The Cat and the Kitten Ch. 03

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Edited by Spencerfiction. With thanks.


“Wake up my little pumpkin,” Will whispered into Lynn’s ear as she lay sprawled over him. He squeezed the round little ass that he had just spent the last fifteen minutes gently caressing as she slept on top of him, worn out from their love making. “It’s near midnight. Dad and your mom will be home soon, you should get over to your room.”

“Hmmmmmm I don’t want to,” she pouted sleepily.

“You have to, Cinderella. I’ll turn into a big rat at twelve!”

“No you won’t. You’re my handsome Prince. And I don’t think I can walk yet.”

He grinned as he pulled her silky black hair over her shoulder, “Yeah?”

“Proud of yourself, I bet,” she gently bit his shoulder.

“Sorta,” he had to admit.

“You’re an amazing lover Will. This isn’t just going to be a one night fling is it?”

“Of course not, Lovely Lynn.”

“Carry me to my bed?”


He rolled out of bed and then gently scooped her up in his arms and padded out and down the long hall to her room. She lay her head on his shoulder. He took her into her room. “Hold on,” he told her gently. She was so petite and light that he was able to kneel on her bed with one knee and, as she held onto him around the neck, he turned down her bed and laid her in. He leaned in then and gave her a long, tender kiss.

“Dress me?”

“What?” He asked a bit incredulously.

“Come on Will! You had no problem taking off my clothes!”

“Ok. Sorry. Sure. PJs? He went to her dresser.

“Just panties and a tee shirt.”

He got some of what she asked for.

“These are tiny!” he laughed. He put the panties around her little feet and pulled them up over her smooth tanned legs. “Wow. This is so awesome,” he whispered as she lifted her bum for him to get them on.

“If you get another boner you’re on your own,” she giggled. She sat up and he pulled on her tee shirt, “Jesus I think I had a thousand orgasms.”

“You don’t love me anymore?” he smirked.

“Get over yourself stud. I just said that in the heat of the moment.”

“Whatever you say Lynn,” he smirked.

“Oh wow … oh my God … Oh God!” she said in a low voice trying to impersonate him, “I thought you were a Priest there for a while you were praying so much.”

He laughed as he pulled the blanket over her, “Good night and sleep well beautiful sexy Lynn,” he leant down and kissed her on the top of her raven head, “Thank you so much for the absolute best time, most fun I ever had in my life. You were an absolutely amazing lover as well and I can’t wait to make love to you again. And again.”

“Thanks, better,” she yawned, “Night stud.”

He leaned in to give her one more long tender kiss and then went out, turning the light off behind him.

He went back to his room and looked into the mirror and fixed his hair a bit, not able to get the stupid lop sided grin off his face. He hoped he wouldn’t look like that the next day otherwise Lauren would know what happened. Then he went to the side of the bed and laughed to himself as he gingerly picked up four spent condoms. One drooped heavily with a full reservoir while another looked like the inside was just wet. “Wow, four times, what a night!” he thought back to the last time as it seemed like he had fucked her for an hour with sweat slick skin and at the end a bad stitch in his side. What a joy it was to cum and just lie on top of her panting with exertion while she whimpered under him.

He went and wrapped the condoms in bathroom tissue and poked it in the bottom of his bathroom waste basket and had a nice long hot shower, washing his red spent cock with reverence. He pulled on boxers and a tee shirt and got into bed. Propping up on his pillows he looked at his phone and saw return messages from Stacy and Taylor. He grinned as he first looked at a selfie of Stacy, pouting with a low cut top and her breasts barely contained. “Great eyes,” he whispered. Then he opened Taylor’s that had clear and precise directions to her Aunt’s house and begging him not to be seen, telling him her boyfriend was part of her family’s church community. He grinned as he typed, “Ill b careful. cant wait 2 b with u Taylor.” He sent his message before adding to himself, “As long as I can recover from Lynn first.”

Will was the first one down to the kitchen the next morning and cooked himself a full breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, oatmeal, juice and coffee. He devoured it and started to work on his papers while having another coffee. Martin and Lauren came down after some time and she set to making her husband’s breakfast as he sat across from his son. Will looked over at him with the smallest of smiles and Martin winked at him.

“What did you do last night Will?” Lauren asked.

“Trying to get these papers done,” he yawned.

“How about Lynn?”

“She was around most of the night I think. I don’t think she went out anywhere.”

“That so?” Lauren asked him suspiciously.

