The Family Affair Chapter 3

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The Family Affair Chapter 3
As with the last two chapters. These are consenting adults participating in age play fetish.

The Family Affair
Chapter 3
Forbidden Love

** The girls came out of the kitchen giggling and playing around. Mom said why don’t you girls go get your shower and get ready for bed. All three girls said yes and headed off to the bathroom. Mike and Debbie sat quietly sipping their drinks and reminiscing about what just happened. So Debbie said how can we work this out? Mike thought for a minute. Would you like for her to live with us? So we can be a true poly home? Not in the same house. we each need our privacy. Well Mike said there is the garage apartment that we were going to clean up.**

** Is that to close? We can live our life and she can live hers. Debbie said no that would be perfect. Like you said she lives hers and we live ours. Do we need rules? Mike asked. Just simple ones. No one else but us three. You are our Master and our lover. We are your slaves and your lovers. Plus I am your wife. That should be all the ones we need. I can Dominate and make love to her and you can. Plus all three of us together. Shall we call her when she gets home? Debbie said yes. I’ll text her now and let her know we want to talk tonight.**

** The girls were sitting on the bed in a circle talking. Danielle said so you were born with both male and female down there? Yes, Michelle said. The doctors told me I was a hermaphrodite. Both Danielle and Brianna were enthralled with the idea of having both sexes. Wow, they said. Michelle asked would you like to see my private parts? May we? They said. She smiled and said I love showing off. With that, Michelle stripped naked and got back on the bed. Laying back on the bed**

** She grabbed and squeezed her breasts. These are implants that I got. Because the shots did not help. She drew up her feet and pushed her butt off the bed and placed pillows under her ass and sat back down. She placed the soles of her feet together and opened her legs flat. This opened her up so they could see better. The two girls got on either side of her and were looking very closely. My. Brianna said. Your cock is so large. Yes, she said. A year ago I told the doctor I wanted the best of both and asked him if he could enlarge my cock. With some shots, I managed with his help to get a 9 1/2 inch long cock and a thickness of 2 1/2 inches. Plus it hangs softly at 3 inches.**

** How do you hide it when you’re in ballet close? It tucks nicely between my legs as long as I don’t get aroused. She laughed. The two sisters set in amazement and stared. Michelle placed her hand on her cock and moved it aside. Danielle said. It’s as beautiful as mine and Brianna agreed and said mine too. My cock gets hard and I can fuck with it but I only orgasm for my pussy. As well as pee from my pussy. Basically, I am a woman blessed with a man’s cock. She let her soft cock flopped back down. Just then a knock came from the door. Mom hollered. Have you girls got your shower yet? Not yet, mom, we were talking. Well before you go to bed take a shower. Yes ma’am they said.**

** Debbie thought to herself. They’re awful quiet. There must be something going on. She quietly opened the hallway door to their bathroom. She quietly peeked in on the girls and saw Michelle naked on the bed and her girls looking at her pussy. Michelle had not removed her hand from her cock and Debbie did not see this. She stepped into the bedroom and the three girls jumped. Mom raised her hands to calm their fears. I don’t mind illegal bahis siteleri you girls experimenting and exploring. I did myself when I was your age. Just lock your bathroom door so dad can’t walk in on you. Mom smiled and sneered as she turned and walked away locking the door. Before she shut the door. You, three girls, enjoy yourselves.**

** The three girls laughed at their fear of mom walking in on them. Michelle uncovered her cock. You may touch it. If you want to. Danielle reached out and softly touched her cock. It slowly begins to harden. Michelle looked at Brianna. Don’t be shy. Brianna reached out and with the back of her fingers stroked her pussy. It’s so soft she said. She continued to softly stroke her pussy. Timidly she took her fingers and gently open her pussy. See Michelle said. Looks just like yours. Both sisters were getting turned on. I’ve never had a cock in my pussy Michelle said. Though I have sucked cock and I have been fucked in my ass. I also love licking pussy.**

