The Art of Anal Pt. 03

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Leah, one half of a sexy MILF duo we caught getting high at my local footy oval, sent me a text midweek following our foursome asking if I fancied a sexy catchup.

She shared my obsession with anal and was very sexually active outside her marriage. Leah had no aversion to getting it on with strangers in public places. She was also bisexual like me and had a same-sex playmate, the racked blonde Paula who experienced her first DP at the footy oval with Andrew and me.

“What time?” I asked.

“Between 7 and 8 pm tonight. Hubby’s going to the gym.”

“Sure, where?”

“Do you know where Stiles Avenue in Burswood is?”

Leah went onto describe an abandoned commercial building that had a safety fence erected around it to prevent people from entering it. In the carpark of the building next door, there was a break in the safety fence that allowed entry.

“Why can’t we go back to the oval, or better yet to McCallum Park?”

“This place is super sleazy. Perfect for what I want to get up to.”

“See you then.”

I was intrigued but also somewhat suspicious about this proposed meetup.

Instead of going directly home after I finished work, I exited the train at Burswood station and made my way on foot to the proposed site of my meeting with Leah. Sure enough, I found the dilapidated building precisely as described.

The building was in bad shape and was probably earmarked for demolition. Many windows were boarded up, and a couple were smashed. The street-facing wall was daubed in blue graffiti, the grass as at least a foot high and the walkway from the road that ran beside the neighbouring building was overgrown with bamboo.

There were too many people around for me to inspect the access point, but I least I knew the building existed and how to get to it. Looking at my watch, it was just before 6 pm, and there was no point going home. So, I walked to the Empire Bar on the opposite side of the highway and enjoyed several beers while I waited.

My phone pinged. It was Leah informing me she was on her way. It took me less than ten minutes to reach the pub, so I had enough time to finish my beer. The sun was setting fast and by 8 pm would be gone entirely, so our antics ought to go unnoticed.

When I arrived, the carpark next door was deserted, and I quickly found the gap in the safety fence. Once inside, I let my eyes adjust to the gloom and looked around. There was a lot of rubbish strewn around, paper, empty boxes and several empty liquor bottles indicating a discrete place for underage drinking. Graffiti covered the walls with most of it unintelligible. Heading upstairs, there was much more natural light as the windows were not boarded up. Again, there was trash, liquor bottles and graffiti, and the whole building had a strange smell.

Suddenly I saw a car pull into the carpark, and I froze. If someone other than Leah had seen me enter, there was no place to hide and no discrete escape. The car’s occupants remained inside the car for what seemed like an age. I checked my phone, nothing from Leah.

Then the car engine turned off, and the headlights extinguished. Still, the occupant remained inside. Straining my eyes, I recognised the car as Leah’s and immediately breathed a sigh of relief. I sent her a text telling her I was inside and on the second floor. She immediately exited and deftly snuck in between the safety fence. I heard the sound of Leah’s shoes on the concrete and then on the stairs.

“Hi!” We embraced and kissed.

“You’re right about the sleaze factor,” I laughedgrimly.

“It’s perfect, isn’t it?” Said Leah gleefully.

“Perfect for what?”

“For some nasty action,” Leah replied.

“How did you find this dump?

“I’m always on the lookout the sleazy places to have outdoor sex,” She said.

Leah placed her handbag on the box and retrieved a pouch of weed and several rolling papers from inside. With practised ease, she rolled two joints and offered me one. I would have preferred booze, but beggars can’t be choosers.

“Have you already broken this place in?” I asked after inhaling the noxious drug.

“Yes,” Leah chuckled, “Last Monday with Paula.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah, we did some pretty hardcore stuff together,” Said Leah exhaling smoke.

“Did she get into trouble after Saturday?”

“No,” Leah replied, “She enjoyed our impromptu gangbang, and wants another.”

“Did the DP awaken interest in anal?”

Leah shot me a knowing glance.

“I brought her off to a wet climax after I fucked her arse with a vibrator.”

“The wet fun was great to see.”

“You mean wet fun like this?” Leah stuck the joint in her mouth, hitched up her skirt, spread her hairless cunt and released canlı bahis a stream of piss on the floor by my feet. She laughed at the stupid expression on my face.

