The Function Ch. 01

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Linda and I were at 2nd civic function for the month and fourteenth of the year and it was only June. Being an executive at a large corporation the duties fell upon my wife to get out into the community and be a face and voice for the business. It was something she was good at and enjoyed but it also required a husband to be in tow. At first it was ok, the food and drinks but the more functions you end of going to the more you realize it is more of a show than anything else. Most of the people you meet are people with agendas or simply like to hear themselves talk. And so it was 45 minutes into the late evening party at the mayor’s house. A beautiful house for the Colorado Springs area, near the Broadmoor hotel with a big yard, an in ground pool and landscaped beautifully with evergreens, rose gardens and flowered berms with solar lighting. If was an obvious show of money but tastefully done.

After doing the obligatory introductions my wife gave me the look I had recognized and knew immediately what she meant. It was time for me to excuse myself from the conversation so she could get on with the business at hand. I wandered over to the bar picked out some tonic water and stepped outside for some fresh air.

It was a pleasant evening, a little chilly but typical for the area. The nights are always cool, this time of year, in the mid 50’s but no wind. A faint whiff of rose scent trickled in from the gardens off the end of the pool. I pulled up a lounge chair and laid my 45 year old, six foot, two inch body back, closed my eyes and started thinking of my schedule for tomorrow. I think I drifted off for a couple of minutes at least when behind me I heard a patio door close and then the click, click, click of high heels on cement. I was sure it was Linda coming to get me to go home after a busy night of mingling. “Is it time to go honey” I groined as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.

“If you must, but I just got here” was the reply. It was a sexy voice and it wasn’t Linda.

I sat up and turned around to face the voice. It was a young lady, maybe 5′ 2″, early 40’s dressed in a knee length red dress, with spaghetti straps and matching red strap high heels. Her blonde hair curved softly around her oval face, shoulder length with highlights throughout. Her face was beautiful, no wrinkles, her eyes inset and a deep shade of piercing blue. I noticed her when I first walked in to the party. She was with a group of men near the fireplace who were all talking loud, drinking and laughing. I hadn’t seen her before on the social rounds before, but she did have a bored look on her face like she had done this many times.

“I hope I didn’t disturb you?” she said with tiredness in her voice. Her legs were tapered well and it was obvious she worked out. Perhaps a Stairmaster or treadmill no doubt. Her hips well in proportion to her chest, not rail thin woman like some of the younger girls these days. More of a womanly body that is so nice for a guy to snuggle with on a cold winter’s morning.

“No… not at all. Have a seat”. I jumped up and pulled a folding chair over to her and set another one facing her for myself.

“Do you mind if I use the lounge chair instead? My feet are sore in these heels and I need to get off my feet for a minute”.

“No. No problem” I stammered as she slipped her shoes off and settled back into the cushion. She let out a big sigh and pushed her back into the cushioned lounge. Tilting her head to face me, she closed her eyes. Her hair dangled across her face, slide over her mouth, resting between her full lips.

I watched her lay there just a minute then I cleared my throat easily and in my best cheery voice I said, “My name is Brock, what’s yours?” Her eyes opened and she looked at me head tilted still in a relaxed position.

“Sheila Olson..and my husband is the gas bag talking to all the bankers in there.” she blurted out. “Crap…..I’m really sorry….. Brock did you say? I shouldn’t have said that. He’s a nice guy but he comes to these things to make contacts as an investment advisor and he just drags me along as the wife. Sometimes I think he thinks it makes him look important or something. Like I was a tool to get business for him” She slid down the lounge trying to get back up. As she did her skirt hiked far up her thighs exposing a red patch of thong in her crotch and it caught my attention. “Do mind helping me up” she said. I looked up quickly and she was staring directly into my eyes.Damm, she caught me staring at her crotch…shit! She is going to think I am some kind of pervert or something…I thought as I took her small hands and pulled her up. She smiled and leaned forward and quickly kissed me on the cheek. “Thank you” she said as she straightened out her dress.

Surprised by her spontaneity I fought to get out the words, “for what?”

