The Erikson Twins Big Summer Pt. 04

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Chapter Twelve

Dan saw his brother walking along the sidewalk just two blocks from their house. He pulled over and Don got in.

“So, how did it go?” Dan asked.

“Fantastic,” Don replied. “Lana is so petite and hot, I was just walking along thinking about it and I was getting hard again. How did it go with you?”

“Like you said,” Dan replied, “fantastic. Gail is another hot cougar. I can’t believe our luck.”

“Yeah,” Don said almost wistfully, “it’s too bad we’ve only got this summer to enjoy it.”

“Yeah and there’s a hitch,” Dan said.

“A hitch? What hitch?”

“Well, Gail wondered if I would be back next Friday. I told her that it would be you.”

“Oh yeah,” Don said with a grin, anticipating sex with yet another beautiful mature woman in this small town.

“The hitch is, what about Jackie, and Lana, too. Their husbands all play poker on Friday night. As much as I would like too, we can’t go banging all of them on the same night. Not unless we go wham bam thank you ma’am then head off for the next one. And I really don’t think they would like that. As a matter of fact, neither would I. I like spending time with them and not being in a rush.”

“Okay,” Don said, “you’re right, that is a hitch. Good thing Rachel is our Tuesday client.”

“Except that her husband tends to be home every night of the week.”

“Oh yeah.”

Dan’s phone rang. “It’s Jackie,” he told his brother and put the phone on speaker. “Hey, Jackie, what’s up?”

“Gail called to thank me. Said she had a wonderful time. She’s looking forward to doing it again with you and Don.”

“Don and me?” Dan said, giving his brother a big grin and receiving one back in return.

“That’s what she said. She said that she’d been rethinking her position on having sex with the two of you at once…but not anal.” Jackie said.

“Okay, that’s great, and not having anal won’t be a problem.” Dan looked over to his brother who was nodding in agreement. “But there’s a hitch.”

“A hitch? What hitch?”

“Well, between you and Gail and Lana all being open, so to speak, on Friday nights when your husbands are playing poker, and as much as we would like too, Don and I don’t think we can pay each of you a visit on the same night and, you know, spend, um,.. .”

“Quality time with you,” Don spoke up.

Jackie laughed. Dan and Don could hear another woman laughing. It must be Rachel, they both thought, and Jackie’s on speaker phone also.

“Quality time,” Jackie said. “I like that.” There was a short pause. “So, since Don’s with you I guess you’re home already?”

“No,” Dan said, “He was walking home from Lana’s. I dropped him off there and then I took the truck out to Gail’s. He was a couple blocks from home when I saw him. We’re sitting at the curb now.”

“Hey, what about me?” Rachel spoke up. “You left me out.”

“Actually, that’s another hitch, Rachel,” Dan said, “your husband is home almost always every night of the week, right?”

There was silence for a moment. “Okay,” Jackie said, “I’m sure we can work this all out. But what I called you about is to ask you when you think you’ll get done working tomorrow?”

“We’ll be done and home by five p.m. Why?” Dan asked.

“Rachel and I were discussing how much we miss you boys tonight and were wondering if you could drive into Springfield tomorrow night. I’m going to book a room at the University Plaza Hotel. Do you know where that is?”

“No, but we’ll Google it.”

“Of course you will. Springfield is about an hour away. Do you think you can be there by seven or seven-thirty? I’ll call you tomorrow to tell you which room it is so you can just go right up.”

Dan and Don exchanged big grins and then Don spoke up. “Like our grandfather says, we’ll be there with bells on.”

The boys could hear both women laughing hard. Rachel spoke up, still laughing a bit. “Actually, we would prefer it if you were inconspicuous. Okay?”

Dan and Don laughed. “Yes, definitely inconspicuous,” Dan said. “I don’t even know what grandpa means by that.”

“Google it,” Rachel said.

“Okay, boys,” Jackie said, “until tomorrow night. Goodbye. No, wait, uh do you think you’ll be able to spend the night? That would be ever so nice, you know.”

Don was nodding furiously as Dan answered Jackie’s question. “Yes, of course we can spend the night.”

“Okay, lover boys,” Jackie said, until tomorrow night.

“Kiss. Kiss.” They heard Rachel say and then Jackie ended the call.

“Damn twin brother,” Don exclaimed, “both of them at the same time and in a fancy hotel to boot! Woo-Hoo!”

Dan was no less excited than his brother. “And spending the night with them, to boot,” he said. Neither Dan nor Don had ever slept, as in actually spent the night with and slept with their girlfriends, or any other woman for that matter. Tomorrow night would be a night to remember, they were both sure.

