The List Ch. 03

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I showed up at school the next morning, and for the first time I felt good about myself. My friend Mindy, once just my “buddy” now desperately wanted to be my “fuck buddy”. On top of that, for the first time I started to think that maybe I actually could hook up with Amy, the girl I dreamed about.

Life was good, until I got a sudden reminder that my world hadn’t really changed that much. A bunch of jocks were waiting by my locker, ready to pick on me before classes started. One of them was Rick, the guy who was taking Amy to homecoming in a week.

It was all pretty routine stuff. They wanted to push me around a little, call me names, and have a laugh. It sure brought me back to the reality that I was still a nerd and, thus, a thousand miles away from nailing a head cheerleader.

This was countered, though, by a much needed confidence boost that I got in first period math class. Mindy was making a habit of passing me notes. Today’s said, in her pretty, feminine handwriting, “Your cum is like a meal, I still feel full!”

Mindy planned to spread word among the girls of my endowment, and by lunch period I noticed that some of them were looking at me differently.

More to the point, the fact that they were looking at me at all was a breakthrough. A lot of them wouldn’t have acknowledged my existence before. Just moving through the lunch line, now, I could tell some eyes were on me. For the first time in my life, females were checking me out.

I sat down at an almost-empty table with Mindy and we started to eat and talk. After a few minutes another girl walked over and sat down next to me. It was Megan, a tiny redhead who also happened to be a popular senior.

“I need to check something,” she said.

With that she slid her hand into my lap and grabbed my dick through my jeans for just a second. She gasped, then stood up and went back to the “cool kids” table.

Mindy started laughing. “See? I told you, the word is getting around already.”

One day passed and, more and more, I noticed that the opposite sex was treating me differently. Some of the girls had started to smile and say “hi” to me; simple gestures that were implausible a few days ago.

The afternoon before the homecoming dance the unthinkable happened. Right after school Amy walked up to me and struck up a conversation. The beautiful blond cheerleader that I thought about every time I touched myself was, all-of-a-sudden, talking to me. She was wearing her cheerleader uniform and looked incredible.

She made small talk with me in the school hallway while the other kids filed out. As we talked she slowly leaned in closer to me until her breasts were pressed up against my arm. My dick was starting to swell, and Amy looked down and saw it stirring in my pants.

“My God, it’s true! I wasn’t sure if I believed the rumors that a nerd like you has the biggest dick in school!”

My worship of this girl was deep enough that I ignored the fact that she called me a nerd. This angel was checking out my penis!

“You know, I feel real bad that I was so mean to you when you asked me to the dance. I’m dating Rick, though. You can forgive a pretty girl like me, right?”

With those words she reached out and started massaging my hard-on through my jeans. I was struggling just to think Uzun porno straight at this point.

Trying to play it cool I said, “I’ll think about it.” I could tell that she was surprised at my response because she’d expected me to melt at her touch. She excused herself and walked away. For the first time ever, I had the upper hand.

The night of the dance I went all out and sprung for a tuxedo, flowers, and a stretch limo. My friend Mindy was my date. After posing for pictures for her mother, we climbed into the limo. I could tell that after getting all prettied up Mindy wanted some action, so I let her suck my cock for a while we were driven to the dance. I stopped her before I came, though—I was saving it.

My dance card was full during the slow songs. The girls, amazingly, were clamoring to get in my arms. I couldn’t believe the difference from a week ago.

I knew what they wanted. They wanted to find out personally if the rumors were true. Not wanting to disappoint, for several slow songs in a row I rubbed my dick against pretty girl after pretty girl and sent them all away aroused.

I was a man on a mission, though. After a little while I approached Amy and asked for a dance. She accepted my offer and I took her to the dance floor. Most of the popular kids were drunk, and Amy was no exception.

She was wearing a black, low cut dress and showing a lot of cleavage, which she instantly pressed up against me. As we danced my dick uncoiled like a snake and started pressing into her stomach. Reflexively, she rubbed her body into mine hard.

I whispered into her ear, “I know what you want.”

She knew what I meant, but she still said, “What do you think I want?”

“You want to see it, don’t you?”

She didn’t say anything for a moment, she just kept pressing her body into my erection.

“Yes. I do want to see what it looks like. I’m not going to do anything, though, so don’t get any ideas. I’m giving myself to Rick tonight.”

“I’ll show it to you, but you have to say the words.”

She thought for a second. “Show it to me.”

“No. You say ‘please'”.

She sighed, but complied. “Will you please show me your big dick?”

“After this song is over, follow me.”

Before the song ended she reached down and squeezed it for a second. It was a bold move since her boyfriend was in the room.

When the song ended she followed me off of the dance floor and we snuck into the women’s bathroom when nobody was looking. We hurried into a cramped stall.

“All right, show me before someone catches us.” She slurred her words a little. The alcohol was catching up with her.

“No. You show me first. I’ve wanted to see those tits for years.”

She started to object, so I snapped at her, “do you want to see my monster or not?” I pressed it up against her body again.

Amy lifted her breasts out of her pretty dress. They were everything I imagined; large, tanned, and perfectly shaped. I reached out and put my hand on one.

“Hey, I didn’t say you could touch them!”

“Yeah,” I said confidently, “but I notice you’re not stopping me, either.” I rubbed one of her nipples and she closed her eyes to enjoy it for a second.

“Okay, I’ll show you mine now, but you unzip me.”

As I continued Öğrenci porno to caress her breasts she eagerly reached down and started working on my zipper. She reached into my dress slacks and pulled it out.

“Fuck,” she said in a whisper, “it’s bigger than my arm!” Out of instinct she started rubbing it up and down.