“For being a gentleman of course” she replied

She reached out her hand and straightened my tie, gave me a big smile and patted me on the chest as she finished. She grabbed Maltepe Escort my hand, pulling me toward the rose garden. “Let’s talk a walk and look at the roses OK? Her eyes had that pleading look I saw in Linda’s eyes when she really needed me to do something for her.

“Sure” I said as she gently tugged at me and we headed over to the rose bed. I could see she had goose flesh so I pulled off my sweater and offered it to her, which she gladly accepted. She slipped it on and pulled her blond locks out from within the collar. She leaned forward again and kissed me lightly, this time directly on the lips. “What was that for?” I asked quizzically.

“For being a total gentleman and offering me your sweater of course” she said and smiled again. This time she held my gaze for what seemed like 20 seconds. I honestly don’t know how long it was. I so much wanted to kiss her, but I didn’t want to offend her. She was a married woman for heavens sakes. I didn’t even really know her, but she was intriguing.

We walked around the roses, stopping to sniff them from time to time. As we walked she slid her arm around me and pulled me close, trying to get warmer. I responded by putting my arm around her small waist and pulling her tighter as well. As we walked we talked about our spouses. It seemed her husband was sort of like my wife. Working all the time, especially at all these functions. We joked that perhaps they would make a great pair at these parties.

As we made our way around the flower beds I could feel her hand slowly dropping from my waist down to my hips, and then slowly drifted down to my ass cheek. My heart started to pound with excitement and I could feel a stirring in my boxers. My wife had long ago stopped being a flirt or exuding any kind of sensuality and to have this beautiful woman with her arm around me, and coming on to me was such a turn on.

Summoning all my courage I stepped in front of her and leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. I could feel her tongue edge out between her lips and I responded in kind. Her smooth lips pushed against mine and I could feel a sense of urgency in her movement. I pulled away from her, halfway expecting to be slapped. She looked at me and softly said, “What was that for?”

“For being a real woman” I smiled at her. She glanced at her feet and realized her feet were bare all this time.

“Can we sit down she asked, my feet are cold” she asked

“Sure”, I chirped as I quickly spotted a bench behind the rose garden, next to the honeysuckle hedging. I sat at one end and she sat at the opposite end and swung her feet around and placed them on my lap. I massaged her cold feet rubbing them softly with my hands and blowing on them with my warm breath from time to time. Slowly they started to warm. It was after few minutes I noticed her red dress had hiked up her thighs again, exposing that same red patch of underwear. Once again it caught my stare for just a few seconds until I realized what I was doing. I quickly looked up and she was staring at me again.”Damm…I was busted again…shit!I thought to myself.

To my surprise, she leaned forward and whispered “Do you like what you see?”

Amazed at her forwardness I grinned back and in a whisper, “Yes…..yes I do, very much so”

“That’s good” she said” and leaned farther forward, grabbed my tie and pulled me to her and gave me another kiss. This time much longer and her tongue more probing than before.

“I hope you won’t tell my husband that I kissed you? Will you?” she said devilishly straightening my tie again. “He doesn’t like surprises or kissing unless it is in the bedroom” she added.

“Wild horses couldn’t drag it out of me Sheila” I smiled.

“What a gentleman you are Brock. Do you mind if I kiss you again?” she asked.

“What ever areallady wants” I replied.

With that she swung her legs around and stood up to face me. She quickly hiked up her skirt to crotch level exposing her red lacy thong then crawled on top me with her legs on either side of my lap. Her warm crotch resting on top my now growing member, she settled in with her full small weight on top of me. Then putting her hands on each side of my head she pulled my face to her and gave me a deep, passionate kiss like I had never experienced before. Her tongue darting in and out, her breath warm and fresh. Her mouth was wet and sweet tasting, her strawberry lip gloss mixing in with our fluids. She finished by taking her tongue and quickly caressing my lips as she finished and then pulled back. I thought I was having some sort of dream for a few seconds. I had just met this woman and in less than 15 minutes we were kissing like teenagers on a bench in the back yard of the mayor of Colorado Springs. For a few seconds I just sat there, breathless with my eyes closed. When the shock of what had just worn off, I could feel her caressing my neck with her soft wet lips. Her hair falling around my face tickling me gently, her breath warm on my neck. From Ümraniye Escort my Adams apple to my ear she gently nibbled her way back and forth. Then like something out of a high school wet dream she tongued by earlobe and then put her tongue into my ear for just a couple of seconds. All the time her 36 C chest pressed into me and I could smell her perfume, filling my nose with her body scent mixed with perfume.

