The Holiday Ch. 05

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The walk back to the campsite with Astrid was a tense one for Sarah. Flushed and a little unsteady from her orgasm, still tipsy from the wine at dinner, and her mind full of questions – How much did Astrid know? What would she do if she found out that Bill had also fucked her? Could she have tasted his cum on her pussy? Maybe … but Sarah had washed herself clean, she thought. And if Astrid had tasted something, could she have known it was Bill’s? It clearly hadn’t been the first time Astrid had licked a woman to orgasm, judging by how quickly she’s leapt in to help, and by how delicately and accurately she’d taken Sarah’s clit in her mouth and sucked her into a panting, moaning mess.

A shudder ran through Sarah’s body as she recalled what had happened. She glanced over at Astrid, who seemed absorbed in her own thoughts. A slight smile played on Astrid’s face as she hummed. Astrid opened her eyes and caught Sarah’s curious glance.

“Penny for your thoughts, Sarah?”

“Um .. nothing,” stammed Sarah. “I … was just … thinking..” Her voice trailed away –

“Thinking about earlier?” Astrid asked as she reached over to nudge Sarah’s arm with her own – both women had their arms full of towels and dishes as they returned to the campsite. “Was that the first time you’ve had a girl go down on you?” She giggled as she watched the confusion ripple over Sarah’s face.

“I bet it was,” she gleefully exclaimed. “Aw, hon, there’s nothing to be shy about. Like I said, a girl’s gotta go what a girl’s gotta do sometimes. And you tasted so good.”

Sarah blushed in response. Thank fuck, she thought. She still doesn’t know.

Astrid chatted on, mistaking Sarah’s blush for something else. “Yeah! You do taste good. Doesn’t Ted tell you that all the time? If I were him, I’d be eating you out every damn day.”

Sarah murmured that he didn’t, no. But her mind wasn’t on Ted – who, truth be told, didn’t really care about her pussy so long as it was wet and ready for him – it was on Astrid. She found herself wondering how Astrid tasted, and if she could lap on Astrid’s beautiful pink clit and make her mew with delight, just like Astrid had done for her.

Jesus, Sarah breathed. She really needed to calm down a notch. She simply had too much sex on her brain today.

The women reached the campsite – all was silent except for the snap and crackle of a roaring fire. The children were sleeping in the dark depths of their own tents, and Sarah could make out the dark figures of Bill and Ted silently enjoying the the warmth of the whiskey and the fire. Sarah and Astrid tidied up the camp, quietly hanging towels up and putting dishes away. When the campsite was squared away for the night, Ted poured a mug of whiskey for each of them. As he passed Sarah her mug, he leaned over to whisper, “I’m headed for bed soon, wanna join me?” He winked at her, his intent all but unmissable.

Sarah felt her stomach lurch. She couldn’t bear the thought of Ted’s hands touching her when her skin was still tingling for the touch of Bill. Cheating on Ted hadn’t been her Ümraniye Escort plan at all, and now that all this had happened so fast, she needed a moment to figure out what she was going to do. “I think I’ll stay up a little – Astrid and I need a drink after all that hard work washing up,” she said weakly. “I’ll come join you a little later.”

The women settled down by the fire onto a large driftwood log between two men on their camp chairs, cupping their whiskies. Bill prodded the flames, his face half in the shadow, unreadable. Ted draped his hand on Sarah’s thigh – she tensed up, hyper aware of every little blip of body language, her mind still racing with the thoughts of who knew who did what, with thoughts of Astrid, of Bill and of how to get through this night.

It was late now – the moon was full, casting a pale glow over the campsite. In the distance, they could hear other campsites enjoying the spring night as well. Laughter, music, smoke trailed over their silent camp. While the four of them sat there in what seemed like companionable silence, the tension in Sarah was unbearable – she couldn’t bring herself to respond to Ted’s touch. His soft warm hand on her leg looked like an alien life form to her – in her mind, all she could feel was the rough palms of Bill grabbing her hips, the soft warmth of Astrid’s mouth, closing in on her sex.

