The Erotic Tales of a Trucker Pt. 03

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Chapter 4

Ah, my experience in Arizona. Now that was an interesting encounter. I was between loads and was at a local truck stop eating dinner when I saw these two men walk into the restaurant. I didn’t pay to much attention to them at first, one of them was about 6′ with a slender build. His strawberry blonde hair was cut just above his neck and his amber eyes lit up as he laughed at something his companion said.

The other man as soon as I got a good look at him, I recognized him immediately. His name was Anthony and we had actually gone to high school together. He was one of my few high school buddies that knew I was gay. My eyes moved over him as they waited to be seated.

He still stood at least 6’3″ and had the build of a linebacker for the 49ers. He actually played high school football and took our team to many state championships. Unfortunately in his senior year he blew out his knee and that took care of him going pro.

I was sitting near the counter so I called out to them. “Hey Anthony, is that you?”

He turned to look over at me and his green eyes lit up as he recognized me. “Hey, Jack. Oh my god. I haven’t seen you in ages.” He grabbed his companion and walked over to my table. He shook my hand then the two men sat down across from me.

“What are you doing here?” Anthony asked resting his arm across the back of the seat.

I took a drink of my coke and smiled. “I’m a cross country trucker. I go all over the place. What are you doing here? The last I heard you had moved to California and got married.”

Anthony blushed as he looked over at his companion. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that they were more then just friends. It was then that I noticed the matching gold wedding bands the two men wore. “Are you guys?”

Again Anthony blushed. “We’ve been together for almost 12 years. We’re not legally married but in our hearts we are. When you heard I got married, it was to Marco.” He nodded to his companion. “We moved here about 3 years ago when Marco got transferred at work.”

I sat back stunned. In high school Anthony was the biggest skirt chaser in our class. It was hard to believe that he was gay. “Wow.” I said looking at them.

Marco took Anthony’s hand in his and kissed it then looked over at me. “It is good to meet you.” He said with an accent. “Anthony has told me a lot about you.”

I smiled at him then looked at Anthony. “Well it is nice to meet you to, although Anthony hasn’t told me anything about you.”

Again Anthony blushed. They ordered their dinner then we talked while we ate. It turned out that Anthony had met Marco 12 years ago while he was going to school at Washington State University. They had literally bumped into each other and it was practically love at first sight for them both.

After we ate, the guys took me to a local gay club that they frequented often. While Marco pulled Anthony out on the dance floor, I sat and sipped my drink.

Watching them, my cock hardened in my jeans. They were moving so seductively against each other that I honestly expected them to fuck each other right there on the dance floor.

When the music stopped, Marco grabbed Anthony’s arm to keep him from returning to the table. They stood in the middle of the floor talking in low voices and kept looking back at me. Anthony finally shrugged and hand in hand they returned to the table.

Anthony looked at Marco as they sat down then looked over at me. Jack, um…Marco has a request.”

I looked at Marco who blushed so I looked back over at Anthony. “What’s up?”

“Well, Marco and I have been completely faithful to each other since we got together, but he admitted to me that when he saw you sitting at the table, his cock jumped in his jeans. He asked me and I don’t mind, so he was wondering if you would be willing to have a threesome with us.”

Again Anthony had stunned me. I hadn’t seen this man in over 10 years, I never knew he was gay and now all of a sudden he wanted to have sex with me?

“I would really like to fuck you.” Marco said taking my hand in his.

I turned my eyes to his, they were dark with desire. “Um…Okay.” I said huskily as I felt my own cock rise.

We finished our drinks then headed out to the car, somehow being stuck in town didn’t seem so bad after all.

We arrived at the condo they shared but I wasn’t able to really look around. They dragged me into the bedroom as soon as we entered the house. Marco flipped a switch by the door, coating the room in a dark purple glow as Anthony grabbed me and pressed his lips hungrily against mine.

I was startled at first, but got into it rather quickly. I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him close as I returned the kiss.

When his tongue pressed against my lips, I opened my mouth and moaned as his tongue swept inside.

I had no idea what Marco was doing while Anthony and I kissed but I discovered he had disrobed when I felt his hard naked body press up against my back. I felt his sex hikayeleri hard cock pressing against my ass and moaned in Anthony’s mouth as I pressed backwards.

Marco wrapped his arms around us both as he kissed my neck, leaving shivers in its wake. I finally broke the kiss more out of self preservation then anything. My cock was throbbing hard in my jeans and moans were escaping my mouth.

