The Interview

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“…..And I’d really like this opportunity to work for Amicorp.” the young dark skinned woman said as she finished her presentation.

Henry Morrison sat back in his chair, taking the time to reexamine the application on the desk in front of him. Patricia Brown, age 18. Senior class honors, various other school awards.

Every year, Amicorp had open admissions for their intern program. The final selection came down to the result of a personal interview with one of the various department managers. Or so it usually went. In reality, the chore was considered a total waste of a day and a smart manager usually passed it off to one of his subordinates. On this, the last day of the interviews, it had been passed off to Henry Morrison.

Patricia Brown was the eleventh of twelve planned interviews and she was turning out to be a pleasant surprise. Having already chosen three of the four winners, the 44 year old assistant manager was going to have no problem picking Patricia as number four.

As was his usual practice when he drew this duty, Henry had scheduled all the female applicants for the afternoon session. If nothing else, he got to sit back and enjoy the attention of a few sweet young things. The slightly balding assistant manager had never really been a winner with the ladies, having married the only girl he ever really dated in high school. With the honeymoon phase of his marriage having ended many years before, he actually looked forward to these little indulgences.

It was a great surprise that he actually found someone who was more than qualified. He’d have been more than willing to trade that for one of his afternoon delights.

Not that Patricia was hard on the eyes. In fact, he was sure that if she wanted, the pretty young woman could’ve pursued a modeling career. She had a lithe, tight body with small but firm breasts. Her charcoal black facial features were equally small but crafted as if by an artist.

“Well this certainly is an impressive application.” Henry said as he closed the folder. “But as I’m sure you understand we have to review the qualifications of all the candidates before making a final decision.”

“Of course.” Patricia said with a cheerful smile. “I’d like to again thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.”

Henry reached under the top of his desk and pressed a small button. That is turn set off a small flashing light on the desk clock on the receptionists desk. It was a usefully tool for cutting bad interview short or as was in this case simply letting Mrs. Carvey know he was ready for the next meeting.

In response, the door opened and the 52 year old receptionist walked in, another manila folder in her hand. As she walked around the large wooden desk, Patricia again thanked them for their time and rose to exit.

As she walked out, Henry couldn’t help but notice the great way her skirt hugged the outline of her tight little ass. In fact, it so held his attention that he didn’t realize that he had risen ever so slightly out of his seat to get a better look.

Had Patricia turned around, she wouldn’t even have noticed from her vantage point. Mrs. Carvey on the other hand couldn’t help but see him rise and the disapproving look on her face gave her opinion of his action.

“Geez, that’s just what I need.” Henry thought. “Old fuss and bolts making some complaint that I was ogling one of the applicants.”

He ran his hand through his thinning sandy hair for a few seconds and then got an inspiration. He glanced up at the clock on the wall and saw that it was quarter after four.

“You know Mrs. Carvey,” he said in a normal tone, ignoring her hostile look. “We’re almost through for the day. Why don’t I wrap up the paperwork on these last two interviews myself and you just take off early.”

Elizabeth Carvey didn’t have to be asked twice. She quickly agreed and dropped the folder on his desk. Quickly moving for the door, she was almost out it before Henry could ask her to send in the last girl before she left.

Opening the folder he was surprised to find it contained only the single sheet of the application form. No letters of reference, so resume, no writing samples….nothing.

The sound of footsteps entering the room told him Mrs. Carvey had wasted no time sending in the last young lady and making a quick getaway. Quickly, Henry scanned the slim information before him.

Janet Parker, 19. That was it except for address and phone number. A little confused, Henry looked up and got his first real good look at Miss Janet Parker.

Or rather at Miss Parker’s rather impressive 38DD chest. Which was all he first noticed when he lifted his eyes and saw the tall mahogany hued woman standing in front of his desk. It took a few seconds for his focus to expand, but ever so slowly he began to take in other features.

First he became aware of the open denim blouse that Janet wore over the skin tight tank top. A very low cut top that clung so tightly to her breasts that he could easily see the İstanbul Escort four inch halos around her nipples.

His next impression was of gold, lots of it. Five gold rings, three on one hand and two the other. Add to that several gold bracelets, two necklaces and large double ringed earrings. The final piece was a gold overlay of one of her front teeth.

