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maybe a nicer term is “forced sex”… nevertheless… my dad has been watching and turned my onto some videos of women being forced into having sex…. i sort of like the word “****” here! why is that” not sure i know… it’s not that my dad EVER ****D ME when i was a teenager…. but in a way i was in submission to him and it turned me on to have him have control over my body and what he did to me…. for some strange reason me being forced to have sex with men who want to **** my body for their pleasure turns me on! i can’t say what’s inside me that makes me think this way… but as you KNOW… i go with the flow of what my body and my mind wants!

so here’s what he wants to do…. tomorrow i have to go check on some houses that i have listed…. there’s no one living in them but i have to check them from time to time…. my dad has two friends who KNOW WHAT I AM AND THAT I’VE LET A COUNTLESS NUMBER OF MEN FUCK ME! BUT…. he’s told them that one thing i need to have done to me… (from a father’s point of view) is to be ****D! they shockingly agreed to take part in it! (i’m not shocked but wanted this…)

they don’t know that i know what’s doing to go down tomorrow so i have to do a great bit of acting like i’m trying to resist it all but yet let them have their way with me! to add to the realism… my dad is going to have the men force an alcohol enemas up me… YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! i told you i like them! (dad knows all about this) i want to enjoy this as if i were really being ****d! in the mind of these men THEY ARE r****g ME! so i WANT TO LET LOOSE AND TAKE IT AS FAR AS I CAN! dad said he’ll take me home after if i’m too drunk and pick my car up the next day…

I’M SO HORNY RIGHT NOW AND CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS! i know the fact that i can share this with a man… that man is YOU that i LOVE SO MUCH MAKES ALL THIS MORE SPECIAL THAN YOU MAY KNOW! I HAVE NOOO ONE ELSE THAT I CAN EVEN BEGIN TO SHARE THESE INSANE THINGS THAT I DO WITH!!! i know when i share all this with you that you’re love for me grows deeper and MY LOVE FOR YOU!

okay…. FUCKING WOW!!! yesterday was way beyond my wildest sexual imagination and something i thought i’d NEVER EXPERIENCE! i couldn’t remember all the details… (for reasons you’ll see) so my dad helped fill me in on them so i could write them to you!

as i told you… my dad concocted this idea to have some men **** me… and in their minds it kaçak bahis was really going to happen! he asked me if i was okay with this… i told him i was extremely turned on by it and want to experience a REAL ****! and keep in mind… what made it real was that THESE MEN HAD NO IDEA THAT I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME! so here’s what went down…

the men knew what kind of a slut and cum whore i am…. so in their minds i was begging for a great forced fucking!they all knew i’m a real estate agent and have let men fuck me in houses i’ve shown clients before… this certain house had no live in occupants and no furniture… my dad told them i was coming at a certain time to just check on the house.

the men… were somewhat nervous my dad told me and asked him if he was sure this was okay that they all took part in this? my dad comforted them with all the stories of what i’ve done over the years…

so i show up and unlock the door and enter…. my dad appeared alone… i acted as if i was surprised to see him and asked what he was doing here and how the fuck did he get in? he said out loud that the back door was open and he reminded me that he wanted to take me out to lunch… i said… oh… that’d be great! he said… but first i want to show you a problem i found in the dinning room… i said… i’ll look at it!

we walked in there and i was had a look of shock on my face.. (an part of it was real because her told me ONLY 2 other men would be there BUT THERE WERE 4 ALL TOGETHER!) this i have to say got my slutty juices flowing because he sprung one on me! the men were all naked and stroking there cocks…. there was also a large plastic tarp laid out on the floor with several large blankets for padding under it…

i acted surprised and said… what the fuck is going on? my dad then rushed up behind me grabbed me by the arms hard and said these men are here to fuck the shit out of you! i resisted and said i don’t want to have any men fuck me right now! dad said it doesn’t matter jena… these men are here to do that to you whether you want it or not!

i struggled to break free from my dad’s grasp and did but the 4 men came up and took hold of me and wrestled with me! i had a sexy short dress on and the all started groping me all over feeling me out and putting their hands under my dress!

i kicked and screamed and fought to keep them from doing what they were doing! a lot of this was real because i tried my best to keep them away from them! they were determined and wanted what they kaçak iddaa were discovering as they ripped my dress and tore it to shreds in a frenzy and yanked my panties off as they threw me on the tarp and one man positioned himself between my legs as two men spread my legs wide forcefully so that man could penetrates me and start fucking me!

