The Last Time I Blew Matt

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Matt was special. Over a period of years, I submitted to him in ways I never did with any other man. The first day I met him, we didn’t have a place to go, but I couldn’t resist sucking his cock for a few moments right there in my car in the mall parking lot in the middle of the day. I think a housewife saw us. There must be something to the attraction of pheromones because it was love at first suck, and I told him honestly that his cock made me feel weak and I was addicted to it already. I was to blow him and be fucked by him many, many times over several years in his office on a chair, on a cabinet, on the floor, and on my knees. I met him in parking lots at parks, and sucked his cock while he drove, even in the parking lot at a supermarket one night. He treated me like his girl, slapping my ass, calling me by the girl version of my name, saying, “good girl” and “such a good cocksucker”, and “You have missed this, haven’t you?” when I sucked his dick, he would hold my head down on his cock, sometimes with just one finger, deciding when I could raise my head and when I was to take him deep and stay there. And I loved it all.

Once at the house of a friend of his, he had me on my knees sucking him, but then grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me off his cock, sternly asking me if I had blown anyone else. I fearfully told him that I was too scared to look for a cock to suck elsewhere, and more importantly I was dedicated his cock, and his alone, that he owned me, and I was his exclusive cocksucker. Satisfied, he steered my mouth back to his cock to continue blowing him.

Later he took me to the bedroom, laid me on my back, and stood behind me with the tip of his cock at the entrance to my mouth. Slowly at first, he started to fuck my lips while I reached back to place my hands on his thighs. Then he sank his cock all the way down my open throat, burying his cock deep, his balls resting on my eyes and forehead, and he let out a deep, amazed moan. I’m proud that I didn’t choke—he’d trained me very well—but instead I reached back to cup his ass and pull his cock into me, making swallowing motions with my throat while he throat-fucked me. After he came, he smiled and praised my cock sucking, always talking to me like a girl, which I loved. I was his sex izle sissy bitch, and I loved it when he called me by that name.

One of the last times we had great sex together it was at the house of another friend of his who was away. Perhaps I knew that what we had couldn’t last. In the bedroom, I melted into his arms to kiss him, which I never initiated, and he returned the passionate French kiss. After a moment or two, I felt his hands pushing me down on my shoulders, pushing me to knees in front of him, pushing my face down to his crotch, to where I longed to be. I submitted to his strength, excited that he was taking me, dominating me, and gently rubbed my face all over his groin, moaning with lust as I did it. Pulling back for a moment, I smiled and told him that I wanted to take my time just this once, to memorize every detail of this moment of submitting to him, to make a vivid memory that I would always have of each lovely moment of giving him a blowjob. He chuckled and agreed. I watched my fingers move up the front of his pants to his belt, watched them go through their now-familiar routine of undoing his belt buckle, unfastening the metal button of his jeans, grasping the metal zipper and then slowly lowering it down to expose his underwear. Then grasping the sides of his jeans at the seams, and lowering them to the floor as he wriggled his hips to help them shimmy down his hairy legs. Dutifully, I helped him step out of his jeans as he placed the palm of one hand on my head to keep his balance, then slowly moving my soft hands up his hairy, manly legs, curling my fingers over the waistband of his BVDs, pressing my face into the hardness of his bulge and taking a deep breath of the intoxicating musk of his crotch, a scent that drives me wild and intensifies the reality that I am on my knees about to suck a man’s cock, and then slowly drag his underwear down and off.

I remember how hard his cock was, standing straight out from his body like an iron rod, a dark bush of hair around it and his hairy balls nestled beneath.

Now he gently places both hands on either side of my head, running his fingers through my hair, and gently pulls my lips even closer to the tip of his throbbing penis. My eyes instinctively sikiş izle close as the head of his cock parts my lips—I love every part of sucking his cock but I might love this moment best of all—and my adoring mouth envelopes his cock, my hands framing my sucking mouth and cradling his balls with teasing fingers. Then I remember that this time I want to not just go into my cock trance, but instead work to remember every magical moment of sucking Matt’s cock. I open my eyes wide as I continue adoring his cock with my mouth, wanting to catalog every detail of my submission to him. As I plunge my lips down over his dick, I see the muscles in his abdomen, feel the skin of my nose and cheeks crush into his pubic hairs and body hair. I gently wag my face from side to side against his belt line as his cock plumbs deeply into my throat.

As I pull my head back, I keep my eyes open to watch the retreating length of his cock shaft as it wetly slides out from between my sucking lips, feel the tight ring of my lips come to a stop at the ridge of his cockhead, my tongue dancing all around the head and teasing into his pee-hole, and following with my eyes the light fuzz of his treasure trail leading up from his crotch to his navel and up to his chest. The tips of his fingers curl around behind my ears and get a firmer grip on my head, and I know he’s starting to take control of me. I let him know how much I want that—yearn for it, ache for it—by letting the tips of my own fingers softly trace around the curves of his beautiful butt to meet in the middle at the crack of his ass, then cupping and squeezing his cheeks in rhythm with the blowjob. For a long while, everything fades away except for the incredible experience of his cock in my mouth.

Suddenly he stops, taking a break, holding my head still. I’ve been his cocksucker for years at this point, and I know what it is; he doesn’t want to come too soon. I don’t want it to ever end, so I freeze, just holding his cock in my mouth, not using my tongue, not sucking for the moment, just letting the taste of his dick and seeping precum fill my senses. I remember to open my eyes again, to force myself to be completely aware of where I am, what I’m doing, and the strong man whose cock türk porno is filling my mouth. The moment goes on, I feel him shudder, so close to climax, teetering on the edge of cumming in my mouth, but somehow managing to hold off. As much as I’m lusting for his load, I keep absolutely still.

Finally, his breathing slows and evens out a little, and he once again nudges my head forward to give me permission to continue blowing him. A few minutes later, his breathing starts to get ragged again, the seep of precum into my mouth becomes a flood, his hands grip my head more tightly and his cock seems to swell even larger—he’s going to cum.

My attempt to memorize the moment crumbles as my arousal peaks, I whimper and moan around the rock-hard dick in my mouth, my eyes close and roll back in my head as I give myself totally to sucking his cock. Then with a loud cry he pulls my head all the way down and his cock explodes into my throat, pulsing jets of hot cum into my grateful throat. But I need to taste it, so I push back on his hips, not to stop—he knows that—but just to pull back enough to feel it on my tongue, and he allows it, though I am careful to keep my mouth and hands pumping away steadily so he can ride all the way through his orgasm. As we both come down off the high of what we’ve done together, I keep his cock in my mouth, mindful of his sensitivity, but carefully and lovingly nursing out every drop of his cum as it slowly softens between my lips.

Not for the first time, I privately admit to myself that I love this man, love who I am with him, love my role as his sissy cocksucker, love how he treats me, love his body, his perfect cock, love what he lets me do to him, and love him because he loves me doing it. Our relationship doesn’t allow for me to express that to him somehow. Not in those words, at least. But I try hard to let him know that I love him with my worshiping of his cock, my devotion to his pleasure, my absolute subservience to him. I let him know that I love him when I tell him that I am his cocksucker and no one else’s, and that there is nothing I love more in all the world than being his bitch. I swallow his seed, taking it into me, wanting it to change me, make me ever more girly and more his. Then it was over, we dressed, and left.

I sadly lost touch with him a couple of years ago, though I did see him once from distance. If you’re out there and reading this and want to meet again, I would love to once again be on my knees in front of you where I belong, doing what I do best.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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