The Graces Ch. 09

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This story explores intimate sexual relationships between family members and friends that are of a variety of ages. None of these characters are based on real people. This is meant to be a plausible fantasy for your enjoyment only. There are other stories in this series but this one doesn’t require you have read them. This complies with the Literotica guidelines, especially the exclusion of any characters under the age of 18. Comments welcome. Copyright 2022.


Liam Grace had never really thought of his step-grandmother sexually, but he changed his view instantaneously when he stepped into the grandparents’ home and encountered Joi’s delectable ass bouncing in front of him as she rode her husband’s fat prick.

The couple were nude on the sofa in their living room, Gene Grace sitting upright in the center of the couch with his wife, Joi, crouched over his dick, slamming up and down on the massive prickstaff. Liam could just barely see her cunt lips between Joi’s legs, the labia being dragged in and out of her vagina as she screwed herself onto what was easily to biggest cock Liam had ever seen in his life.

The couple was rutting with enthusiasm, far too enthralled with their own pleasure to notice that Liam had opened the front door and stepped in. Unannounced was not an unusual way for Liam to enter, since his grandparents kept a wide and accessible policy on family visits, very few restrictions. He had come out to see if he could help his sister pack her things to come home over the winter break at her college. Still, finding the older couple copulating was an entirely new way to be greeted.

Liam’s sexual experiences had been shaped over the years by his mother, so he was completely aware of the advantages of making love with older women. His fuck session with Robin Joy had confirmed the delights of experienced pussy. He was not at all ashamed by walking in accidentally on his grandparents, although it did put a little bit of a new spin on his attitude about them, now that he could see clearly they were very active sexually.

He shut the door behind himself quietly and let his eyes roam over his step-grandmother’s body. Her short buzzed hair was familiar, but Liam was now able to see her rippling shoulder and back muscles, toughened by her rock climbing hobby, her taunt leg muscles and athletic thighs, and, best of all, her creamy, round and firm buttocks that swelled below the small of her back. This was a fresh perspective for Liam and he watched with growing arousal as Joi fucked her husband with unbridled energy. Liam’s cock started to harden in his pants at the sexy sight.

When Joi leaned to Gene’s face and kissed him deeply, the angle of her hips brought her cunt into full view of her step-grandson and Liam felt a tightness in his balls at the view of her nearly nude pussy lips being split by his grandfather’s massive member. Gene’s cock was thick and, even as Joi ascended six or eight inches, the glistening shaft didn’t reveal the glans, so Liam concluded the prick must be of a superior length, as well.

Even so, it was evident from her enthusiastic sheathing of her husband’s major tube steak that Joi was enjoying every inch. Her ass was so firm and tight that barely a ripple moved it when she slammed down on the full length of Gene’s cock. His hands mauled her firm uptilted tits and he grunted heartily each time she sat on his legs completely engulfing his fuck pole.

The fullness of her packed cunt caused the creamy jam of her pussy juice to collect around her vulva and send slimy trails down the backs of her thighs. Liam had not seen such a lewd sight since he stumbled on Robin Joy being eaten by her daughter almost two months ago.

Unsurprisingly, his own dick swelled, tenting painfully in his tight jeans and he reached down to unbutton his fly to release the stiffening organ. At that moment, his grandfather glanced up and, seeing Liam in distress by the door, smiled broadly bursa escort and whispered something into Joi’s ear.

Without missing a beat of her wild rhythm on his meatstick, she looked around, spied her step-grandson and said saucily, “Bring that hard cock over here, darling.”

Liam dropped his pants and briefs and sauntered over to the sofa to stand next to the fucking pair and Joi turned her head and shoulders towards him. She looked up into his face, her own blue eyes sparkling in her round and lovely features and stuck out her tongue to lick the tip of his prick. Liam’s heart jumped as he watched his lithe step-grandmother, his own father’s step-mother, this sensually beautiful woman, oval her lips and suck his cock into her warm, wet mouth. He leaned into her embrace and she swallowed his prickstaff entirely, his sensitive glans bumping her tonsils and her teeth nibbling the base of his dick. She lifted his nutsack with her hand and gently massaged his balls.

Liam looked over at his grandfather, who nodded approval. Joi began to move her mouth up and down his staff, easing his glans to the front of her tongue to press it against the roof of her mouth and then jerking her head into his crotch to consume the span of his hard on. Gene continued to hold and rub her boobs and Liam saw the nipples were hard and red with the stimulation.