another man shoved his tongue into my mouth and i turned my head trying to repel it! he was a bit angry and called me a bitch and said just for that you’re going to get something bigger in there! he then shoved his cock into my mouth which i tried to spit out but another man slapped my face hard and told me to suck his cock!

i tried not to but he slapped me hard again (OUCH!) as the other man began fucking my pussy! then what surprised me… ( i knew what was coming) another man brought up baster filled with something! i said what the fuck is that? the one man pulled out and another said we here you love alcohol enemas! they shoved that up me and squirted in way up me! FUCK DID I EVER FEEL A RUSH! it must have had a lot of alcohol in it because i immediately felt it! I LOVE IT and the men could see right away that i felt a bit more compliant…. but not totally!

i resisted some more so the men thought i should that wasn’t right so two men they literally grabbed my hair and dragged me off the tarp around the room yelling this bitch isn’t obeying so we have to show her who’s in control! my dad all the while i could see out of the corner of my eye was watching and had taken his clothes off and was jerking off to all the action in pleasure!

at this point i kicked my legs wildly and was not really acting because i was getting bruises and scratches (as it turns out later looking over my body) so i started experiencing a REAL **** AFFECT! i asked for it and wanted it! they brought my pelted body back to the tarp flipped me on my stomach and said they were going to **** my tight asshole! i begged them not too!(really wanting it) as men held me down and the first man shoved his cock up it! from all the dragging around and the physical action i DID NOT EXPECT FOR MY ASSHOLE TO BE THAT TIGHT! FUCK IT WAS SO EVER! he shoved his cock up it which felt so fucking huge! it REALLY HURT ME! he so fast went balls deep and began fucking it hard! (again… what i wanted to happen and experience but maybe not planned)

meanwhile another man held my head up as high as it could go and shoved his cock around my mouth and told me to suck it! i clinched my mouth shut then he slapped güvenilir bahis my face hard several times and told me i was a cock sucking whore and i should act like one! boy did the slaps sting and leave huge welts on my cheeks! i finally opened after that and sucked him hard not wanting to feel his slaps again!

while the one man was fucking my asshole another one grabbed my stomach and raised me up while another man inserted the baster into my pussy again telling me they want to get me really drunk and fast! he let it go and FUCK DID I FEEL THAT RUSH OF ALCOHOL UP ME AGAIN! the men all pauses for a moment to see what effect it had on me… they loved what they saw in my face and actions… i let loose of all my resistance and told i’d do what ever they wanted me too BUT that i wanted more alcohol enemas! (and FUCK I REALLY DID WHAT MORE OF THOSE!)

a man loaded more up for me as the one man pulled out of my asshole and i turned over on my stomach and eagerly spread my legs high over my head for it… he shoved the full baster up me and squirted it as deep as he could… this is where i started to get very drunk and started begging the men to fuck every slutty hole i had and all at once!

my three fuck holes where filled at once with all kinds of cock! i could notice how please the men where with me and looked and saw how proud my dad was with me! i started begging for cum! at that point i wanted to feel the rush of it in all three holes!

the three men almost one after another filled my ass… my cunt and my mouth with their load of cum! i asked where the last man wanted to out his cum? he didn’t have to say a word because he shoved it cock into my mouth and virtually ****d my mouth with it! he came in no time! great tasting cum!

but… i forgot about my dad!!! he forced me to the ground and said your ass in mine heidi! (he so loves fucking my tight asshole which i’m grateful for!) he started fucking it hard and deep… he seemed to be really larger than usual… who can blame him for what went on tonight! my ass was really raw by this time….i grimmaced a lot and grabbed hold of the tarp hard as he continued… he could tell i was in pain but reminded me this was for my own good!

i told him i know daddy! finish this night of me getting ****d by r****g my tight asshole till you cum!!! he grabbed my hair and yanked my head up and screamed in my ear as he had the best orgasm i think he’s EVER had in me!!! i know this because he thanked me over and over again for that and for this night! i told him i did it for us!!!!

after there was quite a bit of cum on the tarp… my dad asked me if i was going to clean up that mess? i said… for fucking sure! then i went about licking all the left over cum up until there was none left…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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