“That’s right, it is. And, you know, you’ve been a little bitch to me. I’m not sure I want to let you touch it.”

She squeezed my rod tightly, worried I might take it away. “No, I like you. Please just let me touch it for a second.”

“Do you touch Rick’s?”


“Is his dick as big as mine?”

There was hesitancy in her answer. I knew she felt bad about criticizing her boyfriend. She answered honestly, though, “No, his is so much smaller. It’s not even fun to play with. Not like yours.” She was really slurring her words. The booze had caught up with her.

“You’re getting horny, aren’t you?”

She looked at the ground, almost ashamed. “Yes.” Then she added, “I’ve never been this horny before. I want it so bad.”

“Suck on it.” There was no asking anymore. I was telling her. She hunched over and put what she could in her mouth, which were only a few inches.

“It’s big, isn’t it? Does Rick fill up your mouth like that?”

She shook her head negatively while she sucked.

“So here’s the bottom line,” I said. “Do you want to lose your virginity to a guy with a tiny dick, or a real man like me? You might never have another chance to feel this full.”

Her mind was made up at this point and she started sliding her panties out from under her short dress.

I suddenly grabbed my dick and pulled it out of her throat. “First you have to beg me, though.”

There was no hesitation; she knew what she wanted to happen. Using the dirtiest words she could muster she said to me in a muted voice, “please tear my virgin pussy apart with your monster cock.”

With that I picked her up off of the ground and she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I slid my cockhead into her waiting pussy lips and started to slowly ease inch after inch of my penis in.

At first it felt like she wouldn’t be able to take that much of my oversized shaft into her, but as I started slowly rocking in and out her vagina started to open up for me.

“Oh my God, fuck me” she started to moan into my ear.

When most of my dick was inside of her and I’d built up a pretty good rhythm I suddenly heard somebody walk into the bathroom. Amy was oblivious to it—she just kept moaning and begging to be fucked.

I could see someone watching us through the crack in the door of the stall and realized it was Mindy. My homecoming date was watching me fuck this cheerleader. I did my best to put on a show for her.

For the first time I suddenly shoved my whole dick into Amy and she gasped loudly. I said to her, “You love being impaled on my big dick, don’t you bitch?”

“Yes, I fucking love it!” she shouted. “Pound me like a whore!”

I slapped her ass hard and started pounding her pussy rough and fast while Mindy watched.

I heard the door open again and someone else walked in. I know that Amy was oblivious to it; all she was thinking about was the dick inside of her. I knew that whoever walked into the bathroom could hear Amy’s moans. At first I worried it might be a teacher, but it became obvious to me that we were just attracting more girls who knew what was happening and wanted to watch.

With Amy wrapped around me I kept playing with her tits and slamming my big dick in and out of her. “Would you even feel Rick’s dick inside of you now?”

“Fuck Rick, he’s a dickless sissy compared to you!” Amy didn’t notice the girls outside giggling at this.

I was getting so worked up hearing the girl of my dreams say these things. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled face hard to meet mine.

“You’re my cum slut now, aren’t you? I’m the only man who can fill you up like this.”

“Yes! I’m your slut! Fuck me!”

For this being the moment I lost my virginity, I think I lasted for a pretty long time. I’m sure that Amy had several orgasms before I was ready to empty my balls in her.

“Get ready to feel full, bitch.”

I started firing burst after burst of sperm deep inside of her and all she could do was scream. She wasn’t even making words; just shouts of ecstasy.

Eventually our orgasms subsided and we returned to reality. Amy had just given me her virginity in a dirty bathroom stall while her boyfriend was somewhere right outside.

I lowered her out of my arms and to the ground. Amy looked like a mess; exhausted, tits hanging out of her dress, and hair and makeup a disaster.

“I’m going to keep your panties as a souvenir,” I said and slid them into my pocket.

“Okay,” she said weakly. “Listen, that was amazing. Do you want me to be your girl?”

“Maybe one of them,” I said brashly and opened the stall door.

Amy stumbled out, her big breasts still hanging out of her dress, and saw for the first time that we had an audience. Mindy was standing there smiling at me, along with two of the popular girls: Megan, the redheaded senior and her sister.

Amy adjusted her dress as quickly as possible and headed for the door. Though embarrassed she still called out, “Call me!”

My dick was still hanging out of my tuxedo slacks, and the other girls were mesmerized by it. In a rhetorical manner I said, “What do you think, ladies?” and the sisters blushed.

With the girls watching I grabbed my giant member and slowly slid it back into my tuxedo slacks, then I took Mindy’s arm.

“Want to get out of here babe? I think I owe you some dick now, too.”

Mindy just winked at the other girls and we started to walk off.

“Bye, girls,” I called behind me.

“Bye!” they replied in a swooning manner. I was finally becoming the stud I wanted to be and people knew it.

Mindy and I left the dance and climbed back into my limo. As soon as the vehicle was moving she was on her knees, licking Amy’s juices off of my manhood.

“Wow, this tastes really good!” she announced. “So, is it my turn now?”

She looked pretty in her formal dress so I wanted to do her, but fucking Mindy tonight wasn’t my plan.

“Not tonight, but be a good girl and I’ll give it to you soon.” With that she started blowing me like her life depended on it.

While she worked I laid back and sipped champagne. I enjoyed my best friend’s head and reflected. Though maybe I wasn’t “cool”, I sure wasn’t the loser that I was a few days ago. I was getting head in a limousine from a girl that loved to do it and I’d just lost my virginity to the girl of my dreams. I was on cloud nine… and I was just getting started.

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