The Family Games

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This is designed to be a one-shot story, inspired by a certain show.

All spelling and grammar are UK standard (e.g. – teams are plural, not singular in the UK).

As always, all characters are over 18. I hope you enjoy.


PART 1 – MAX, 21, Student, Youngest child

“It’s similar to ‘Squid Game’.”

I couldn’t believe the words coming out of the man’s mouth.

“What’s a squid game?” asked my confused mother.

My sister was already shaking her head furiously, saying “nope, nope, nope” as loudly as she dared.

“But not for the violence” the man quickly clarified. “In the way that it’s a private facility where rich people gamble on you. On your behaviours in….unusual situations. You probably won’t meet the celebrities. They’ll just watch you on camera. And if you do well in the competition, you’ll win your house back.”

I should give you some context. I’m Max. I’m 21 and studying a bachelors at university. Or, at least I was. My sister is Helena, 23, and in the middle of her masters. Again, correction – was.

We WERE studying at university until our parents declared bankruptcy last week. You see, my Dad (Will, 47) had a shop selling ice-cream. Until the pandemic. And Mum (Yana, 43) had a beautician’s studio. Again, until the pandemic. They took out large loans to start their businesses. Then more loans to try and save their businesses. They used the house as collateral.

So now our house is about to be repossessed by the bank in 1 week. We didn’t have the money to finish our university studies. Both parents don’t have jobs. We didn’t have a rich family member who would bail us out. We were desperate. And someone knew that.

We were approached by a man in a suit who said he knew a way we could get the house back. And now he was sitting in our living room, surrounded by boxes of our packed belongings, telling us that it was a bit like Squid Game.

“Again” the man said calmly. “There will be no serious violence or chance of lasting injury. It’s more about…seeing what you will do to get your house back.”

“And if we do this, will we get our house back? And our businesses?” Asked my mother, excited for the possibility of bringing back what was lost.

“Your businesses, no. Not directly. There will be different rounds of the competition. After each round, your family will get awarded points. You will get prize money based on your points. And regardless of your final score, if you stay for the entire competition, your house will be returned to you at the end. If you leave the competition early, you will receive your prize money, but the house will be sold by the bank to pay off your debts.”

“How long is the contest? And how much prize money?” I asked. “And you promise nobody dies or gets hurt?!”

“Just three days. The last winners made a quarter of a million pounds. Winning the first round is worth around ten thousand pounds, and it increases in each round. And yes, nobody gets physically hurt, though there could be some psychological trauma after.”

“A quarter of a million in just three days! Wow!” exclaimed Mum.

“Um…can we talk it over?” My father asked the man. “Privately?”

“Of course. But I do need your answer before I leave this house. We require four families to take part, and the next competition begins tomorrow. If your family are not interested, I have another family to see. And remember, your decision needs to be unanimous. It’s either all of you, or none of you.”

We went upstairs to Mum and Dad’s bedroom to talk more, away from the man.

“OK” said Dad, “Pros and Cons.”

“Pro” I started “We get the house back, and we get enough money for Helena and I to finish our studies. And if we win, we might get enough money to maybe restart one or even both of your businesses.”

“Con” said my sister “We don’t know what they’ll make us do. We will effectively be their slaves. We will have to do everything they tell us. They tell us to eat human shit, we’ll have to do it.”

“That would cause harm,” said Mum, “which they said they wouldn’t do. And we could always just refuse. We’d get 0 points, but maybe the round after would be better.”

After a minute of silence, Dad spoke up again. “Let’s put it another way – Does anyone have any better suggestions for how we can save the house?”

After nobody said anything, the silence was a sort of agreement. We would do what they asked. We all walked together in unison back down the stairs, in a sort of sad funeral procession.

“Have you made your decision?” Asked the man, looking at his watch.

“Yes, we’ve…” Dad started, before Helena interrupted.

“Would we have to eat shit?!?”

The man thought for a second, before calmly replying. “I cannot vouch for the quality of the food they will provide you, but I can say that you will not be required to eat excrement of any kind.”

“Then we are in,” said Helena. We all nodded in unison.

“Wonderful!” said the man, opening his briefcase. “I’ll make the arrangements. A car will pick you şişli escort up tonight and take you to the facility. I just need you to each fill out these forms.”