I watched Anthony pull of his shirt, showing me his glorious hairy chest before he dropped to his knees before me. Marco on the other hand, pulled my shirt up over my head, then his hands went to my nipples, pulling and flicking them.

I rested my head back against Marco’s shoulder as his hands worked at my chest and Anthony pulled open my jeans. I felt the cool air in the room brush over my cock as my pants and shorts were pushed down.

“Oh beautiful.” Anthony moaned taking my hard cock in his hand and slowly jerking it.

I closed my eyes in pleasure as Anthony stroked me. I felt Marco’s lips moving over my neck, then slowly moving down over my back until he was kneeling behind me. I gasped suddenly although whether it was from Marco spreading my ass cheeks and licking at my hole or Anthony engulfing my cock in his mouth at the same time I don’t know.

At that moment as I rested my hands on Anthony’s shoulders, all I knew is that I had two hot men loving my body with their mouths. Anthony pulled my cock into his throat making me cry out in pleasure as Marco shoved his tongue deep inside my bum hole.

I moaned loudly as I moved my hips back and forth between the two men. I pressed back against Marco, shoving his tongue deep inside me then I would press forward as I slowly fucked Anthony’s face. “Oh god, tongue my ass, suck my cock. I swear I have died and gone to heaven.” I cried as I moved steadily between them.

Marco pulled his tongue out of me, then slowly wormed a finger up inside me slowly moving it in and out. “Fuck, yes, Agh.” I groaned as I fucked Anthony’s face harder. I could feel his tongue whipping over my hard flesh and knew if they didn’t stop I was going to give Anthony a mouthful.

Anthony’s eyes were closed and he was sucking furiously on my hard rod while Marco slowly fingered my ass from behind. “You like that baby?” Marco asked, pressing his finger deep inside me as he flicked it over my love bud.

“Oh fuck yea,” I whimpered pressing back against Marco’s hand as Anthony once again pulled me into his throat. “Fuck, it feels so good.” I turned my head and Marco’s lips met mine as he continued to finger me.

When Marco suddenly slammed two fingers up my bum hole, I couldn’t hold back. I slammed my hips forward roughly, burying my cock deep in Anthony’s throat as my balls erupted.

I heard Anthony moan and pulled my mouth from Marco’s as I looked down at him. He had his 9 inch cock out and was stroking it furiously as he greedily drank my juices. I looked over my shoulder to see Marco jerking his own cock as he furiously fingered my ass. “Fuck, yes.” I groaned when I was finally empty.

Marco and Anthony moved off of my body and grabbed me before I could sink to the floor. They helped me lay down on my back on the bed, then kissed deeply while Marco slowly undressed Anthony.

Looking between Marco’s legs, I saw his cock was about 7 inches long and about 2 or 3 inches thick. My ass tingled at the thought of having that inside me.

After the men finished undressing and kissing, they both moved like predators towards the bed. I watched with a sense of anticipation as they moved towards me.

Anthony moved up by my head and kissed me deeply before he sat back and offered me his hard cock. I opened my mouth eagerly letting him slide inside. When I had about half of him, I closed my lips and started sucking for all I was worth. “Mmmmm, I’ve wanted you for a long time man.” Anthony moaned as he ran his fingers through my hair. “You were my jerk off fantasy in high school.”

I lifted my eyes to his and saw him watching me as he slowly fed me his cock. I smiled around him as I gently took his balls into my hand. He closed his eyes as I fondled him and moaned gently.

At the other end, I felt my legs lifted then spread apart before I felt two of Marco’s fingers slide inside me again. This time they were covered in a wetness and I knew he was lubing me up so he could fuck me. I lowered my eyes to him and he smiled as he rubbed his finger over my love bud.

I whimpered against Anthony’s cock as I bucked my hips against his probing fingers. He worked his fingers in me for a couple of minutes, slowly working them in and out of me as he stretched them open stretching my hole for his hard flesh. When he felt I was ready, he slowly pulled them out.

I kept my eyes on him even as I worked my mouth magic on Anthony. Anthony was pumping his cock furiously in and out of my mouth as he watched Marco get ready to fuck me.

Marco lined his condom covered cock against my hole then looked at Anthony, he must have porno hikayeleri nodded or something because I felt Marco slowly sliding into me. I whimpered against Anthony’s pummeling cock as I felt myself being slowly embedded.

