The Awakening Pt. 02

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They were still standing in the front entrance of JJ’s modest home. Even though he could afford much better JJ always liked to downplay his wealth. The death of his parents in a horrific car crash left him, an only son, with a huge life insurance policy and control of a business empire his dad had built. All of that money could never match the thrill he was feeling right now with Pam, forcing her to do what he wanted.

With her arms around JJ’s neck Pam was looking up at him with a hypnotic stare. Her breathing was fast and JJ could feel her heart beat on his chest. He reached up and removed her arms, holding both of her skinny wrists in his left hand, the palm of his right hand gently massaging her cheek.

“Are you ready Pam?” JJ asked, his steely eyes fixed on hers. “Are you ready to be owned by me? To be my sex slave? My fuck-toy to use and abuse?”

The realization finally hits Pam, this is no fantasy, this is real. Her thoughts flash back to her teenage years Maltepe Grup Escort and her overprotective religious parents drilling into her that sex was the work of the devil. Her wedding night when her husband consummated the marriage and took her virginity, in less than two minutes, and left her crying and unsatisfied. The following three years of unsatisfying sex with her husband. And then; the pleasure in finding JJ and learning so much from him online and hopefully so much more in person.

“Yes…yes I am ready!” Pam whispered, with more emotion than she thought possible. Her romantic heart felt like it was going to bust out of her chest.


The force of the slap and the shock of it as JJ pulled his arm back and slapped Pam’s cheek caught her by total surprise. She was still dazed when the second slap hit her.

“What did you do wrong slut?” said JJ, in a calm voice. “I don’t think you want to be here at all! Do you think Maltepe Manken Escort this is just a silly girls game you’re playing? I should kick your skinny ass out of my house!”

The tears were flowing freely down Pam’s face, dropping off her chin onto her tiny tits. She fell to her knees sobbing and crying but never taking her eyes off JJ’s.

“Please forgive me Sir, I was so overwhelmed that you wanted me I forgot to address you properly. Please punish me, I deserve it. I want to be here, I need to be here with you!” Her voice cracking under the emotional stress. “Don’t make me leave!”, she begged.

As JJ looked down on Pam he could see she meant every word. He was not a cruel man, but the lessons had to start now. With Pam kneeling down in front of him his first thoughts were to make her suck his cock and fuck her face long and hard, but that was not a punishment that was a reward. The first punishment should include pain, not too much, Maltepe Masöz Escort but enough for her to recognize he was in control and she was his.

“Put your hands behind your back and grab your wrist,” JJ said “this is going to hurt but you need to be taught a lesson.”

JJ knelt down so he was looking straight into Pam’s eyes, speaking to himself he said “should I slap your face again and make it so red your husband will know what a slut you are? Maybe I should pinch your nipples until they are purple and all bruised?”

Pam knew better than to say anything, she only hoped that JJ would forgive her and not send her away.

As he swung his arm back he stopped just before he reached Pam’s face and her wide open eyes slammed shut. “No, I think your punishment today is knowing that you disappointed me and that you made me doubt your commitment to me,” said JJ.

A sense of relief flooded through the young wife’s body, she couldn’t bear it if he sent her away. Her watery eyes swelled with emotion and JJ watched as the tears rolled down her cheeks, her head bowed down. He was right the emotional pain of disappointing JJ was stronger than any physical pain he could inflict.

“Thank you sir…I will never disappoint you again,” sobbed Pam.

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