“You Morrison?” she asked.

“Yes.” he answered, thinking that this was definitely going to the interview of the day.

“Well, I’m here for one of those intern positions.” Janet said as she put her hands on the waistband of her ever so short skirt. “Where do I sign up?”

“Well it’s not that simple.” Henry said in turn. “Why don’t you just take a seat and tell me why you think you qualify for this job.”

With a shrug of her shoulders, she took off the dark sunglasses she’d been wearing and took a seat.

Henry listened in silent amusement as the girl went on for the next ten minutes on why she should be one of the new interns. Based on her presentation, he’d think twice about even hiring her to stand behind the counter of a fast food place.

Again glancing up at the wall clock, Henry decided to give her another five minutes before sending her on her way. Not that he minded staring at those bodacious ta ta’s a little longer. Definitely the best tits of the day. That was if the stiff cock in his pants were to be used as an indicator.

The minute hand finally reached half past four and Henry moved to bring the interview to a close.

“Well I’m afraid I have to be honest, Miss Parker,” Henry said, trying to cushion the blow. After all, he really wasn’t a bad guy. “But there’s only one opening left and I’m afraid the young lady who preceded you is somewhat more qualified.”

“Oh really?” Janet said somewhat sarcastically.

“I’m afraid so.” he replied. “Unless you have some other hidden assets that you haven’t mentioned.

“Sure, I’ve got other assets.” Janet said with a grin. “In fact the recruiter who put me in for this program seemed very interested it them.”

“I don’t understand,” Henry said as he again lifted the single sheet from the folder. “I don’t see any letter of recommendation or…..”

“Well it’s not exactly the type of thing you can put down on paper.” she said as she got up and leaned over the desk, giving Henry an unrivaled look down the deep valley between her brown breasts. Her hands pressed flat against the shiny surface and she practically crawled closer to the still-seated Henry.

“I have … the tightest … little black ass … you are ever going to ever see.” she said in a slow deliberate voice. “And given the chance I’ll pump that cock of yours so dry you won’t be able to fuck again for a week!”

“What?” Henry said in shock, unable to believe what he had just heard.

“What about it?” Janet said as she slid over the desk so that she was now sitting on the edge next to Henry. “Ever fuck a black girl before?”

“Young lady, I’m going to have to ask you to leave this instant.” the still startled older man said, his defensive reflex kicking in..

“Your mouth says one thing but that bulge in your pants says something else.” Janet added in a seductive voice as she reached down and placed the palm of her hand on his clothed covered cock.

The sudden pressure of her fingers against his most private parts killed what ever words that had begun to form in his throat. His mouth opened but he was struck mute.

“Don’t I have a beautiful mouth?” Janet asked as she brought her face only a few inches from his. “Don’t you think it would feel nice wrapped around that pretty hard cock?”

Henry was quickly loosing control. It was one thing to sit there and fantasize about having sex with these girls, it was something else to have one suddenly offer it to him. The sight of her tongue gliding out from her mouth and across her bright red lips was almost enough to send him across the edge.

“Is this your wife?” Janet asked as she picked up the framed photo on the edge of the desk. “I’ll bet she doesn’t suck your cock, does she? And I’m positive that she’s never let you butt-fuck her.”

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!” Henry frantically thought as she again applied pressure to his captive cock.

The pressure abruptly faded as Janet suddenly withdrew her hand and grabbed both of her breasts, squeezing them hard. Her thick nipples pressed though the thin material and long red tipped fingers pressed against them.

“You like my tits, don’t you?” she asked as she bounced the large jugs. “I bet you’d like to see them, wouldn’t you?”

Not even realizing he was doing it, Henry nodded his acknowledgment. He was hooked. Parts of his mind called out for him to flee, but an erotic paralysis held him in place.

“Well feast your eyes on these jewels.” Janet said triumphantly as she grabbed the bottom on her tank top and pulled it up and over her mammoth mounds. Freed of their restriction, they bounced only inches from Henry’s face.

“Why Bayan Escort don’t you take a little taste, honey pie.” she commanded as she grabbed the back of his head and pressed the long thick nipple into Henry’s willing mouth.

“Mmmm, not bad.” Janet cooed as she felt his tongue play with her offering.

