The Jenna Arrangement Pt. 24

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Tom, Jenna and Trish lay together in bed; naked, sweaty and satisfied.

Suddenly Trish gasped. “Oh, wow.”

“What?” Jenna and Tom asked together.

“I’m…dripping. That’s an interesting sensation.”

“Let me get something to clean you up,” Tom offered.

“No, that’s okay, I gotta go pee anyway.” Trish eased herself out of bed carefully, trying not to make a mess. Still, she could feel Tommy’s sperm dripping down her leg as she dashed to the bathroom.

Jenna watched her friend run off with a giggle. “That’s what she gets for letting you go bareback.”

Tom smiled. “Hey, if it’s not messy it’s not fun, right?”

Jenna laughed. “True. Speaking of messy…” She held her still sticky fingers up to his nose with a wicked grin. “Thought you might enjoy a sniff.”

Tom inhaled deeply. “Oh, that’s nice.” Despite having just had an orgasm, he felt his deflated cock twitching.

Jenna noticed it. “Ready to go again already?”

Tom sighed. “Probably not. I’m sorry, darlin’, I really wish I was a younger man right now, so I could easily take care of both of you. But I think I’m gonna need a little recovery time.”

Jenna kissed his cheek. “Don’t be sorry, my love. I don’t expect you to be a porn star. Besides, we’ve got all night. And tomorrow. And the day after that, and…”

“And you’ll be back in school in a few more weeks,” Tom jumped in. “But in the meantime we’ll just have to take advantage of the time we have.”

Tom rolled into Jenna and found her lips, kissing her deeply. Jenna responded in kind, parting her soft lips to accept his tongue.

Tom could feel her urgency and desire, and he wanted her badly. The trust she had shown in letting him make love to her best friend, in welcoming Trish into their relationship, made him love her even more.

He loved Trish too, he realized, but now more than ever he wanted to reconnect with Jenna.

“Like I said, I may still need some down time,” he grinned, breaking their kiss, “but I’d love to take care of you in other ways, if you’d like.”

Jenna beamed. “I was hoping you might.”

Laying back, she pulled him over her. Tom could feel her stiff nipples against his chest as they continued kissing.

Moving from her lips, he worked his way down her body slowly. When he got to her breasts he lapped at them softly at first, building the intensity as she responded until she was squirming beneath him, her hands grasping at his head and pushing his mouth down over her swollen buds as he sucked them.

Jenna’s hips began to grind against him and, taking the hint, he moved still lower, kissing his way down her belly until he could feel her soft red pubes tickling his nose and smell her feminine scent.

“Damn, and I just finished cleaning myself up.” Trish was standing in the doorway, grinning ear to ear. She was still gloriously naked.

Jenna laughed. “Come, sit beside me. Your turn to watch.”

Trish joined Jenna on the bed, laying beside her as Tom returned his attention to the task at hand.

His face mere inches from Jenna’s pussy, Tom took a moment to once again admire its beauty.

The vulva surrounding her vaginal entrance was enticingly curvy, so creamy and smooth, with little goosebumps scattered across the surface of her fair skin.

Her labia were tiny, delicate, the soft shade of pink rose petals, coated in a light sheen of glistening cream. He couldn’t wait to taste her.

His tongue danced delicately along her cleft, starting at the bottom and gliding up to her clitoral hood, where it ended with a light flick.

Jenna’s hips jumped at the contact. “Fffuck!”

Grabbing his hair, she pushed his face into her. Again her hips began to move, thrusting upwards to meet his tongue as it fluttered continuously at her engorged button, it’s nerve endings sending warm ripples up through her belly and along her spine, and now her back was arching and it was all he could to to grab her hips and hold on as she bucked under him.

“Right there, right there, fuck yes, right there, just lick it, just like that,” she panted.

Tom followed her guidance, focusing his efforts on her clit, lapping at it until his tongue ached with the effort, determined to make his young lover explode with pleasure.

Jenna’s moans became muffled. Looking up from between her legs, he was greeted by the sight of Trish and Jenna kissing passionately, Trish’s hand exploring Jenna’s breasts. Tom watched with glee as Trish helped stoke Jenna’s flames, her hips shaking and legs trembling as her pleasure intensified.

Jenna was in sensory overload. Trish was now sucking at her nipples, alternating between them, sending vibrations like rippling waves flowing through her midsection and down between her legs, where Tommy’s tongue Elazığ Escort caught them and flicked them back through her clit to travel upwards again, making her entire body tremor uncontrollably.

