The Balcony

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Big Tits

I stepped out onto the balcony and breathed in the cool night air. The old house turned bed and breakfast was set further back off the street than the buildings in the heart of the French quarter where the balconies actually hung over the sidewalk and a big magnolia tree in the small front yard left it with a secluded feeling but I still had a good view of the neighborhood from my balcony. Just a few blocks away was the hustle and bustle of the quarter but the street in front of me had a more residential feel, even though most of the old houses had been turned into vacation rentals. A couple strolled along the street hand in hand talking too softly for me to distinguish what their conversation was about but from their smiles and the glow on their faces I guessed they were on their honeymoon. In the distance I could hear the sounds of the city but I felt a million miles away from it all. The cool breeze felt like it went straight through my thin gown leaving chill bumps on my entire body but I felt so alive that I almost enjoyed the chill.

The warmth of his hands as he wrapped his arms around me and slid his hands down my arms startled me. I leaned back into him and enjoyed the feeling of his skin against mine.

“I missed you,” he said as his lips found the bare skin of my neck and nuzzled in close.

I smiled. “I was only gone for a few minutes.”

His hands slid back up my arms then across my breasts, covering them but not really caressing them. I didn’t turn around to look at him but I could feel bare skin and realized that he was standing behind me on the balcony in his boxer shorts. I was surprised that he wasn’t worried about someone seeing him. He was kissing my neck and ear and I could feel myself getting aroused.

“Have you decided what you want for dinner tonight?” I asked, trying to not think about how good his lips felt on my bare skin.

“Mmmm hmmmm,” he mumbled moving down to kiss my shoulder.

I could tell that he didn’t have food on his mind. His hands stroked back down my bare arms and came to rest on my hips. He lightly gripped my hips from behind, sending a little thrill through me because it Ümraniye Escort reminded me of how he holds on to my hips when he takes me hard from behind. His lips were still busy kissing me, every inch of me that he could find access to while standing behind me. The kisses were moving back across my shoulder and onto my back. As he moved down my back I could feel his lips through the silky material of my gown. His grip tightened slightly on my hips and I breathed in deeply fighting back the passion that I felt rising. After all this time it still amazed me that he could turn me on so much with just a kiss.

“We’ll order in for dinner,” he said his lips now kissing the back of my head through my hair. His hands skimmed across the thin fabric covering my hips, across my bottom and came to rest at the top of the back of my thighs. I closed my eyes and drank in the sensations as he touched me like no man had ever touched me. His fingers curled in towards my inner thighs. I arched my back and rolled my head back against his, spreading my legs slightly for his fingers. I could feel him slightly starting to gather up the fabric of my gown, lifting my skirt with each movement. I started to protest since we were standing on the balcony within view of the street but it felt too good to stop. There was only an occasional couple walking by and most likely they wouldn’t look up and see us. But still, we were not very far from the street. My heart raced with a little bit of fear and excitement as he continued to lift my gown higher.

I gripped the balcony rail with both hands bending slightly from the waist as he finally lifted my gown high enough to get his hands on my bare hips. My gown hung low enough in front to cover me but anyone walking beneath us and looking up at the balcony would have been able to see my bare, completely shaved and very wet pussy. His finger traced down the crack of my ass until he hit the wetness between my legs. I heard a small moan escape his lips. I loved knowing that it excited him to feel how excited I was. I felt his finger move away and heard him lick it. I smiled as he moved it back between my legs, İstanbul Escort this time slipping inside about half and inch, just enough to part my pussy lips and let those juices flow. I whimpered softly, enjoying the feel of his warm fingers exciting me while the cool breeze caressed my bare thighs. His touch was more than I could take, and I started to turn to go back inside to the bed but his hands immediately gripped my hips hard turned me back facing the street. I realized that he had me where he wanted me so I leaned back onto the rail and let him continue touching me.

His fingers slid across my hips and around front. I felt my breathing quicken as his fingers found my clit and started slowly stroking. I rolled my hips towards his hand, enjoying the way he was touching me. As he stroked me he stepped closer to me, pressing his hard cock against my ass. There was nothing between his growing erection and my bare bottom but the thin cotton underwear. One hand continued caressing my clit while his other hand started pinching my nipple through the thin fabric of my gown. I could feel an orgasm building as he touched me and rhythmically thrust his hard cock against me.

I reached behind me with one hand and stroked his hard cock as best as I could since it was pressed so hard against me. “I want this,” I said firmly but there was a slight tone of begging in my voice. I managed to slip my hand through his fly and pull his cock back out so it was exposed to the cool night air. He moaned as it made contact with my bare skin. I expected him to lead me back to the bed now that we were this close to fucking but instead I just felt the pace of his thrusting increase. I bent his cock downward and moved to my tiptoes, tilting my ass up so the head of his cock slid across my wet slit. He inhaled sharply and gripped my breast tighter. Sliding back and forth across my wet pussy, his hard cock was throbbing, making me want it deep inside of me. “Please,” I whispered, never thinking he actually would here on the balcony. But I was wrong. I bent further forward from the waist and stretched on my tiptoes, opening myself up for him. Anadolu Yakası Escort In one smooth movement he slipped into my wet pussy burying it to the hilt, hitting bottom with a guttural grunt. I cried out softly in pleasure, enjoying feeling him that deep inside of me.

I held on tight to the rail as his hand moved back to my hip, gripping tight as he started moving in and out of me. I could feel my own juices on my thighs and his finger settled into that spot just above my clit that he knows I love to have touched so much. He was whispering to me how good it felt to be inside of me. I could tell that I wouldn’t last long like this. I could already feel the orgasm building inside of me. And judging from how hard and fast he was moving against me, he wasn’t going to last long either. I could see a couple walking down the sidewalk and I closed my mouth tightly making sure I wasn’t making any noise as he pounded into me from behind.

As they walked down the sidewalk out of sight I giggled at the idea that we could have been caught. I could tell he had noticed too as he started making more noise as they were out of sight. He was talking to me telling me how good it felt and I was moaning in pleasure. Occasionally I would cry out in pleasure as he hit bottom hard. I knew I was about to cum hard and it felt wonderful.

I looked back to the street and thought I saw movement through the branches of the magnolia tree. I started to stop him and insist that we move back to the bed but his fingers slid down just enough to land directly on my clit. I was so aroused already that the direct touch sent me into an immediate orgasm. I gripped the balcony rail tighter and cried out as the orgasm gripped my body. I rocked into him hard and he grabbed my hips and started fucking me with an abandon I didn’t think I had ever seen in him before. I could feel him cumming with me and that just excited me more.

As we both came down from the incredible orgasm, he leaned into me and kissed my back. I squeezed him and felt his cum…. our cum…. dripping from my pussy and running down my thighs. He tensed as I squeezed him then relaxed again stroking my back through my gown. Finally he pulled out of me and pulled me back upright leading me inside to the bed. I wondered if someone had been watching us or if it had been my imagination as we continued to make love in the privacy of our room for the rest of the evening.

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