In another few minutes Lynn Şerifali Escort came in as well. She had pulled on a pair of sleep pants and had her hair tied back in a tail. She nonchalantly walked past everyone to the fridge.

“Good morning,” Martin greeted her.

“What did you do last night Lynn?” Lauren challenged her.

“I stayed in Mom, ok? I didn’t go clubbing or anything like that.”

“What did you do all evening yourself?”

“I worked out. Watched a movie.” She had taken two yogurt cups and juice from the fridge and got a banana and two croissants as well.

“Worked up a healthy appetite, hey?” Lauren studied her carefully.

“Coffee anyone?” Will asked.

“Me!” Lynn immediately said over a full bite of croissant. Will got a mug, poured coffee and added a drop of milk the way she liked.

“Such a gentleman,” Lauren said icily.

“Would you like some?” he asked sweetly.


“I’ll have a cup as well,” Martin grinned at him.

“I have to go into the University for a bit,” he said as he packed up his laptop. He was afraid Lauren would get him alone and grab his cock again. Its response time would definitely betray his night of love making with Lynn.

“Hello darling,” Lauren said to Lynn when she went into her room.

Lynn pulled off her headphones, “What?”

“Hello, I said,” Lauren snapped.

“Hi!” Lynn replied in a sweet voice that dripped of sarcasm.

“How was your night? Martin and I had a lovely meal at the Club.”

“I didn’t have sex with Will if that’s what you want to know.”

Lauren’s mouth open and closed a few times like a goldfish. “I wasn’t insinuating that at all.” She lied.

“Of course you were.”

“Well you guys are adults and you’re not related but really it’s probably not such a great idea you know.”

“I flirt a bit with him for laughs. No more than you do yourself.”

“I just tease him a bit because he’s such a sweet straight as an arrow kinda guy.”

“So you haven’t had sex with him?”

“Lynn! What a thing to ask me! I’m married to his father!”

“You cheated on Dad and then you had an affair with your divorce lawyer, who is married. Or was married.”

“How did you know about that!” she snapped.

“I’m not stupid, mother.”

“Well I’m not fucking Will!” she snapped, “I mean ahhh I’m not having sex with Will!” she hissed angrily.

Lynn laughed at her loss of control, “Well you accused me first! Now you know how it feels!”

“Ok,” Lauren sat down on the corner of the bed, “He’s a hot young guy, let’s admit it, now he isn’t here to hear us.”

“He’s not bad,” she agreed hesitantly.

“And you are beautiful. You guys are very close in age so there has to be some attraction there. Just be careful Lynn. Don’t get your heart broke. I’m sure Martin has plans for Will and probably even a list of possible wives. I’m sure he’s had the talk with him. So you too. You have a great life ahead. Martin is paying for all your schooling. You can live here with all the perks. And I don’t spend a dime of my own money. It’s all banked, invested. So you’ll have quite a little inheritance someday yourself. Don’t make waves, don’t get pregnant.”

“Sure Mom. Don’t worry. Seriously. Now are you gonna take me out to lunch or what?”

“Sure my baby,” she smiled.

“I’ll buy you some jewelry too! I have a small fortune in gold already from Martin’s credit cards,” she winked, “Bangles, rings, pearls, diamonds. If there were any pirates around here I’d be worried. My safe in my office at work is jammed full.”

“Mother!” Lynn tried to sound shocked but she wasn’t really.

“Stay smart kid. Look after yourself. And, for the record, your father cheated on me well before I cheated on him.”

Martin took Will to dinner at the Club, as the girls were still out shopping, and they discussed his new duties at his company. Both he and Lynn worked there during the summer already.

“Can Lynn be my secretary?” he joked.

“Lynn is better off staying over in HR,” his father smiled, “The last thing I need is you two to be discovered in a supplies closet.” Will looked down at his plate and blushed a bit.

After dinner the driver took them back and Will got ready. He was set to meet Taylor in an hour’s time. He showered, got dressed and shoved a handful of condoms in his pocket. “Better to be on the safe side,” he chuckled to himself. He took the keys of the late model Honda Accord they had, he didn’t want to stand out in Taylor’s Aunt’s neighbourhood with one of the high end cars or SUVs his father owned. He texted her from the car before leaving.

She replied, “Park Maple St & walk thru alley across street from house with white pillars. house has chain link fence in back & 42 on garbage bin. dont knock! txt me from back yard & Ill let you in.”

He followed her instructions and got into the back yard without any issues. He texted her and she soon opened the sliding door in the back. “Shhhh,” she hissed looking out. İstanbul Escort She had loose sweats on.

