The Beach Trip Pt. 01

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Second story, hope to make it a series. Please give feedback and notes.


Caroline had been packing for about two hours—her clothes were piled up around her like towers, each neatly stacked and organized to her exact specifications. Her family was planning a vacation to the Outer Banks where they would spend four weeks at their grandparent’s beach house. She had washed and folded up a few dozen pairs of shirts and shorts, and picked out a handful of her favorite sundresses. She was almost done packing when someone banged loudly on her bedroom door, making her jump.

It was her younger brother who was peeking around the door, grinning at her. “You ready?” Brad asked, his face turned up into a wolfish smile. He had finished throwing his collection of college t-shirts and gym shorts into a duffle bag hours ago and was always amused that his older sister took so long packing and making sure she had everything. Caroline had always been organized, always did her homework ahead of time, always made lists and checked them twice. Brad was the complete opposite of her, at least when it came to that.

In physical looks, Caroline and Brad were nearly twins despite the year and two months between them. Brad was tall and stocky, full of muscles that were earned on the high school’s football field, and had dark blond hair and bright blue eyes that matched Caroline. Caroline was barely five-foot, slightly curvy with hair that was lighter shade of blond and went all the down to the middle of her back. She had been a cheerleader for her four years of high school and it still showed.

Brad had entered her bedroom and was looking around at his sister’s stacks of clothing with amusement. “Do you have your outfits planned out in advance as well?” he teased his sister as he sat on her bed.

Caroline frowned at her brother and scooped up a stack of t-shirts that he was about to knock over and put them into her bright pink duffle bag. “Can you go away?” she asked, rolling her eyes at her little brother.

“Sure,” Brad said, standing up and stretching so that his shirt rode up and revealed his flat, muscled stomach. “Mom and Dad want to talk to you in the living room in a minute. They sent me to get you.”

Caroline looked at her brother, who was still stretching his arms behind his head as he watched her pack her bag. “What about?” she grumbled, frustrated that she couldn’t finish putting her clothes away. Brad shrugged and disappeared out of her room without further explanation.

Caroline put away two more stacks of clothing, neatly organizing them into her two suitcases before she walked down the hallway to the living room. Brad hadn’t been entirely truthful, she realized once she got to the living room, her entire family was sitting there waiting for her patiently. Her Mom and Dad were perched on the loveseat and her grandpa was in his old smoking chair, puffing away on a cigarette. Her little sister Karen was reading a Junie B. Jones book with her feet kicked up on the coffee table and Brad was throwing himself into the old leather couch across from her parents. There was only the red couch next to Karen and Caroline sat primly against the arm rest and waited patiently for her parents to start talking.

“Okay,” her Mom said clapping her hands together. “I know we planned on leaving tomorrow and driving down to the Outer Banks, but Dad had something come up at work and he has to stay an extra few days. I don’t want this to affect everyone else and we don’t want to lose the rental, so we made a decision.”

Caroline glanced at Brad, who actually looked worried that they were going to cancel the trip. It was the last family vacation before Brad started his freshman year at UVA and she went back to JMU for her second year of college, which made it a big deal. Caroline knew her parents would never cancel this trip, not if they could help it.

“So what’s the decision?” Brad asked, ignoring his phone as it beeped a few times in his pocket.

“You and Caroline are going to drive down together and get the beach house ready. Dad and I will come as soon as we can with Karen and Grandpa, but it’ll take us a few days before we can get there,” Mom informed everyone, looking around and checking reactions. Karen didn’t seem to mind, she was too engulfed in her book and Grandpa shrugged and kept smoking his cigarette and stinking the house up. Dad looked apologetic, but Caroline was pissed.

“So I’m driving?” she asked. She had planned on driving anyways, the Outer Banks were only about five or six hours away from where they lived and she liked having her car so she could do what she pleased. She just didn’t like the idea of driving with Brad, who was as annoying as a little brother could be.

“We can take turns,” Brad corrected his sister. He was excited about the trip and pretty excited to spend time with Caroline. She had always ignored him and acted hoity-toity in his presence at school and at home, but she’d be stuck with him for a few hours at least in the car and then more pendik escort time at the beach house. She’d have to spend time with him.