We were each given questionnaires about twenty pages long. Most were simple questions like name and age. Others were expected such as allergies and medical histories. But there were other questions too. Questions that you wouldn’t normally expect. If you were a virgin (I wasn’t). How many sexual partners you had had in your whole life (4). Your sexual orientation (straight). Last sexual health check-up (6 months ago). And other questions regarding sexual history. It was clear to everyone there that sex would play a big part of the week to come.

“What’s this competition called anyway?” My sister asked as I finished page 18 of the 20 page questionnaire.

“The Family Games” replied the man.


Part 2 – WILLIAM, 47, BUSINESSMAN (unemployed), FATHER

The car picked up our family that evening and drove through the night. I know we left England and entered Scotland, but I don’t know more than that. I fell asleep (like everyone else) and had to be woken when we arrived.

We were all guided into one room. It looked a bit like a hostel room, with two bunk beds placed at opposite ends of the room. There was an on-suite bathroom and that was it. We chose beds. I took the bottom bunk on one side. My wife Yana took the bed above me. It would be strange not sleeping together after being together for 25 years. On the opposite side of the room Max took the bottom bunk and Helena took the top. And we tried to sleep for a couple more hours.

A bell woke us all up. I guess at around 8am. We found green coloured tracksuits waiting for us besides our beds, and took turns to use the bathroom and change into them. Then we all stepped out of the room together. The corridor had twenty small rooms with double doors at each end. I looked at the doorway we came out of, and it had ‘GREEN TEAM’ Marked on it. Other doors either said ‘(COLOUR) TEAM’ or just ‘ROOM 12’.

I’ve seen clips of Squid Game. And here too, the game Administrators were wearing masks. But not with shapes. Here they were simple black. We were guided together down the corridor, and into a large room. The room had tables, chairs and a buffet breakfast. And already inside and eating were the three other families.

They all looked remarkably similar to us. A Mum and a Dad. Two adult children, one boy, one girl. All were white skinned Europeans, like us. Each family was wearing a different colour tracksuit, and I realised then that our family were the green team.

To begin with we all were eating separately, but soon conversations started up between one another. My wife was originally from Poland (long before I met her) and she found that the Yellow team family here were also Polish. I grabbed a coffee with the father from the red team (Jacob) and found their family were in the same situation as ours. Lots of debt leading to losing their home. Like us, they found this offer was just too good to refuse. So like us, they’d agreed.

After breakfast was finished, the Administrator walked in.

Even with a mask on, it was clear that she was both: an attractive woman, and was very much in charge. She walked like a boss. She talked like a boss. Everything about her screamed that she was the one in charge.

“Welcome, Everyone, to the Twenty First year of The Family Games. I am the Administrator of this year’s event. I will be your contact if you have any problems. Everything you do for the next few days will be watched and recorded by celebrities and important businesspeople from all over the world. Every corner and angle of every room in this facility is being watched. So smile…you’re on camera.”

There were quiet, awkward laughs from around the room.

“We will start straight away with the first task. Please listen carefully for your name and go to the room instructed as soon as your name is called. In the room, you’ll find your next instruction.”

And at that, the woman began to read out names. “Team Green, Max. Room 2. Team Blue, Willow, room 4. Team Red, George, room 6……”

First went the youngest from each family. Then, the older child. Then our wives. Finally, the fathers were called. “….Red, Jacob room 12. Team Green, William room 4.”

I walked down the corridor and into room 4.

There was a glass wall on one side of the room. The other walls were blank. In the centre of the room was a double bed. And sitting on the bed with a nonchalant attitude, was the girl from the blue team. She looked about nineteen, and with a goth look to her. Dark make-up around her eyes and hair dyed raven black. The tracksuit REALLY didn’t suit her.

“Good. You’re here. I’ve been waiting. It says we can’t open the envelope until we’re both here.”

We opened the envelope, taking out the paper instructions. And my face went white as I read it.

Task 1.

Have sexual intercourse with the other person in the room.

You must pleasure them with your mecidiyeköy escort mouth before penerative sex.

The woman must experience at least once orgasm at any point during sex.

The man must finish by cumming onto the woman’s face.

