The Family Glory Hole Ch. 02

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The rest of the day was a wash as Erica woke up almost when the sun was setting. Although she slept the day away, she finally felt fully rested. It was like a new beginning to her. Looking over the texts she received, she could see that her friends texted her wanting to know if next Friday would be more of the same. It was the first time Erica had to see if her brother was ok fucking her friends. She gave the ok knowing that a guy would not refuse to fuck two hot girls.

The day seemed to end just as quickly as it began. Erica had little time to get stuff done since waking up late. Sitting to eat, she noticed John ignoring her. This was normal any other day, but for some reason Erica felt compelled to wonder how he could ignore her after all she had done for him.

When Erica finally got the courage to ask him what was wrong, he was gone. John worked late sometimes, and she knew he would be at his friends after work. She just wondered if he would blab about fucking two girls and getting blowjobs for free every week.

The next day Erica texted Brandy wanting to know what time she was coming over and Brandy said she was on her way. Erica was more excited about her coming over than getting dressed or cleaning up. All she could think about was taking a shower and making sure she was ready for what might come.

Erica was out of the shower just as Brandy was walking up the steps to her room. They said their quick hellos with the usual embrace as they retreated to Erica’s room. Erica felt her nerves tingling throughout her body as her heart raced faster with every second. She knew she was minutes away from going down on her friend’s pussy.

Brandy sat on the bed and stared right at Erica. “I have to ask you something big. I need you to keep it a secret from Alice too.”

Eric nodded as she looked over at her friend. She could see her top was loose and that her bra was almost visible. The question seemed to blur with her erotic thought of having lesbian sex with her.

“I want you to set up a secret session with the guy and me. I need him to fuck me again.”

Erica pulled up a desk chair and sat across from her. She was now thinking of a way to get out of her request. “We set it up as anonymous though. I don’t think he will go for it. Besides, you might not like what he looks like or him in general.”

Brandy moved closer on the bed. Her eyes opened wide as she once again plead her case. “I know you can set it up. I don’t care that he is white….shit, he can be some ugly guy for all I care. What I care about is being fucked like that again.”

“Was it that good?” Erica asked as she grew more intrigued by Brandy’s confession.

“Oh my god, you did not fuck him,” Brandy blurted out before covering her mouth from a giggle.

Erica looked shocked and blushed as she responded, “No….no..I just sucked him that first time with you guys.”

Brandy smiled as she looked like she was holding back something secretive. “Well, it was fucking amazing girl, I just wish I had more time. It had to be the best thing I ever felt. I had never came like that in my life…shit I still get wet thinking about it.”

“What about him cumming inside of you? Aren’t you worried?” Erica questioned, as she did not know if she was worried for her brother having a child at his age. Erica also secretly wanted to know what was so great about a having a guy dump his load inside a girl.

Bandy once again gave a big smile, but this time did not cover it up with her hands like some young girl having a crush on a guy. “You know Alice and I do the dirty talk thing. Well…I kind of like having to worry a bit during sex. It got me wet just thinking about the dangers of having a guy cum in me. I almost squirted like a porn star when Alice kept on bringing up that it was a white guy doing it.”

Erica shifted, wondering how kinky her friend was. “So wait just a sec. You liked having white guy cum all up in you because it scared you? That makes no fucking sense.”

Brandy gave a smug look like she knew more about life and sex than Erica. “Some girls get turned on by doing nasty things. My nasty thing is having a white guy cum inside of me. You will have a nasty thing too…you just have to experiment more.”

Erica looked back at Brandy with a smirking smile. “I don’t think I will get turned on by having a guy cum all up in me making me worry.”

Brandy smiled wide before answering back, “Oh, you have dirty thoughts. I know you do. I know you felt something kinky when you licked my pussy.”

Erica wondered if she was wrong for messing around last night with her. She felt her heart drop from the thought that Brandy did not want to fool around, and just went with it out of fear or guilt. “I..I.. thought you wanted to. I just went with it.”

Brandy unbuttoned her jeans and gave a reassuring smile. “I liked it a lot, and wanted to do it again. I am also wet from talking about what happened last night too. Between the guy cumming in me and us doing it, I was etimesgut escort hoping you were up for it right now.”