** Are you two virgins? Michelle asked. Danielle said she had a bad experience with her boyfriend and lost her virginity to him. Brianna said. I’m still a virgin. I’ve been too afraid to. Both Danielle and Michelle smiled at her. Danielle said. You will know when. But you didn’t. You said he was a bad experience for you. Only because he was an ass hole. I was just another notch on his bedpost. Danielle looked into Michelle’s eyes and asked. May I suck your cock? Michelle smiled and said yes. Her cock was not fully hard yet. As Danielle began to lick and suck it. Brianna watched intensely as Danielle took her now stiff cock deep into her throat. Gagging slightly. She tried again**

** Michelle looked at Brianna. Will you permit me to taste your pussy? I will be gentle and will not go too deep. I don’t know she said. Haven’t you masturbated Michelle asked? Yes but I’ve never had a real orgasm from someone else. It’s up to you but I promise I’ll only concentrate on the outer lips and your clit and give you your first orgasm by someone else. You will still be a virgin when I’m done. I swear and promise she said. Brianna thought for a moment then got up and slowly removed her close. Smiling at Michelle. Michelle said you have an incredibly beautiful and sexy body. Whoever takes her virginity will be a lucky man. Michelle looked at Danielle and said may I see you naked as well? Danielle smiled and stood by her sister and removed her close. You are just as beautiful as your sister.**

** Danielle would you like to ride my cock? May I please she said. Michelle took the pillows from under Her butt. Straddle my cock facing me. With that Danielle straddled her and then slid her large cock into her pussy. When it was fully and Michelle said don’t move yet. Just let it fill you. My God Michelle said. You are so tight. You are only the second cock I’ve had in me she said and the biggest. Brianna face your sister and sat on my upper chest. She left her hands by her side as Brianna sat on her chest. Now rise up and scoot back. That’s it right there. You can stay that away or you can set up right now. Brianna set up right as Michelle raised one of her hands and begin to rub her clit gently and lick her pussy. She took her other hand and placed it on Danielle’s clit and started rubbing it too.**

** Danielle began to slowly rock on Michelle’s cock. Brianna closed her eyes tightly as she felt Michelle’s fingers on her clit and her tongue gently licking her pussy. Michelle pushed her head back and slightly pushed risksiz bahis veren siteler Brianna away from her. You two need to kiss each other to stifle your moans or will get caught. Then back to her pussy she went. Brianna looked at her sister and her sister looked back at her. Awkwardly and shyly they touched lips. Then started kissing deeply each other’s mouth. Danielle reached up and placed an arm around her neck and placed her other hand on her tit. Brianna jerked from the sudden surprise of her sister touching her tit but placed one of her hands on her tit as well. As the two sisters groped one another’s tits and kissed deeply. Michelle could feel Brianna coming close to her orgasm.**

** Brianna thought to herself. I never felt like this before and it feels beautiful. Michelle took her thumb and placed it on her clit and pressing hard and rubbing it. Brianna began to quiver and put both hands around her sister’s neck for support. As she began to have the strongest orgasm she’s had yet. She pushed her tongue deep into her sister’s mouth as one rolled into another. She let loose of her sister and rolled off of Michelle. She turned around and laid her head beside her as she was enjoying her orgasm. Brianna then laid her head on her tit and watched her sister fuck Michelle’s cock.**

** Michelle stroked Brianna’s hair and face. Michelle said give me a kiss. Brianna turned and gave Michelle a deep loving kiss. Michelle told her to lay her head back down and watch her fuck her sister. Michelle softly said stroke your sisters pussy and my cock. Brianna reached over and softly touched her sisters pussy and Michelle’s cock. Soon Michelle said get on your knees. Michelle placed pillows between her knees and told Brianna to set between her sister’s legs. Michelle looked into her eyes and softly said open your mouth. Brianna opened her mouth and watched and felt as Michelle squatted a little and slipped her cock into her mouth. Michelle slowly slipped her cock in and out.**

** Michelle said slip your tongue out and place your hands on my legs. I’m going to push it in as deep as I can. Tap my legs if I stay in too long. She nodded and stuck her tongue out. Michelle again began to slowly slide her cock in and out of her mouth. Stick your tongue back out. Michelle grabbed her by the head and slowly inserted her cock. Brianna almost instantly gagged and Michelle pulled it back out. Three or four times Michelle tried and she got deeper with each stroke.**

