The Big Contest

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It had been less than a year since Jill had graduated college. This short, yet athletic blond 22 year old had the time of her life in four years of college like most girls her age. She had been active in a number of different activities in her not so small college about an hour outside Atlanta. Jill was the head cheerleader in addition to being the president of her sorority. You all know which sorority, the one everyone makes fun of where all the snobby good-looking rich girls go. Although Jill was neither rich nor stuck up. Sure she liked the finer things in life and loved to be spoiled by men who took her out, but she knew what was important to her in life. She was a true southern belle and had the sexy accent to prove it.

When Jill joined the cheerleading squad her freshman year she started dating one of the star freshmen on the football team as the story goes so many times. Jill and Jeff made people sick at times. They were the stereotypical perfect couple that everyone looked at with awe. Of course they had to have names starting with the same letter. Everyone had to stare at the good-looking athlete walking out of the stadium with his cheerleader girlfriend in her cute little skirt.

Jill thought she loved her boyfriend until she realized at the end of her junior year she was more attracted to the fact they looked good together. In reality they didn’t have much to talk about. Jill may have realized the way she felt sooner but she would always get fucked really well by her boyfriend. She was definitely one of those southern girls who looked really innocent on the outside but was just a flat out slut when she got in the bedroom. She was into some kinky stuff and Jeff always went along with her. She loved anal, getting her face splattered with cum, loved getting her toes sucked on while she was getting fucked, couldn’t get enough of ordering him around in the bedroom. She liked being a little bitch and a little slut on the inside. Nobody would have ever expected it. She loved the way he felt when he was inside her and came really deep… They would also play some role-playing games as well. Little did she know that less than two years later those games would turn into a naughty reality.

Jill realized right before left to go home for the summer after her junior year she needed to grow up a little. She was going to need more out of life than just some 2nd rate jock who wasn’t going to make enough money to support her after his mediocre football career was over. Even if he got drafted by the pros he would probably on stay in the league a couple of years at the most…and then what? Jill broke the news to Jeff who had to stay there over the summer for football. He was heart-broken, but Jill had made the decision and was going to stand by it. She really didn’t feel bad because she didn’t love Jeff and couldn’t see a future with him. Jill had it in her mind to have fun for the rest of her college days with her sorority girlfriends…have a random hookups…graduate and start looking for a husband who could take care of her.

So senior year came and went for Jill. She had a blast her final year as a cheerleader even though Jeff had a terrible year…undoubtedly because of the breakup. Jeff ended up not getting drafted later that year. However, Jill was long over him. She had several flings going at the same time during her final year of college. Most of you probably know flings to be a pseudonym for a “fuck buddy.” Jill had about five of those going at once. She had one for every day of the week and liked to find random hot guys out at parties or bars on the weekends.

Jill was a new person glad to be alive every day. She almost always woke up next to someone, got a good fuck in before she had to go to class and decided that day which one of her special buddies she was in the mood to fuck later that night. Her roommates got a little worried but Jill would re-iterate to them she knew what she was doing and just wanted to have fun before she settled down after college. Jill had the all-American dream. Marriage, house full of kids, a white picket fence in a nice neighborhood and even a dog. She wanted to be a housewife and really didn’t have much of a career ambition. So she just barely made it through college, got her degree in sociology and graduated. She didn’t take much away from her degree mostly because she cheated on every one of her papers using recycled papers her sorority had on file. She knew her horniness was a number one priority.

Sometimes Jill would get so horny she’d convince more than one guy at a time to come over to her apartment. She didn’t want to be embarrassed so she invited multiple guys over only on the nights when her roommates were out with their boyfriends. She got very bold in the bedroom and even tried a double penetration. She loved the feeling of two cocks jamming their way into her tight body. She came so hard and would let both of them cum on her face at the same time.

During her journey through “fuck-stardom” she even managed to get a little naughty. She fucked Jeff’s best friend on İstanbul Escort the football team who she had known since they first started dating three years before. He had also broken up with his girlfriend recently and she went over to his place one night and rode his cock into oblivion. Jill was a much better fuck than his ex had ever been…Also Jill came home from class one day and her roommate’s boyfriend was waiting in the kitchen. Dave was 25 at the time and already working as a lawyer in Atlanta so Jill was surprised to see him. “Hey Jill what’s going on?” Dave greeted her.