“I’m gonna give you guys the credit card and enough cash to get there and settled,” Mom said. She handed the card and a wad of money to Caroline, who she knew would be more responsible with it than Brad.

“I need to finish packing,” Caroline huffed and stood up, returning to her room. Grandpa and Karen settled into a quiet routine of smoking and reading, talking every now and then as the evening turned into the nighttime. Brad texted on his phone with a few friends, reminding them he’d be out of town for a few weeks so they shouldn’t hit him up, while his parents’ started discussing their own travel plans.

Brad finally decided he should talk to his sister again and see what time she wanted to leave tomorrow. He knocked on her bedroom door and when she didn’t answer, he flung the door open wide and started to say, “Hey Caroline what time should we go?” before he realized she was standing there in just a bra and a robe that was falling off her shoulder.

“What?” she whipped around to look at her door and turned bright red when she saw him standing there, his mouth open staring at her. She readjusted her robe, but not enough to cover the white lace of her bra and the tanned cleavage that was spilling out of her blue terry cloth robe.

“I was just about to—” Brad felt his skin turn as dark red as his sisters and ducked his head, trying to not look like he was staring at his sister. She looked great, sexy even, and he could feel his body start to react to her lack of clothing.

“I was going to shower,” Caroline explained, motioning at her robe. He glanced up and noticed that some of her robe had fallen off her shoulder again, revealing a constellation of freckles and most of her left breast which was popping out of her bra. For such a diminutive lady, she had a good size rack: round, tanned globes with dark nipples that were already standing at attention. She was thin too, which gave her a curvy and sweet look. Brad had been wondering how many bikinis she had packed, but had been too busy to ask her that earlier. Now it was all he could think about, the prospect of seeing her with even less clothes in just a few days at the beach.

“What time are we leaving tomorrow?” Brad choked out, trying to look at his sister’s pretty face.

“Oh,” Caroline said, playing with her hair. “I think nine?”

“Okay,” Brad said, turning around and heading to his bedroom. He couldn’t wait until then.

At exactly nine o’clock the next morning, Caroline was pulling out of the driveway. Brad had loaded up the car for her, stacking the bags neatly as she watched him. He had grabbed a few sodas and some snacks too, which was pretty thoughtful.

In the last year Brad had really grown into a man. His face had lost its boyishness, his body was mostly muscles, and his face had a hint of beard at all times, even if he had just shaved. She had noticed this before, but now it was hitting her in the face. Brad was not her annoying little brother anymore, he was a full-grown man about to have his last summer vacation before starting college.

Their Mom and Dad had waved goodbye, but Karen and Grandpa were still asleep in the house. It didn’t matter anyway, they were going to come to the beach in four days, which meant they only had three days of the beach house to themselves. That, Caroline had decided, would be more than enough.

The road trip was uneventful. Brad listened to his music, playing Deejay and texting at the same time, and she drove carefully with the windows down and the AC on full blast just like she liked. They stopped for burgers at lunch time and ate in the car with their feet kicked up on the dashboard.

“This is fun, right?” Brad asked, looking at his sister as she chewed thoughtfully on a French fry.

“I guess,” she admitted. “I just want to get to the beach.”

Brad nodded, but was disappointed. He had always kind of had a crush on his sister—she was beautiful and sweet even if she was little stuck up. And last night, when he saw her almost naked he couldn’t get her out of his head. Even now as he was in the car, eating a Hardee’s burger, he wanted to take her shirt off and kiss the freckles on her shoulder, he wanted to suck on her tits and make her moan his name. But he continued to eat his fries and watch the road whiz past. He had three days at the beach house with just her, and maybe he could make his move then.

“How much longer?” he asked, when the afternoon sun had hit and she had finally wound the windows up. The AC was blasting but he was comfortable, just tired of being in the car.

Caroline checked her phone, which was set on GPS and tracking their route to the beach. “Not even an hour,” she told her brother, sighing loudly. All she wanted to was to change into a bikini and lay out on a towel before the day was over.

