The Cleaning Girl’s Temptation

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Elsie hurried down the walkway and quickly let herself into the house. She was in a panic, she’d overslept and was two hours late for her cleaning job. Thankfully no one was home. The job was good money but the owners Jack and Alexa were very strict about punctuality. With any luck she’d finish before they got back. She started upstairs with the master bathroom.

Elsie stood in the doorway with her bucket of cleaning supplies and took in the opulent room: a huge walk-in shower, whirlpool tub, an armoire, even a cocktail bar. It was bigger than her tiny studio apartment. But something was different today. The bench near the shower had been replaced with a large purple chaise. She set her bucket down, approached it and ran her finger along the edge. It was so soft. Sensual. Elsie shook her head. Get back to work.

She began cleaning but was distracted. She scrubbed the tub and sink then dusted the armoire. Once before she had peeked in and knew that it was filled with lingerie. She hesitated then opened the top drawer and looked at bras, panties and teddies in every color and fabric imaginable from leather to lace. Her hand hovered in the air as she debated. Temptation won out. Elsie took off her leggings and T-shirt, slipped on a black silk thong and looked at herself in the mirror. Short, with small tits and sandy blonde hair she was nothing like the stunning Maltepe Escort Alexa. With her voluptuously curved body and fiery red hair, Alexa turned heads wherever she went. No one ever looked at Elsie like that. In fact, no one ever looked at her at all. As she stood in front of the mirror her eyes again fell on the chaise behind her.

She knew she shouldn’t but before she could stop herself she was sitting down and reclining, putting her legs up. The bench dipped in the center and there was a plush head rest. She closed her eyes. The exotic scent of Alexa lingered on the fabric, she must have been here recently. What had she been doing? Elsie’s hand made its way to her legs, she moved them apart and began stroking herself through the panties. She was throbbing. Unbidden images of Jack and Alexa came into her mind and her breath came faster.

“Enjoying yourself?” The voice made her heart stop. She gasped and sat up. Jack stood there with his arms crossed, a stern look on his face. Her cheeks flushed, she covered her chest with her arms and stammered, “I’m sorry! I don’t know what happened. Please don’t tell Alexa.”

He approached her. “Our surveillance camera clocked you coming in two hours late. Now you’re wearing my wife’s panties and rubbing your pussy on our brand new bench.” Elsie didn’t know what to say so she just nodded. “You certainly Ümraniye Escort don’t think much of working do you? Maybe I should just fire you right now.”

“Oh, please don’t,” she pleaded. “It won’t happen ever again, I promise.” He raised his eyebrows at her. “Perhaps I should come up with a different consequence.” And he slowly slid his belt off and slapped it on his hand. A thrill rushed through Elsie. Without thinking she dropped to her knees and looked up at him. He slowly sat down. “This couch has many uses you know.” He widened his legs and Elsie knelt between them. He took his cock out, it was rock hard. She opened her mouth and began to suck him. He groaned and his hands pushed her head down further, causing her to gag. Suddenly, Elsie heard the bathroom door close. She froze and looked up. Statuesque and fierce, Alexa stood next to her husband, hand on his shoulder, looking down at her. Elsie tried to get up but he kept his hands on her head, holding her in place. “Don’t stop,” he instructed. A look passed between him and his wife.

Alexa turned and walked out of the bathroom. Elsie’s mind told her she should leave but his swollen head in her mouth and the pulsing in her pussy propelled her to continue. Suddenly she felt someone behind her. Elsie could see in the mirror that Alexa stood there, wearing a black corset and a strap-on İstanbul Escort with a big curved cock. “Get up,” Alexa told her. Elsie stood, staring at the dildo. What was happening? She was both nervous and excited. Alexa picked up a bottle of oil and poured it all over the shaft, stroking it as she did so. Jack leaned back, watching them. Suddenly Alexa kissed Elsie, her tongue sliding into her mouth, her hand on her pussy. Then she turned Elsie around and bent her over the end of the bench, pushing her legs apart.

Elsie felt the hard head pushing into her then it stopped. Alexa leaned over her and whispered in her ear, “Sucking my husband’s cock and wearing my lingerie, not so innocent after all, are you?” Her fingers found Elsie’s nipples and twisted them hard, causing her to gasp. “You’re going to finish what you started, make him cum in your mouth. If you don’t then I just might have to fuck that pretty little ass of yours.” And with that she buried the cock deep in Elsie’s pussy just as Jack pushed his dick into her mouth. With each thrust the cock grazed her G-spot and Elsie felt a powerful orgasm building up. She was dripping wet, juices running down her legs. Jack began fucking her mouth faster and deeper. She could hear him breathing hard. With a moan he came, shooting his load down her throat. Elsie was on the brink of cumming when Alexa suddenly slid a finger into her ass and she exploded, shaking from the orgasm. She was out of breathe and her legs were weak when Alexa slid the cock out of her. “Time for you two to switch places,” she said and looked at her husband. “Bend over darling. You’re next.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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