The Julie Journals: Ch. 18 Cricket

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Controlled Orgasm

She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life and as she turned the pages from the beginning, she smiled as the memories came flooding back to her. Flicking over the pages she found the entry ‘Cricket,’ and smiled as she remembered how there were some very big bats that week.


“Bastard!” Julie swore as she threw the hairbrush across the hotel room, narrowly missing JJ’s head.

“But Baby,” JJ cooed, “The weather is lovely and the sea and the sun and it’s only during the day.”

The reason for Julie’s outburst was that JJ, her long-term live-in partner, had whisked her away to Antigua in the Caribbean for a break in the sun with the excuse it was a late celebration of her 40th birthday. It was only after they had checked into their room that he revealed that International Test Series Cricket match of the West Indies v England was on and he had bought a ticket. Julie thought that cricket was a silly game and whilst on the outside she showed JJ she was angry, inside she was looking forward to a week of lying in the sun doing nothing.

The following morning after waving JJ off to his silly cricket match Julie decided to check out the hotel beaches. With her beach bag over her shoulder and her beach wrap covering the briefest of bikini tops and thong, Julie set off for the main beach. The hotel was pretty deserted with a scattering of women and a few small children playing. Reading the little hotel brochure Julie muttered to herself as she read that the main beach was non-topless. Hating strap lines Julie lay on the beach sunning her back but became increasingly frustrated that she couldn’t roll over and sun her breasts. Becoming bored Julie studied the hotel brochure again and looking at the map of the beaches she noticed that at the other end of the complex there was a beach marked ‘clothes optional’. Smiling to herself, Julie picked up her stuff and headed in that direction.

It was a fair walk to the secluded cove but worth it when she got there. The beach was totally deserted and stopping only to drop her bag and her wrap Julie ran into the crystal-clear waters to cool down. Returning to the sand Julie laid out her towel and removed her top and lay down to continue her tan.

A while later Julie heard a soft melodic voice with a Slavic accent say, “Another cricket widow, you will burn with no lotion you know.” Julie looked up to see a tall blonde woman with her hair swept up onto her head, defining her chiselled features. “My name is Stella and please allow me,” the woman said and picking up Julie’s lotion applied a generous amount to Julie’s back. Julie almost purred with pleasure as the woman’s firm but gentle hands rubbed the lotion into her back.

Julie said nothing as the woman worked lower rubbing the back of her legs and then her thighs, but it was all she could do to stop from moaning out loud when she applied rokettube porno the lotion to Julie’s ass cheeks that were open to the sun from the thong. “There,” said the woman with a playful swat on Julie’s ass, “Now it is my turn.”

Julie knelt up, her unfettered 40c breasts standing firm with no sag, and she applied the lotion to the woman’s back. Stella lay there with her head to one side talking to Julie as she worked the lotion in. Stella told her how her husband was much older than her and very rich. They toured the Caribbean and like Julie’s other half, he was cricket mad. Julie said nothing but lingered for a long time as she worked the lotion into Stella’s buttocks, who was not wearing a thong but did have a high cut bikini bottom.

The two women lay side by side and talked and were soon laughing as they recounted tales and swapped stories about places they had visited in the world. When Julie decided her back was done enough and rolled over. “You have magnificent breasts,” Stella murmured throatily “You had better make sure they don’t get burnt either.”

Looking into Stella’s eyes Julie knew exactly what Stella meant by that comment. Glancing quickly round the beach to make sure they were alone, Julie replied, “Maybe you want to make sure they are fully lotioned as well.” Stella needed no second invitation and commenced rubbing the lotion over Julie’s chest and tummy. Any doubt in Julie’s mind vanished as she felt Stella roll her nipples between her fingers and thumbs causing them to harden.

When she had finished leaving Julie panting inside for more Stella lay back and smiled as she said “Your turn.”

Julie applied the lotion to Stella’s breasts that were smaller but still wonderful to the touch. Teasing Stella with her fingers Julie watched as she closed her eyes and moaned softly under Julie’s firm kneading. “Clothes are optional it says,” Julie said huskily and began to tug at Stella’s bikini bottom. Stella smiled and lifted her hips to allow Julie to slide them off to reveal a thin strip of pubic hair.

As Julie put out her hand towards Stella’s body she covered it with her own, “Optional yes, but fairs fair.” With that Julie stood and quickly pulled off her thong to reveal her shaven pussy and smiled as she heard Stella purr with pleasure, “Mmmmmm I love a shaven pussy.” Julie’s body was on fire and she was quite prepared to have public sex but Stella stood and tying her wrap held out her hand, “My room is just over the rise.”

Julie followed Stella into the room and dropping her wrap to the floor stood naked as Stella did the same. The two women kissed passionately, running their hands over each other’s bodies touching and stroking each other. Julie stood and parted her legs allowing Stella to slide a finger into her soaking pussy and as she supported herself on Stella’s shoulder Julie felt her legs go weak as Stella rus porno worked one, then two fingers into her pussy. “Mmmmm your pussy feels so silky,” Stella said as she pumped into Julie with steady thrusts and Julie felt the beginning of an orgasm rise in her but Stella sensing this moment withdrew her fingers and pushed Julie onto the bed. Before the rising tide could subside, Stella knelt quickly between her thighs and drove her tongue deep into Julie’s pussy and began to lap. Julie arched off the bed tugging at Stella’s blonde hair as the orgasm ripped through her, but Stella held her firm and continued to lick and lap causing Julie to squeal and squirm.