It was halfway through the summer, so she already had a nice tan going maltepe escort but she wanted to get a little darker before she went back to school. Several of her friends had bragged about trips they had planned to the Caribbean and other tropical vacations, but she at least didn’t want to look pasty when she went back to school.

“I can’t believe I’m heading to college in a few weeks,” Brad said, staring out the window as he took his last bite of hamburger. He had dripped a little ketchup on the seat earlier and Caroline had glared at him, her eyes flashing. This car was as precious and as organized as every other part of Caroline’s life, but she had amazingly not yelled at him. He was trying to be careful eating the rest of his food and making sure he didn’t leave a mess.

“I can’t believe you aren’t going to school with me,” Caroline teased her brother. He had gotten into James Madison University as well, but had decided on the more prestigious school even though their football team wasn’t as competitive. He had loved football in high school, but wasn’t sure that that was what he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing.

“I’m sure you’re happy you don’t have to go to school with me any longer,” Brad shot back. They had been together at the high school for three years before she graduated, three long years in which Brad’s friends had all been in love with his sister and he threatened to kill them if they so much as looked too hard at Caroline. She was an ice queen, but a pretty one and had garnered a lot of attention despite his warnings. He knew he was jealous then, but hadn’t fully admitted it to himself until last night.

Caroline glanced over at her brother. “It’ll be weird not seeing you, even though I was gone last year,” she told him, her eyes kind and thoughtful.

Brad guffawed. “Did you just saw you’re gonna miss me?” he asked. Caroline was never one to say exactly what she meant. She wasn’t emotional like that, she was just Caroline.

“No,” Caroline said firmly. She reached over for his iPhone and changed the song and they spent the rest of the ride singing along to Brad’s collection of bad pop music.

Finally, they reached the beach house. The six bedroom house was a few decades old, standing bravely on stilts only a block away from the beach in Duck. They traveled there every summer, so Caroline knew exactly which fake-rock the house key was under and unlocked the door with ease. Brad hauled suitcases in and left them by the bed in his room and on top of Caroline’s bed in her room across the hallway.

“Meet you in five minutes?” Caroline asked as she started to unpack her bag. She was looking for her new black bikini and she was going to hit the beach until it was time for dinner. Brad agreed and found one of his board shorts and changed into them quickly, leaving his clothes in a discarded pile on the ground.

Caroline stripped in her old bedroom and checked herself out in the mirror. She had seen Brad staring last night and had thought about it for a few minutes yesterday before moving on, but the thoughts reappeared as she looked in the mirror. She was pretty, she decided as she carefully eyed her body. Her stomach was smooth and flat, her legs were toned even though she was tiny, her breasts were perky and her butt was somewhere in between average and big. Her hair and her eyes were her best features when she was fully dressed, but this bikini she had bought made it clear she had other attributes as well. She tied it on and admired it before grabbing a beach towel and looking for her brother.

Brad’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head when he saw his sister. She was looking flawless in a black bikini that barely covered her tits and left a good amount of ass cheeks hanging out. If he didn’t know that was his sister, he would have jumped her right away. Instead, he adjusted his suit so that maybe she wouldn’t see how he felt and cleared his throat.

“To the beach?” he asked, opening the door of the house for her.

She agreed happily and walked in front of him, carrying only a towel and a bottle of water. Brad locked the door behind him and admired the view of her ass jiggling with each step as they walked the block to the beach.

The beach was filled with people, but they staked out a spot with their towels and started wading towards the water. Caroline jumped in all the way, getting her entire body soaked so that the bathing suit clung to her every curve. Brad waded in slowly, watching his sister frolic in the water and grateful that he was deep enough that it hid his obvious erection. This was the Caroline he loved—she became a whole different person as soon as she smelled the salt air. She was relaxed and calm and comfortable, instead of too hard on herself and uptight.

After an hour and a half, the sun started to lower over the horizon and the multitudes of beachgoers had diminished to just a few sun-burnt old people and themselves. Caroline finally swam back to where Brad had stayed and smiled at her brother, the kartal escort beginnings of a sunburn already showing on her face. “I’m starving,” she announced.

“Mom and Dad gave us money for dinner,” Brad reminded her.

