The Love Book

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I got out of the cab and headed into the hotel lobby. It was 11 p.m., and it was a miserable night. It had been raining all day right into the evening. The combination of rain and the chilly fall weather sent a shiver throughout my body. ‘I needed something warm inside of me’ I thought as I entered the bar area of the hotel.

I had been here on a business trip for three days now, and I was becoming familiar with some of the hotel personnel. As I sat down at the bar, Bill the night shift bartender, recognized me, walked over and said:

“The usual Dottie?” He already had the bottle of Red Burgundy wine in his hand. “Yes please, Bill,” I answered.

As Bill poured the wine in my glass I looked around the bar noticing how few customers there were. ‘Probably the weather,’ I thought to myself. It was then that I noticed one other customer sitting diagonally across the bar from me. It was a woman, probably in her twenties, I surmised. She had very blonde hair, very light skin that even glowed here in the dark light of the bar. ‘Very pretty,’ I thought to myself not really knowing why that thought came to my mind.

She smiled at me, and I returned her smile. ‘If I wasn’t so tired tonight,’ I thought to myself, ‘I probably would try to strike up a conversation with her. It’s always nice to have someone to talk to especially here in a strange city.’

But I was tired after running around all day. I finished my wine and walked toward the elevator looking forward to a nice hot shower before going to bed. As I got off the elevator, I walked down the hall automatically looking for my room. ‘Room 705,’ this is it I thought to myself as I turned the key to my room.

It only took me a minute to throw my briefcase aside, disrobe and get into the shower. I turned the water on as hot as I could stand it, washed fast, put my lavender scent shampoo in my hair and got out, really looking forward to a good night’s rest. Getting out of the shower, I slipped on my terry cloth robe, partly dried and wrapped a towel around my dark hair and thought, ‘hell with it, I’ll fix my hair in the morning.’ Now I had wished I had bought the rest of the bottle of wine and brought it back to my room. The Red Burgundy almost had a way of making me feel warm.

I fluffed up the pillows on the bed and turned all the lights out except the night lamp over the bed. As I was putting my wrist watch on the night stand I noticed a book entitled: “A Book of Love” on the top of the night stand. I picked up the book, opened it to chapter one and started to read:

‘It all started in a hotel room on a very chilly night in October. It was raining all day…’

My eyes were very tired so after reading what I thought was at least one paragraph I closed my eyes for a minute to rest them.

“Knock, knock,” I heard the sound seeming to come from across the room. I sat up in bed and then noticed what was a door connecting my room with the room next door. I got up from the bed, went over to the door and stood there with my ear against it.

“Knock, knock,” I heard the light tapping at the door again.

“Yes … aaahhh … yes,” I asked not sure whether I should say anything at all.

“Hi, can you open your door for a minute,” came the unmistakably female voice from the other side of the door.

I hesitated for just a moment, then for some reason I just almost automatically reached for the lock on the door knob. I turned it and opened it just a crack so I could kind of peek through the opening.

“Hi Dottie, my name is Penny,” the woman I had recognized as the other woman in the bar began to speak. “I bought the rest of the bottle of wine you started downstairs and thought you might like to join me in a glass.”

“Wow, I sure would,” I answered. “You must be a mind reader. I was thinking of a glass of wine as soon as I got out of the shower. How did you know my name?” I asked.

“Oh, I heard Bill, you know the bartender acıbadem escort talking to you,” Penny answered.

I opened the door all the way and immediately I felt … diminished!!! I mean this Penny was really beautiful! She had on a light purple negligee; her blonde hair flowed free on both sides of her face that could only be described as angelic. She had full red lips that seemed to have a small perpetual smile. Her skin was almost pure white with little brown freckles that seemed to sparkle on her arms like iridescent jewels. I stood there transfixed by this wonderfully beautiful woman and only moved when she walked from her room into mine. I watched her pouring the wine into two glasses as she stood with her back to me. Her back was perfectly formed with the lower part of her back curving inward only to flare back out into two mounds of round and seemingly firm ass cheeks. As I looked down at her rear, it was very apparent she wasn’t wearing panties.

As Penny turned to face me and hand me my glass of wine, I again felt so unworthy in the presence of this beautifully sexy woman. I was almost 39 years old, and at the moment I felt much older in front of the beautiful blue-light green eyes of this slender beauty. I wondered to myself if I was attractive enough, if Penny would like the way I looked and then wondered why I was so worried about my appearance in the first place. Penny didn’t give me much more time to think when I heard her sweet soft voice again.