My cock started to grow instinctively from the kissing and the heat of her crotch resting on top of my semi hard penis. She put her hands on my shoulders and pulled me closer rubbing her crotch back and forth rhythmically, exhaling on my neck and in my ear until my cock was as rigid as steel. She stopped grinding into me for a few seconds and looked into my eyes with that gorgeous smile. “If I am not too forward, I like your hardness Mr. Brock….do you mind if I release the pressure or surely you will break your zipper if I don’t” she giggled.

My mind was racing like a rabbit from a coyote and instinctively I softly croaked out a “no”, then cleared my throat and shot out a firm, “NO….not at all” in my deepest voice.

She slipped off my lap, gently parted my legs and kneeled down in-between. Undoing my zipper in one long, slow pull, she reached her soft hand into the opening in my wool trousers. Caressing my rock hard cock through my silk boxers with gentleness unknown to me before for just a minute, then quickly unbuttoned the fly on them and slipped her hand directly onto my hot flesh. Her hand was so soft and slightly cool from the night air. I thought I might cum immediately as she rubbed my member with her open hand, slowly up and then slowly down. She curled her hand around my cock and pulled it out of my pants, exposing it to the night chill. She looked at me with that smile and licked her lips and leaned forward to gently kiss the tip. “You have a beautiful penis here Brock” she softly said. Her tongue started licking around the head slowly and deliberately, flicking her tongue around the base of the head and the sensitive underside with precision. I could feel the tension growing in my cock and with each careful lick of her tongue my hardness was sent bouncing up and down. She took my cock head into her mouth and closing her full lips over the head while her tongue ran circles around my head. I could feel my cock start to spasm and I was sure I was going to start coming any second.

Just then she took her hand and squeezed the base of my cock and slipped the head out of her mouth, her lips wet with saliva and pre-cum. “How are you doing?” she asked grinning from ear to ear.

“Honest to god I damn near came Sheila. Where did you learn to do that?” I breathlessly asked her.

“I don’t know. I have always had a knack for it. My first boyfriend in high school couldn’t get enough of it and I enjoyed it… I kept doing it. Do you want me to stop?” she said as she leaned forward to lick my shaft from balls to tip.

“If you don’t I am liable to cum pretty quickly” I replied.

“I think you have settled down a little bit. Perhaps I can hold you off a few minutes more, if that’s OK?” she smiled slyly. She didn’t wait for my answer. She released her grip from my cock and I could feel a little cum slip out the tip and slip down the side. She quickly ran her tongue across the head and got most of it on her tongue, then swallowed it down.

“God this woman is amazing”I thought as she again slipped her lips over my now purplish head. She proceeded to slowly bob her head up and down over my shaft. Her left hand cradling my balls and her right hand tightly wrapped around the base of my shaft again. The intensity was turning my legs to Jell-O while her right hand was not allowing me to cum. After several minutes of this I could tell that no matter how tight her grip I was going to cum or my balls were going to explode.

I reach out and touched the side of her face with my hand to catch her attention. “I really need to cum Sheila” I groaned.

“Awww…lets see what we can do Brock” she said. She picked up her pace and released her grip from my shaft. As she did I could feel my cock start to jerk involuntarily and I knew I was seconds from filling her mouth with my hot seed. She sensed my impending eruption and readied herself, wrapping her lips tightly around my head, then gently stroking my cock up and down with her right hand. The intensity was overwhelming as I felt the first jet of cum shoot out into her waiting mouth, then another and my hips bucked and another. All the time her lips were tightly wrapped around the head lightly bobbing up and down her teeth gently rubbing into the crown, sending light shocks of electricity through my body. My cock continued to pulse and I could see a small stream of cum just slip out of the corner of her mouth and drip onto my sweater. My body convulsed several times more before she slipped her lips over the head of my cock and leaned back. My cock was now throbbing in the cool night İstanbul Escort air as I watched her swallow my load in a big gulp. “Wow…that was a lot of cum Brock. When was the last time you had sex?”