Erica stood up and quickly walked to her door to lock it. When she turned around Brandy was on the bed sliding her jeans off. Her dark skin was already visible as her panties were the only thing holding back her sex from view. Her toned legs were wide open and she sat up on the bed again.

Brandy and Erica exchanged stares as they both knew they were going to commit another act of lesbian sex. Erica walked over and was on her knees before she could even think about what she was going to do.

The only thing she could do was approach her friend, wondering what eating her pussy was going to be like. The other night she only flicked Brandy’s clit a few times. Now she had it in her mind that she was going to lick every inch of Brandy’s dark sex.

Brandy slid off her black panties just as Erica moved closer. Brandy breathed deeply and pushed back Erica’s hair. Erica smiled as she gazed upon Brandy’s dark love folds, and knew exactly what she was going to do.

Erica heard Brandy breath heavy again the moment her tongue touched her pussy. She knew it was electric how her tongue seemed to follow the length of Brandy’s pussy. The sudden taste of her wetness sent bolts of forbidden erotic thoughts to her brain. There was no doubt Brandy’s pussy was ready for it, and Erica knew she was going to go all the way in her lesbian quest to eat out her friend.

Moving her tongue slowly up and down until finding her love hole, Erica stopped right before entering her with her tongue. She wanted to savor the taste of Brandy’s wet snatch before delving into her. Moving back to flick her clit made Brandy moan and jerk from the intense pleasure.

Brandy was softly moaning as Erica dived deeper into her lesbian sex act. Moving along the length of her dark lips before finally entering her pink entrance, it was then that Erica held it open and licked hard and fast, going in hard and fast before slurping up to hit her clit again.

Erica felt possessed by the intoxicating aroma and taste of her friend’s pussy. She found herself licking faster and faster as her fingers now held open Brandy’s dark folds. To Erica it was like she was tongue fucking her friend, and the sounds Brandy was making seemed to urge her on more.

Brandy’s legs were shaking as her moans grew louder. Erica almost wondered if her mother and brother would hear them having their lesbian sex.

The sensation and feeling of licking her friend’s pussy did not go unnoticed by Erica’s own sex. She felt that her pussy was so wet it would leak through her sweatpants. This did not deter her at continuing to tongue fuck her friend though.

Brandy shook once again and Erica knew it was a big orgasm as her head was held in place as she tasted girl cum for the first time. It was such a turn on that her own pussy became almost dripping from the taste.

Erica backed away once Brandy was done orgasming. She could still taste the girl juice on her face as Brandy still moaned, laying on the bed. Erica wiped her face, and Brandy turned over on the bed to watch.

As Erica got a clean towel to clean up, Brandy called over to her, “Don’t clean up yet. I owe you. Get over on the bed so I can return the favor.”

Erica turned and smiled, knowing she was going to get her pussy licked or finger fucked by her friend. This ended with the sound of footsteps coming towards her door. She looked at Brandy and saw her giggling as she rushed to put on her jeans.

Brandy was pulling her jeans up minus her panties, and Erica fixed herself the best she could. “Erica, I know you slept all day yesterday, but you have to get the shopping done. The list is on the counter.”

Erica was relieved that her mother did not come in. She was also upset that she was not going to get Brandy to eat her out or finger fuck her like the night before. Knowing the cost of getting a car was doing her mom’s chores was a price she knew must be paid. Now she was off shopping instead of having Brandy between her legs eating out her wet pussy.

Brandy could not stop smiling and laughing as they left to go out shopping. Erica turned to her to see what was funny, and Brandy responded in kind with a grope and a kiss. Erica kissed back but still had to ask, “What’s so funny?”

“We get to fool around in your car.”

Erica and she stopped off at a store to get some coffee, and chill before shopping with her friend. It was there that she got the idea to let Brandy have what she wanted. She agreed to set up a meeting with John and her on one condition.

Brandy said she would do anything to make it happen, so Erica said yes before even asking her brother if it was ok. The only condition to keep John’s identity a secret was Brandy would have to wear a blindfold while being fucked. Brandy in turn would make sure that Alice was not to be told about it.

