The Call Ch. 03

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“You understand Virginia. We’ve called this phone number on more than one occasion. We’ve talked to this Andrew fella and we keep getting the same answer. Your husband needs more time.” Maria sounded bored. Not getting the money she, Jack, and Cordoba wanted was becoming a major problem.”

“I get the impression that he doesn’t care what happens to you. You’ve been here a week now.”

“I’m thinking that maybe the love has gone out of your relationship. I mean come one girl, why else would he allow you to end up in this situation”

Just then the phone rang in the room where they were seated. A nice room, but when Virginia was left alone, it was a locked room, reminding her that she was a prisoner. A prisoner, who was fed well, had several sets of clothes to change into, and simple gentle comforts.

“That was Cordoba. He and Jack want to see you in the office.”

Maria led Virginia to the room, opened the door and let her enter in. In front of her were the two men. It was hard for her to look into the eyes of Jack, knowing what he had done to her a few days earlier. Her cunt would shiver each time she thought of that incident. She hated the fact that at night, when thinking of all that happened she would find herself masturbating reliving the ordeal all over again. But it wasn’t the same as when that giant cock was splitting her wide open.

Jack lounged at ease in an armchair. Cordoba was standing behind his desk, his dark pale eyes boldly sweeping over her, as he courteously bade her to be seated with an amiable smile.

Relaxing a little, she sat down; lulled into a false security by the friendliness he exuded. It didn’t last very long. Cordoba came to the point bluntly. “You know the situation with your Husband Mrs. Wales! The fact that he still hasn’t paid us what he owes. You also know that until we do get our funds, we’re going to have to continue collecting interest.”

She tried to explain; tried to offer up reasons as to why her husband hadn’t come through yet. When she was finished pleading her case, she could see that all of her imploring arguments were met with ruthless negatives, she burst into tears, with a final “Then I-I just don’t know what to do! I don’t know why Randy hasn’t done anything!”

Cordoba told her then, “Jack and I have come to a temporary resolution! I know you have paid some interest to Jack already, but since your husband owes me money too I feel I need interest paid directly to me just like Jack had interest paid to him, and I intend to collect – now!”

Through miserable, tear-dimmed eyes, she looked up at him and trembled. “H-how …?” Then she saw scandalous lust in those eyes, set wide in his dark face. The answer was there in her mind even before he spoke. Oh no! Oh, God, no! Not him!?

“From what Jack has told me already, I think you know the method of payment!” he leered. “Or do you want me to spell it out for you?”

Virginia gasped in disbelief, aghast, “Do you m-mean … sex?”

“Exactly! You’re very bright about that, at least!” he smirked. “So – if you cooperate with us –we continue to be patient, and will be willing to wait upon your husband a little while more.” His voice trailed off.

That little phrase “if you cooperate with us” stuck with her, its importance to what he said hitting her with its pregnant meaning.

“You said ‘us’?” she questioned. “Y-you can’t mean that? Both of you? A-at the s-same time …?”

“That’s right, baby!” Jack grunted. He had said little during the time she had sat there in Cordoba’s office with the two men. Now he confirmed her worst fears. “Both of us are going to fuck you at the same time – until you can’t see straight!”

“Oooooooohhhh, my Goddddd!” she moaned. “No! No! Noooooo!”

“Then you’re choosing the alternative? The conclusion that your dear husband Randy will not pay and we’ll sell you into white slavery where you’ll be fucked 10 to 20 times a day?” Cordoba grated.

“No!” Virginia cried. She felt like that trapped animal that once caught in the steel-jawed trap struggles to free itself, but only succeeds in causing the cruel teeth to dig in deeper, holding the trapped paw tighter yet. She knew, once again, that she would have to do what they demanded of her. But both of them? Ugh!

“Then you’ll do it?” Cordoba persisted.

“Y-yes. What else …?” she blubbered. All her will to fight was drained from her.

Deep in her own chaos of self-pity, Virginia was wondering where her new debauchment by these two leering goats of men was to take place, when Cordoba stepped around his desk and took her by the arm, assisting her from her chair, and said, “Well, Virginia, I think it’s time we all went into my private office!”

