The Inquisitive Ocelio Ch. 03

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Felida opened the folder on her desk and started looking through it. She’d been given some responsibilities since coming to the Embassy last year, but mostly it was stuff that her mother didn’t want to spend time on. That was fine, she knew it was an important stepping stone. She had a folder for a passport application in front of her, which was a little odd. Normally the Lek authorities approved everybody, even the handful of Devils that they allowed into the city were permitted by them. For Goddess’ sake, the Palace even allowed Gnolls into the city. Gnolls!

This one, they’d denied, and the person applying had appealed to the Rakshasa embassy for approval. The process was apparently legal but it wasn’t something she’d ever heard of. The person’s name was RyiaPas, they had an impressive educational dossier, no weapons or luggage or anything. Other than that, there wasn’t much in the application and Felida saw no reason why it should have been rejected. In the notes from the Lek authorities as to why they’d rejected the application, there was just a single word, underlined three times as if in rage. Ryialuula.

She called to her assistant, and the door to her office opened a moment later. “Yes, Miss Talla?” she asked.

“Is this passport applicant waiting for me downstairs?”

“Yes, Miss Talla. It’s, umm… a bit odd, though.” the girl said with a bit of an awkward smile

“Odd? Why”

“I’ve never seen a person who looked like him before. He seems very nice, though!”

“Fine, send him in,” she waved dismissively at the nervous girl’s babbling.

A moment later, the door opened, and when Felida looked up, she jumped in her seat a little. The person who walked into her office was tall, at least six and a half feet which was getting dangerously close to two full feet taller than Felida. His antennae brushed up against the ceiling, making him look even taller than he was. His face was cute with delicate features save for his oversized compound eyes. Even those, while disconcerting, gave his face a kind of doe-like cuteness to it. He had shimmery, gossamer wings that folded in on themselves to be able to fit through the door, but they spread broadly to cast a tiny shadow on the office afterwards. The wings and his back half were covered in a very soft downy fluff that shifted about in the building’s tiny air currents.

RyiaPas was wearing a tight, elastic top that stretched over what looked like subtle breasts, but might have just been… how these creatures are. A similar pair of too-small shorts hugged his bottom half, and Felida stole a subtle glance at the androgynous being’s crotch without being able to help herself. She didn’t generally find males attractive, but RyiaPas didn’t look like any male she’d ever seen so she… ugh, whatever. She saw nothing with the glance, anyway.

“You’re RyiaPas, then?” she said with a slightly shaky voice and a half-concealed blush.

“RyiaPas is our name. RyiaPas is pleased to make your acquaintance, gracious madam. You are Lady Felida Talla, if RyiaPas is not mistaken?” RyiaPas dipped into an elegant, precise bow. His voice was smooth and melodic, and everything about him had a sort of otherworldly grace to it, like the act of just standing in front of her was a highly choreographed performance. Even his way of speaking had an odd charm to it, much as seemed like it should have been annoying.

“Err, yes. I’m reviewing your application, sir. It… is sir, right?” She asked.

“RyiaPas is masculine at this point in time, yes. We Ryialuula fluctuate, over our lifetimes. RyiaPas gives the beautiful young Rakshasa permission to call us sir, if she wishes.” An enthralling smile spread across his pretty face, and Felida’s blush crept further across her face.

“So… umm… Can I ask, why did I—Er, why did the Lek authorities deny your application?” She looked away from the gorgeous creature, hands balled into fists in her lap beneath her desk. Her nails sting her palms as she clenched.

“We Ryialuula and the Ya’Vuuk’Ro’A, the Astral Elves, our two wholes have never been amenable. Astral Elves distrust us even as they hold dominion upon our plane, and Ryialuula are but mere wanderers and scholars.” The words felt like they should sound grim and resentful, but RyiaPas smiled dreamily as he spoke them. It was like he was reciting a poem.

“Ah, well… Moth said—Er, Mother— The Ambassador expressed an interest in approving your passport, and I don’t see much of a… reason…” Even before Felida stopped speaking, RyiaPas leaned forward, his wings casting a shadow over Felida’s face. He slowly reached forward, taking one of Felida’s hands in his and bringing it up to his lips to plant a gentle kiss on the back of her hand.

“RyiaPas is so grateful for the Talla Family’s decision, then! We would tell the lovely Lady if RyiaPas had any intention on malice or mischief upon the city.” He backed up and dipped low into another bow, this one lower than the first.

Clearing her throat and blushing furiously, Felida signed the passport approval form.