“Oh, by the way, brother,” Don said, “Lana’s husband is going to be out of town Monday night. She would like atakent escort me to show up again, just like I did tonight, you know, from the alley to the back door.”

“Way to go, Don,” Dan said.

“Yeah, but why don’t you go instead. I’ve had her once and I’m sure I’m going to have her many more times this summer. So you can go in my place and be sure to let her know she getting the other twin. I’m sure that will thrill her even more.”

“You’re too kind,” Dan said with a big grin.

“I know, I know,” Don said, “but I love you brother of mine.”

The boys laughed as Dan pulled away from the curb and drove the remaining short distance to their house.


Chapter Thirteen

Shortly after 7 p.m. there was a knock on the door of room 512. Jackie smiled at Rachel as she headed for the door. Both women were wearing light, cotton, floral patterned summer dresses and high heeled shoes; no stockings, no panties, and no bras. They were cleansed, showered, and ready for action. Of course, they had already made love to each other, totally relaxing in each other’s arms in the secure privacy of the hotel room, and anticipating the arrival of Don and Dan.

Jackie looked through the peephole to be sure it was the Erikson twins before opening the door. “Come in,” she said and stood aside.

“Well don’t you boys look nice,” Rachel said as she embraced then kissed each one.

Dan and Don were wearing sports coats over their white dress shirts and, of course, clean jeans, not too new and not to worn, as well as their cowboy boots.

“Thanks,” Dan said.

“This is what we wore when came to M. U. a few months ago for an interview,” Don said.

“Yeah, this is where we thought we were going to go to school before Stanford accepted us,” Dan said, then added, “Now I kind of wish we were going to go here, considering what’s happened in the last couple of weeks.”

“That’s sweet,” Jackie said. She hugged and kissed both boys, too. “But it turns out that Rachel and I will be leaving Cougarville.”

“Really?” both boys said at once.

“Yes, but it won’t be right away. Rachel and I still have some planning to do so we’ll be around for most, if not all, of the summer. Besides, there’s still Gail and Lana, right?”

“Well, yeah,” Don said.

“But, uh, you see,” Dan said

“You and Rachel are… .” he paused and looked at his brother.

“Uh, what Don’s trying say is that, well, Gail and Lana are nice, but you and Rachel are our…favorites.”

“Oh that’s so sweet,” Rachel said. She embraced Dan again and this time gave him a full mouth, tongue probing kiss.

“Yes,” Jackie said as she put her arms around Don and gave him an equally affectionate kiss.

“And for being such sweet boys,” Rachel said when she pulled her lips from Dan’s, looking him directly in the eyes with a twinkle in hers, “I think you deserve a nice blow job right now, don’t you, Jackie?”

“Absolutely,” Jackie said.

Both women went down to their knees and began unbuckling each of their respective twin’s belt buckles. Dan and Don looked at each other and gave each other a big grin.

The women slowly and sensually, with a kiss here and a gentle bite there, undid and pulled the boys’ pants and partially down. They saw the boys weren’t wearing underwear and that their cocks were beginning to inflate with blood. Jackie’s and Rachel’s warm, wet mouths, as well as their hand fondling their balls, soon had both boys’ cocks fully hard.

Dan and Don looked down at the beautiful erotic sight of these two beautiful women worshipping their cocks and balls with their mouths and hands. It was also exciting for both of them to look over and see each other getting the same treatment.

Both women, from time-to-time, would look directly up into the eyes of the twin whose cock she was sucking. Don and Dan found that added even more sexual excitement to the sight of Rachel’s or Jackie’s sweet lips stretched around and sliding up and down their hard shafts and caused the twins to suck in deep shuttering breaths of air before expelling it through purse lips.

Dan closed his eyes and just completely felt the pleasure that Rachel was giving him with her mouth and with her hand fondling his balls; balls that were now beginning to draw up tight to his body in preparation of the impending ejaculation.

Don kept eye contact with Jackie, but felt every bit of the same delightful sensations that his brother was feeling. His balls, too, were starting to draw up to his body.

“Oh fuck yes!” Dan suddenly cried out. And then he was partially hunched over, his body shuddering and he was gasping as his cock began shooting one big wad of cum into Rachel’s willing, sucking mouth after another. His body pulsed with intense erotic pleasure a half a dozen times or more. Finally, he was done. There was nothing left for his cock to expel.

