her legs as I put the head of my dick in her willing, waiting pussy.

When I pushed in, she groaned, “Yesss! Give me that hard cock!”

I pushed in about half way, as was my habit, and started to slowly stroke in and out. I could feel her nectar pouring out and she was pulling my ass closer with her heels.

She said, “Faster. Fuck me faster.”

As I started to speed up, I also started pumping deeper. It only took a couple of seconds before she loudly moaned, “Oh God, I’m cumming again.”

That sounded very loud to me, but it might have been because İstanbul Escort her mouth was right next to my ear. I was hoping the General couldn’t hear what was going on through the wall. I kept thrusting in and out for another few minutes and was pretty sure I could feel her having another climax, although this time she just let out a long, low moan. It didn’t take much longer before I felt like I was going to cum.

I let her know and she said, “Give it to me. Let me feel you cum in my pussy!”

That did it for me. I shot several loads of cum into her now sopping wet pussy. She whispered in my ear, “God, that felt so good.”

I laid down beside her and wrapped one arm around her shoulder. She rolled toward me and gave me a very hot kiss.

When she pulled her lips away from mine, she looked at me, smiled, then said, “Wow. That was by far the best fuck I have had in a long time.”

I just smiled back and replied, “Glad you liked it. I’m always happy to help.”

She laughed and said, “I came up here to help you relax. I don’t know about you, but I feel like a wet rag.”

I asked, “Does that mean you’re finished for the night?”

Her eyes got big as she reached down to find my cock. When she wrapped her hand around it, I started to slowly get erect again. She smiled at me and said, “You just lay there. Let me take care of this.”

She scooted down to get between my legs, took my now stiffening cock in her mouth, and proceeded to give me a wonderful blowjob. Come to think of it, is there any other kind? Anyway, as I started to cum in her mouth, she swallowed every drop.

When she moved back up, she put her head on my shoulder, then gave me a quick peck on the lips. I leaned down and took one of her nipples in my mouth while massaging the other one with my hand. Her nipples got very hard.

She pulled my head up so she could look into my eyes and said, “You’re shitting me, right?”

I answered, “Well, if you don’t want to, we could just go to sleep.”

I reached down and slipped a finger in her pussy and started to rub her clit. She lifted her ass and said, “Oh fuck. I can’t believe this.”

I rolled over and put my dick at her opening and asked, “Would you like me to fuck you again?”

She said, “Yes! Give me that cock! Fuck me again!”

There was no need for teasing or foreplay. I thrust my now hard cock in her wet pussy and started pumping in and out, long and deep. I felt her climax at least two more times before I shot my load in her again. When we were finished, I rolled over next to her, both of us trying to catch our breath.

I heard her let out a low throaty laugh and she said, “Man, I needed that. I didn’t know I needed that, but I did. I was planning to come up here, fuck you, and go to sleep. I can’t remember the last time I was fucked more than once in one night. And I know for a fact I have never had that many orgasms. I won’t be able to walk tomorrow.”

I told her, “I don’t usually do that either, but you are just so fucking sexy I couldn’t help myself. I just couldn’t get enough of you.” Yes, I know I was lying, but I was trying to make her feel good.

She had a dreamy smile and she gave me another wet open-mouthed kiss. She then asked, “What time do you need to get up?”

I told her I should be up by six, so she rolled over and picked up the phone. She told the person on the other end that she needed a wake-up call at 6:00 am. She rolled back over and said, “I think we should get some sleep.”

When we woke up the next morning, I had a hard-on. She looked at it and said, “Oh no you don’t. I have to get to work and so do you. If you start that again, we’re both going to be late. Besides, I think I’m too sore.”

Instead, we went in the shower together to wash off the evidence of our night’s activities. I shaved, got dressed and gave her a big kiss. We walked to the door and I said, “Thank you for one of the most wonderful nights of my life. I wasn’t expecting that, but I really enjoyed it.”

She answered, “I probably won’t see you again, which I truly regret, but if you are ever in Berlin again, please come see me.”

I kissed her again and said I hoped to see her again sometime. She told me we were having breakfast downstairs, then she opened the door, peeked out, and left.

I walked out into the hallway and stood outside the General’s door. In about fifteen minutes, the lady who had been with the General came out, smiled, and walked downstairs. A few seconds later my Provost Marshal appeared with his date. She avoided eye contact, but he looked at me, gave a curt nod, and they both went downstairs.

A few minutes later the General came out of his room, looked at me and said, “Good morning sergeant.”

Again, I didn’t correct him, I just answered, “Good morning sir.”