I heard Anthony’s breathing quicken and lifted my eyes. His eyes were glued to Marco’s cock slowly sliding inside me. I felt him bottom out then slowly withdraw only to slide in again. The lovers eyes met as they both fucked me.

Anthony slowed down his cock in my mouth so his strokes met that of Marco’s in my ass. I watched as the two men leaned forward, bringing their mouths together as they slowly thrust into my body. I worked harder at Anthony’s cock, grazing him with my teeth as I lifted my ass against Marco. It wasn’t long before both men were panting heavily and both started slamming their shafts into my willing holes.

As Anthony ruthlessly fucked my face and Marco slammed his cock violently in and out of my ass, I felt a hand grip my hard cock and start stroking it furiously. I looked down but couldn’t see who was stroking me. My vision was blocked by Anthony’s body as he shoved his cock deep in my throat as he started shooting. He cried out loudly as he filled my mouth with his juices.

I drank up his juices eagerly as I felt Marco’s cock expand inside me. I couldn’t feel his cum splash my insides but from the way he thrust forcefully into my ass and held himself buried inside me, I knew he to was cumming. Having two men cum in me and the hand flying over my cock, I to was pushed over the edge. I moaned loudly around Anthony’s cock as I started spewing my own cum all over my chest and stomach.

I had barely finished cumming before Marco and Anthony were beside me each drinking up my cum. They each kissed me afterwards, sharing my cum with me then we all curled up together and fell into a deep sleep.

When I awoke later, I was laying on my stomach with my head resting on Marco’s chest. I could feel Anthony’s body resting over mine as his cock slowly slid in and out of my ass. “You have no idea, how long I have wanted to do this to you.” He growled against my ear when he realized I was awake.

I looked over my shoulder at him as I pressed my ass back against his slow thrusts. “Oh Anthony, fuck me man, it feels so good.” I stared into his lust filled eyes as he moved faster inside me. I felt his hands grip my hips and pull me up onto my hands and knees as he pounded me from behind.

“I have wanted your ass for so fucking long.” He panted as he skewered my hole with his hard meat. “There were so many nights I jerked off imagining me fucking you or you fucking me.” He punctuated his words by slamming hard inside me.

I reached one hand beneath me and started jerking my hard cock in time with his thrusts. “I had the same visions in my head babe.” I panted slamming my ass back hard against him.

I felt eyes watching me and looked over to see Marco sitting up beside me, watching as Anthony pounded my ass from behind. “Fuck him baby,” the other man said as he grabbed his own cock and started jerking it. “Fuck that tight ass honey.”

Anthony was panting behind me. I turned my head to see him turn his passion filled eyes on his lover. He smiled at Marco as he continued to thrust furiously into my willing ass.

I could feel my own cum start to boil in my balls and suddenly wanted them to cum with me. I lowered myself down on my elbows as I reached over and grasped Marco’s cock in my hand, pulling him towards my hungry mouth. “I want to eat your cock Marco.” I panted as I kept furiously jerking my own cock.

Marco looked at Anthony then grinned as he moved in front of my face. He poised his cock at my mouth and when I opened it, slid it smoothly inside.

I wrapped my lips tightly around him as I slammed my body back against Anthony’s powerful thrusts. Once again I had the two lovers in two of my holes and I was in heaven. I sucking furiously at Marco, while I tightened my ass muscles around Anthony’s pistoning shaft.

It wasn’t long before Anthony started bucking wildly as his hands dug into my hips. “Fuck, I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggggg…” He cried as I felt him expand inside me.

I growled around Marco’s cock and sucked harder at it while the big man fucked my face. “I’m cummmmiinnnngggg to baby.” He cried as he forced his hips forward burying his hard flesh in my throat as he to exploded.

Feeling Anthony cum in my ass and Marco giving it to me in my mouth once again sent me over the edge. I almost gagged on Marco’s cum as I started shooting against the bedspread.

I felt Anthony pull furiously out of me, then a hand and mouth cover my cock as I continued to shoot. I pulled my mouth off of Marco as I hung my head. “Oh fuck, that was fantastic.” I panted when I was finally dry.

I collapsed onto my back on the bed while the two lovers kissed and caressed each other. I watched dazed, as Marco slowly pushed Anthony onto his back and entered him in one fluid motion. seks hikayeleri I watched mesmerized as they made love to each other. Each of Marco’s thrusts were slow and long, bringing Anthony the most pleasure.