Although he had little experience spit roasting a woman, least of all an alluring older siren who also happened to be his 63-year old immediate relative who’s cunt was currently being rammed by his grandfather, he fell into almost an automatic pace, lifting his cock into Joi’s mouth as she descended Gene’s mighty pole and pulling back slightly as she rose on the huge prickmeat. Joi’s mouth twisted and turned on every stroke to increase his arousal and her hand stirred his sperm-laden balls. Occasionally, she would rest her lips on the tip of his dick and her hand would frisk his spit-soaked cockstaff with a rigid grip, pulling blood to the organ and solidifying his erection.

“How’s that hot and hungry mouth?” Gene asked his grandson after watching his wife blow his grandson for a few racy minutes.

“Damn, Pap G, Joi’s mouth is beautiful and freaking, sucking incredible,” Liam replied.

“Yes, that’s right, and she just loves two dicks at the same time,” Gene returned.

Gene put his hands under Joi’s thighs and held her still while he hammered his hips up and down, grunting happily as he jammed his monster meat in her clamping cunt. Joi continued to avidly suck her grandson’s stiff cock, drawing a breath through her nose rather that let any gap come between her lips and the rigid dork she was gulping with gusto. Joi’s head bounced slightly with the pounding of her husband’s crotch, adding a tasty swirl to the eager blow job. One of her hands continued to squeeze Liam’s nuts and the other now stimulated her stiff clit.

Gene seemed to have inexhaustible energy, his battering of Joi’s creamy chute kept on going to Liam’s astonishment. His own cock was steel-hard lifting strongly against the upper part of Joi’s mouth, allowing her tongue to sweep enticingly across the underside of his prickhead and down the wide tube.

The soft rolling of his balls in her hand was beginning to rumble his climax and he put a hand on her fuzzy head and said, “I’m going to spill my spunk in your mouth, sweet Joi, unless you stop.”

His step-grandmother simply increased the speed and power of her deep-throating to indicate her desire for his hot cum and then shot her mouth to the base of his cock for a deep, long suck. She pulled back, leaving just the head of his dick within her mouth and took her fist to jack his cock urgently. Liam felt his abdominal muscles tighten and the backs of his thighs tense. Electricity swept from his nuts to his diaphragm and warmed his pubic arch, his prick trembled in her mouth and grip. His balls snapped up against the base of his dick and his first gush of cream spit into Joi’s mouth. bursa escort bayan She hummed happily around the steaming load, continuing to fist his unbending erection.

Another glob popped from his prick into the back of Joi’s throat and she swallowed, dragging a few inches of his dick in with the move. Her cunt was swathed around Gene’s sizable staff and sending tingles up into her chest, but her hand continued jerking Liam’s pole as another shot of hot jam jetted into her mouth. Sticky sizzling sauce kept erupting from Liam, his hands now holding Joi’s head still as he thrust in and out of her snug maw, his breath was coming in gasps, his eyes fixed on the loving woman who sucked out his orgasmic nectar. As his climax subsided, Joi released his cock and kissed the tip tenderly.

“Oh, my dear boy, that was salty goodness, and quite a bit of it, so delicious, so wonderful,” she said softly.

Her body still bumped to the beat of Gene’s banging, her firm tits jiggling slightly as he continued shoving his rod deep into her chasm, crushing into her cervix and slamming it up to her womb. Liam’s prong remained at full staff, his orgasm had not dimished his excitement or interest.

Gene saw his grandson was still rigid and said, “Get behind your grandmother and I’ll spread her ass for you.”

It was just a step or two until Liam stood, feet spread beside his grandfather’s, looking down on his step-grandmother’s bouncing shoulders and back descending to her delectable derriere, gripped in his grandfather’s fingers and wrenched open to show the pink and brown anus. Overcome with a sudden lewd desire, he quickly knelt, grabbed the cheeks of her ass as well, and buried his face between the spread globes, his tongue darting against the tight orifice.

“Oh,” Joi exclaimed and Gene stopped his thrusting momentarily as Liam swabbed the tight sphincter with his wet oral muscle, digging into the crease and letting Joi feel his pressure.

She tried relaxing her asshole, giving Liam a small entry into which he wriggled his tongue.

“Ooo, baby, suck on my shitter,” Joi shouted, driving her ass back into Liam’s lips.

He sniffed deeply at her musky aroma, which Gene’s big dick was digging out of her cunt and mixing with the sour scent escaping from the crevasse of her rear. He licked heartily at the ring of her anus, trying as much as he could to open her cavity for further invasion. The tight muscles gapped around his tongue and Joi sighed as Liam penetrated with his warm, wet tongue and licked her rectum. After being crammed into her ass, his tongue swept down to the creamy mess of her pussy wrapped around Gene’s gigantic cock and lifted the sweet liquor to deposit on her asshole. He kissed each ass cheek and stood, gripping his hard tool.

“I want your dick up my ass,” Joi said passionately.