He started heading downstairs and I fell in behind him. When we got to the dining room, The General and my Provost Marshal sat at the same table they had sat at the night before. They were joined by the Anadolu Yakası Escort Colonel who had met us when we arrived. I noticed the ladies they had been with were nowhere to be found. I sat at the same table I had been at the night before. I was joined by the driver and Julie. She had changed clothes, and while friendly, she didn’t give any indication we had had sex the night before. I noticed the two Second Lieutenants who had sat with us the night before were absent. We were served a nice breakfast and when the driver got up to leave, I told Julie goodbye and I stood up to wait on the General.

In a few minutes, the General and the Provost Marshal stood up and shook hands with the Colonel. When they started to leave, I followed them out to the car where I opened the back door for the General, and then jumped in the right front seat. We made a short stop at Checkpoint Charlie where the General got out to chat with the MP on duty. He then got back in the car and we started the long drive back home.

About an hour away from our barracks, or Kaserne as it was known, the General leaned forward and asked, “Did you see anything unusual last night, sergeant?”

I realized he was asking me and not the driver who was an actual sergeant, so I answered, “No sir, nothing at all, sir.”

He said, “Good.” He then leaned back and continued his conversation with the Provost Marshal.

When we arrived back at Headquarters, I escorted the General back to his office. Before he went inside, he said, “Good job, son.”

I answered, “Thank you, sir. Anytime, sir.” He closed the door and I went back to my barracks, turned in my .45 to the armory, got undressed and crashed.

I went back to seeing my ladies the next week. On Friday I went to see Elizabeth. She met me with a wet, hungry kiss, and started pulling me back to the bedroom. We quickly got undressed and jumped in bed. I made love to her for about 45 minutes.

When we finally rolled over to catch our breath she said, “Damn I missed that.”

I reminded her that it had only been a week, and she said, “I know, but I still missed it.” After a while she asked, “So, did my asshole husband have a hooker in Berlin?”

I answered, “Now Beth. You know I don’t discuss bedroom secrets.”

She retorted, “I don’t really give a shit. I just thought I would ask. I’m glad he’s getting his sex somewhere, because he’s sure not getting it from me.”

I told her, “Well, he’s a fool because I can’t get enough of you. You are the sexiest, most desirable woman I know.”

She smiled at me and said, “And you are full of shit, but you’re sweet to say it.”

I was still working the night shift and one morning as I was eating breakfast, my sergeant came to me and said, “Law, I need your help.”

I said, “Sure sarge. What do you need?”

He told me he had been fucking a young Captain’s wife for several months and she liked to experiment and try new things. He said, “I have always tried to accommodate her, but the other day she said she wanted to be fucked by two guys at once. I’m only one guy. Do you think you could help me out?”

I’m sure I had a shocked look on my face, but I answered, “Damn sarge. I’ve never done that before, but I guess I could give it a try.”

He thanked me and said he would tell me when and where later. When we all agreed to a time and date that worked for all of us, I rode over to the house with my sergeant in his car.

Gina was a stunning woman. She had long blond hair and golden-brown eyes. She was petite with curves in all the right places. Her breasts were at least 36C Cup and her nipples were straining to be free underneath her University of Tennessee T-shirt. Her smile could melt steel.

When we walked in the front door, she came up to me and stuck her hand out as she greeted me with, “Hi. I’m Gina. Thanks for coming.”

I smiled back and shook her hand. I said, “I’m John. Pleased to meet you.”

As she walked into the kitchen, I watched her perfect ass swaying side to side. She came back out with three beers. She stared at me for a minute before saying, “John. Do you know someone named Becky?” I told her I did, and she smiled again and said, “I’ve heard about you.”

My sergeant laughed and said, “Damn Law! You’re famous!”

Gina joined in with the laughing, but I didn’t think it was funny. I had assured all the women I was discreet and promised them that I would never tell anyone about our affairs, and I definitely wouldn’t brag to my buddies. I had kept my promise, but these damn women couldn’t keep their mouth shut! I was sure it was only a matter of time before we were caught.

Gina finally said, “Well guys, shall we get this party started?”

We all stood up and she led us back to the bedroom where she immediately shed all of her clothes. We quickly followed suit. Although I had never been in a threesome involving two guys, I thought I should take the initiative, so I walked up to her and took her left breast in my hand and started kneading it while I licked and sucked her nipple. My Sergeant took her right breast in his hand and started licking and sucking on it. She seemed to like that because she put her hand on the back of my head and started moaning. I took my mouth away and told her to get on the bed.

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