“This is exciting!” he grinned as he slipped in.

“I know I look like a slop,” she said as she closed the door.

“You look beautiful. As always.” He moved a bit away from the door, out of sight,

“You’re just saying that,” she followed him.

“Think so?” he found her slender waist and pulled her into him. Tilting his head, their lips met and he kissed her slowly, her full lips feeling so soft and amazing against his.

“You don’t waste time,” she whispered as her hands moved slowly over his chest.

“I didn’t think you wanted me to?”

“I don’t.”

When he kissed her again his hand found her little round bum.

“Down in the rec room?” she whispered when his tongue withdrew from her mouth.


She took him by the hand and led him downstairs. “I usually don’t do stuff like this Will. Seriously.”

“I know, Taylor.”

“You looked so hot the other day I just wanted to have you. I know that sounds bad.”

“No it doesn’t, Taylor. If you’re bad, I’m just as bad!”

They were downstairs and she led him to a big sectional corduroy couch. She turned to him and they started making out again.

“This can go,” he muttered as he lifted her light cotton grey sweat top over her head. “Whoooa!” he exclaimed, seeing she wasn’t wearing a bra under it. Her breasts were small and shapely like Lynn’s. Her nipples were like dark little stones and he cupped a breast and rubbed a thumb over the nipple.

She rose up on her toes to kiss him again and her hands went to his waist, lifting up his tee shirt to get at his belt and she quickly started to pull it off. “You have a condom, right?” she panted.

“Oh yeah!” he answered as his hand went inside her sweat pants to her smooth bum.

She had his belt and jeans open and they fell down where he kicked them off and gasped as her hand slipped around his cock. “I want it, Will,” she hissed, “I’m not even kidding. Right now. I want you inside me.”

He quickly stripped off his shirt and then pulled down her sweat pants. Her body was slender and toned, her skin smooth, flawless and a nice medium brown. He glimpsed a puffy shaved pussy before she had herself pressed against him.

“I’m so wet, Will! I want you so bad!” Holding his hand she sat down on the couch, pulling him with her.

“Let me put something on,” he grabbed his jeans and pulled out the condoms. As he tore one off, she lay back on the couch and put a pillow under her head.

“Holy Jesus,” he exclaimed as he watched as she threw a long tapered leg over the back of the couch and a long slick glistening crack opened between her legs. He quickly rolled down the condom and gingerly got on top of her. She immediately grabbed his cock again and directed him in as he mounted her.

“There, Will!”

He pushed slowly yet firmly and held his breath as he felt his cock head enter her. She gripped him and he looked into her big dark eyes as he slid into her fully. She arched her back under him and threw her head back. “OHHHHH!” she started to cum right away and he pushed his cock into her as far as he could and held it there. “Oh Will …,” she panted as her orgasm past and she relaxed her grip on him. He started to fuck her then, long slow deep strokes. “Mmmmm, oh God, Will! Yes! Just like that! YES!” she hissed and she bit into his shoulder as she started to cum again.

“Oh wow! This is so hot!” he whispered to her as he fucked her with steady deep strokes.

She locked her legs around him so he pushed deep into her, relaxed and pushed deep again, continuing as she gasped wetly into his shoulder. She unlocked her long legs as her second orgasm subsided and he started fucking her again, increasing his pace as his need and desire increased.

“Oh Will!,” she gasped as he grunted in exertion as his rock hard cock slipped in and out of her rapidly now, “I’m gonna cum again! OH GOD!!”

“TAYLOR! GOD, YES!” His cock exploded inside her and pleasure radiated out as she clutched onto him panting. Then he sought out her full, beautiful lips again and kissed her deeply as he continued to slowly move his cock inside her.

“I have to check on my cousin Will,” she told him softly.

“Yeah … ok,” he pulled out and got off her. He watched her eyes drop to the spent condom hanging from his cock, slick with her pussy juice and with a full reservoir.

“Oh no!” she said as she felt the couch, “I came all over the cushion!”

“Just flip it Taylor.”

“Wait here.” She told him as she pulled on her sweats, “And don’t get dressed!” She bounded upstairs and returned shortly with a spray bottle, a roll of paper towel, and a few towels. She quickly cleaned up the cushion and sprayed it with freshener and then flipped it over. Looking over at him then with a gleaming white smile she quickly stripped again and lay the towels on the couch. He went over and grabbed her around the waist from Ümraniye Escort behind.

“I want to eat your pussy, Taylor,” he whispered.

“Oh yes, Will!” she instantly responded excitedly.