“My pleasure,” said Liam, no longer surprised at the sensuality of his sensational step-grandmother.

He rested the slimy head of his joint against her small asshole and pressed as Gene pulled the cheeks apart. His glans popped into her hot channel and Gene restarted humping her cunt, driving slow and deep. Liam felt his massive prong sliding past the head of his own lesser member and Joi shrieked happily. Liam pushed and his own stiff joystick sank completely in the tight hot ass of his new lover.

Now he and his grandfather divided the lovemaking tasks evenly, Liam pushing into Joi’s back passage as Gene withdrew from her front entry and Liam releasing Joi’s hot tube as Gene roared to the bottom of her spasming cunt. Back and forth, raising a frothy foam around both openings, the man and his grandson fucked the shit out of the sweet and salacious woman sandwiched between them. Joi was out of her mind with arousal, trilling thrills shooting through her loins, her breath driven from her as Gene bottomed out against her womb and diaphragm, both men grinding against her hips, back and front, sawing their cocks into her depths.

“Oooohhh, God, escort bursa you men feel so fucking wonderful in me,” Joi grunted, “I’m so fucking full of cock, I’m cumming on every stroke, slam those pricks in me, hump me hard!”

“You are the hottest granny ever,” Liam said, “and tight, so tight on my hard dick, so tight and sizzling, I love pounding your ass, your beautiful ass, your glorious ass, I’m in your hot and creamy ass.”

“Give it to me hard up my ass,” Joi urged as Gene continued to spread her cheeks and lift her hips so that Liam had a good angle on her back door.

Gene’s hips were lifting and lowering in a steady rhythm, pushing his massive and throbbing prickmeat to the very bottom of his wife’s soaking sheath. Joi began gasping for air with the double assault.

Gene leaned his handsome features into her gorgeous face and kissed her deeply. The embrace lit the fuse of his climax deep in his big balls and he switched his rhythm to jamming in deep and withdrawing only slightly as his cream started to rise. He moaned into Joi’s mouth and she grabbed his nipples and pinched. His eyes flew open and he thrust up into her, his hands slid from her ass to her hips and he pressed her down against his groin as the first jet of his boiling ball cream spewed into her depths, coating her cervix. She moaned right back into his kissing lips and started to rotate her hips, grinding her clit and labia against Gene’s pubic bone, her own final orgasm rippling through her cunt and ass, setting the muscular walls trembling.

With Gene holding Joi stable as he poured his seed into her, Liam sped up his thrusts and wrapped his hands around Joi’s compact tits. He reached the peak of his cum right as Joi and Gene were moaning together, riding their climaxes in full heat. With the feel of a tightly wound spring jumping in his broiling balls, his second ejaculation of the afternoon spit into his step-grandmother’s anal cavity. Sweat dripped down his chest and back, running into the junction of his cock and her buttery anus, and he remained jammed deep in her as dollop after milky dollop was ejected into the pulsating passageway.

Joi arched her back and rolled her hips to keep frictioning the cocks emptying their cum salve into her burning holes. Despite the gargantuan dimension of his dork, Gene’s emissions were not unusually large, but his wife came like a hurricane and all areas were flooded with swirling syrup. Liam, having released his large initial cum into Joi’s mouth, was similarly restrained in the hot gushing of his cock, but the three of them jerked and moaned for many long minutes as they savored the eruptions among them, crotches and ass sliding happily in the ocean of their mutual intimacy.

Liam spoke first after the orgasms receded. “Pap G, you and Joi have treated me to one of the most wondrous experiences of my life, I am so grateful that you accepted me into your lovemaking.”

“Don’t be silly,” Gene said with a smile, “we love you completely, and now have even more of you to love, we trust you will always be willing to join us in a good fuck.”

“Even if Gene had not been fucking me when you arrived, it would have been my pleasure to have your dick in me, wherever you wished,” Joi said lustily, “we have no inhibitions about you or any of your family, really.”

Joi dismounted her husband and slid away from Liam, still gasping for breath standing in front of them and lowered herself to the couch sofa. Liam stepped backward, caught himself and then sat beside his grandmother, dropping his hand to her cunt and rubbing gently through the ejected sap soaking her vee.

“That’s right, Liam, we are completely open and thrilled that you feel like loving us in this way, the same way we have loved all of your family.”

“All of my family?” Liam inquired.

“Yes,” Joi explained, “I’ve fucked your sister, your father and your mother and Gene has had both your mother and your sister, and, as of today, every one of you has joined our family sex party.”

“I’d say it’s been a pretty good day,” Gene replied.

“The best,” Liam said, smiling and reaching out to hug and kiss his step-grandmother, who had her hand busy reactivating his boner.

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