“Here Dottie,” Penny said. “Drink it right down. It will make you nice and warm right here.” As Penny said that she reached her hand in between the folds of my robe and rubbed my belly in a circular motion. Immediately upon feeling Penny’s hand on my bare skin I felt myself getting all goose bumps. I felt a little weak feeling going throughout my body.

‘God,’ I thought to myself, ‘I don’t have any panties on either.’ When I looked back into Penny’s eyes she met my eyes. There was a little smile on her face, a knowing smile, a self assured smile … and I was lost in the smile almost instantaneously. Penny put her wine glass down without ever taking her eyes from my eyes. Penny moved closer to me, so close that I could feel the warmth of her body as she reached up with both hands and untied the towel I had wrapped around my damp hair and let the towel fall to the floor. My dark hair fell free.

“I … I …” I tried to speak but the words wouldn’t come out.

“Sssshhhh … ssssshhhhh … hush up honey,” I heard the sweet female voice of Penny again, “we don’t need to say anything now do we?”

“Well, I …” again for some reason the words wouldn’t come out. Penny took the now empty wine glass from my hand, put it next to hers on the desk, took both my hands and placed them on her breasts. As soon as my hands were on her breasts I felt my stomach push downward of its own accord, downward until I could feel an awakening deep within me. Penny moved her face and lips very close to my mouth and … stopped! I looked deeply into her eyes. ‘What is she trying to tell me,’ I thought. ‘Why did she move her lips so close to mine and stop.’ Then I knew! Her eyes were telling me! Her eyes were saying ‘if you want more, you have to take it.’ My heart started to beat a little faster. Penny’s lips were so close … so close I could almost taste her lipstick. Penny’s beautiful red lips parted … just a little. I moved my head down until my mouth was aligned with hers. I moved the last few hundreds of an inch as though I was in a trance. My lips made contact with Penny’s lips. The very first contact made me take a deep breath. Penny’s lips moved as though they were welcoming mine and I felt the tip of her tongue parting my lips. For some reason I knew it was my turn … my turn to ‘take it’ … and I did! Our mouths pressed harder together, our tongues searching and moving in and out, around and around. I felt the tie on my robe being atalar escort unloosened, and I responded by squeezing Penny’s breasts softly. They felt wonderful in my hands and my body began to tremble. I could feel the contractions starting deep in my vagina … little waves starting to rapidly increase. My robe was opened completely now, and I felt the soft supple hands of Penny on my own breasts, the small circles Penny’s fingers were making on the nipples, first one and then the other. In my head it felt like Penny was playing a tune on my nipples and I followed her lead by doing the same to her nipples.

Penny took her mouth away from my mouth. She started to kiss my neck just under the chin as her hands moved up to slip my robe off of my shoulders. Slowly the robe came down and as the robe came down so did the softness of Penny’s lips … on my chest, in between my breasts, pausing long enough to take the nipples of my breasts between her lips, biting softly, first one, then the other. I felt her lips just under my breasts as they began their descent, now on my belly button where she hesitated and I felt her tongue make little circles there. The fire within me was building to uncontainable proportions as I felt my knees getting weak.

Penny moved me gently to the bed. I didn’t resist … I couldn’t! As I lay back on the bed I felt my legs being parted, very slowly, very gently. I felt Penny’s lips on my thighs like a soft sponge starting down close to my knees, then heading upward to the thicker part of my thighs. I felt Penny’s fingers separating my already moistened pussy lips, gently starting at the lower part closer to my ass and then heading upward as though taking its measurement. Then I felt Penny’s finger, first one, then another go inside of my vagina, downward and then moving up and in … deeper and deeper.

“Oh my God … oh, oooohhhh … God, yes, yes,” I heard the words leaving my mouth and I pushed my head backward, took in a deep breath and bit my lower lip. I felt Penny’s fingers come out of their ‘hiding place’ only to be replaced by her soft, sweet lips. I felt the lips fully kiss my vagina lips, and then the tip of a tongue flick inward and upward and until it felt like a dart had just pierced my clitoris and it responded by becoming erect. As fast it is had started … it stopped!

Penny had moved on top of me. I opened my eyes to see Penny’s pretty face only inches from my face. She brought her hand up and rubbed the two moistened fingers that had been in my vagina across my lips until they were wet and a little sticky. Then I heard her sweet soft female voice again …

“I’m putting your ‘love lipstick’ on Dottie honey,” Penny said. “And now I’m going to kiss you and I want you to kiss me back, OK?”