Feeling a little embarrassed I told her is was only a month or so when it was actually closer to a year since Linda and I had fucked last.

Suddenly the patio light came on to full bright and I could see Linda standing at the patio door. “Brock are you out here?” In a panic I quickly slipped my softening cock into my pants and zipped my fly.

“I’m sorry Sheila but I need my sweater Obligingly she stripped it off and handed it to me. “I hate to do this, but can you stay here until I walk my wife into the house?” I asked and she nodded yes. As I made my way around the rose garden Linda caught my movement.

“Oh there you are” she said with a puzzle look on her face. “I wondered where you had run off to.”

“I just wanted to catch some night air. I was getting warm in there.” I said as I slipped my sweater on.

“Come on we need to go dear” Linda said as she turned to open the patio door. “By the way” she added, “have you seen a lady in a red dress wandering out here in the back yard?”

“No… I haven’t” I answered quizzically. “But lets go inside….it’s chilly out here honey”, I said as I kissed her on the cheek and grabbed her hand.

“What’s that on your sweater dear?” I looked down with horror as I noticed that errant opaque dribble of cum about 3 inches long lightly resting on my sweater.

“Oh….oh…. that’s some icing off the lemon cake they served. It was really, really runny and I think I spilled some.”

I quickly lifted my hand and scooped it up with my fingers and slipped it into my mouth. “Just wonderful” I said as the salty ooze hit my tongue. As I closed the door behind us I saw Sheila’s head just over the top of the roses. I felt bad I wouldn’t get a chance to say goodbye. All I could think of was her outside freezing her ass off and me not getting to say thank you.

As we drove home that evening Linda mentioned she had met a financial advisor, Jim Olson and they had a good talk about finances. She was going to introduce him to the president of the company she worked for at a party later this month in Durango. A smile formed across my face as I hit the accelerator at the on ramp.

Sheila slipped open the buttons to my 501 jeans then reached her hand in and pulled out my semi rigid cock. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and all I could do was grin with anticipation. In her hand I could feel my cock start to swell. Her soft right hand slowly stroking me in a under hand motion while her left hand reached in a pulled my balls out and started to roll them in her fingers like Asian meditation balls. Licking the length of my dick with her tongue several times she stopped at my mushroom head and softly ran the tip of her tongue under the flare of my dick head and probed the opening. It was obviously she knew her way around a cock for the intensity of excitement was almost too much to take. I suspect it was like a guy licking a woman’s clit continuously, almost painful at times. A little pre-cum formed at the tip and as it did she slide her tongue over it and took it away before it could drip.

Pursing her lips firmly, she then forced my cock into her mouth, taking only half of it. Swirling her tongue around the head of my cock, it continued to grow to its full hardness and length, steel like with a thick vein sticking out on the underside. Pulling her head away slowly she let her teeth catch the rim of my head, then slowly dragged them across the head. As my cock left her mouth a thread of saliva trailed and then broke off hanging off her chin.

Looking down I could see my cock head was a bright shade of purple, while her right hand gently continued to stroke my shaft. This woman had amazing skills. “Sheila” I said. “Will you fucking marry me?” She turned her face toward me, “I’m married already Brock…..but I might fuck your brains out until your dick falls off” she said with a grin.

With that she slipped my dick back into her warm mouth and slide all 8 inchs of my steel like dick down her throat without even a hint of a gag. I swear I could feel her tonsils bouncing off my cockhead. She started to humm and the vibrations on my cock made me even harder still.

Slowly she started to bob her head up and down, her tongue providing a runway for my dick. I could feel my nuts start to churn with each passing second. Her finger continued to massage my balls only added to the excitement.

Without warning she firmed her hand around my shaft and started to rapidly milk my cock for all it was worth, while her lips slide over my cock head popping in and out of her mouth. Between the sexiness of watching her beautiful face devouring my cock and the sheer excitement caused by her hand tightly on my shaft and her lips on my head, I knew I only had a few second left before I would explode. The intensity continued to mount as she relentlessly stoked and massaged my cock. My knees started to weaken and I should have cum by now but her hand was wrapped around my cock so tight I couldn’t. The pressure continued to mount with every passing second.

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