Without thinking, I dropped to my haunches and pulled Leah’s pissy cunt to my mouth. The buzz from the weed removed my usual reluctance to engage in watersports because the first two taste tests are bitter and result in a gag. Now, I was enthusiastically eating Leah pussy and quickly got her off.

I stood up, and Leah kissed me and licked my face clean.

“You’re a nasty little boy, aren’t you?” She cooed, “Mummy approves.”

“It’s been a long time since I engaged in any water play,” I said, trying to recall the last experience. Casual partners in the meantime were vanilla or traditional in their approach to kinky sex.

“Paula and I engage in it occasionally, but I’ve never done it with a man,” She said.

“Damn, I don’t need to go yet,” I replied.

“Who said I’d do it with you?” Leah asked, but she was not serious.

“Given that, we’ve only got till 8 pm, should we not get started?” I asked squeezing my cock through my trousers.

“And in that time, I want you to come inside me twice,” Leah said, taking a puff, “In my mouth and then in my arse.”

“I think I can oblige,” I replied, finishing my joint.

“And this is going to be used on us,” Leah produced a small black vibrator. The buzzing sound was unmistakable.

Leah undressed and dropped to her knees, unzipped my trousers and freed my cock. After admiring my meat for a moment or two, she took me expertly in her mouth. Next, she pulled my pants down to the ankles; she placed the vibrator against my balls before moving it further south before its tip was tickling my pucker.

“Oh, yeah,” I moaned, “Feels great.”

Leah replied with a muffled ‘Uh-huh’ and continued expertly blowing me. She did not attempt to penetrate my anus but was content to keep the stimulation on the opening.

“I want to eat your arse now,” Said Leah after ejecting my salvia coated pole from her mouth.

“Great, I love getting rimmed,” I said, turning around and sticking my arse out for her.

Leah knew what she was doing. Hocking up saliva and spitting on my ring before stabbing her tongue at my opening. I began wanking my cock and knew this sort of stimulation would lead to the first of the climaxes Leah was seeking.

“Can I insert the vibrator?” She asked.

“Sure,” I felt relaxed and stimulated enough to take that small toy.

Leah eased it inside and turned it on. Instantly, I felt a surge of warm sensations course through my nervous system, and a newfound flow of blood was drawn to my cock.

Leah fucked my hole, and I jerked my cock.

“It’s not going to be long,” I said to Leah several minutes later.

“Turn around,” Leah took me back inside her mouth and used a hand to wank my shaft. With the other hand, she placed mine to the back of her head.

I knew what she wanted from me. I took hold of her hair hard in my hand and forced her mouth up and down my shaft.

Seconds now.

The vibrator lodged inside my sphincter was hastening my orgasm.

“Shit!” I hissed and immediately forced Leah’s head down so that her nose was touching my stomach.

I came hard, and Leah gagged and coughed as she struggled to breathe and swallow. Then I heard a hissing sound and noticed the ankles of my trousers were wet.

Leah had squirted at the same time I spurted my salty liquid down her throat.

Geez, this woman was wild.

When she could not take anymore, I released my grip on Leah’s head who then gasped violently.

It took maybe a minute for her to regain her breath, her chest heaving mightly at the exertion.

“Wow,” She exclaimed, “That was fucking amazing!”

I agreed, adding that it was unique for me because the combination of her choking on my spurting cock and the vibrator lodged deep in my arse seemed to prolong my orgasm.

Pleased, Leah took a few moments to clean up my deflating pole.

“You fancy another joint?”

“Sure, why not.” I pulled my trousers up while we enjoyed a break from the action.

“We’ll share this one.” And a few moments later, she lit up the weed, took a puff and handed it to me.

I was never a fan of marijuana. The handful of times I have partaken, I get an intense but short-lived euphoric rush before floating back to earth with an immense thirst. And that thirst was starting to creep up on me. I prefer alcohol and the occasional hit of amyl.

Leah handed me her water bottle, and I took several swigs before being told to save it. That was not going to be enough, so I made a mental note to buy a bottle from the service station on the highway after bahis siteleri this hookup concluded.

“I want you to eat my arse this time because you’re going to fuck both holes,” She began before pointing to what was in my hand, “That fills the vacant hole.”