As I watched them, I couldn’t believe my cock was hardening once again. I wasn’t sure if I should intrude in their private time, when Anthony turned his eyes to me.

He had his legs wrapped around Marco’s waist as the other man slowly embedded his ass over and over. “Come here baby, let me suck that hard cock.”

I grinned at Anthony as I moved onto my knees over beside him and brought my cock against his lips. He opened his mouth wide and I let my cock slide inside. “Hm…Yea, suck that hard flesh baby.” I moaned as I felt his tongue and teeth move over me.

Anthony moaned beneath me and Marco watched as my cock moved in and out of his lover’s mouth. “He loves sucking cock.” Marco said as he leaned over and kissed me on the shoulder.

I turned my head to look at him. “Yes, I can tell.” I started slamming my hips forward as Anthony sucked hard at my cock and Marco started pummeling Anthony’s ass.

The room was full of our moans and groans as we each fought for release. While Marco pounded Anthony’s ass, I reached down and started jacking Anthony’s cock. The other man began whimpering against my cock as his body was sent into orbit.

“Fuck, agh, yes, stroke me, fuck me I’m cummmmiinnnngggg…” Anthony cried pulling his mouth off my hard shaft as he started shooting against his chest.

I dropped to my stomach and engulfed his shooting cock into my hungry mouth, drinking up his juices as I felt Marco slam harder into Anthony’s willing ass.

“Oh baby, I’m filling you.” Marco cried and I lifted my eyes to see the older man with his cock buried completely up Anthony’s ass.

Watching the two men come, sent me into orbit once more. I started shooting without touching myself and once again felt Anthony’s mouth wrapped around me.

This time when I came, I knew I was finished for a while. We laid together for a few minutes just catching our breaths, then decided to take a shower and go get some real food. “Cum is good, but sometimes you need more.” Marco said with a smile as we left the apartment.

I spent the rest of my visit in Arizona curled up in Anthony and Marco’s bed. They hated to see me leave but I promised that the next time I was in town, I would definitely look them up.

And I did…

Chapter 5

My encounter in Nevada that I am going to tell you about was pretty strange and wild. It actually happened about a year ago.

For the past 15 years or so whenever I am in Reno, I would have dinner at the same restaurant. I won’t tell you the name of the place, only that they have the best food in town.

Anyway, I was there for dinner like I said, about a year ago. My waiter was a guy that had somehow worked out to be my waiter everytime I was in town for the past 5 years. His name is Nicholas but everybody called him Nick.

Now Nick is 26 and if you don’t mind me saying so, a complete hunk, He stood about 5’11” and was slender but muscular. He keeps his strawberry blonde hair cut short and his sapphire eyes always seemed to light up whenever they saw me.

Well, so anyway, I sat down at my usual table and Nick came over to give me my menu. Well naturally, I didn’t think anything of it. I mean I was a regular customer after all. I ordered a coke and he left to get it, but not before he made sure to brush his hip against my arm.

Now, some of you out there may consider me dense at this time since it didn’t click why he was doing it at the time. I just looked at him but he had already walked away. Looking back, maybe I was. In my defense though, I had been on the road for 3 days. I slept in the sleeper and I was exhausted. The only thing on my mind that night was a warm meal and a real bed.

Nick brought me my soda, and then asked if I was ready to order. Since I always ordered steak and eggs, it was pretty easy. I took a drink of my soda but almost spit it out when he suddenly rubbed his hand over my arm before he turned to go back to work.

Now I will admit, I was tired, but I’m not stupid. The first time could have been an accident after all, but the brush of the hand. Oh no, that was definitely on purpose. I managed to swallow the soda in my mouth and put the glass back on the table. Then my eyes wandered over to him, he was 2 tables away taking another order. He must have sensed my eyes on him though, because his eyes met mine and he smiled.

Now let me tell you, there was nothing seductive in his smile, but my body seemed to think there was because my cock became rock hard in about 2 seconds. He finished taking the other couples order then turned to head towards the kitchen, giving me a perfect view of his bubble butt encased in his waiter’s uniform.

I tore my eyes from his and tried to control my breathing which had become ragged as I watched him. “Okay Jake, get a grip.” I told myself as I took another drink of my soda.

By the time he brought my order, I pretty much had my body under control again. Well most of it anyway, my cock refused to go down. In fact it seemed to have gotten harder and was pulsing in my jeans.

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