“Bend over,” he gently pushed her with his hand on her back and she got on the couch, in the right angle between the two sections, with a knee on both sides and bent over, leaning on her forearms, with her ass stuck out.

“Oh God! Wow!” he whispered in admiration, feeling a caramel brown ass cheek while looking at the darker colored flesh of her pussy lips and her puckered asshole. He knelt down then and, gripping each ass cheek firmly, he leaned in to push his tongue into her pink crack.

“Oh! Ooooohhh!” she said in a muffled voice as she had her face pressed into the couch so she wouldn’t yell out. He licked up and down her crack, did his best to fuck her with his tongue and found her clit to lick and suck on. Taylor went crazy and soon her willowy young body was shaking with another orgasm. Will could feel and taste her cum oozing out and he licked it up eagerly.

“Stay like that Tay, I just gotta put one on,” he quickly got another condom and rolled it on before getting back behind her. “Oh wow!” he whispered as he held his cock and rubbed the head up and down between her pussy lips. He had to squat down a bit and push his knees against the side of the couch to get the right level. “Wow,” he said again before pushing against her opening and easily sliding in as she gave a short delicious yelp. Holding her firmly by the hips, he started fucking her, amazed at how deep his cock could plunge in with this position. “Oh my God, Tay!” he hissed as his hips slapped up against her small but plump ass.

After some time he found his knees burning a bit so he pulled out. “Turn over,” he panted and she immediately did, “Oh my God Will, that felt so amazing!”

“Lie on your back, Tay,” he whispered and then got over her, “Legs over my shoulders.” She was in excellent shape, young, very slender and limber. He rested his forearm against the back of the couch and she grabbed his cock and pulled it back to her pussy. “Yeah,” he grunted as he pushed in again. With her legs closed a bit more she felt much tighter. He held onto the edge of the cushion and she put her hand on his shoulders. They looked into each others eyes and she bit her lip to try and not yell out as he drove into her again and again.

“This is amazing, Tay,” he grunted.

“I love it!” she groaned. He fucked her in that position some more before stopping to try and adjust his body a bit, “Let me fuck you Will,” she whispered.

“God yes!” he agreed readily and pulled out.

“Lie on the floor,” she tossed him a pillow.

He lay back on the plush carpeted floor and put the pillow under his head, “I must be the luckiest guy in the world,” he whispered as he watched her step over him with her amazing long toned shapely legs. She just smiled and squat down, reached for his cock and gasped as she slowly slid down on it.

“Oh God, Tay!” he breathed as she bounced and rode him like a horse. He held her by the waist as watched in awe as her small breasts bobbed as she fucked him like a woman possessed.

“Oh God! OH GOD!” she closed her eyes and leaned over with her hands on his chest. She lifted her head and looked at him again shyly as she started fucking him slowly again.

“It feels so good,” he whispered.

“Let me try the other way a bit!” She got off him, turned around and sat on him backwards.

“Oh yeah! Oh wow! ” he grunted as he could look up and watch her pussy slide over his cock again and again. He admired her muscular toned smooth back as well as she fucked him. “Gonna cum soon, Tay,” he groaned in pleasure.

“Ok!” She jumped up and got on him front facing again. This time she lay forward on him and he wrapped his arms around her midsection. She pushed her lips on his and worked her hips briskly.

The pleasure grew in his cock until he erupted again and she gasped against his cheek as she came with him. Then she collapsed on him as they lay panting on the floor.

“Oh wow! Wow, was that ever good!” he gasped.

“Amazing,” she whispered as she slowly got up and his cock slid out to slap back against his belly. “Let’s not push our luck too much Will, ok?” she asked as she pulled her panties back on and then her sweats.

“Oh yeah. Sure.” He got up and pulled off the condom as he went to the bathroom to flush it and wash his hands.

“Here. Put the wrappers in your pocket,” she gave them to him as he quickly dressed.

“I really enjoyed that, Will,” she smiled as she stepped into him and they made out tenderly for a minute or so, “But you should go now, ok?”

“Sure, Taylor. Thanks, that was so amazing. It really was.”

“You’re not going to tell anyone we were together, are you?”

“No way. I swear.”

“You’re a nice guy, Will,” she reached out and rubbed his face, “We’ll hook up again, ok?”

“Yeah,” he grinned, “You’re amazing.”

They kissed again and she led him upstairs and out the backdoor again.

“Whoooo! I gotta try some of those positions with my girl Lynn!” he yelled out when he got back into his car and pulled away grinning from ear to ear, “AWESOME!!”

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