To distract herself, she gulped down that whiskey in her mug. She felt a warmth spread through her belly and the thoughts in her head were soon drowned out by the buzz of the liquor. Sarah felt a gentle squeeze on her thigh – she flinched – but it was just Ted signalling that he was going to turn in for the night. He kissed her gently on her neck. “See you soon?” he asked, though the tone in his voice told her that he didn’t think he would. Sarah knew he’d be out cold as soon as he crawled into the tent.

As he left, Sarah poured herself another generous slug of whisky and settled back down. She misjudged the distance back down to the log bench and tumbled into Astrid’s lap. “Whoops!” she muttered.

“That’s alright,” murmured Astrid. “Come on and sit by me.” Astrid pulled Sarah down so that they were both on the ground, Sarah nestled between Astrid’s legs, both of them facing the warm fire. Beyond its glow, Bill continued silently nursing his drink, tending to the flames.

Astrid ran her hands over Sarah’s shoulders. “You feel so tense,” she marvelled. “Let me help.” Astrid peeled off Sarah’s sweater and began to slowly massage her shoulders. As Astrid’s fingers worked their magic, Sarah could feel the tension leaving her, along with the last bits of her sobriety. She let out a deep sigh.

Astrid worked steadily, slowly moving her warm hands in gentle circles over Sarah’s shoulders. As Sarah relaxed, she leaned back into Astrid’s embrace and closed her eyes. She did not notice the glance that Bill and Astrid exchanged over the darkening embers of the fire.

Astrid’s touch became lighter and lighter, and her hands moved in expanding circles over her shoulder, arms, breasts. İstanbul Escort Soon, Astrid’s fingers were lightly grazing the tops of Sarah’s mounds – Sarah felt her nipples perk up in response.

Astrid continued gently rubbing circles over Sarah’s front, subtly slipping the tips of her fingers under Sarah’s half unbuttoned shirt dress. “You feel amazing, Sarah,” she breathed.

Sarah, half drunk from the alcohol, and almost completely hypnotized by Sarah’s continued, insistent rubbing, sighed in response. All she wanted to do was to lie in Astrid’s arms, savoring this moment. Her body felt like warm honey, heavy with desire. A tiny voice in her head was shrieking “not again – get a grip on yourself, woman!” but another sip of the delicious liquid courage in her mug quietened it down.

Now, her shirt dress was fully unbuttoned to the waist and Astrid had Sarah’s breasts cupped in each hand, bra cups pushed to the side, her thumbs lazily rubbing her now painfully erect nipples. Sarah’s breath quickened. She arched her back, urging Astrid on.

“There, there, just relax,” breathed Astrid. “I’ve got just the thing for all this tension you’re carrying around.” Her hands continued kneading Sarah’s breasts as Astrid gently trailed kisses down her neck. Each soft kiss was like a tiny lightning strike – Sarah began to pant with desire. Goosebumps covered her exposed neck and chest. Her nipples were rock hard with want.

Astrid’s hands continued their slow, maddening, downward circles. Her fingers brushed the waistband of Sarah’s underwear, then a finger slid under, and then a palm. Sarah arched up to meet the pressure of Astrid’s hand, not knowing anything except a desire for more touch.

“Settle down,” said Astrid, her breath hot in Sarah’s ear. “I’m just getting started.”

She spread Sarah’s legs open, and pulled her panties to one side, exposing her pink sex to the fire. The warmth on Sarah was unbelievable, between the whisky and desire coursing through her veins she felt like she was on fire herself. Astrid dipped a finger in Sarah’s wetness and began slowly stroking her clit.

Ohhhhhhhhh, sighed Sarah. The way Astrid was touching her was sending shivers down her spine, and tingles down her legs. She could feel her pussy gushing in response to Astrid’s delicate, slow strokes. It was as if Astrid could read her mind – she was using just the right pressure and speed.