“Uh uh” He tried to respond, his words muffled by the girlflesh.

“Suck it baby, suck on my tits.” she repeated.

Still holding the back of his head pressed tightly against her breast, Janet reached down and undid his pants. Pulling down his boxer shorts, she caused his hard cock to springs free into the open air, bringing a much needed relief to Henry.

Running her long brown fingers up and down the length of his full six inches, Janet pushed his face to her other breast. A wide smile covered her face, party due to the ministrations of Henry’s tongue, partly due to her satisfaction at Henry’s turning out to be just one more man she could manipulate with her hot dark flesh.

“I’ll bet that skinny bitch who was here before me gave you a hard on, didn’t she?” she said as she continued to stroke his cock. “Did you picture her naked on your desk here, her legs spread wide in invitation?”

Henry by now was totally under the ebony girl’s erotic control. She had reached into his very soul and plucked forth his deepest fantasies. He had never discussed them with anyone, least of all his wife. Janet was quite correct when she doubted his wife’s interest in either oral or anal sex. Their twice monthly foray into the monotony of the missionary position was all that she would sanction. He was so much under her spell that even if Mrs. Carvey were to suddenly reappear, he’d be unable to resist the siren’s call.

Janet abruptly pulled Henry’s face away from her chocolate ambrosia and replaced her wet nipples with her equally moist lips. She forced her tongue between his lips, filling his mouth with the heat of her passion.

Janet could also feel the heat of his own lust in the base of the hard cock she now cradled in her hand. A tight experienced grip held what she knew would be a torrid of hot cum in check.

Again she offered her large mounds to him and just as eagerly as before the 44 year old accepted them.

For long minutes, Henry devoured Janet’s breasts, covering them with kisses. His shirt and tie had been undone in the tryst that followed as Janet stoked the hairs of his flabby chest. She also continued her hold on his cock, letting it grow just soft enough so that he was no longer in danger of shooting too soon.

“Lean back lover,” Janet said as she eased him back onto the chair. “Mama’s gonna make you feel real nice.”

The young woman dropped to her knees in front of him and took his cock into her mouth. As the wetness of her thick lips engulfed him, Henry fell into a pit of passion. With careful strokes of her tongue she brought him again and again to the point of release, then suddenly stopped short of orgasm. Henry hadn’t had a blow job since his little brother’s bachelor party some two years ago. That hooker had been an amateur compared to the 19 year old now sucking his manhood.

“Don’t stop,” he said as he drifted in ecstasy, “Oh God please don’t ever stop.”

Janet deep throated him again, taking all six inches into her mouth. He was as hard as he could be, and soon even her practiced hand wouldn’t be able to keep him from exploding.

“Have you ever butt-fucked a woman, Henry?” she asked in a deep sexy voice. “Have you ever filled a woman’s ass with this big beautiful cock?”

Henry didn’t answer but the answer was obviously no. It had been hard enough convincing a the few women he’d slept with to spread their legs for a normal fuck, the possibility of getting them to spread her cheeks was near impossible.

“I’d much rather fuck your pussy.” he said in a moment of audacity, reaching under her skirt and brushing his hand against her pantiless crotch.

With a loud slap, Janet hit his offending hand with her own. The force she used was enough to make his hand sting.

“Hands off the pussy!” she shouted in an angry voice. “Only my man gets to play with the pussy.!”

His momentary assertiveness quickly faded and he mumbled an apology.

“You’ll fuck what I tell you to fuck.” Janet commanded. “And you’ll do it when I tell you…and not before.”

Henry mumbled a feeble yes, his tone telling her she was his to command.

“Since you seemed to be so interested in my pussy, maybe I’ll let you have a little taste of it after all.” Janet said as she grabbed the back of his head and directed it under her skirt.

Without warning, the older man found his face pressed against a very wet and pungent pussy. The wild curly bush was wet with the residue of recent intercourse, the taste and smell of it filling his mouth and nostrils.

“My man fucked me for luck before I came over here.” Janet said as she crushed his mouth against her clit. “I expect you’re getting a taste of Eskort him down there as well.”

The thought that he was tasting another man’s cum, surprisingly caused Henry no distress. All that mattered was the rising tide in his loins and the urgent need to have some kind of release..and soon.