I handed the vibrator to Leah, wondering if she would go for an ATM.

Of course, she did.

“Tastes of your arse,” She teased, “Yummy.”

“Stand up,” I said, “Let’s get your arse tongued out.”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Leah pressed her hands against the wall, arched her back and spread her legs so that her arsehole was level with my face.

I grabbed each arse cheek and spread them wide apart. In the wan light of evening, I could see just how wet Leah’s pussy was from our impromptu and sleazy meeting.

Leah’s arsehole looked like a starfish and was already pulsating in anticipation of my tongue, cock and vibrator.

I hocked up a load of saliva and spat on her dirty hole.

“Fuck, yeah!” Leah encouraged.

“Such a slutty arsehole,” I breathed before diving in with reckless abandon.

“Oh, god yeah!” Leah moaned, “Get your fucking tongue deep in there.”

I spat some more, stabbed my tongue across her starfish and rubbed her clit several times.

“What a fucking view,” I said, admiring how that whole was reacting to my tongue.

“It’s a slut’s arse,” Leah groaned, “It’s a whore’s arse.”

I slapped her cheeks hard. Then again and once more.

“Don’t leave marks,” Leah giggled, “Can’t have hubby finding out.”

I continued eating Leah ring for several minutes before she begged me to fuck both her holes at the same time.

“A cheeky DP,” Leah said.

Her fuckholes were nicely lubricated and could easily take my meat.

I began with her pussy and eased my meat easily inside.

“Oh, yeah,” She sighed, “Now fill up my dirty hole.”

I pulled the vibrator from my pocket and pressed it against her dripping starfish and pressed. Oddly, there was some resistance, but then it ‘popped’ inside after applying a little more pressure.

We were at an odd angle, but I managed to twist the dial and fire up the pleasure device.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Leah whimpered, “Now fuck those holes!”

It took me some time before I could develop the alternate action of one in and one out, but I soon found the necessary rhythm and tempo.

At some point, Leah altered her stance a little by rising on her toes. Doing so, ratcheted up her pleasure. Next, she ran a hand underneath her and started diddled her clit.

Seconds later, she exploded in a mixture of foul language, shuddering and the third explosion of squirt.

I eased out of her pussy and inched the vibrator from her backdoor. Leah heaved and sighed against the wall. I took the opportunity to suck on the vibrator. Fucking gold!

“Phew,” Leah said, fanning her flushed face, “That was great.”

“You enjoy that?”

“Been fantasising about receiving a DP since last Saturday when Paula took one.”

“Yeah, it’s a shame Andrew, and I couldn’t oblige.”

“Next time.”


Leah dropped to her knees and cleaned up my pussy-flavoured cock before standing up and resuming her posture against the wall.

I spat on my cock and pressed it against Leah’s bunghole. Entering that hole for the second time was much easier, but my cock’s length and girth were larger than the vibrator and Leah grunted and swore at the intrusion.

“Balls Deep back here,” I proudly announced.

“I fucking know,” She hissed.

“You said your arse was built for fucking?”

“Still needs fucking preparation and TLC.”

While Leah was getting used to my cock buried deep in her arse, I attempted to insert the vibrator in her sopping pussy, but it was much harder than I thought it was going to be.

“Give it to me,” Ordered Leah, frustrated with my seeming inability.

She switched it on and jammed it inside. The vibrations emanating from the thin membrane the separated us was fantastic.

“That feels good now,” Leah announced, “Fuck my arse.”

Taking a firm grip on Leah’s thighs, I started working her dirty hole with a similar tempo and rhythm as I did with her cunt, that is, hard.

Leah was soon talking gibberish, interspersed with vulgar metaphors as her holes took a beating. The exertion took its toll, and I felt the sweat trickle from my armpits and down my body. The intensity of the action and the weed left me euphoric, and I knew I was close because my left leg began shaking like Elvis’.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Leah kept repeating.

“Here it comes!”

Leah suddenly went silent as if concentrating on something, perhaps another climax when mine bahis şirketleri hit.

“Shit!” I slammed inside Leah’s arsehole with significant violent, and my orgasm smashed my senses.