“Oh God … oh God, yes … yes,” I answered Penny.

I barely got the words out my mouth when I felt Penny’s full red lips on mine. I responded immediately by taking as much of Penny’s lips as I could get into my mouth then used my tongue to taste the sweetness of the love nectar that Penny had deposited there with her fingers and lips. Penny pulled her lips away and moved her head closer to my ear.

“I’m going to turn around, Dottie,” Penny said. “I want you to do exactly as I do now, do you understand honey.”

“Yes Penny … yes, I understand, yes,” I answered as I felt Penny move. I felt the heat of Penny’s thighs on both sides of my head. I felt Penny’s mouth and lips on my vagina again and felt myself slowly drifting upward almost as though my soul was leaving my body.

I remembered Penny’s words in my ear … ‘do exactly as I do now,’ … and I instinctively reached up with my arms and hands and pulled her down toward me. I felt the soft blonde ‘down’ surrounding Penny’s vagina on my nose, then on my face cheeks, as I kissed the plump outer lips of Penny’s vagina. I opened my mouth, stuck my tongue out and felt the soft slippery inner lips aydınlı escort leading to her opening. I felt Penny going deeper and deeper into me until it felt like her nose … no, her whole face was part of me. I followed Penny’s lead and did the same. I felt Penny hips start an upward and downward motion … as my tongue would go in deep, Penny would push down … as my tongue came back out, Penny would move upward. Again following Penny’s lead, I did the same with my hips. After a few seconds we had ‘synchronized’ the movements of our mouths, tongues and hips as though we were one in perfect harmony.

I felt Penny’s tongue move upward slowly traveling the length of my vagina and stop as she reached my clit. She took my clit between her full lips and began a sucking motion … I did the same to her. It was only a minute … less then a minute … and it happened.

“Ooooohhhh God … oh my God … oh damn, damn, damn,” the muffled sounds I made when I felt myself reaching the peak … climbing higher and higher filled the room. I felt Penny respond by working her mouth harder and pulling my hips up to her. I followed Penny’s movement and pulled down on her hips until I thought I would suffocate with her pussy deep in my face, her lubricates flowing so freely and her bucking becoming faster and faster.

The ‘explosion’ came all at once and it was perfectly timed between the two of us. I felt myself shooting upward as though in a steep climb into the sky, then floating freely high above the clouds and it felt like I could see the ends of the earth from up here. We had both reached an intensive orgasm and we did it together. For this minute in time we were one … joined together in mutual satisfaction, giving and taking from one another, reaching the pinnacle of a woman to woman explosive discharge of neuromuscular tensions at the height of their sexual arousal and then slowly drifting back to earth.

I awoke at the sound of a ‘thump.’ I sat up in bed and noticed that the book I had begun reading had fallen off my chest where I must have placed it last night when I fell asleep. It had dropped on the floor. I looked over toward the window and saw the first rays of sunlight beaming through the small opening in the drapes where they had not been closed completely.

I sat up in the bed, draped my legs over the edge and picked up the book. Again I read the title” “A Book of Love.”

‘Funny,’ I thought to myself, ‘I remember beginning to read the book but must have fallen asleep before I got very far. God, I feel good this morning, so refreshed and peaceful,’ I continued thinking to myself.

I was then that I noticed my terry cloth robe was on the floor and the towel I had wrapped my around my hair was on the back of a chair by the connecting door in my room.

‘Wow, what I dream I had last night,’ I thought to myself. ‘It had something to do with that woman in the bar,’ I remembered thinking.

I turned the book to the last page and read the last paragraph …

“It was morning now and as Penny was getting ready to leave Dottie’s room to go back to her room, she looked down at Dottie who was sleeping soundly and had a very peaceful smile on her face. Penny decided not to wake Dottie because she seemed to be resting so peacefully. Instead, she left a note on the half opened door that connected their rooms …

“Dear Dottie, thanks honey. You were wonderful last night. The moment I saw you in the bar last night I knew we had something in common. My instincts are exceptional. I had to leave early this morning and I didn’t want to wake you. I’m leaving for home today. I have your telephone number and I will be calling you soon.”

My heart was pounding as I read the note in the last paragraph in the book. I got up from the bed and walked straight to the door that connected my room with the room next to mine. As I got close to the door I could smell the scent of wildflowers in the air. ‘It was the perfume the woman from the bar was wearing last night,’ I thought. The door was partly opened and it had a note attached to it. I began to read …

“Dear Dottie, thanks honey. You were wonderful last night…

—- The Beginning —-

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