The pulsating waves suddenly latched on deep within her loins and she knew she was close. Her orgasm rose in a rush, flowing through her, and she felt herself gush, a hot river running from her that Tommy greedily drank from.

Her cries of pleasure sounded distant in her ears, as if from far away. Her head swam with an intoxicating dizziness, a high no drug could reproduce.

Finally, she begged off. “Enough! Oh, God, it’s too much, I can’t…” Her body jerked again, a smaller orgasm suddenly shaking her like the aftershock of an earthquake.

Giving her sensitive vulva a few last light kisses, Tommy then pulled himself up to lay beside her still quivering body. Trish snuggled on the other side, meeting his eyes with a huge, satisfied grin that spoke volumes as to how much fun she too was having.

“Holy…shit, you guys,” Jenna gasped, “that was…I can’t even…oh, wow.”

Tom laughed. “It must have been pretty good to leave you this speechless.”

“I’m a little jealous,” smirked Trish. “Any chance I could get a little of that action?”

Despite the ache in his jaw, Tom was more than willing to oblige her. But before he could respond, Jenna suddenly pounced on Trish, pushing her back on the bed. “Actually, I was hoping for a chance at you myself…that is, if you want.”

Trish’s surprise lasted only a moment. Then she was pulling Jenna to her. Their kisses were soft, passionate, sensual.

Now it was Tommy’s turn to lay back and watch as the two friends turned lovers explored each other. Jenna broke from their kissing only long enough to look over at him, her eyes asking a silent question: “Are you okay with this?”

Tom nodded with a wide smile that Jenna returned before going back to kissing Trish.

While Jenna and Trish had made out before, fooling around, teasing guys online, this was different. Jenna was amazed at how natural it felt, how right. Kissing Trish, touching her body, her hands now exploring her soft skin and feminine curves, so different from Tommy’s more muscular, masculine frame.

As she cupped Trish’s breasts for the first time, Jenna marveled at how different they felt from her own; fuller, softer. She loved how heavy they felt in her hands, and the contrast between the soft flesh of them and the rougher texture of her large, circular areola, capped off by her swollen nipples.

Trish’s hands were on Jenna’s breasts as well and, despite having had several orgasms already, Jenna could feel herself getting wetter.

Shifting herself, she straddled Trish’s leg, gently lowering her throbbing pussy until it made contact. Her clit was once again pulsing as she ever so slowly rubbed herself along Trish’s thigh as they continued their explorations with both hands and tongues.

Jenna could feel Trish’s hips moving beneath her and instinctively knew her pussy was craving attention as well. Sitting up slightly, Jenna adjusted her position, moving up still higher on Trish’s thigh and moving so that her left leg now rested up against Trish’s also soaked slit.

Trish immediately began to grind against it. “Oh fuck,” she gasped softly.

Tom lay quietly beside them, watching as the girls now worked their pussies over each other’s legs, the two of them breathing heavily and holding hands as they pleasured themselves.

Tom could feel his arousal building, his cock responding to the visual stimulation, but was content for the moment to allow the two young women to have their moment. He stroked his slowly growing erection, savoring the sight of them together.

As exciting as the leg humping was, Jenna wasn’t quite getting there, and if she wasn’t, she knew Trish wasn’t either.

Jenna leaned in to kiss Trish again. “I want to taste you.”

Trish could only manage an affirmative nod. Her emotions were a beautiful storm. She’d never considered herself bisexual or pansexual or whatever other label people were using nowadays. All she knew was she’d had feelings for Jenna since the first day they’d met, but had never had much expectations for anything like this. Jenna had always seemed so reserved.

But ever since Tommy had come into their lives, things had changed, and Trish was now ecstatic to have not just had her first true sexual experience with a man she cared about, but to also now experience her first time with another woman, a woman whom she loved and considered her best friend.

Trish shivered with anticipation as Jenna kissed her way down her body. She sighed when she felt Jenna’s breath over her aching clit.

Jenna paused only a moment before diving in. As her tongue ran along Trish’s hot, slick cleft, Jenna savored the moment; her first real taste Elazığ Escort Bayan of pussy. At least one not her own.

As she feasted on her friend, she began to understand why Tommy loved the smell of pussy so much. The scents wafting through her nose were intoxicating, making her own pussy throb and drip its own juices.

