The Airport Meeting

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I stand nervously waiting in the baggage area, with my luggage beside me at my feet. You are running a little late and so I start to worry a bit. I am wondering if you are okay, or starting to fear that maybe you have changed your mind. I try to shove the latter out of my thoughts as I look expectantly among the moving faces in the crowd, searching for you. My heart suddenly stops as I catch my first glimpse of you walking my way. My heart starts again with a jolt, and starts racing rapidly. You are even more handsome than the pictures we had exchanged online revealed. And oh, so very sexy.

Our eyes lock for a brief moment as you continue forward. I watch your eyes travel slowly down the length of my body. Taking in my low-cut red tank top with my open mesh black sweater, cleavage heaving with my hard breathing, ready to burst through my cumbersome bra. You see my full curvy hips covered snugly in a sexy short denim skirt with long creamy white legs. Your pace quickens and you are in front of me within moments. I can barely breathe with excitement.

You hardly have enough time to mutter “Hi” before I wrap my Kartal Escort arms around you tightly because I can tell by your warm smile and the look in your eyes, you are pleased with what you see so far. You feel my huge firm breasts pressing tight against your chest. Then I tilt my head and give you a deep and slow passionate kiss. I feel the bulge in your pants starting to form as you press your pelvis into mine, so I whisper in your ear, “What’s next?”

You utter a low groan and with one hand you reach down and snatch up my luggage and with the other you grab my wrist violently jerking me, pulling me along behind you in the airport. You are walking so fast I can barely keep up, but you have a death grip on me, and I feel the determination in your grasp of not letting me loose.

The forcefulness excites me and I feel myself moistening. Unable to believe this is actually happening.

We finally make it to the parking garage to your awaiting SUV. Not releasing my wrist you drop my suitcase, pull out your keys, unlock the back passenger-side door and then throw in my luggage, slamming Pendik Escort the door. Then turning to face me you shove me up against the car, kissing me urgently, forcing in your tongue, showing me with no doubt what is on your mind. You use your knee to spread my legs apart and slowly slip your hand up my skirt. You moan into my mouth when you find there is no barrier below. You give me a few soft rubs making me breathless and then tear yourself away. You open my door and practically shove me in.

You get in the driver’s seat, starting the engine with a loud roar. But before you place your hands on the gear shift to back out I ask you if I can see what you have waiting for me right now? You reach down to unbutton your jeans and then I reach to help you unzip. I slowly reach into your pants, grabbing your shaft and easing it out for me to see. I am in awe withdrawing your massive and erect manhood. You inhale sharply at the firmness of my grasp. “Oh my God!” I say. “You look even bigger and more delicious in person than I dreamed you would be! Those pictures did not do you justice!”

You shift Göztepe Escort the vehicle into reverse while I start slowly stroking you. You moan as you navigate the parking area and find your way out of the garage. You stop at the toll booth to pay the attendant and her eyes widen in amazement at what I am clutching in my palm. She can barely tell you the amount you owe. Her mouth is watering. And she just reaches out her hand for the money but barely notices you giving it to her. You reach over and close her hand over the money so she does not drop it, give her a wink and we pull away. As we drive off we hear her shout, “OH MY GOD!” We know she’ll definitely have something to hell her friends later.

As you start down the highway I eagerly lower my head into your lap. You take your right hand, while steering with the left, and brush aside my long hair out of the way so you can watch my mouth taking you in. The warm wetness makes you groan deeply and you forcefully shove my head down farther, practically gagging me as your cock hits the back of my throat. You try your best to thrust in my mouth as my lips go up and down around you. I suck on you intensely, milking you with my tongue, tasting your manly essence. You can’t hold back any longer filling my mouth with the very being of you. I drink it up hungrily, licking the hot liquid off of your dripping shaft. Mmmmm goooood…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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