Here? Right here? Oh, God! Somehow, she had had notions of one of the bedrooms but not here. Numbly, she allowed herself to be led into the room adjoining his working office. Then, just as blindly, she sat down on the couch, as he led her to it, shaking her head negatively İstanbul Escort when he offered her a drink. With tear-filled, downcast eyes, she tried to visualize how it was possible for two men to have sexual intercourse with one woman at the same time.

“Come on, Virginia, baby, remember last time? A couple of drinks and you were ready for anything!” Cordoba urged, lifting his own filled glass coaxingly.

She flared out at him. “I don’t want anything to drink! Nothing!” I don’t want to lose control of m-myself … like I did with Jack!”

“Suit yourself!” Cordoba eased his bulk down beside her, sipping a Scotch on the rocks, and his hand went out to her knee to caress it suggestively.

Even as a loathing for his touch flooded through her, she also sensed a certain animal magnetism in Cordoba, an intense maleness that seemed to exude from him, and there was an accompanying, unexplained tingling thrill, definitely sexual, that ran with searing fingers up and down her spine, as his exploring fingers inched up higher along the satiny, warm flesh of her inner thigh. Timidly, she looked up at him. She saw nothing attractive at all about him. But there was no explanation forthcoming to her as to why she was beginning to feel a tiny glow of arousal deep in her belly.

Sitting across from her, Jack had been drinking steadily from his glass; now he tossed down the remainder, set the glass down, and moved to sit on the other side of her. “Let’s get this show on the road!” he exclaimed impatiently; at the same time, he fumbled with the zipper at the back of her dress. In a moment he had run it down to her waist.

Still looking down in her shame, Virginia saw the thick pulsing bulge inside Jack’s pants, which graphically reminded her of what was going to happen in a very few minutes.

For an instant she resisted him, as he pulled her dress forward and off her arms. “Oh, please …?” She clasped the front of her dress back up to her fearfully heaving breasts.

“Hell!” Cordoba rasped. “It’s no fun to fuck a woman with her clothes on!” Roughly, he pulled her dress down again.

Then, as Jack began working on the snaps of her lace-trimmed bra, she sensed that Cordoba, on the other side of her, was rising. Quickly, she glanced in his direction and saw that he was removing his tie and jacket. He, too, she couldn’t help noticing, had a huge, telltale bulge in the front of his suit pants. Her bra was off now, and she automatically brought her arms up to her chest to cover her breasts.

“That’s not fair, baby!” Jack firmly removed her protective arms, his hot mouth coming wetly down to immediately capture the pink bud of one of her hardening nipples. He sucked it up hungrily, nibbling with his lips, his tongue lapping at the sensitive peak of flesh, while his hand was busy with its twin, his fingers massaging and rolling the now erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Unbidden again, she felt delicious sensations race chargingly through her. It was exactly what she didn’t want. She had been telling herself over and over: They can do what they want to me, but I won’t let them make me like it! I won’t! I WON’T!

“You two will have to stand up for a moment!” It was Cordoba, behind them.

Virginia stood up and Jack took her solidly into his arms, his hands moving deftly to push her dress down over her smooth flaring hips. It fell with a sigh down around her feet. Then he was pressing her in tight against him, his hands on the cheeks of her ass, feeling them through her nylon panty hose and pulling her up against the bulge of his erect penis. His hard male flesh was hot against her cringing abdomen. She was revolted at the idea of how she was being used, but just as before, she knew of no way to remove herself. Her voluptuous young body slumped against him with abysmal resignation. He tilted her head up, and kissed her hard and long, his agile tongue probing between her lips and teeth. She didn’t resist him. She just stood there limply and let him have his fun, as his avid hands ran up and down her back and caressed the full-mounded humps of her nylon-covered ass cheeks, and as she stood there unresisting, she tried to make her mind a blank, pretend that none of this was really happening to her and wishing that she couldn’t feel anything. There was a metallic click behind her followed by a couple of thumps. Glancing from the corner of her eye, she saw that Cordoba had done something with the couch. It was now a big, soft bed. She remembered thinking: How, clever!

Behind her now, his voice coming from the bed itself, she heard Cordoba growl, “Get those damned panty hose off of her! I want to see what the little bitch looks like bare-assed naked!”

Jack stopped kissing her then and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her panty hose. With slow deliberateness he pulled them down over her ass, exposing the cheeks to Cordoba’s hungry devouring eyes. Finally, he knelt before her and finished rolling the Anadolu Yakası Escort garment down over the smooth columns of her firmly tapered thighs. Jack helped her to step out of them, then turned her around to face Cordoba on the bed.