“Oh!” Leah emitted a long, guttural groan as I heard the familiar hiss of expelled squirt splashing on the ground beneath our feet.

Leah’s orgasm choked the life out of my poor member, and as I lost wood, her O-ring gently expelled me from her accommodating arsehole.

“I wish there was somewhere to sit,” Were the first coherent words Leah uttered when we regained our senses.

“Yeah, I’m exhausted,” I replied, wiping my brow, “And thirsty.”

We shared what little water remained, but it didn’t come close to slaking my thirst. Leah exacerbated the situation by rolling a small joint that we shared with a time we had left.

The thirst was driving me crazy, but then I hatched an even more lunatic idea.

“Before you go,” I said to Leah, “Would you masturbate in my mouth?”

“You dirty fucker!” She replied, eyes as wide as saucers, “Not sure how much is in the tank, but I’d love to give you what I have.”

“Can you control the flow?”

“I think so.”

“Cool, I don’t want to drown.”

Leah laughed and took the offered vibrator. I stood behind her, kissed her neck, nuzzled her ear and pawed her titties. She was using the pleasure toy on her clit.

“It’s coming,” She announced after a few minutes of self-pleasure.

I faced her and dropped to my knees, mouth about a foot away from Leah’s pussy so that she could watch the action if she wanted.

“Oh, yeah!” And with that, a powerful jet erupted from her piss hole. Some went into my mouth, which I swallowed enthusiastically, but the majority soaked my shirt and trousers.

“Oh, yeah!” A second jet puled out of her. Not as strong as the first but still too much. I took down my throat what I could.

“And again!” Came the third stream that was just as strong as the others.

So much for self-control!

I stood up in amazement at my state. It looked as if I had been caught in a shower, but this one was of the golden variety.

Leah laughed her head off at my state.

“That was the strongest orgasm tonight,” She said after composing herself.

“How so?”

“First time I ever peed on a guy and anticipating it, tipped me over the edge.”

“Glad you liked it,” I said, removing my shirt and rinsing it.

Luckily my trousers fared better, but there was a dark patch to the left of my crotch and very noticeable.

“I’d take you home…” Leah’s voice trailed off, trying to stifle another giggle.

“Yeah, I know,” I said, “Don’t want hubby finding out.”

“Can I take a photo, though?”

“From the chest down.”

“I’ll send it to Paula.”

After snapping a souvenir photo, Leah opened several baby wipes and cleaned her brow, armpits, pussy and arsehole before dropping them on the ground. Then she dressed and our evening came to an end.

“Walking home will dry me out,” I thought after wishing Leah a good night, “At least it was dark and no-one would see me.”

By the time I reached the highway, I’d consumed a litre of water purchased from the service station, but it was not enough. The Empire Bar was open, so I decided to break up my journey home by slaking my thirst with a few beers.

“What happened to you?” Asked the barman with a concerned look on his face.

“A woman threw her drink on me,” I said in half jest.

“From here?”

“Nah, elsewhere,” I said offhandedly.

“Found your chat-up lines too cringey?”

“She must have.” And we both cracked smiles.

I found a seat in the grassed courtyard away from prying eyes and enjoyed several hours sinking pints of ice-cold beer. The buzz from the pot had long since dissipated, and with additional beers, the thirst was heading the same way.

As I sat there in the balmy evening, drying off and “rehydrating”, my thoughts drifted back to Leah. I could not shake the familiarity. It must have been an obscure association, but it lingered. Nope, no matter how hard I tried, I could not place her, and it bugged me.

In any case, I’m glad our paths crossed because Leah was a livewire with a sexual appetite and imagination as expansive as mine. With some luck, We might be able to enjoy further adventures.

As I purchased my last pint of the evening, I felt my phone ping in my pocket. Resuming my seat, I received a message from Leah.

“I’m sitting next to my husband and enjoying the feeling of your come dribbling out of my arse. Thanks for tonight. I had fun.”

“Glad you enjoyed it. Let’s do it again.”

“For sure. Paula wants you to arrange another DP and thought that wet photo of you as HOT!”

“Would love to taste her golden nectar.”

“Be careful what you wish for LOL. Good night.”

“Good night.” Eventually, I made it home, wondering what future scenarios might present themselves.

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