Jenna was about to reach down and rub her own aching clit when she felt a hand gently caress her folds. She knew the touch instantly; Tommy had reached over and was now stroking her slit.

Jenna arched her back and lifted her butt up higher, offering him better access, then returned her focus to licking and sucking Trish’s clit, determined to give her friend an incredible orgasm.

Trish looked down at Jenna, watching her work. Jenna’s brilliant green eyes met hers and Trish could see the desire in them, and the joy. It was the most erotic thing she’d ever seen.

Then her head tossed and her eyes rolled back as she felt her orgasm build. “Oh, God, I’m close, so close, don’t stop, ohmygod, yessss…!”

Jenna continued flicking her tongue relentlessly as Trish came, lapping up her warm juices as she twisted and cried out in pleasure, only relenting when Trish grabbed her hair and pulled her off. “Okay, whew, need a breather, oh god…”

Jenna moved back up and over Trish and kissed her again, letting her taste herself on her lips. “That was so much fun,” she giggled.

Jenna glanced over at Tommy, still laying close beside them. He was stroking his now fully erect cock slowly. “You ready to fuck me now, cowboy?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” Slipping on a condom, he moved into position behind Jenna, still laying over top of Trish. Jenna raised her hips up in invitation.

Tom pressed himself up against her, pausing to savor the moment before slipping inside her. “Yessss,” Jenna sighed.

Their lovemaking was unhurried but passionate. Trish lay beneath Jenna, enjoying the feel of her petite body rocking over her as Tommy took Jenna from behind. Jenna’s face was flushed, her mouth agape as she gasped and moaned with each thrust. Trish could feel the sweat of her breasts mix with her own, feel her tiny nipples rubbing up against her larger ones, and despite having had several orgasms already, Trish felt the heat between her legs rising as her juices again began to flow.

Her right hand slid down to attend to her aching need; her left gently caressed Jenna’s face. “You’re so sexy,” Trish whispered, “so beautiful.” Her fingers found her clit and within moments she was panting in time with Jenna as her thrusts backwards, impaling herself on Tommy’s shaft over and over, became more urgent.

“I’m gonna cum,” Jenna cried. Trish threw her free arm around her friend as she began to wail in ecstasy, her eyes fluttering as her orgasm wracked her body, causing her to shake almost violently. Trish wasn’t sure if the moisture she felt dripping on her was sweat or Jenna’s cum, or perhaps a mix of both, but the feel of it, along with the sight of her best friend writhing above her, suddenly sent shockwaves through her as her own orgasm hit.

Tommy pulled out of Jenna just as she collapsed in an exhausted heap beside Trish, her body flushed, sweaty and sticky with their exertions.

His cock was still hard. As before when he’d attempted to have sex multiple times in a row, he found it difficult to reach orgasm again so quickly. But he was still erect, and glad for it. And he knew one way or another his two lovers would help finish him off.

He didn’t have to wait long. Trish sat up and moved into his arms. “Wanna cum on my tits?” she grinned after she broke their kiss.

Tom barely had time to nod before Trish guided him down on the bed. Positioning herself over him, she peeled off the condom then began stroking his still throbbing shaft.

Her large breasts dangled over his cock as she jerked it between them, and he could feel the soft flesh of them along his sensitive head. “Come for me,” she barked, her dark eyes fixed on him. “I wanna feel you explode on me.”

Tommy was shaking in a fit of pleasure that bordered on pain, his orgasm building within him but not quite crossing the threshold. “So…close,” was all he could gasp. “Don’t…stop…”

He felt Jenna move beside him. “I know what you need, Daddy,” she whispered as her fingers found his balls. She dragged her fingernails lightly along the skin of his scrotum, back and forth, almost feather-like in her gentle touch.

“Oh, FFFFFFUCK!” The first jet of cum hit Trish directly between her breasts, splattering across her cleavage in a hot stream. Trish wagged his pulsing cock back and forth over her tits as he continued to squirt over them, her nipples already dripping with his spunk as she milked every drop from him.

Trish slowed but continued to gently stroke him as her other hand found the sticky Escort Elazığ mess covering her chest and rubbed it into her chest. While she’d never quite taken a liking to the taste of cum, she did enjoy the sensation of it on her skin. She smeared it around with a satisfied smile. “That was a lot for your second time in a row,” she marveled.

