The Hike

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Author’s Note:

Thanks to all for the positive feedback on my first-ever story (“Can’t Sleep.”) This is my attempt at taking another look into the lives of Olivia and Lance. This is still a very new writing style for me, so I hope I’m not being overly predictable, etc. (??) As always, constructive feedback appreciated.

* * * * * *

After a long string of especially busy, stressful weeks at work, Lance and I planned a day trip to the local mountains for some fresh air and nature therapy. We each had a pack, mine with a picnic lunch and a carefully wrapped bottle of wine, and his with a cushy blanket, plenty of water and a first aid kit.

Our trip began with a 6,300 foot ascent into the Wallowant mountain range via the Ridgepine Arial Tram. The tram was usually packed with tourists and locals alike, all anxious to beat the heat along the valley floor while taking in the amazing vistas at the top. It was the perfect afternoon getaway, and going after Labor Day meant we had the gondola almost all to ourselves as we boarded for the 10 a.m. trip.

“I’m so glad we’re doing this,” I said as I walked to the far end of the tram car and looked out the window.

“So am I,” Lance said as he took his place next to me, brushing a loose piece of hair back behind my ear.

We stood quietly together, our packs at our feet, as two other couples boarded the gondola and moved to the opposite end for the view of where we were going versus where we’d been.

The gondola doors slid closed and the car lurched into action. The sudden motion caught me unprepared and I lost my balance. Lance reflexively reached out to steady me, one strong hand grazing the side of my breast in the process. “Careful,” he said with a wink.

As the car continued its ascent, Lance moved behind me, widening his stance and wrapping his arms around my waist. He nestled his chin in the crook of my neck as I rested my hands atop his. His day-old shave felt rugged and sexy against my skin. We said nothing as the car continued to climb its cable alongside the jagged mountain’s edge as the valley shrank below us. We listened as the guests at the other end of the car chattered excitedly about how they planned to spend their day, seemingly oblivious to the two of us.

A recorded welcome message played overhead as we continued the climb.

“Welcome to the Pineridge Arial Tram. As we climb more than 6,000 feet to the top of Hart Mountain, you can expect the temperature to drop an estimated 25 degrees, making it the perfect escape from the valley heat.”

As we gazed out the window, I traced my thumbs over the tops of Lance’s hands. He kissed my neck and then playfully bit my earlobe. I couldn’t help but smile as the feeling of his breath in my ear sent a shiver through by body. I gently pushed back into him, where I was pretty sure I felt a rustling in his cargo shorts. The ambient temperature may have been dropping, but things were just heating up between the two of us.

Before too long, we arrived at the top of the mountain. Grabbing our packs, we stopped to take in the view of the valley below, and get our first look at the lush landscape around us.

“It’s so beautiful up here,” I said, breathing in the fresh air as I took in nature’s panorama.

“You’re the beautiful one,” Lance said as he took me in his arms and kissed my lips. My heart and my body welcomed the attention – I loved the feel of his lips on mine. I enjoyed the moment, excited by the opportunity to share a full day with my man – where neither of us had cell reception. It would be a day free of distractions. Just the two of us.

We looked at the trail map and picked an 8-mile trail that looped around and let out not far from the tram site. According to the map, the trail had areas of moderate Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir to difficult terrain, but also passed by a lake. We figured that would be the perfect place to stop for lunch, and being an 8-mile trek, we assumed we wouldn’t run into too many other people. The ranger said most visitors opted for the shorter, easier hikes.

We started on our way, sometimes walking hand-in-hand, sometimes single-tracking our way through the more narrow parts of the trail. I loved the view while walking behind him. Though his backpack hid his stunningly muscular shoulders, I could still catch the occasional glimpse of his torso as his t-shirt shifted under the pack with each step. It was the end of summer, so his body was still tanned to a golden brown from weekends playing basketball with the guys, working in the yard, and swimming laps in the pool. And his butt. I don’t mind saying that I can’t get enough of his butt. I love how it looks both in and out of whatever he’s wearing.

Occasionally we’d stop to rest, grab some water and snap a “selfie” of the two of us. After a rather lengthy up-hill climb, I found myself especially winded, not being used to the altitude. I was having a hard time catching my breath as I leaned against a tree for support.