“Oh not much, just got out of class and now I have to start planning the election for the next sorority president since I’m out of here soon! How are you doing Dave?…I didn’t know you were coming”

“She’s running a little late. She got caught up talking to some teacher or something. I just had to talk to her because I’m all stressed out. I’m up for this promotion at the firm and she’s talking about going to medical school.”

“Is it bad she wants to do that?” Jill asked.

“No it’s not bad for her career, just our relationship. She wants to be a doctor and that’s fine with me but when am I ever going to see her. She’ll only be busy with medical school for the next 10 years!” Dave said sarcastically. “That must be tough Dave. I don’t know what I even want to do yet. I’m pretty sure I just want to work until I find a husband who can take care of me, settle down and have a family” she told him.

“I was hoping that’s what Marcy wanted to do because it’s gotten to the point where I’m thinking about marriage…now she doesn’t even want to move in with me because she wants to concentrate on medical school and thinks I’ll be a distraction for her at first. All of this is stressing me out…sorry I’m rambling.”

“No it’s okay Dave. I’m sorry ya’ll have to go through this. Marcy actually asked me if I wanted to live with her in Atlanta. I don’t really have any plans so I think I’ll just take her up on her offer. Her folks are paying for everything anyway so rent is all taken care of” Jill said.

Dave came back and said, “Her parents have more money than god. You’ll have a nice place to live in. I think part of it is her parents don’t want her moving in with someone.”

“It will be nice” Jill responded. “Don’t stress out Dave…soon enough you’ll have this promotion and will be making enough money of your own. From what Marcy tells me you’re a shoe in.”

“I think so” Dave said “But I just want to find out already…This is a huge step in my career and that’s why I’m so stressed out.”

“Awwwww” Jill cooed as she walked over behind Dave’s chair and started massaging her. “I know you’ll get the promotion.” Dave was getting turned on by Jill’s touch. He had always stared at her when he came over. He liked waking up in the morning, walking into the living room and waiting for Jill to walk out with her short shorts and tank top, or whatever she slept in at night. He thought to himself it was a good thing he was sitting down so he could hide his hard-on under the table.

“Ahhhh feels so good Jill, where did you learn to do that?”

“Comes from practice on my ex who I massaged after all his football games. You’re a much better patient than he was. You don’t have any bruises on you.”

Dave laughed and rubbed Jill’s arm in a friendly way. However always horny Jill didn’t see it as just a friendly playful gesture. She had always been attracted to Dave and a bit jealous of her roommate Marcy. She had a great looking boyfriend who was going places and was nice in addition! Jill had fantasized about him many times while fucking one of her buddies. She would sometimes stay awake after she fucked and try to listen through the wall to Dave and Marcy going at it. Dave was loud in bed and Jill always knew when he came. She thought he sounded magnificent when he came.

Just then Jill got pretty bold and said “are you sure there’s nothing else I can massage for you” as she reached down his chest to his stomach but not being able to reach any further.

Dave then pushed his chair back into Jill got up with a raging hard-on trying to rip a whole through his jeans.

“I dunno, maybe there’s something else you can massage. Why don’t we go into your room and figure things out” Dave said boldly.

Jill thought for a moment and then thought of a better idea. “Well Dave I’d love to invite you in my room but it’s a little too messy right now (Jill always kept her room spotless and Dave knew that), why don’t we go into Marcy’s room for a little” Jill said with a naughty look on her face. Dave smiled, picked up Jill and carried her into Marcy’s room, threw her on the bed and stripped off her jeans and the black boots she was wearing. Jill scooted up toward Dave and did the same thing to him but much more forcefully. Jill wanted to get in his pants and suck his cock that day like starving fat person wants to tear into a double-cheeseburger. Dave’s cock was certainly a big piece of meat just as Jill had suspected.

Jill Bayan Escort grabbed Dave’s dick right away and started jerking at it…as if it could get any harder. She then put her mouth on the tip of it, grabbed Dave’s sides and pushed her mouth over his cock taking it all the way down her throat on her first try. Just like a pro. Dave was in ecstasy as he moaned with pleasure. “Oh my god…holy shit…yesss!!”

Jill lifted off his cock “how long did Marcy say she’d be gone?” she asked.