Caroline grinned. “Can we go to my favorite?” she asked. Brad couldn’t refuse the happiness on her face and so he said yes. They walked back to the beach house and took quick showers and dressed up a little before they met up again for dinner.

Caroline was wearing a flouncy sun dress and small heels and Brad had pulled on a pair of jeans and a button up shirt, just to make his sister happy. She had wanted to go to Red Sky Café, which was always her favorite part of coming to the Outer Banks other than the beach itself.

“You look great,” Brad told his sister. Her hair was wavy from the salt-water and her face looked like it was glowing from the sun she’d gotten. Her dress was a dark blue that matched her eyes and was low cut enough that he knew he’d have a good view at dinner. She was as happy and as gorgeous as he’d ever seen her.

At the restaurant they sat across from each other and ordered their favorites. Brad got crab cakes, but Caroline insisted on ordering the Seafood trio that came with fish, shrimp and crab cakes. She ate all of it without complaint and chattered away about everything she wanted to do until they had to leave and go back to school.

“I can’t believe it’s almost August,” Caroline groaned. It would be August in just a week and a half, which meant the end of summer was fast approaching. It felt like it had just begun.

“That means we’re going to have to enjoy this vacation,” Brad promised his sister, looking directly into her eyes. She paused her chattering and stared back for a full minute, wondering what was going on in her brother’s head. He had been different since last night, when he had caught her in her robe before her shower. She didn’t quite know what to make of it, other than maybe she had caught him off guard. He had gotten to her being away for most of the school year and they were still adjusting to living so close to each other again.

After dinner, Brad and Caroline watched TV for a few hours before each of them headed to bed. Caroline changed into a tank top and a pair of underwear before she slid underneath her covers and tried to go to sleep. Brad was right across the hall from her, thinking of his sister and her bikini.

Right as Caroline was about to fall asleep, the whole house shuddered. She sat up, holding her breath and wondering if she had imagined that. The AC in the house shut off and the house shuddered again. Brad appeared in her doorway, flicking at her light switch but it wouldn’t turn on.

“What happened?” Caroline asked, grasping the blankets around her.

“I don’t know,” Brad said. He disappeared into his room and returned with a flash light. “I know the powers out, but let me go make sure that everything else is fine.”

Caroline followed him, not even aware that she was only wearing a tank top and a pair of underwear. Brad was only dressed in a pair of boxers and he didn’t seem to be paying attention to anything except for the house. He looked at the locks first, checking outside to make sure that the house was okay. He decided they would be fine, but Caroline couldn’t stop shaking.

“What’s going on?” she kept asking.

“We’re fine,” Brad promised. He had an idea that would maybe calm her down. “Let’s go back to bed. You can sleep in my bed and that way you’ll feel safe.”

Caroline looked at her brother, really looked at him. He was all muscles in his only-boxers outfit and she knew she’d probably feel best in his bed, next to someone who could calm her down. “Okay,” she said finally. Brad guided her back to his bedroom, let her crawl in and tucked all of the blankets around her. He slipped in on the other side and shuffled the pillows around so that they were both comfortable.

Within a few minutes, Caroline was asleep with her arm flung across Brad’s body. He, on the other hand, was very aware of her body pressing against his and her breasts pillowing against his back. He was wide awake.

Two hours later, the house shuddered again, letting out a loud creak as it settled into the night. Caroline’s eyes flew open and Brad sat up, trying to squint against the dark. He didn’t know what was happening, but hoped that they were okay.

“Should we get a hotel?” Caroline whispered, holding tight to her brother.

“No,” Brad whispered back, his mouth against her ear. “I’ll keep you safe.”

Caroline squirmed. “How safe?” she asked, moving even closer to her brother. She liked the way his body felt, all hard and warm next to her. She could feel a wave of desire move through her even as she fought to ignore it. It was two am and she was needing something.

Brad had a full on erection at this point. His sister’s tank top had ridden down so her breasts were popping out again and their nipples were erect and pointing right at him. He wanted to suck them, but he wasn’t sure how Caroline would react. On the other hand, she was holding so tight to him it almost felt like she was just a woman and he was just a man. “I’ll keep you really safe,” he said, moving his hands against his sister’s body.

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