Brandy then admitted that etimesgut escort bayan Alice told her that she had full plans of finding out who the guy was and having him to herself. Brandy was pissed and told Erica that they should tell her that the guy is no longer able to meet on Friday nights, and they just should keep him to themselves. Erica was not rash to say anything, but did say she would think about it.

Erica also made Brandy agree that she owed Erica a huge favor to be paid later on. In truth Erica could not think of something she wanted from her that was really big. She just knew that she owed her a favor.

The shopping center was crowded and Brandy gave a sly look before dragging Erica to the bathroom. It was when Brandy locked the door that Erica realized that they were going to fool around right there in the bathroom of the store.

Brandy told her to get on the sink, and Erica complied but not before stripping down. Brandy knelt down before her as her ass felt the cold porcelain sink. Erica closed her eyes the moment Brandy’s tongue rubbed her slick pussy folds. It was then Erica knew that she had to remind herself not to scream out.

With each lick of Brandy’s talented tongue Erica moaned hard. The wave of pleasure travelled to her breasts forcing her to pull down her bra to get at her nipples. Pulling and tugging on her erect nipples, Erica felt her pussy just flex with each passing lick of pleasure. It was the best feeling ever as she looked down to see Brandy eating her out like some lesbian goddess.

Erica’s soft moans grew intense the instant she felt fingers pry apart her wet pink folds and push into her love canal. She imagined it was her brother’s cock entering her though. The dirty thought of having her brother penetrate and push deep in sent her into another loud moaning orgasm.

The wetness seemed to translate into Erica shaking as she knew that Brandy was pushing her over the edge as her finger curled and hit the right spot for her pussy to convulse at will. Erica finally let go and moaned loud enough for anyone outside to hear.

Brandy pulled away and smiled as Erica sat there breathing hard and looking weak from the whole incident. “I think you liked it.”

“We got to get going. I swear someone heard me.”

Erica walked out first to an empty hallway. Brandy laughed as Erica continued her way to the abandoned shopping cart they left behind. The entire way home, Erica replayed the scene. The only thing she recalled vividly was her imagination of her brother fucking her.

Brandy was home, and Erica was putting away the groceries when John walked in from his job. His shirt covered in sweat, and his shorts stained with grass. Erica felt her pussy twinge with just a glance at him.

John greeted her as if nothing was wrong or different about them. Erica found it hard to focus on his face, as she thought about him topless, and on top of her, pounding his cock inside of her as she waited to be filled with incestuous sperm.

“Sit, let me make you something.”

John sat down and looked at his sister in shock. “You are going to make me something? Why are you being so nice?”

Erica opened the cabinets and started grabbing ingredients. “Cause I want to. I need to talk to you about the other night any way.”

“Oh ok. I swear I said nothing, and will say nothing to nobody. I am not even bringing it up to you because you told me to stay quiet about the whole thing.”

“I know, you have been great about it. I just wanted to apologize for the last time. I had no idea it was going to go that far.”

Erica wanted to tell him that she was hoping it would go that far every time now, but wanted to gauge his reactions. She still knew that she had to break the news to him about Brandy wanting more.

“If it gets that far again, I can say no if you want me to. I know you might be forced to next time.”

Erica had her back to her brother and wanted to tell him so much more, but needed to play it cool as not to spook him. She knew she wanted things from him, but had to make sure he was ok with it. Erica now had it in her mind that he needed to make the move as to think it was his idea not hers.

“Listen…if it gets that far again, you can do what you feel is right. I have a feeling it will not be my turn for awhile after the way you made Brandy feel. She wants you this Thursday to herself now. “

John’s voice sounded surprised, yet not upset. “She what? You mean she wants me to just fuck normal.”

“Not normal boyfriend girlfriend. I told her she had to wear a blindfold so she would not know it’s you. She just wants to be with you without a timer is all.”

“Oh…so it will just be the two of us?”

Erica put a plate of food in front of her brother. She wanted to tell him that she wanted to see the whole thing, and maybe get some herself. Erica knew she had to hold back, and bit her tongue. “Brandy wants me there, but I will just be talking escort etimesgut dirty to her like she wants.”