Rachel grabbed Dan’s cock and pulled her mouth off of it, grinning. She had enjoyed akbatı escort doing that more than she would have otherwise because Jackie was right next to her sucking Don’s cock. This all seemed almost like a fantasy, or being in a porn video and it made her pussy very wet indeed.

And then Don began grunting and groaning, squeezing his eyes shut as his own intense pleasure began to course through his body and his cock began pumping thick ropes of cum into Jackie’s wanton mouth. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” He repeated several times in the few seconds that it took for his orgasm to begin, peak, then start to fade.

Dan dropped to his knees and put his hands on either side of Rachel’s face. “Thank you Rachel,” he said before giving her a sweet, affectionate kiss with lots of tongue, tasting his own semen on her tongue and in her mouth.

Oh wow, wow, wow!” Don said when he opened his eyes and looked down into Jackie’s startling blue eyes. She was smiling up at him, milking out his cock with her hand for the last drop of cum, which she deftly sucked up between her lips.

Don reached down and pulled Jackie to her feet. He hugged her tightly and kissed her deeply.

Rachel and Dan were on their feet by the time Jackie and Don broke off their kiss. “Okay, boys,” Jackie said, “time for you to get Rachel and me warmed up.” She turned and looked over her shoulder to Don. “Unzip me please,” she said seductively.

Don gladly sprang to the simple task as did Dan with Rachel. Quickly, both women’s bodies were exposed in all their toned and tanned beauty. Two different bodies, to be sure, but beautiful in their own ways: Rachel, at nearly six feet tall, was thin but not anorexic by any means and her natural, and firm, 32C tits looked wonderful on her; Jackie, at 5′ 8″ had a more full and compact body on which her enhanced 36D tits looked just as wonderful to the twins. Adding to the boy’s visual delight was the fact that Jackie and Rachel had decided to leave on all the lights in the room. So now the boys were seeing these naked women, not in dim bedroom light as before, but full strong light. It did nothing to detract from their mature beauty.

Rachel led Dan to one of the two king-sized beds, sat down on it before scooting back a little. She placed her feet on the edge of the bed, spreading her legs wide for Dan’s mouth to work its wonder on her. Jackie led Don the other bed and positioned herself in much the same way.

Both Don and Dan began kissing bellies and thighs, working their way around finally to Rachel’s and Jackie’s pussies. Their cocks were already hard again as they began to seriously lick and suck on the women’s wet and fragrant sexual orifices. This went on for several minutes. The boys knew enough to not be in a hurry. The women knew that the boys knew what they were doing.

With much sighing, and gasping, and moaning, from Jackie and Rachel, Dan’s and Don’s tongues, lips, and teeth worked Jackie’s and Rachel’s pussies from top to bottom and back to the top again. Then they carefully inserted a finger in and began stimulating the respective g-spots.

After several minutes of only the sounds of the women enjoying what the boys were doing to them, as well as the wet sounds of mouths on vaginas, Rachel cried out. “I’m going to come! I’m going to come! Oh-Oh-Oh!”

Jackie looked over to see her friend writhing on the bed in ecstasy with Dan’s face still buried between her legs and smiled. She was so happy that Rachel had turned out to be her best friend and so willing to learn and experiment with sex because of her naturally strong libido.

“No! No!” Rachel gasped as she twisted her body away from Dan’s hungry mouth, her legs shaking uncontrollably with the intense pleasure of her orgasm.

As Rachel was panting and slowly coming down off her sexual high, Dan stood up, grinning, his hard cock sticking straight out in front of him as he quickly began to get undressed.

As much as Jackie liked pussy, she liked cock just as much. The sight of Dan’s vein-bulging, super hard cock made her mouth water. She loved what Don’s mouth was doing to her pussy and she knew it wouldn’t be too much longer before she was experiencing her own orgasm. But in the meantime, she wanted to get her mouth stuffed with delicious hard cock.

“Come here, Dan,” Jackie said hoarsely. Her eyes were veiled with lust. Dan looked over at Jackie. “I want to suck your cock,” Jackie said in a near whisper.

Dan looked at Rachel who was just now turning over onto her back. He leaned down to give her a kiss then he climb up on the other bed beside Jackie. She turned her head to the side and angled up a bit. Dan, sitting back on his heels, spread his legs wide and scooted in close. He slipped his cock into Jackie’s mouth.

He’d just had a blow job but, still, it felt so fucking good to stick his cock into Jackie’s warm, wet mouth; it was so smooth and slick. He began fucking her mouth and Jackie held still keeping aksaray escort her lips tightly sealed around Dan’s hard shaft.