“You okay, babe?” he asked, as he slipped out of his pack and walked over to me. “Concentrate on your breathing, Liv,” he coached. “Breathe in … Breathe out …” he said, slowing his own breathing to the pace me wanted to help me find. It took a few minutes, but I was finally able to catch my breath.

“Geez, that was scary,” I said as I brushed the stray ponytail hairs from my face.

“We just pushed a little too hard up that hill,” he said. “That altitude is pretty unforgiving sometimes.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I said as I exhaled a sigh of relief and leaned back against the tree.

“I’m glad you’re OK,” Lance said. “Don’t scare me like that, OK?” His words trailed off as he leaned in to kiss me. The recent adrenaline rush left me in a bit of a heightened state and I eagerly kissed him back, my tongue maneuvering its way into his mouth.

He pressed his body into mine and I felt his growing erection through his shorts. I needed to get my hands on him and I reached between us to fondle his package through his clothes. Surprised by my actions, he reached for the buttons of my camp shirt, making quick work of the top four and exposing my lace-covered breasts. He cupped one in each hand as he feathered kisses down my neck. He pushed my breasts tightly together, kneading them as he went, and running his tongue along my cleavage.

I moaned into him as his tongue had its way with my breasts. As he continued, he reached in and scooped out one mound, freeing it from its lacey confines. He began to suck on my breast, drawing intoxicatingly intricate patterns along its surface with his tongue. No longer satisfied with experiencing his member through two layers of cloth, I reached down and unbuttoned his shorts and gave them a gentle tug to send them sagging down his legs. His erection was clearly visible through his boxers. I teased him for a brief moment, running my fingers along the inside of his waistband, but avoiding taking hold of his throbbing manhood.

“Touch me, please…” he begged into my ear before taking my lobe into his mouth and giving it a gentle tug.

I reached into his boxers and wrapped one hand around his shaft while the other hand reached around and settled on that butt that I loved so much. His cock was oozing in lusty anticipation. I worked my hand up and down his length as he alternated between suckling at my breasts and passionately exploring my mouth with his tongue.

I couldn’t believe we were doing this out in İstanbul Escort the open. Even if there was nobody around, it was still a far cry from our usual choice of behind closed doors. The novelty – with the risk, however small, of being seen – made the encounter that much more exciting.

Within a few minutes, his breathing hit a rapid pace, and seconds later, he shot his load into his shorts with a guttural growl of enjoyment.

Now he was the one out of breath as he braced himself on the tree behind me.

“Concentrate on your breathing, Lance,” I joked. “Breathe in … breathe out,” I added as I playfully ran my hands along his chest.

I began tucking myself back into my bra as his breathing returned to normal and he reached down to pull up his pants.

“Well that was a fun break,” he said with a smirk.

“Indeed it was,” I answered, winking at him as I reached into his pack for our water bottle.

“We’d better get moving if we want to make it to the lake for lunch,” he suggested. I nodded in agreement as I swallowed another drink of water before handing him the bottle. He took a long drink before returning the bottle to his pack.

We resumed our hike and made it to the lake by 1 p.m. As expected, we hadn’t seen another soul the entire time, and the lake was far enough off of the trail that it felt somewhat secluded. It was wonderful to have the lake to ourselves.

By the time we arrived, we were hot and sweaty from traversing some rather difficult terrain while carrying backpacks in the midday sun. We set up our blanket, planning to rest and enjoy the view for a while before refueling with a picnic lunch.

I was feeling overheated from the hike and it was hard to get comfortable. I needed to cool my core and the lake seemed like the perfect opportunity.

“Let’s go for a swim! ” I said, my wide-eyed expression clearly meant to egg him into agreement.

Rather than wait for his answer, I kicked off my hiking boots, stood up and stripped down to my bra and panties. A slow grin travelled across his face as he followed my lead, kicked off his boots and stood up. I reached over and undid his shorts while he pulled his shirt over his head. He took my hand as he stepped out of his shorts and we ran toward the water like a couple of summer camp counselors on a secret lakeside rendezvous.

The lake was shockingly refreshing and I couldn’t help but let out a scream as the water engulfed us. Once we were waist-deep, Lance dove under the water, surfaced a few feet later and swam several strokes before turning around to call out to me.