Sarah whimpered. She wanted to come so badly, she didn’t care how it happened and who saw it. She spread her legs wider to allow Astrid more access. “Do you want to cum, Sarah?” whispered Astrid. Yes, Sarah moaned. Now. Please. Faster.

“Oh, soon,” whispered Astrid. “But you came first in the shower. I think it should be me this time.” Astrid shimmied out of her jeans and panties, and spread her legs. “My turn, Sarah.”

Sarah opened her eyes – surprised to find Astrid’s tender ministrations had stopped. She looked at Astrid, who was now leaning against the log with her legs wide open, her pink sex glistening in the fire light. Sarah Anadolu Yakası Escort could see Astrid’s swollen lips and an oozing pool of desire within.

“Come on, Sarah. There’s a first time for everything,” Astrid encouraged. Sarah – hypnotised by the whisky, hostage to her needs – leaned forward hesitantly.

“Just give it a kiss,” urged Astrid. Her hands parted her bush, exposing a proudly erect clitoris. Sarah brought her mouth to it – she could smell the desire wafting off Astrid. The heat of her sex rivalled the heat emanating off the fire. Sarah lapped, cautiously at first – Astrid tasted tangy and clean – then licked her more firmly. Astrid mewed her response.


Sarah sucked strongly on Astrid’s clit, just like Astrid had in the shower. Sarah’s fingers slid up Astrid’s cunt, curling up to rub on her G-spot, her other hand was now rubbing on herself. Frantic with need, she didn’t notice how Bill was still in his fireside chair, except he had put his drink down and was now stroking himself in the open.

“Yes, that’s right, Sarah. Harder,” she hissed urgently. Sarah kept tonguing her, thinking frantically back to blurry lesbian porn clips she had watched in college. She wasn’t sure if she was doing the right thing, but by Astrid’s response, it seemed like she wasn’t doing a bad job at all.

She knelt over Astrid, lapping away, fingers busily working her own snatch and didn’t hear Bill rise out of his chair. He moved silently behind Sarah, cock in hand.

All Sarah knew was her need. Her face buried in Astrid’s pussy, her world was reduced to licking and fondling, of the sensation of Astrid’s warm, wet labia on her face, of her own hand strumming her clit, seeking release.

Suddenly, she felt a rough hand tug her wrist away, and the now familiar sensation of Bill’s cock sliding up her dripping pussy.

“Ohh,” she yelped. Shhhhh, breathed Astrid in response. The children. Ted. Shhhh. Astrid pulled Sarah’s head firmly back down to her crotch, clamping her legs around her head. Bill stroked into Sarah’s wet cunt urgently, as if he and Astrid were in a race to orgasm. Sarah now crazed with need, sucked and licked furiously as she pushed back to meet Bill’s steady thrusts.

“Yesss,” hissed Astrid. And with that, she came with a gush all over Sarah’s face. Released from the grip of Astrid’s legs, Sarah began whimpering loudly as she sought her own release. Bill slammed into her, again and again, grunting each time he bottomed out. His cock banged up painfully against her cervix but Sarah was past the point of caring, she pushed back, urging him deeper and deeper, faster and faster, until he erupted with a strangled cry of release. Sarah could feel the jets of hot cum as he twitched within her. It was suddenly all too much and she came too, with a cry of pleasure.

For awhile, the three of them lay there by the fire, catching their breath. “Well, well, well,” said Astrid, breaking the silence. Sarah heard a dry chuckle behind her. “Well indeed,” laughed Bill. “What a great end to an evening.”

Author’s note: There still more to cum – it’s clear Astrid and Bill have competing interest in Sarah, and what will Ted do when he finds out? Stay tuned. There’s some non-consent/anal in our lovely Sarah’s future. And please, leave feedback. What did you like? What should happen next?

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