Her gasp of dismay couldn’t be held back. Lying naked on the bed, he was propped up on two pillows, his chest covered in dark hair, his arms muscular, his body firm, but it was the immense shaft of his manhood, lancing out from the tangle of pubic hair that her eyes focused on hypnotically. His penis was long and thick, unbelievably so, and she would never have entered this room, no matter what the consequences, if she’d had any inkling he was more like a bull than a man.

“There! Didn’t I tell you that she was something else!” Jack bragged.

“Yeah! She’s all right! Yes! More than a little bit of all right!” Cordoba grunted, his eyes running over her voluptuous naked body, with pure lust shining in them now. He followed her staring eyes to the spearing shaft of his fully erect cock.

“Are you impressed … or worried?” he asked with a smile, his hand going down to encircle it caressingly. “Or both?”

Virginia looked away, ashamed that she had shown an awkward interest in the man’s penis. “N-no … I-I just couldn’t help looking …” she mumbled.

“You were admiring it, then?”

“No … it’s just that it’s … s-so …” she stumbled.

“So big …?” he queried. “Then that means you’re worried about whether it’ll fit in that cute little cunt of yours?”

Virginia stood there, confused, until he grinned at her and went on, “I’m kidding you, of course!” He patted the bed beside him. “Come on over here beside me, now!”

For a moment she hesitated and was nudged forward by Jack. Reluctantly, she moved over to the bed and sat down uneasily on the edge of it. Cordoba sat up, wrapped his powerful arms around the naked young woman, and lifted her into position beside him. She lay on her back, trembling in despair, shame and fright, as he stretched out beside her, still embracing her, his naked body pressed tight against her, his unrestrained erect cock trapped between his abdomen and her trembling thigh. She felt its throbbing heat and the involuntary lurching of it signaling his anticipation. She could feel his pre-cum already seeping out. As she lay there, quivering in his embrace, she had the suffocating sensation of being hugged by some prehistoric caveman wild and untrained.

“You know,” Cordoba was saying in a tender, whispering voice, almost seductive in tone, “I can probably repeat what you’re thinking about me … but I’m not cruel or sadistic … and I’m certainly not some kind of monster. I’m just a man who likes to fuck beautiful women – and I fuck them good! You’ll be screaming for more – believe me!”

“B-but you’re forcing me …”

“Maybe … but it’s one way I have of getting women into my bed!” he explained patiently. “But they always come back later of their own free will!”

He’s insane! she thought. And what bragging! “I-I doubt it!” Virginia told him.

His hands had been running over her exploring. They were not cruel hands, after all, she decided, feeling that same undeniable tingle of beginning arousal she had felt when he had put his hand on her knee a little while before. She couldn’t define what it was about him. He wasn’t a “sexy” man, but he conveyed sex, a kind of overpowering, confident maleness that dominated a female. Somehow, in the back of her mind, she already knew that her vow of not becoming aroused, of refusing to enjoy what was going to happen to her, would be in vain. Her cunt was already moistening up, preparing itself to be fucked. His sex would dominate her whether she wanted it to or not.

Jack laid down on her other side. She felt the warmth of his naked body pressing against her. Below, the hot, hard length of his penis prodded her other thigh.

Now, for the first time, Cordoba kissed her, his large, sensuous lips coming gently down over hers while one of his outsize hands almost fully encompassed the soft globe of one of her ripe firm breasts. As he caressed the tingling mound, her fear began to flee in the face of her rising passion. Wholly against her determined will, she found that she was enjoying having this man run his gentle hands over her, and she moaned deep in her throat as delicious sensations of unwanted arousal crowded in on her. Her pussy was now beginning to drip is fluid outside of your vaginal lips.

On her other side, Jack was using his mouth on her other throbbing breast. She could feel the warm sucking pressure of his lips on the sensitive hardened nipple; then she felt one of his hands move caressingly down across the flat, white plane of her belly. In a matter of moments, his searching hand was there on her hair covered vagina up between her trembling young thighs.

