The Christmas Party

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Public Sex

I got to the Christmas party a little late and by then, everyone was pretty buzzed. It was held by a dear friend and I was excited to be seeing other friends that I hadn’t seen in years. I wore this cute little black dress that was short and tight, hugging all of my curves and even managed to push my large tits up nicely. I was wearing a pair of 3 inch heels with hopes that I would make it through the party without tripping.

Everyone seemed to be in separate groups mingling, reminiscing about the good old days while downing a variety of alcoholic beverages. I quickly grabbed a beer and made my way around. As I was talking to Nicci, I spotted Mark across the room. He gave me a huge smile and a wink that immediately sent shivers over my body causing my nipples to harden and my pussy to quake. Unfortunately we had a lot of friends around so we had to keep the flirting secret so we wouldn’t get busted by anyone.

I walked to another group, this one closer to where Mark was hanging out. I smiled at him, sliding my tongue over my red lips to tease him. Someone said something and I had to pull away from my little flirting to join the conversation. When I looked over again, Mark was gone.

“Hello baby girl” he whispered into my ear, chills covering my flesh once more. I felt his hand slip between my legs, his fingers sliding under the little bit of black lace that covered my smooth pussy. He was being quick and discreet, standing behind me but far enough back to not warrant any suspicion. I shuddered as he pulled his hand away, his fingers coated with my sweet honey.

I fought the urge to press against him, now hungry to feel his cock against me. I kept talking as he slid his fingers into his mouth and quickly sucked them clean, a groan escaping his lips that only I could hear. I knew we were being risky, flirting and being so close out here but I couldn’t help it. He was driving me insane the second taksim escort I saw him. I think he knew what he was doing to me because he quickly excused himself and made his way over to another group of friends.

I kept glancing at him and each time he would wink or smile. I blew him a little kiss before excusing myself and walking into the kitchen for another beer. Nicci had a cooler full of bottles sitting on the floor in the kitchen. Thankfully someone was there to hand me one the first time I went in. This time there was no one. I looked at the cooler and then around the room, knowing that I would flash anyone coming in if I bent over to get a beer. I gave an exasperated sigh and then reached for the cooler lid.

“Keep bending over like that and I am going to spank you.” Mark growled as he rounded the corner and got a perfect view of my swollen pussy barely covered by the lace thong. His hand immediately went to my ass, giving it a sharp smack. I squealed, my pussy dripping for him now.

As if he read my mind, he grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the cooler and around the corner, taking me down the hall and into the first empty bedroom we could find. He locked the door, pushing me against it and placing his lips firmly on mine. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist my hands grabbing at his shirt and trying to pull it up as my tongue danced with his.

“Please Mark… please fuck me…” I moaned into his mouth. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my pussy and I knew I would leave a wet spot on his pants if he didn’t get them off soon. The music blasted down the hallway causing the door to vibrate, his mouth leaving mine and kissing down my neck as his hand pulled the top of my dress down and then pulled my bra to expose one of my large tits to him. He licked my nipple, swirling around the hard bud before wrapping topkapı escort his lips around it and sucking hard.

I unhooked my legs and put my feet back down, pushing his waist back so I could begin undoing his pants. His hard cock fell heavily into my palm and I stroked him, squeezing it to milk his pre-cum. He growled, biting my nipple. He pulled away and went to the other, licking and sucking and biting until I couldn’t take it anymore. “I need to suck your cock, baby. Please let me suck your cock…” I whispered.

He backed up and I immediately dropped to my knees, his cock resting in my hand as I began to lavish it with kisses around the swollen head. His fingers tangled in my hair and I slid my tongue up and down the length, slowly memorizing every ridge, every throbbing vein. I wrapped my lips around it and pulled it in, sucking it deep down my throat.

I caressed his balls, heavy with his cream as I slid my lips up and down his cock, my tongue running across the throbbing vein on the underside. He growled and I felt his balls tighten, signaling that he was close to release. I needed to feel him inside of me so I slid back and released his cock, a string of saliva running from my lips to the fat head.

He pulled my hair and I stood, allowing him to direct me to the bed where he pushed my face down. I was now bent over the bed, my ass in the air and my pussy aching to be fucked, He brought his hand down and smacked my ass several times, an orgasm tearing through me as I cried out. He yanked my panties down and dropped to his knees, spreading my ass cheeks and shoving his face into my sopping hole. He licked and sucked my pussy like a starving man. I came so many times that I lost count, my body shaking as his tongue explored my sweet pussy.

I was pleading for him, begging for his cock. He finally pulled away and grabbed my tüyap escort hair, turning me around and pressing his pussy covered lips against mine. I tasted my sweet juices as I kissed him, licking around his lips to clean him off. He removed the rest of his clothes and then helped me out of my dress before pulling me onto the bed with him. I was now on top, straddling him. I wanted to tease him, and to get control of myself again. I rubbed my pussy up and down his cock, letting him watch as my lips seemed to wrap around him and I coated his meat pole with my juices.

He couldn’t take the teasing any longer, grabbing my hips and lifting me so he could slam his cock into me. I cried out as he stretched my pussy, filling me with his length. I began riding him, bouncing over his cock and feeling him push against my cervix. I fucked him hard and fast, sweat dripping off of me as my tits bounced around and he thrust his hips up to push deeper into me.

Mark finally sat up and began moving us, keeping his cock buried inside of my tight pussy as he flipped us around. His arms hooked under my knees, pushing them up so that they were around my head as he began slamming his cock into me. I convulsed beneath him, my pussy squeezing his cock as he shoved it in hard, his balls smacking against my asshole. I cried out, biting his shoulder so that people out in the party wouldn’t hear us, my orgasms ripping through me.

He finally shoved in deep and remained still as he spewed jet after jet of his thick seed into my quivering cunt. My nails dug into his ass, pulling him in deeper. I felt his hot spunk fill my cunt and I tightened around him, milking his magnificent cock for more cream. When he had nothing else left, he slowly pulled out, my legs still up in the air. He looked down to see my gapping cunt opened and filled with his thick seed.

Mark made me sit like that for a few more minutes and then lowered my legs. He kissed me gently as his hands ran over my soft skin. Our hearts began to relax and we slowly got off of the bed and redressed. Mark pulled my lace panties back up and ordered me to keep his seed inside of me. He gave me a deep and lingering kiss before we left the bedroom to rejoin the party, no one even noticing that we were gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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