The List Ch. 05

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When I got to school on Tuesday I let Mindy know that Friday afternoon was when we were going to do it. I also told her to make sure she wore some sexy underwear. Hoping that I was going do her sooner, she pouted a little when I told her she had to wait a few days. I knew she wanted it bad, so for some reason it was fun for me to make her wait a little longer.

On top of that, though, I was addicted to the blowjobs she’d been giving me and I wanted to get a couple more of them.

Amy and Mindy were the only girls who had gone down on me, and I preferred Mindy by far. Mindy was able to take way more of my erection into her mouth at once. She could even take the whole thing down her throat when I, so-to-speak, forced the issue. It seemed like Amy could only do a few inches no matter what.

On top of that, though, we liked the same thing. Mindy genuinely enjoyed it when I took control and fed my cock to her rough, and it got me off, too. Amy said that she liked to give me head, but she didn’t get off on it like Mindy did. Mindy was one of those special girls that could orgasm by having her throat fucked.

I would have been content if Mindy just sucked it every day and we never fucked. Like I said in a previous entry, most days for the duration of high school she did suck it. In addition, through the rest of the time we were in school together I fucked her a lot. We did it once or twice a week and, of course, I had my other girls on the side. When she would have boyfriends we still did it occasionally, but not as often.

I didn’t care very much about most of the girls that I would come to bang the next few years. I always figured that this was a fair attitude since none of them cared about me, either, just about my dick. Mindy was probably my best friend, though, so it was important to me that I kept her satisfied; especially the first time we did it. The time had come to check girl number two off of my list.

Friday rolled around and, when I saw Mindy at school I could tell that she “dolled up” for me. She was still dressed in her usual style, but instead of the typically knee-length skirt she had on a pink, pleated skirt that was an inch or two shorter than usual. She had white stockings pulled up her calves, and a pair of pink high heels that matched her skirt.

As part of her “look” most days Mindy wore sweaters, but today she had on a tight white button up dress shirt, and pigtails tied with pink bows. Though she was too petite to have cleavage, she left an extra button or two undone on her shirt. She also was wearing more makeup than she normally would at school, and for the first time I could remember Mindy was wearing contacts instead of her usual thick glasses.

On most days Mindy didn’t put a lot of effort into her appearance, but that wasn’t the case today. She looked sexy, and she looked like someone you would fantasize sex hikaye about fucking. It was actually making me nervous knowing how hard she had tried to look good for me.

I’d come to know that she usually dressed conservatively, but there was a wild girl inside. I think she was excited to let that side of her show a little. I usually just saw her as a friend, almost like “one of the guys” but that Friday I kept catching myself stealing glimpses at Mindy, and I’m sure she noticed.

During first period Math class, when she knew I was looking, she slid her skirt halfway up her thigh to reveal a frilly pink and white garter. She slipped out a note she’d written and passed it to me. It read, “I’ve let some boys do me, but I’ve never been fucked by a real man.” I read it over and over again with pride. My friend really thought of me as a stud.

Like usual, I sat with her over lunch hour. I think that day we were both just doing our best to act normal. A couple of times, though, girls I didn’t even know would walk by and tell her things like, “Enjoy it!”

A female student that I don’t think I’d seen before walked by and called out, “I hope he doesn’t break you!” I asked Mindy mischievously, “So you told everybody we’re going to do it after school?”

She answered, “Of course I did! Everybody thinks you’re a stud now and you’re only doing two girls: the sexy head cheerleader and me. That puts me up to a pretty high status!”

“I’m glad I could help you out.” I realized that I was getting more nervous. This was my friend, and I wanted to be good.

“And I can’t wait to help you out!” she said, seductively, but with a laugh.

Before I knew it school was out and we went straight to Mindy’s parent’s house. Right inside the door I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. Up to that point what we’d been doing was a lot like Amy and me. Mindy had sucked my dick five or six times, but we never once kissed. I didn’t care if Amy felt like a whore, but I started kissing Mindy because I wanted her to feel romanced.

After making out for a few minutes I took her little hand and led her upstairs to where the bedrooms were. She started walking towards her room.

“No, in here,” I said, and went into her parent’s room.

She followed me. “You want to do me on my parent’s bed?”

“It’s a cleaner, bigger room. It looks nicer,” I tried to explain, but I could tell that she thought it was a little weird.

“Stand against the back wall for a second,” I told her. She did, while I climbed on the bed. I reached into my backpack and pulled out a camera.

“You want to take pictures of me?” She said it in a nervous voice, but I could already tell that she was going to let me.

“You look so hot today I couldn’t stop looking at you. I’ve been waiting to do this all day. Don’t worry, I won’t show any of the guys at school.”

It really porno hikayeleri wasn’t too hard of a sell. She wasn’t about to say “no” after waiting all week to get laid.