Not wanting to do it, but helpless to control her muscles, Virginia involuntarily opened her tightly clenched Üsküdar Escort thighs to his insistent hand. Almost instantly, she felt his outstretched middle finger dive into the slit of her dripping pussy to find the erect little shaft of her clitoris. She recoiled when his finger touched her there, her hips jerking back and down into the softness of the mattress as the electric shock of his tantalizing fingertip brought a moan from deep in her chest; then as his finger began stroking like a short, hard length of a miniature penis, her grinding hips began to gyrate sensually up against it. God! It felt so good, and she couldn’t resist it! The crazy thought began to circle in her mind that there must be something wrong with her, that she was becoming a depraved sexpot, a nymphomaniac perhaps. She’d had nothing to drink, and she was here on this bed with two strange, virile men, against her will, yet she was responding to them, even wanting them to do these things to her, wanting them to play on her body as though it were a finely tuned violin. Forgotten for the time being was her sacred vow of fidelity to her husband, for now, there below, she felt Jack’s body slithering downward, his mouth leaving her breast to trail moist kisses down along the path already blazed by his caressing hand.

Oh, God! She felt a flooding shame for feeling anticipation of what she knew was coming next. But she couldn’t help it! It had been so good that other time when Jack had kissed and licked her aroused vagina. She shivered in anticipation as she waited for that exquisite moment of electric contact.

Now, Jack’s mouth was just above the soft, curls of her pubic mound, and his hands were reaching down to spread her legs with gentle firmness. Willingly, she moaned up into Cordoba’s mouth, who just at that moment raised his head, breaking the passionate kiss, and dropped his lips to her breast. She felt him take the nipple, erect hard and throbbing, as well as the areola into his mouth. She winced as he nibbled at it with his teeth, causing at the same time tiny little pains and a sensual joy.

Below, Jack had spread her legs apart, and now he pulled her knees up, his hands sliding down along the warm and now wet tapered thighs until they arrived at either side of her cunt slit. Then he was using his thumbs to deliberately pull apart the wet petals of her vaginal opening. Virginia found herself lying there holding her breath in anticipation, while at the same time the most wonderful sensations surged through her tingling breasts.

Cordoba, sucking on one of her nipples, was maintaining a constant drawing pressure while making the tit itself slide in and out between his lips rapidly. It was a breathtaking sensation. Without thinking about it, she reached up to her tit, cupping it and offering it to his tantalizing oral caresses, and also with no further thought, her other hand reached up to fondly trace the features of his face. Perhaps Cordoba was sexually attractive.

Impatiently, she waited, as Jack’s lips followed the path of his hands, alternately kissing and nipping at the flesh of her inner thighs, his mouth like fire on her, as he moved closer and ever closer to her cunt, still held wide open by his hands. Oh, God! What’s taking him so long?

Wanton delight stabbed her suddenly! His lips were there, warm and moist, making contact with the searing crevice of her pussy, his tongue hotly lashing into the naked opening of her cunt, and she groaned aloud with both ecstasy and relief; her long wait for it was over now. Her hips ground wildly under her, underscoring her rising desire. She felt herself all moist and warm down there between her widespread legs as Jack’s tongue ran in circles just inside the pink mouth of her pussy. OOooohhhh! Their mouths … are going to drive me out of my mind she thought! Like a gate hung on oiled hinges, her head began to thrash from side to side, messing up her long beautiful hair.

And then, Jack’s long, agile tongue pressured upward to the ultimate seat of her pleasure, her erect little clitoris. Without let-up, showing no mercy, he licked and sucked at the erect bud, concentrating on the sensitive head of it, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before she would be ready to fuck. Her first orgasm came instantly and out of nowhere. Pussy cream covered Jacks face, but he just kept his mouth between her legs taking it all in. Hell! he gloated. She’s really got a short fuse! Hot Dam! She’s some woman! A real nymph!

Inhaling deeply the heady perfume of her cum, Jack lost himself in the hungry wet licking and sucking of her succulent gushing young cunt, his own arousal far gone as he felt the painfully aching need in his sperm-churning balls. Semen was already flowing from his cock. His nuts full to the max; his shaft filled to the tip, there was no place for his cum to go but to drain out of his penis, much like a relief valve, preventing a major blow out.

“Damned if I know what the protocol is, but I’m just about ready to pop if I don’t get my cock in her pretty soon!” he thought to himself

There had been no discussion between him and Cordoba as to what, how, who was to do what, once they got her into bed. “I’ll just have to play it as she lays!” he decided.

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