Tommy could only lay quietly, catching his breath. Fucking both of his lovers back to back like that had taken a lot out of him. But the effort was most certainly worth it, of course.

Trish lay beside Tommy opposite of Jenna and the three of them cuddled for a while, kissing and touching gently, their bodies entwined.

“That was amazing,” sighed Trish. “Thank you both. You have no idea how badly I needed that.”

Jenna grinned. “I’m glad we could help. So, no regrets then I take it?”

“Definitely not,” Trish laughed.

“I have one regret,” said Tom. Both girls looked at him curiously. “I still never got my chance to go down on Trish,” he finished with a smirk.

The girls laughed. “Sorry, cowboy,” giggled Jenna, “I guess I cut in on your action there. But patience, I’m sure you’ll get your chance.”

“Oh, most definitely,” Trish agreed. “But not right now. I think I’m a little…sore.” Her face suddenly twisted in confusion. “And I think I’m still dripping? Jesus, how big was that load you shot in me, Big Guy?”

Tommy looked at her apologetically. “Sorry. We can switch to condoms next time if you want.”

“Well see,” Trish smirked. Giving him a kiss, she jumped out of bed. “Gonna go freshen up. Be right back.”

“Don’t take too long,” Jenna called after her, “I gotta pee, too.”

She snuggled into Tommy. “You look happy,” she mused.

Tom laughed. “I just had my first threesome with two beautiful amazing women that I love, how could I not be happy? I wanna tell someone, shout it out to the world! Problem is, I have no one to tell!”

“What about your friend from work, Mike?” Jenna asked. “You could tell him about it.”

“Oh, I don’t know that we’re quite there yet in the friendship,” Tom chuckled. “Besides, would you really WANT me to tell him about it?”

Jenna thought for a moment. “Honestly? I’m not sure. I haven’t even met him yet. But I suppose I couldn’t be too upset about it if you did. You need a guy you can talk to. I know I’ll probably be telling Michelle about it eventually. Why shouldn’t you be able to tell your friend?”

Tommy hugged her tighter. “I appreciate that. But like I said, I’m not sure we’re THAT close just yet. And I’ve never been one to ‘kiss and tell’ anyway.”

“You could always write it down, change the names, post it anonymously on the internet,” Jenna grinned.

“Oh like anyone would believe it,” Tommy laughed. “I barely believe it myself sometimes. I keep expecting to wake up, find out it’s all just a dream.”

Jenna scowled. “So I’m just some little fantasy slut you made up in your head? Here only to fulfill your sexual fantasies?”

“No,” Tom stammered,” of…of course not! I was just saying…”

Jenna couldn’t control her laughter. “Relax, God! You’re so easy to mess with!”

Tommy smacked her bare bottom playfully. “Damn you, you naughty girl.”

“Oh, spank me again, Daddy,” Jenna teased.

“Don’t tempt me, young lady,” Tom replied with mock sternness. Instead of spanking her, he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply.

“I love you, Jenna.”

“I love you too.”

“Don’t tell me you’re going for Round 3 already,” Trish interjected as she plopped back down on the bed.

Tom sighed with a smile. “While my mind is more than willing, the body definitely isn’t gonna cooperate again, at least for a while.”

“Good,” said Trish, “because I’m starving! And I’m craving ice cream!”

“Yes!” Jenna chimed in. “Chocolate chip!”

“Okay, okay,” laughed Tom. “Let’s get cleaned up. I know a place not far from here, they should still be open.”

Tom watched as Jenna scampered from the bedroom towards the bathroom. “She’s pretty special, isn’t she?” Trish said from beside him.

“She is,” he acknowledged, turning to her. “And so are you, ya know.”

Trish blushed. “Thanks. You’re not so bad yourself.”

Together, they snuggled quietly while they waited for Jenna to get out of the shower.



The only problem with writing a threesome between these characters after all this time was making all the build up to it pay off.

I hope that it did.

I think this is the first chapter in this series that was almost entirely sex with no real plot development. And other than taking turns watching one be with the other, no real voyeurism or exhibitionism, which is usually the theme in this series.

Now that we’re here, I can advance those themes again in future chapters with several ideas I’ve hinted at in the past.

I’m still struggling a bit to write. The ideas are there, it’s just finding the words has become more of a challenge.

Never fear, I will do my best to continue. For those of you still with me, my continued thanks for your support.

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