“Oh….that was really fucking weird. I never knew Alice and Brandy were into that shit.”

“Well, they are, and she wants me to step in because Alice will not be there.”

John was eating, and Erica walked away knowing that he was ok with Thursday’s private encounter. She was also pleased that John could keep a secret, and was ok with everything that happened. The only thing Erica did not disclose was her newfound love of lesbian sex with Brandy. That was something she was not ready to tell him.

Erica was in her closet with the idea of how to entice her brother into wanting her. She had the plan she would dress and act a little inappropriate around him. The first step to her devious notion was to get her brother aroused every time she was around him. It was a surefire plan since she knew that John snuck peeks at her chest more than a few times.

This plan would start with clothes that were too tight, and shirts that showed off her breasts. Erica rifled though her clothes and also realized that she would have to go without wearing bras completely while around him. Erica also grabbed sweatpants from a few years ago, while fishing out thongs that would be pleasing to the male eye.

Erica finally had her wardrobe complete, and was going to test it out after her shower. She purposely left the door open a crack, and made sure to shave everything so the shower would last longer. The whole time she wondered if he would look in. Just the thought of him getting aroused by looking at her, made her pussy wet with desire.

Putting on the tight clothes without a bra made her breasts bounce and jiggle with every step. Erica almost wondered if it was too much when she saw in the mirror that her nipples were clearly poking out from the tight shirt. She wondered if her mother was going to say something if she saw her. Since her father was out of town for the week, she knew she just had to avoid her mother’s eyes for the time being.

Erica made her way to her brother’s room hoping that she could talk to him. In her head she was going to flirt with him, and try her best to get him excited. When she opened the door, she saw the empty room, and her plans foiled. She knew he must be close, since he moved his car back into the driveway.

Erica walked downstairs to see her mother in the kitchen getting ready to make dinner. She walked past her with a hello, and a quick turn to hide the fact her nipples and breasts were on display. The whole act of dressing slutty seemed to fit, and was making Erica feel somewhat excited.

The television was off and she knew that her brother must be working on his car. Erica walked out to the garage with the intention of showing off her semi naked body with the guise of asking him a few questions.

Erica closed the garage door behind her and saw that he was under the car. He did not acknowledge her at first which gave her the idea to get in a position to best show off her assets.

Erica was first to break the silence with a simple. “Whatcha doing?”

“Just a simple oil change.”

Erica was going to ask a few more questions but the sight of his package flexing in his jeans changed her mind. It was the center of her attention now, as she knelt down next to him. Her whole plan was now off as she just thought about his cock.

Erica tried to muster some sort of backup plan of what to do, but the flashback of John’s erect cock poking through the hole was all she could think about. The sheer sight of his large, thick pecker ejaculating entered every thought she had.

“What are doing in here anyway? You need me to do something?” John said as Erica came out of her daydream.

“Oh…I was just hoping I could get you to tell me what radio to get.”

“What…you are still driving mom’s car, and you’re talking about a radio? When you get your car next semester I will install any radio you want.”

Erica knew she was asking a lame question, but it was the first thing that popped in her mind on the spot.

Erica let her eyes drift once more to the bulge in John’s jeans. The thought of his dick flopping out of the zipper was making her pussy swell with wetness and desire. She quickly thought of something to say that would let him or her pull his monster from its confines.

“There is something I have to ask though. It’s kinda weird but I promised Brandy I would ask.” Erica regretted saying it the moment it came out of her lips. She needed to think of something quick because there was nothing Brandy wanted from him other than a good hard fucking.

John used the creeper he was laying on and rolled out from under his car. When his eyes feasted on his sister’s tight top with her nipples poking out, Erica knew she had him. She wanted to smile, but kept a straight face as if not to arouse suspicion she was enticing him.

John tried to look up but his eyes were constantly drifting towards Erica’s nipples as they clearly pointed out from her tight top. “What do you want to ask?”

“Brandy wants me to ask if…if…you have any marks or things on your thing.” Erica wondered if her stuttering threw John off. She knew the whole question sounded dumb because Brandy saw his cock a few times now.

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