When the man has finished you must both leave the room and return to your team’s main room.

End of instructions.

I just looked at the goth girl sitting on the bed. She looked at me, then shrugged, and began taking off her clothes.

“What are you doing?!”

“What the task says. Don’t you want to win your house back?”

“Yeah, but…like…I’ve not slept with anyone but my wife since we first met. And now…and this…and I’ve…” I stuttered out, unable to take in what was happening.

As much as my brain was disgusted by it all, my body saw the attractive teenager stripping infront of me, revealing a perfect pair of tits, and the blood began to flow. My cock began stirring in the tracksuit, pushing against the fabric.

The girl just shrugged again, and now only wearing panties, put her tracksuit top down onto the tiled floor in front of me. Kneeling on it, she pulled my tracksuit bottoms down, and fished my excited cock out from my underwear. Without blinking, she took it into her mouth.

She might have been only about nineteen, but this girl was no virgin. This girl was a cock sucking queen. She began to do things with her tongue that I’d never felt before. Infact I had to quickly remember that I couldn’t finish there and then from her blowjob skills.

Pushing her gently away, I guided her up to the bed, and pushed her onto the centre of it. Taking down her panties, I couldn’t help but think how she was even younger than my daughter’s age. And as my tongue first stroked the edges of her labia, I tried not to think of the age difference. Of Helena’s school friends. Of Helena.

“Oh yeah” she said in breathless tones. “Suck my clit. Oh, that feels so good.”

I let her guide me with her instructions, making sure to nibble or lick or suck as she commanded. Again, for a young woman, she knew exactly how she liked it in bed. A few moments later, and I felt her body begin shaking, her legs pulling together, squeezing my face as I sucked on her clit. And when her shakes finally stopped and she let my head free, I knew I’d finished my side of the instructions. ‘The woman must cum’.

I moved to climb on top of her to take her missionary, but she said “no”, and moved herself up and onto all fours, her arse up in the air for me. “I prefer doggy”.

I knelt behind her, and lined up my cock. My cock slid in with ease, and soon we were fucking like horny teens. Her pussy felt great as I pulled in and out, and again had to remind myself that I couldn’t yet finish.

“I’m close” I said a minute later, and pulled myself out of her wonderful cunt. She laid back down as I got off the bed, standing at the nearest edge to her face, my cock aimed in her direction. I stroked myself to completion looking at her perfect breasts and the pussy I’d enjoyed just seconds before. She closed her eyes as drops of my cum littered her face.

When the final drop had landed around her eyebrows, I looked round for tissues or a towel for her, but there was nothing but the bedsheets. She put her face on that for a moment, but as we both got dressed and walked back to our separate team rooms, I could still see some of my cum glistening in the light.

My wife was already there when I got into the green team room. We looked at each other, but didn’t speak. I didn’t want to know what she’d had to do in her room. If she didn’t tell me, then nothing happened. And if we didn’t talk, then I didn’t need to tell her that I’d slept with someone else for the first time in our twenty five year marriage.

Our son Max was next to enter. In some ways he had a spring in his step. Again, we didn’t speak. He just collapsed onto his bunk, apparently tired from what he’d done in his room.

Finally came Helena, who walked straight to the bathroom, leaving the door open. I heard the water running. I heard her washing her face. And at that moment I knew what my brain had been trying to shut out. Everyone had had the same task. My wife had just had sex with another man. She’s had his cock inside her and his cum on her face. My son too had been fucking just moments before. And my sweet baby girl, my firstborn, had just had another man’s cock inside her, thrusting until he put his cum all over my little girl’s sweet face.

I was a ball of different emotions. I felt anger at what this place had made us all do. I felt a tinge of arousal at the thought of the sex, and a disgust at my own arousal. And finally I felt a sense of pride at what my family were all willing to do for all of us.


Part 3 – YANA, 43, BEAUTICIAN (unemployed), MOTHER

None of us spoke in our family bedroom. But we all looked at each other with suspicious and strange glances. Nobody wanted to ask “Did you just do, what I just did?” but by everyone’s looks, they had. And the fact istanbul escort that Helena had washed her face the moment she’d entered the bedroom made me almost 100% certain.