After a few more moments, the tall brown woman released her grip and let him remove his head. She reached into her purse and removed a small carry jar of Vaseline. It was the kind of thing someone would carry around to moisten their lips.

“Get behind me.” she ordered as she leaned over the edge of the desk and hiked up her skirt.

Popping the lid off the small jar, Janet scooped up a generous portion of it with her fingers. First she smeared it over the head of his cock, then the base. The touch itself was almost enough to cause him to empty his load. That done, she slid a gel covered finger into her ass, then a second, moving them in and out. Satisfied with both the level of lubrication and tightness, she bent lower until she was flat against the top of the desk and spread her legs. This caused her asscheeks to spread a little as well, leaving no doubt as to the content of her invitation.

A little unsure of what exactly to do, Henry moved behind her and aimed his hard cock at her veteran pussy.

“No, not there…..” Janet said loudly again as she reached back and roughly took hold of him, guiding him to her smaller tighter hole. “Here…” she ordered as she eased the head of his cock against her pucker hole.

Pushing forward, his cockhead slid inside her, her ass wrapping itself around the gel covered cock. Henry couldn’t believe the tightness of her ass, or how good it felt around his cock. He slid back a little, drawing it out about and inch, then two……then he thrusted forward and buried his shaft deep inside her.

“Fuck yes!!!!” Janet yelled as she felt the pain/ pleasure combination rip into her. “Fuck my ass, fill it with that big beautiful cock!”

As her hole relaxed more, Henry began to develop a rhythm, thrusting harder with each stroke. Janet followed the rhythm, pushing her ass back to meet each new thrust, until his now engorged balls slapped against her ass. Her frenzy increased with each new penetration, until she could no longer speak, only utter a grunting noise.

Her large breasts pressed flat against the hard wood of the desktop as Janet slipped one hand free and down between her legs. The long slender fingers found their way to her clit and she preceded to frigg herself mercilessly, adding to the torrid volcano raging within her. Feeling Henry begin to tense behind her, she managed through sheer effort to again find her voice.

“Fuck me….” she panted in gasps. “Fill my ass with that beautiful cum.”

A few seconds later, Henry fulfilled her request as he experienced the most explosive orgasm of his life. In 23 years of marriage, he’d never climaxed like that. Janet’s sphincter seemed to tighten around the base of his cock as a fountain of cum rushed into her. Each additional thrust brought more, until he was finally drained completely. Then in exhaustion he collapsed on top of her. His cock still inside her as if, even drained ,she was unwilling to get him go.

For a long minute, the only sound in the office was the ticking of the wall clock.

“Not bad.” Janet said as she opened her eyes, breaking the calm. “Not bad at all.”

Henry reacted to her voice by lifting his body off her, his now limp cock sliding out as he rose. He glanced down at the image of his now shriveled organ, covered with the aftermath of their coupling. He couldn’t recall the last time it’d had such a workout or how good it could feel afterward. It was like he was in his 20’s again.

“You surprised me.” Janet said as she rolled over and off the desk. “You actually were a pretty good fuck.”

Henry smiled at the compliment. It’d been many years since anyone had said anything like that to him.

“So Mr. Morrison, now what do you think of my qualifications.” Janet grinned as she pulled the top of her tank top back over her breasts and adjusted her mounds into a comfortable position.

“No doubt about it.” he replied, still catching his breath. “You definitely have some hidden assets.”

“So I get it?” she asked. “The job I mean.”

She paused a moment and then added with an evil grin. “Because as far as what just happened goes, I certainly already got it.”

Henry took a deep breath and looked down as the scattered papers on his desk. He picked up a set of crumpled papers that had previously filled one of the folders. The name on the edge of the folder read Patricia Brown. It was the only job interview that Mrs. Carvey hadn’t processed before she left.

Looking up and again at the bountiful mounds hanging just a few feet in front of him, Henry ran his tongue along the inside of his mouth. He savored the memory of their taste. Without taking his eyes off them, he dropped the papers into the wastepaper basket.

“Welcome to Amicorp.” he said with a broad grin.

With a quick kiss on his lips, Janet thanked him and was on the way out the door. Henry watched her ass wave as she walked and couldn’t help comparing it against the ass she’s just replaced.

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