RyiaPas’ porno indir wings flapped softly on the breeze, sending him careening over the rooftops of Lek. The Astral Plane’s lower gravity made the glide easy, and he fluttered to a rest on top of a tall, three-storey building. He crouched a bit to keep his profile down. Much as the passport would protect him, the Astral Elven fear of him and his kin ran deep and strong. He’d not been forthcoming with why they held that fear, and the poor Rakshasa girl had been too spellbound to ask him why. That was good, for none of the Ryialuula could tell a lie, lest they betray the collective. The Rakshasa girl hadn’t asked, so RyiaPas had not had to tell her that the hypnotic and enthralling abilities of the Ryialuula was the subject of many an Astral Elven horror story. She’d also not asked if he did intend to work some mischief in the city. One breath of a Ryialuula’s dust, and most sentients were under their spell. He’d considered using it on the Talla girl to get his passport, but as it had turned out, some innocent flirting had gotten him there all the same.

He lazily looked over the city, looking for some prey to have fun with. He wanted to torment someone, but he also didn’t want to get chased out of the city just yet. He mostly watched the forest elves in the city, there weren’t a huge number of them but there was enough to afford him some semi-innocent voyeurism. Forest Elves not only all looked female but also all told you they were female, if you asked, It was their sex that oscillated over time, not their gender, and RyiaPas found that fascinating. He wanted to bed one but was wary of accidentally seducing one that was in rut. He wasn’t especially keen on having his ass destroyed by some horny Elven lady’s pseudocock, that was a big no thanks from him.

RyiaPas also liked the Rakshasa. Most of them had a slender, androgynous beauty to them that he liked. Cock-hungry sluts, the lot of them. Well, some might be reticent, but they’d come around with a flutter of his wings and a honeyed word. An odd, erratic pattern of movement caught his attention, and he turned his gaze to a side street. A pretty Rakshasa with long, blonde hair in a ridiculous outfit was running through the streets. RyiaPas thought it was a male, but he couldn’t be positive. The pretty boy was wearing a silly outfit with a jacket and a tie that absolutely screamed overcompensation. When RyiaPas looked closely, it seemed like the femboy was chasing a red dot of light as though it were a physical object. He watched the scene for a little, and then extrapolated a little based on the movement of the dot. He found the one controlling it, a gorgeous, dolled-up Gnoll holding a little device that shined the red light. The Gnoll was following at a distance, leading the Rakshasa on a merry little chase throughout the city. He disappeared into a mansion, and then, at a distance, the Gnoll followed him inside. With a grin, RyiaPas began to imagine all the things he wanted to do to the pretty, stupid Rakshasa boy.


With a soft flutter of his wings, RyiaPas landed on the balcony that was connected to the pretty Rakshasa boy’s office. He landed silently and smoothly, and stood still for a second to listen for sounds of alarm. The balcony door was slightly ajar. Residents of Lek generally didn’t have much to fear for burglars, but it was careless nonetheless. RyiaPas didn’t question his good fortune, and quietly nudged the door open and walked into what looked like a reception area. It had a few chairs and a desk covered with calendars and appointment books. The room that RyiaPas knew he was looking for was on the east wall, he’d spotted the pretty, dumb Rakshasa through that room’s window during his surveilence. This door too, was slightly ajar, and RyiaPas nudged it open and crept inside, ducking slightly to get under the low doorframe.

“Oh. Hi. Did you have an appointment?” The boy inside looked up at RyiaPas and dropped his tail, looking like he’d been fidgeting with it right up until he’d walked in. RyiaPas didn’t answer the question, he unfurled his wings and let them flutter slightly, his frame absolutely dominating the diminutive catboy in front of him in a display of authority and dominance.

“Oh my gosh. You’re so fluffy. Can I pet you?” The Rakshasa asked.

RyiaPas raised an eyebrow at that and frowned a little in confusion. He’d expected perhaps fear, the boy cowering at RyiaPas’ magnificence and power, or maybe outrage at the Ryialuula’s intrusion into his home. He’d even have not been surprised to see submissive adoration and lust, as the other Rakshasa had so cravenly displayed. He had that effect on people, after all. RyiaPas fluttered his wings gently, releasing a little bit of his hypnotic dust into the air and directing it towards the dumb plaything in front of him. The boy breathed it in without resisting and blinked a few times as the dust started to affect his mind.

“My name is Master, you dumb thing,” RyiaPas crooned wickedly, a tiny smile spreading across his face. “I’m here rokettube to hurt you, toy, and even as I crush your useless little cock and balls, you’re going to beg me for more.”