“About 45 minutes late” he panted back “plenty of time.” Jill then dove right back onto Dave’s cock happily and sucked it really hard. It was by far the best blow-job Dave had ever had. He was about to bust in Jill’s mouth but he pulled his swollen shaft out Jill’s mouth.

“Before I come, I want to fuck you just like I have wanted to since the first day I met you.” Dave had met Jill about six months after he started dating her roommate whose bed they were all over now.

“Then do it Dave, fuck me right now on your girlfriend’s bed. I might seem like a nice girl but wait until you fuck me!”

Dave quickly spread Jill’s legs wide open, rested his cock on her pussy slit and rubbed up and down really hard. “Put it in me now! I need it.” Jill said as she was getting ready for her second romp of the day (The first came ealier that morning when she fucked her ex’s best friend). “Do it now!!” Jill screeched as Dave was still teasing her clit with the head of his cock. But Dave couldn’t take it anymore than Jill could and slid his fat cock into his girlfriend’s roommate and close friend.

The second Dave entered Jill her eyes popped while open. She couldn’t believe how good his cock felt inside her. She had been with a lot of men that year but none had that effect on her when they entered her. She was sure if it was the shape of his cock or the size but it just went in her really well. Just like putting a puzzle together. They connected very well. Dave took a few strokes and Jill started losing control. “Yessss!! I love your cock. Oh god fuck me” Jill said. Then something happened to Jill which had never happened before. She started to spasm all over Dave’s cock. She was actually cumming only 10 seconds after Dave entered her. “EEEeeeeeee…mmmmmmmm…cumminnnnnnnnnggggggg” Jill shrieked as she spasmed all over Dave’s engorged cock. Her orgasm seemed to last for minutes as it just kept going. Jill nearly passed out from all the excitement, but she knew it was only a myth she read in porno stories girls passed out from cumming. Jill felt really good but was about to feel even better as Dave kept pounding her little pussy. Then without warning Dave took hold of Jill’s ankles, brought her feet to his face and started sucking on her toes. Jill felt to good to be in shock, but she would have been in shock if she could. He was doing something she loved, but how did he know? “Ahhhh MY GOD!!” Jill yelled “YESSSSS” as Dave continued fucking her and sucking her on her toes. It was like some sort of mental telepathy connected Dave and Jill. Dave couldn’t get enough of Jill’s sweet pussy. He loved the feminine sounds which came out of her mouth while he fucked her.

About 10 minutes into their romp, Dave put Jill’s legs on his shoulders, bent them back behind her head (Jill was very flexible being a cheerleader) so her feet were actually behind her head and raised up, pointing his cock straight down at Jill’s elevated pussy. Then he collapsed in her pussy. The pressure of Dave’s hips slamming down into Jill’s little pussy was too much for her. She again started cumming really hard. “HOW THE FUCK DO YOU DO THIS TO ME…AHHHHHHHH!!!” Jill came even harder than the first time which she didn’t know was possible. All this from the same position.

Jill and Dave kept fucking for the next 15 minutes when Dave couldn’t take it anymore. Jill was riding his cock at this point and he couldn’t hold back anymore. He fit into her when she was on top just as well as the other positions they tried. “I need to cum right now baby…can I cum in you” Dave managed to get the words out of his mouth in the state of mind he was in.

“YES, YES…cum in me baby! I want to make your big load shoot up into me. I want to feel it, now! DON’T FUCKING MAKE ME WAIT ANYMORE…I WANT IT NOW!” Jill’s voice raised as she bounced up and down on him even harder like this was the last person who would ever cum in her. Jill felt the ripples starting to run through Dave’s cock and braced herself for all of his cum. Then with one big groan and series of smaller ones Dave released his fresh sperm into Jill’s waiting and wanting pussy.

Dave could have put out a fire with this big load. He kept shooting and shooting having never felt a sensation like this before, similar to what Jill had felt before when she came. If it wasn’t for Jill being on birth control, she probably would have had triplets with all this cum in her. He busted the biggest load Jill had ever felt and she loved every minute of it. Feeling how much he came in her sent her into another explosive orgasm and Eskort Jill ended up cumming with Dave. “Oh my god, oh my god…” Jill kept repeating completely taken and exhausted by her orgasms and how well she fucked her roommate’s boyfriend. Just then she lifted off his cock and let all his cum leak out onto her roommates sheets. Jill rubbed it in and it made a stain in Marcy’s bed. “She’ll sleep well tonight” Jill said with another evil laugh.