“This is just what we nee…” his said, his voice catching on his final word as he realized I was still standing in the shallower water, now with my bra in one hand, breasts fully exposed.

I winked slyly and ducked mostly under the water as he high-tailed it back my direction. A competitive swimmer in college, he made it back to me in what seemed like a blink of an eye, but not before I could shimmy out of my panties as well.

“I was going to say this swim was just what we needed, but clearly you have a better idea,” Lance said as he took my face in his hands and kissed me deeply. I couldn’t wait to feel every inch of him as I reached under the water and tugged at his boxers. He broke from our kiss just long enough to step out of them and throw both of our clothes over to shore near our blanket.

“I’ve been wanting you all day,” I said, gasping for air as the lust caught in my lungs. “I just couldn’t wait anymore.” Despite the cold water, I could tell he wanted me, too.

“I’ve been thinking about what I’d do to you when we got home tonight ever since you got me off against that tree,” he said. Now I don’t think I can wait,” he added, Escort İstanbul squeezing my breasts with one hand as his other disappeared below the water.

I was devouring his mouth with my tongue as his fingers worked their way between my legs and into my warm pleasure center. The contrast between the cool water and the heat between my legs was exciting for us both.

I sucked in my breath as his finger slid over my now-throbbing clit. I cried out as I squeezed his arms. “I want you right now,” I whimpered.

He took my hand and led me back to our blanket. I threw my arms around him as we lowered ourselves to the ground. I began kissing his chest as his returned his fingers to my pulsating mound. I squirmed with pleasure under his touch.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” I panted as I squeezed his rock-hard cock. He moaned in what I assumed was agreement as he grabbed my ass and pulled me into him.

I wanted him in the worst way. Suddenly unable to wait any longer, I climbed on top of him and slid down his body, raising my hips just long enough to position myself over his straining manhood.

We both moaned as I slowly lowered myself onto him, just a little at first, teasing the head, then taking in a bit more, only to retreat so that only the tip was ensconced in my warmth. I slowly moved up and down, adjusting my weight on my knees as I straddled his waist to welcome him at various depths. My little game was driving us both crazy. I paused for a second and we locked eyes before I slowly lowered myself to take him all in. Once he was fully inside of me, I began moving my hips in a slow clockwise circle. With every few rotations, I’d squeeze my pelvic muscles and enjoy the show as Lance’s eyes practically rolled back into his head.

“Oh my God that feels so good,” he panted, resting his hands on my ass.

“You feel so good,” I answered, biting my lip as my breathing quickened.

With that, Lance began moving his hips underneath me. I moved with him, sometimes sliding nearly off his rod, only to thrust myself downward again with a passionate cry. In that position, he was hitting all the right places as we moved together, and I was quickly losing my mind. He put his hands on my hips and was pushing me onto him as we thrust our bodies together. I was on the verge of climax as I leaned forward to heighten the sensation.

Within seconds I felt like I was seeing stars as the orgasm crept up on me. I kept riding him as I moaned in response to the mind-numbing sensation I was experiencing. I could tell he was getting close and I wanted us to climax together.

“Take me,” I panted into his ear.

In what seemed like an instant he skillfully rolled us over so that he was now on top. My mind was rapidly approaching a black out state as he pounded into me with a primal intensity.

I couldn’t control it any longer. My entire body was vibrating with pleasure as I hit the peak of release. I dug my hands into his back and partially muffled my own passionate wail by biting his shoulder. This turned him on even more.

“Oh. My. God,” he cried as he thrust into me harder and faster just before he erupted inside of me, then collapsed on my chest.

We lay there together, him still inside me, both trying to catch our breath.

“I can’t believe that just happened,” I laughed, out of breath and suddenly remembering that we were naked in the mountains, but too overcome with passion to be concerned. “You were amazing,” I added, taking his face in my hands and kissing him tenderly.

“You’re always amazing,” he replied, always the gentleman and always ready to boost my confidence.

After a few minutes, he rolled to the side, his penis sliding across my leg.

We were both physically spent and in need of rest, so Lance set the alarm on his watch and we enjoyed a short nap while entangled in each other’s arms underneath a forest canopy. We knew we still had nearly four more miles to go to return to the tram for the ride home, but for now, it seemed that time stood still.

It was one of our better days off in a long time.

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