I didn’t mind actually what my family had done. I knew both my children were sexually active. Helena and I had even talked very openly in the past about her boyfriends and how they were in the bedroom. And she had a gap-year a while ago, and we all know what happens on a gap-year. A year, away from home, staying in hostels and hotels with other attractive young people. I’d be disappointed if she hadn’t had some (safe) adult fun.

My mind was really more on my husband. And in some ways, I felt relieved knowing that Will had slept with someone else, because I felt a hidden guilt lift. Little did Will know, I’d had an affair about ten years ago, with a colleague at work. It was long over, having lasted about two years. And since then I’ve been faithful to my husband again. Well, apart from once with a female colleague, after a drunken christmas party. But finally we were the same. We’d both had sex outside of our marriage vows. A weight was lifted off my shoulders that I never knew was there.

An announcement came over speakers, telling us all to go to the dining area. Together we walked out of the bedroom and into the hallway. Other family groups were leaving their rooms too. I spotted the son from the yellow family, my lover from a few moments before. But he couldn’t look me in the eyes. I wasn’t surprised.

The Administrator was waiting for us in the dining room. Buffet food was there too, waiting to be served to us. Before we could eat, The Administrator gave the team scores and prizes.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! I have the results from your first round! You all sucked and fucked brilliantly!”

She gestured a clapping action, and like good little slaves we clapped on cue.

“Winning ten thousand pounds….The Red Team!”

The family spontaneously hugged each other, joy on their faces.

“Coming second, winning one thousand pounds, The Blue Team!”

We saw the other team looking still pleased with themselves, but not as happy as the red team.

“Third place, winning one hundred pounds….The Green Team”

We’d won third, but we weren’t hugging or clapping. We’d broken marriage vows and let complete strangers do stuff to our bodies…for £100. £25 each. That wouldn’t help the kids get back to university. That wouldn’t restart my business. It would barely pay for a meal in a restaurant. It was nothing.

“And coming in fourth, winning ten pounds, the yellow team.”

I couldn’t help feeling relieved that we hadn’t been last. Just ten pounds!

I looked again at the son in that group. I wasn’t surprised he got a lower score than us. In the bedroom alone with him, he’d told me he wasn’t a virgin. But he’d touched and eaten my pussy like someone who’d never seen one before. We’d 69’d, but after only a minute he’d needed to stop, saying he was already close to cumming in my mouth. He’d spent two more minutes trying to lick my pussy, with emphasis on trying. I’d planned to fake an orgasm during penetration, but literally as soon as he put his cock into my pussy, he’d exploded inside me. No wonder both of us were getting low scores. Anyone trying to watch that as porn must have been very disappointed.

The buffet lunch was now open, and I grabbed a large helping, as did almost everyone. The yellow team, it seemed, had lost their appetites. They stayed sitting alone on a separate table. But our family began to mix with the blue and red team. As I ate, I tried to guess who’d slept with who.

I quickly realised that Helena had been with Jacob, the red team father. She couldn’t keep her eyes off him.

It was the opposite actions that told me who my husband had been with. He was looking at everyone EXCEPT the daughter from the blue team. She was pretty, with an hourglass figure, and I hoped my husband had fun with her.

My son was the hardest. It could have been any of the mothers in the room. I guessed the blue team, but I really couldn’t tell. I didn’t know how I felt about the other mothers being with my son. It almost felt like it had taken away something special, something that should only be between a son and his true mother. Not that I had ever been sexual with him, or anything like that!

“Ladies and Gentlemen! As you may have guessed, it’s time for the next round. And this time, the winning team will get twice as much – Twenty thousand pounds!”

Everyone’s eyes lit up at that.

“For this task, I’ll first need to take the men away. This task will be played by the women of each family, and it will be on their behaviour alone that this round will be scored on. Men, please follow me.”

My husband blew me a supportive kiss as he and my son walked away. I thought back to my drunken night with a woman, and wondered if I’d be repeating that again now.

Instead, when the men were gone, we were all told that for our next competition, we must all be silent. Speaking would eliminate us from the task, and even give a financial punishment. The same for trying to communicate with each other during the main task. We would be going together as mother and daughter. My curiosity peaked. What would we be doing?

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