As Julie lay there covered in a thin film of perspiration Stella smiled warmly as she picked up the phone. “Robert, we are ready for you,” she said before turning back to the bed. Julie raised an inquisitive eyebrow with an unspoken question but Stella merely smiled and said, “I have a treat in store for us,” and then climbing onto the bed Stella straddled Julie’s head holding her pussy inches above her mouth. With a sigh Stella lowered herself onto Julie’s face allowing Julie’s tongue to drive deep into her pussy. Stella began to ride Julie’s face as she licked deeply and ran her tongue around Stella’s clit before lapping up more and more of her juices, and as Stella began to moan and groan with pleasure she twisted her own nipples sharply causing sensations to run through her body until finally the orgasm burst flooding Julie’s face with her juices.

As Stella sat catching her breath still straddling Julie’s head, Julie felt a slight breeze as the door to the room opened. Turning Julie saw the finally muscled body of Robert, the tennis coach, standing silhouetted in the doorway. Robert slowly removed his shirt and then his shorts to reveal a monster cock that was starting to twitch into life. Julie started to move on the bed but Stella clamped her head firmly with her knees saying softly, “Enjoy it I have.” As Julie watched Robert stood before Stella who bent her head and took the cock into her warm mouth. Soon the cock was straining like a rod of black steel and Julie gasped as she saw the size of it. “Twelve inches” Stella murmured softly, as if in a dream, stroking it slowly and making it twitch.

Julie saw Robert disappear behind Stella’s back and felt her legs being lifted until her knees were touching Stella’s back. Then she felt it, the monster head pushing at her pussy, opening her. “Fuck” Julie expelled in a gasp as Robert began to feed his cock slowly into her. Despite how wet she already was Julie felt like she could feel every vein on the cock as he slowly inched deeper and deeper.

Robert spoke for the first time, his deep velvety voice almost musical, “That’s about half way in, now the fun begins.” With that he pushed deeper until the whole 12 inches were fully in Julie’s pussy.

Stella moved russian porno off Julie’s face and lay beside Julie stroking her breast, whispering in her ear, “Feels good, doesn’t it?” Julie could only nod as Robert began a slow rhythmic pumping. “Relax baby,” Stella cooed, as Robert took hold of Julie’s ankles and held them high and wide.

“Ready girl?” Robert asked and nodding again Julie braced herself for what was about to happen.

Robert began to move up and down, his strong legs driving the cock deep into Julie’s pussy as Stella rubbed Julie’s lower tummy feeling the bulge as the cock drove in so deeply. Julie’s head was spinning as the relentless pounding kept going and going. Stella moved her hand lower and massaged Julie’s swollen clit causing Julie to scream as she climaxed over and over. “Now my turn,” Robert grunted but before he could cum Stella wrapped her hand tightly around the shaft and held him half out of Julie’s pussy. “You know what I want,” Stella purred as she moved round the bed to position herself in a 69 position on all fours kneeling over Julie’s body.

Robert chuckled deep in his throat as he said, “Yes I sure have worked out what you like,” as he picked up the tube of gel and squirted a generous dollop on his fingers. Julie was still in a post orgasmic daze but had a very close view of Stella’s pussy and ass. Julie could see Stella tense as Robert pushed two gel coated fingers deep into Stella’s ass. “This is what you like don’t you?” Robert growled as he started to work the fingers in and out. Stella was mumbling as Julie’s head began to spin thinking, ‘surely she can’t want that in her ass?’ The thought was turned to reality as Julie saw Robert’s black cock move into view and position itself at Stella’s anal star and Julie held her breath as Robert began to push.

Julie heard Stella yelp as the head entered and as Julie watched Robert pushed his cock deeper and deeper into Stella’s ass. “Oh yes” Stella moaned, “Fuck my slut ass… rip me… fuck me hardddddddd.” The last words were torn from Stella’s throat as Robert brutally drove his 12 inches into Stella’s ass. Julie’s pussy tingled as she remembered how that had felt in her pussy a few minutes before and her mind boggled at how it must feel for Stella. Robert was not gentle as he started to savagely fuck Stella’s ass and Julie could see his heavy balls swinging in front of her face. As Robert’s thrusts became more insistent Julie watched his balls contract then she yelled as she felt Stella’s mouth clamp onto her pussy. Feeling Stella screaming into her Julie watched as Robert pumped his cum into Stella’s ravaged ass.

Robert withdrew slowly from Stella who collapsed on the bed still half draped over Julie and Robert smiled at Julie as he moved to pick up his clothes before leaving. By this time Stella had recovered and was lying on the bed next to Julie. “Isn’t he dreamy?” Stella murmured stroking Julie’s breasts, “And so big, and best of all he has brother who is just as big.” Julie lay back smiling as Stella went on, “Tomorrow they are both going to fuck me at once if you want to watch… or join in.” Julie let her mind wander thinking, “Let’s hope the rain doesn’t come tomorrow.”

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