I told Mindy to dance for me a little and snapped a few shots of her fully clothed. Then I had her unbutton her shirt and pull it off. She had a satin teddy underneath, which was pink to match the rest of her outfit. Once she was going she really started to get into it. She slid her panties out from under her skirt and started dancing dirtier while I took pictures.

“Should I take off my teddy or my skirt next?”

“Uhm, take off the teddy. I like the skirt.”

Really moving her hips and gyrating, she slid the teddy over her head. She looked so hot, dancing for me. I snapped a bunch of pictures, then she undid the skirt and slid it off.

“Baby, you’re making me so hard,” I told her.

She blushed, and kept dancing. “Do you want me to take anything else off?” she asked. All that was left were her pink high heels, her calf-high stockings, the lacy garter around her thigh, and the pink ribbons in her ponytails.

“No, you look hot. I want to fuck you like this,” I said and climbed off the bed. I pulled my shirt over my head, and quickly slipped off my socks and shoes.

“I want you on your knees now,” I said, and she quickly complied.

I walked in front of her, still holding the camera, and she started unzipping me. My jeans and boxers were off in seconds.

She wrapped both of her hands around my erection and looked up at me. “I bet you want to take some pictures with your big dick in my little mouth, don’t you?”

“Yes, but don’t move.” I snapped a picture of her holding it and looking up at me.

“Now wrap your lips around the head and keep looking up at me.” I got a great picture of a girl with both hands and her mouth on my cock.

“Can I do a picture with it lying across on my face so you can see it’s bigger than my head?”

That sounded like a great idea to me. I snapped that image, and then I took some pictures while she sucked on my balls.

Finally, I had her start blowing me and kept the camera going. She started to moan as it went deeper and deeper. I grabbed one of her ponytails and took a couple of shots where you could tell that I was thrusting my dick into her mouth. “Now force it all the way,” I said, and I got a picture of my dick disappearing completely down her throat. That picture is one of my favorites. You can actually see the head of my big snake bulging down her slender neck, almost like an “Adam’s apple”.

“Good girl,” I told her. “I think we should move to the bed, because you’ve really got me worked up.”

She pulled my giant cock out of her mouth and stood up. I pushed her on the bed and pounced on her.

“Fuck me, you big-dicked stud. I’ve been waiting for it all week.”

We’d had plenty of foreplay erotik hikaye to get us both ready.

“Slide it in, baby,” I told her. She grabbed my dick and slowly eased it into her pussy while I photographed it.

“Oh my God, it’s so big!” she said in a whispering moan when I was still only partway inside of her. I started slowly rocking back and forth, and she closed her eyes in ecstasy. I snapped a few pictures of the face she was making, then set the camera down.

“Are you ready to really take it?” I asked. I was still only pumping half of my member into her.

“Oh yeah, drill me with it! Fuck me good!”

I laid my body on top of hers, grabbed a ponytail in each hand, and started fucking her hard.

“Do me, stallion!” she shouted at the top of her lungs, then she just started screaming and moaning. She could never help how loud she always got.

“I’m coming on your big dick!” she started shouting.

I pistoned into her hard until her orgasm subsided, then I flipped her over and started fucking her from behind. I grabbed the camera again and took a few pictures of my friend getting fucked with her ass in the air.

“I’m coming again! Pound me!” I grabbed her hips and pounded her hard while she screamed into a pillow.

I slowed down my rhythm, then we changed positions again. I had her climb on top of me.

I was still using the camera as she slid my monster back into her, then I snapped away while I watched her ride it.

We did this for a minute, then I put the camera down because I was getting close to coming.

Without pulling out of her or missing a beat I wrapped her up in my arms and threw her back on the bed. We were back in a missionary position and I was pounding her pussy as hard as possible.

“Give it to me!” she shouted while she came again.

“Here I come baby!” I said, and pulled out just in time to start shooting it all over her face and tits.

Mindy absolutely loved being jacked off on. My first “fuck buddy” loved having her face shot with cum so much that for a while I thought every girl loved it.

I shot spurt after spurt on her.

“Smile,” I said as I grabbed the camera again. She did, and I took a picture of her waving at the camera, covered in sperm on her parent’s bed. I snapped a few more shots where her cum-covered face liked my dick dry. Then I lay down next to her.

“That was amazing, thank you!” she purred to me.

“Don’t thank me, I thought it was incredible, too.”

“Well, I mean ‘thank you’ like ‘thank you for putting me number two on your list of girls. You didn’t have to but you did. So, thank you.”

I started casually rubbing my dick and getting hard again. I was figuring on doing it again, but Mindy interrupted that thought when she looked at the clock. “My God, my mom’s going to be home any minute! We’ve got to get out of here!”

“Okay, but personally I don’t care if your mom catches us. It would probably juts help me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“She’s not next but you should know, Mindy… your mom is on my list, too.”

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