“I will sleep like a baby next to her but I could be convinced to sneak out to the living room in the middle of the night” Dave said with a naughty look of his own on his face.

“I think that can be arranged” Jill said as the two embraced in a long passionate kiss. Marcy called again about 10 minutes later to say she would be delayed another few minutes as there was a holdup with the teacher. Dave and Jill were cleaning at this point and trying to make the bed the same way Marcy had left it earlier that morning…still Jill’s juices mixed with Dave’s cum were blended into Marcy’s sheets where she’d be sleeping tonight.

For the next hour until Marcy got home Dave and Jill spoke while watching TV in the living room. They continually kissed and conversed about their futures. They found out they were both looking for the same thing…Dave wanted a successful career, a family and wife who would take care of him and Jill wanted the same thing in a man. She also wanted to be a loyal housewife and raise a nice family. More importantly for Jill, for the first time she could remember she was with someone who she could see making her very happy. Too bad he was with her roommate and one of her best friends.

Dave was thinking the same thing Jill was. He couldn’t believe how well they got along. Of course they had conversations in the past but never a conversation alone when Marcy wasn’t around. If they had spoken just the two of them it had only been for a few minutes. Dave found he loved talking to Jill and loved her outlook on life. He could definitely see a future with her. All of a sudden he blurted out “I don’t think I want to stop seeing you this way Jill.”

Jill then leaned over, kissed him on the lips and said “I don’t want to see you with Marcy, I’d like to take her place…It will happen next year when I move to Atlanta with Marcy. She’ll be busy with medical school and we’ll be able to find time for each other. What do you think?”

“I’m not sure if I can wait that long but if I would for anyone it would be you Jill” Dave said sweetly.

“Awwwww, you’re sooooo sweet” Jill replied kissing Dave again. “I’ve been with quite a few men this year to make up for the last three years, but this is the first time I’ve wanted to have someone come back regularly to me. I guess it’s just my luck that you live in Atlanta and are with my roommate! But like I said we WILL find a way around all this.”

Dave and Jill were content with their tentative agreement and a few minutes later a tired looking Marcy came in. She greeted Dave with a hug and that was the last Jill saw of him until later that night. She cancelled her “plans” with Steve that night so she’d be nice, horny and ready for Dave later that night. They planned to meet each other in the living room at 3:30. Marcy would surely be fast asleep considering the rough day she had. Besides Jill and Dave both thought it was a hot thought to fuck in the living room quietly while her roommate and his girlfriend was sleeping.

Dave emerged from a dark shadow after Jill walked into the living room that night. Nothing needed to be said. Jill was wearing her nighties and there was not trace of anything blocking her pussy. She just had a top on. Dave came over grabbed her from behind and slid his big love pole deep inside Jill’s lovely southern pussy. The two contained themselves as much as they could from making any noise. For both of them it was a combination of how good one another felt and how evil they were being fucking just feet away from where Dave’s girlfriend and Jill’s roommate slept.

Jill was coming close to another big orgasm and Dave could sense it based on what he experienced earlier that day. He moved one of his hands from Jill’s hips to her face. Dave made a fist and put it on Jill’s mouth. Instead of screaming like she had done earlier in the day she bit down on his fist. It was a great pain for Dave as he could feel Jill cumming yet again all over his cock. As this was happening Dave’s own orgasm started to build and she sent another generous helping of sperm deep inside Jill’s craving pussy. Without making any noise Dave collapsed on Jill’s back, started kissing her all over and they headed back to their rooms after a long passionate kiss.

From that point Jill and Dave were obsessed with one another. They would have secret conversations once a day and would always discuss their plan to get rid of Marcy so they could be together openly and freely. Sometimes Dave would call the apartment and Jill would answer and she would talk to him right in front of Marcy making believe it was another one of her fuck buddies. She spoke to Dave for a long time and got really wet. Then she would smile at Marcy and walk back into her room and start touching herself, cumming multiple times. Dave would also cum on the phone with her. It both got them off really well.

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