“I am?? Wow, I don’t know you, mister, but you’re pretty so I guess that sounds like fun!” The enthralled cat replied, grinning excitedly as though RyiaPas had just offered it a bag of candy. The Rakshasa’s response was a bit odd. Normally people under his spell professed their love for him in a jumble of nonsense words. Somehow this plaything was both more coherent and more subjugated than people normally were. Well, whatever.

RyiaPas stepped forward and slapped the thing right in the face. The boy yelped softly, staggering backwards and clutching its face. It looked back at RyiaPas, confused and innocent, not angry or hurt. Well, at least that part of his enthrallment was working correctly. He grinned and knelt down, grabbing the Rakshasa firmly by the ear. He spotted a little mat on the floor that looked like it was where a pet would sleep, not a person. Well, he didn’t much care to ponder about this creature’s living situation, so he just roughly dragged the plaything towards it and threw it onto the mat, assisting his trajectory with a kick to the ass. It landed on its back, and RyiaPas loomed over it for a moment. His foot found the little Rakshasa’s balls, and with a gleeful grin, he started to press a bit of his weight down.

“A-Ahhggh,” The slut groaned, shuddering and whining, but not resisting. “M-Master… those are… my balls. I need them.”

“Do you need them, though? RyiaPas thinks these useless little things serve no purpose other than to amuse us.”

“Guh… I guess… Um… Master?” The object gasped and whimpered, its eyes watering and its breath coming in gasps. RyiaPas put one last bit of crushing pressure on the thing just to hear it wail in pain and distress, and then removed his foot with a cruel laugh.

“Get out of those ridiculous clothes, thing.” RyiaPas said scornfully. He turned around and took the strap of his bag off of his shoulder, placing it on a nearby shelf. His tight, elasticy clothing came off a moment later, freeing his cock and nipples to the warm interior air. He tried not to look at the walls and the ceiling around him. He wasn’t quite as claustrophobic as most Ryialuula, but he still found the feeling of being enclosed to be a total boner-killer.

He grabbed his five inches and gave it several slow, deliberate strokes. He turned around and saw that his plaything had somehow removed its entire ridiculous ensemble in the few moments it had taken RyiaPas to peel out of his two flimsy articles of clothing. That too was a little odd, normally the ones he enthralled would have to stumble their way through basic tasks. Either this Rakshasa had some sort of partial immunity, or he was just very good at taking its clothes off.

When RyiaPas had been stepping on the thing’s cock, it certainly hadn’t seemed like the creature had much in the size department, but when he saw it, he laughed. It couldn’t have been more than an inch or two long, and its plump little pouch was already a little pink from the earlier crushing.

“What exactly do you need those little balls of yours for, thing? Inseminating someone’s pointer finger?” RyiaPas laughed and slowly walked over to the Rakshasa, putting his foot back on the creature’s testicles and applying more pressure. He smiled at the pathetic creature’s whining and mewling, and moved. Keeping his weight on the foot crushing his cock RyiaPas twirled and then plopped his ass down onto the Rakshasa’s face. Its muffled whining became even more incomprehensible and distant as RyiaPas smothered it. He leaned forward, moving his foot away so that he could get his hands around the creature’s balls. They were already a deep pink and looking quite sore. He squeezed them a little bit, and watched the thing’s legs twitch and shudder a bit in response. Slowly, he tightened his grip around the scrotum with one hand, stretching the skin tight around the testicles. Without warning, he slapped them, and the pathetic creature let out a muffled scream as its body convulsed in pain.

“Less screaming, more ass eating, slave,” RyiaPas chided the creature, though he didn’t especially care either way. The slut’s tongue did flicker out and start teasing RyiaPas’ asshole though. He hummed happily as he received the extra stimulation, and slapped the creature’s balls again. The tongue froze and its body thrashed again, but it went back to sucking on RyiaPas’ ass like the obedient little thrall it was soon enough. With a cruel snicker, RyiaPas let the poor creature’s abused testicles go and slowly started jerking himself off, leaking a thin trail on precum down onto the Rakshasa’s neck.

A sadistic urge struck him, and without giving it a second thought, he reached down and grabbed one of the creature’s puffy nipples, twisting and pulling on it as hard as he could. The taut flesh didn’t yield easily and he had to yank cruelly to get a nice little tent shape out of it.

“Poor seks filmi thing,” RyiaPas snickered, feeling his breath accelerate as a shiver of pleasure ran up his spine. His wings fluttered a bit almost on their own, and he released a little more of his dust so that the plaything would get a nice lungful of his dominance when he let it breathe again. He ground his weight and his ass on the thing’s face for a bit, smothering it mercilessly and delighting in the gasps of breath it took when his ass moved enough to let it get some more dust-laced air. He took a few small breaks from stroking his own cock to rake his nails across the thing’s chest, pull on its nipples, and deliver one final hard smack to its useless little cock and balls.