Don looked up from where he was munching away on Jackie’s pussy and mentally smiled. This was so hot; these two beautiful older women and how they loved to fuck and suck. And, he knew, that before the night was over, Dan and he were going to double fuck both Jackie and Rachel.

And then Don realized he was the only one left with clothes on. “Excuse me a second,” he told Jackie as he sat back and pulled off his boots and socks before standing up and kicking off his pants and nearly tearing his shirt off. Then, quick as a wink, he was back on his knees worshiping at the altar of Jackie’s womanhood.

For her part, now fully recovered, Rachel sat up on the bed and watched the intense sex scene on the bed next to her. Her best friend having her pussy eaten out by one of the Erikson twins and having her mouth fucked by the other one. This is like a fucking porn video, she told herself, and I’m one of the women starring in it. And then she thought, Damn, I could get down on my back between Don’s legs and suck his cock. And so she did.

Don was a little surprised at first, then realized what was happening and happily spread his legs and adjusted his position then moaned into Jackie’s pussy as Rachel’s hot, wet mouth engulfed his hard cock and began sucking on it.

Through her peripheral vision, Jackie realized what Rachel was doing and smiled to herself as Dan’s lovely cock kept fucking her mouth. God I love this, she thought. I really do miss making porn videos, when it’s done right. She knew, of course, that what the four of them were doing right now was nothing like making porn videos. That would include someone holding a camera, doing close shots and full body shots, and a lighting technician, and a sound technician, too, if you wanted a full-on professional shoot.

Of course, with technology progressing all the time, there were other options but it still required at least someone working a camera with a shotgun mike mounted on it and it didn’t hurt to have a lighting tech, too. Still, once a cock slid into her mouth or pussy or ass, or a mouth descended on her pussy, that wasn’t acting anymore. It was real sex and she’d never had any problem with enjoying real sex, even when it was being recorded. In fact, it excited her even more to be fucking in front of people and having it recorded.

Dan gave his brother a grin as he saw what Rachel was doing. Don gave him a wink back as he kept eating Jackie’s delicious pussy.

Don decided to try something he’d seen on what could only be considered a video of how to please a pussy. He reached his hand up and pinched Jackie’s clitoris hard between her upper labia. The “teacher” on the video said that one could pinch very hard without hurting, so he pinched harder than he thought she might like, but Jackie only moaned louder, he also began to roll her clitoris between her labial folds with his thumb and forefinger. At the same time he kept licking her pussy just below her clitoris which, according to the video Dan and he had watched, was supposed to be a very sensitive part of a woman’s anatomy. Evidently, the video was spot on.

Jackie pulled her mouth away from Dan’s thrusting cock. “Oh yes. That’s it! That’s it!” she gasped and then she was coming and coming hard, moaning, grunting, gasping, and pressing her pussy hard into Don’s greedy mouth.

Dan slid his body down beside Jackie’s and waiting until her orgasm faded then he wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly, and kissing her affectionately.

Don, straightened up his body and pulled his cock from Rachel’s sucking mouth. He slid down to give her a big wet kiss with Jackie’s pussy juices all over his lips and on his tongue.

Rachel was thrilled. She’d tasted Jackie’s pussy many times before, of course, but this was the first time she’d tasted it on another person’s mouth. Now she wanted to taste it from Don’s or Dan’s cock. Then she realized that one of the main purposes for being here and getting their asses squeaky clean was to experience ass-to-mouth. Soon she would be tasting Jackie’s ass from either of the boys’ cocks, or both of them. That thought excited her even more.

Jackie heaved a big sigh after the third deep kiss with Dan. “That was great. But, pun intended, there’s more to come, pun intended.”

The others all groaned at Jackie’s puns.

Jackie just grinned. “You boys liked Rachel and me at the same time, right?”

“Of course,” Dan said.

“Yes,” Don said.

“And we liked it too,” Rachel continued. “So tonight you get to do it again to both of us.”

“Yes!” Dan and Don both said at the same time.

“And you’ll get to see Rachel and I making love, that is, if you want to,” Jackie said. She knew they would.

“Oh hell yes!” Dan and Don both said at the same time.

Jackie and Rachel both laughed at the boys enthusiasm for what they now took for granted, making love to each other.

Rachel got up off the floor and climbed up on the bed beside Jackie. She kissed Jackie on the mouth, with full tongue, the first overt sexual act Jackie and she had ever done in front of anyone else.

Dan and Don were fascinated. Watching the two women kissing like the lovers they were made their already hard cocks even harder.

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