** That’s enough for now. Did you enjoy that? Brianna smiled and kissed her cock gently. Yes, I did she said. Now I want you to lay back. As I fuck your sister. I want you to lick my cock in her pussy. Breanna smiled and laid back. Michelle told Danielle to raise up so she could put her arms over her head. Brianna watched as Michelle slowly inserted her cock back into her sisters pussy. She watched for a while as Michelle’s cock disappear deep into her pussy. Then she began to lick her sisters pussy and Michelle’s cock. Danielle loves the feeling of her big cock sliding deeply in and out of her pussy and feeling her sister lick her pussy and clit.**

** Michelle could feel Danielle about to have an orgasm. She pulled out and told Brianna to open her mouth. She then shoved her cock and until she gagged a few times. She said spit on my cock. As she did Michelle spit as well. Some landed on her face and in her mouth. Michelle thumbed Danielle’s ass and slowly pushed her cock in. She held it deep in her ass for a bit then casino siteleri began to pump her ass hard. Danielle grabbed a pillow and stifled her moans. She pulled out her cock and stuck her two thumbs in her ass. And pulled and tugged on it to keep it open. Set up right Danielle. As she did she told Breanna to slide around to the other side. Adjusting the pillows and laying with her head between her sister’s legs again. She placed her head directly under her pussy. As she did so Michelle shoved her cock back into her sister’s ass.**

** Michelle said taste your sister’s sweet nectar. Danielle leaned back over. And began to lick her sister’s clit. Remember just her clit and licking her outer lips. She still a virgin. Michelle continued to fuck Danielle’s ass. Then she pulled it out and shoved it back deep into her pussy. Danielle lapped her sisters outer pussy lips and nibbled on her clit. She was enjoying her sweet pussy nectar. Soon Breanna grabbed around her sisters waste and pulled her to her as she came to another orgasm and whispering please don’t stop licking and nibbling me.**

** Danielle said oh God make me come, Michelle. After saying that she grabbed a pillow and placed her face and it. To muffle herself and Breanna muffle herself with her sisters pussy. Michelle grabbed Danielle’s hips and began to plow her cock as deep and as hard as she could. Michelle could soon hear multiple moans and could feel Danielle’s pussy clinch her cock. Both sisters began to shiver uncontrollably through their orgasm. The sisters collapsed on to each other. Their eyes closed and their bodies shivering with orgasm. Michelle’s cock slid out of her pussy. Wet and gleaming. Michelle separated the two sisters and lay between the two. Both sisters rolling over and throwing a leg over Michelle and laying their heads on her tits.**

** Breanna why don’t you lick your sister’s sweet nectar from my cock. Breanna said. With pleasure. She began to lick her sister’s sweet nectar from Michelle’s cock. Soon Michelle was hard again. Michelle asked do you have any lubrication? Yes, we do Danielle said. Now that I’m hard again would you like me to fuck your sister’s ass? Danielle said oh yes I would love to see that. Breanna? Will it hurt? She asked not if I go slowly. Will you pump me like you did my sister? If you can take it yes. Breanna looked at her sister and back at Michelle. Teach me, Michelle, please. Danielle returned with the lube and handed it to Michelle.**

** Are you ready my sweet little Breanna? Yes, please. I am so ready to be shown the pleasures that I could get from your cock. Looking at Danielle she told her to stack all the pillows and to have her sister lay over them. With her, over the pillows, she tells her to reach back and open up her cheeks. Once she has done this she applies lube and finger bangs her ass hole. Then applying some little loop to her cock she slowly inserted into her ass. Slowly she begins to pump Breanna’s ass. She cannot believe the feeling she’s getting from having her ass plowed by Michelle. Danielle fishes her way under her sister and begins to lick gently her lips and clit.**

** Soon Breanna begs Michelle to pump her harder. My sisters about to make me cum again. Michelle grabbed her hips and began to pump as hard as she could and as deep as she could. Danielle licked and rubbed her clit harder. Breanna buried her face in the pillow as she had her orgasm. Collapsing and rolling over the two sisters embraced and kissed each other and pulled Michelle down to them. The three cuddled. Breanna smiling said you haven’t cum yet, have you? No, I haven’t she said. With that, Breanna crawled around and Michelle opened her legs. In no time she had Michelle burying her face in a pillow to hide her orgasm. By midnight they had showered and cuddled in the bed and went to sleep.

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