“Ugh! G-Gosh!” The thing gasped as RyiaPas stood up. He looked down at his toy and saw a vacant, glazed look in its eyes. It looked up at his master blankly, nothing left in its mind, its body no more than a receptacle for RyiaPas’ cruel whims. He spat into the thing’s face, and it barely even flinched as the gob of saliva trickled down its cheek to the floor.

“Up. On your knees.” RyiaPas instructed, giving the toy a few light kicks to its bruised genitals to hurry it along. With a tiny whimper, the creature scrambled up and into position, wincing and moving awkwardly around its sore bits. RyiaPas readjusted his fuckhole until its mouth was a good height for his cock, and then opened its mouth by squeezing its cheeks. “Be still, fuckhole,” he crooned softly, and shoved his cock forward into the waiting orifice. He tightened his grip on the thing’s skull and started to fuck it. He moved with deep, powerful thrusts of his hips, groaning happily as his cock easily forced its way into the entrance of the thing’s throat. Tiny moans and gargling noises came out of the thing but he completely ignored them, slaking his lust on thing’s pain and discomfort.

Bits of spittle and drool sprayed onto his hips and across his cock as he vigorously fucked the Rakshasa’s hole. He laughed cruelly at the creature’s delirium and even released a little more dust into the air to deepen the thing’s submissive stupor. The object took RyiaPas’ dick like it was nothing, and no amount of the Ryialuula’s dominance could make that happen. No, this thing sucked more than its fair share of cocks, and RyiaPas’ dust only removed the objections and the need to convince this thing to let RyiaPas use it.


He slammed his hips forward so hard that the fuckhole whined and nearly fell over backwards. RyiaPas tightened his grip on the thing’s skull, squeezing it and pulling its hair. With a deep groan, he came, shooting his sperm straight down the fuckhole’s throat.

Eventually, he fell forward, and the thing did nothing to hold him up or break his fall, it merely coughed and spluttered weakly as RyiaPas’ cock came free of its face. He collapsed on top of the delirious cat, feeling the thing’s tiny shudders of pain, arousal, and discomfort under him.

“Stay here until you come to your senses, thing,” RyiaPas crooned softly, standing back up with a warm, happy afterglow suffusing his body. The fuckhole just looked back at him, blank and confused, too gone to form words. RyiaPas ignored it as he got dressed, the thing would snap out of the enthrallment eventually. Sometimes they remembered what happened, sometimes they didn’t. It hardly mattered to him. With an air of satisfaction and accomplishment, RyiaPas left the room and the enthralled, pain-drunk cat behind, intent on exiting the way he’d come.

“Hey there,” a low husky voice drew him out of his sadistic reverie, and RyiaPas spread his wings defensively, scowling. The Gnoll was there, the one RyiaPas had seen toying with the Rakshasa using the little magical device. He was leaning against his desk, watching RyiaPas very closely.

“Your companion is intact. RyiaPas did not permanently—”

“Yeah, yeah, I have a scrying device set up in his bedroom, I was watching you. Thing is, Mothie, you don’t just get to use my slut for free. There’s a fee.” The Gnoll replied dryly, a dark, disapproving look on his face. RyiaPas smiled innocently, and released some of his dust. He had plenty of it left to diffuse the situation, and a soft flutter sent some through the air towards the petulant Gnoll. The Gnoll scowled in annoyance as RyiaPas tried his trick, and he soon saw why. One of his lip piercings was glowing with magic, and RyiaPas’ dust was being diverted away from his nose and mouth. The Gnoll was a magician, and without his dust, RyiaPas wouldn’t stand a chance against the beast. He recoiled a little, suddenly worried. He wasn’t used to… this was… troubling.”

“I don’t really know what that dust does, but I’m definitely not breathing it in. The cost to do what you did to Ocelio is five hundred crests.” To accentuate his point, the Gnoll made a fist and a thin line of flame emerged from a golden ring set with a large ruby. He watched RyiaPas, his threat unspoken but his eyes hard. RyiaPas knew the look in his eyes, Ryialuula were expert manipulators and could read body language as easily as any book. He’d harmed the one that this boy loved, and he knew that the Gnoll wouldn’t hesitate to strike back at RyiaPas with violence over it. None would stop him either, the Astral Elven authority would never come to the defense of one of his kind.

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