The Meeting

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So long we have talked via email and messages that I ever despaired of us actually meeting in person. We work for the same company but never have the opportunity to come in close proximity together and sometimes I believe that is for the best because what would happen if we ever did get together? It could potentially ruin one of our careers and could destroy the friendship we have worked hard to maintain.

All that changed one day when I got a meeting planner from you. I stared at it in my inbox for a long time before opening it and seeing that it appeared to be a legitimate meeting. There were about five other executives listed as part of the meeting so I thought that we could do this. We could be in a room together and just be casual.

I accepted the meeting which was scheduled for the next day and went home to decide on what I was going to wear.

The next day I was extremely nervous and I know that I fidgeted most of the day and didn’t get much work accomplished. I kept looking at the clock, wishing it would get to one already. I wasn’t too familiar with the agenda of the meeting but I was a quick study and read up on it so that I wouldn’t come off as completely ignorant when I was in there.

I skipped lunch and went straight to your building so that I would be on time. I waited in the lobby for you to meet me and while I was waiting for you I spent my time straightening my skirt, messing with my hair, hoping my make up was on good and not smeared. Then I heard the elevator ding and I look towards it and see you coming towards me.

Your picture did nothing for you because you literally took my breath away. I never thought a man could be beautiful but that was the word that came through my head at that moment. You were dressed in a three piece suit and you had one hand in your pocket, being as casual as can be and I found it completely endearing. I suddenly became more nervous because I wonder what you must be thinking of me. Are you disappointed? Do you like what you see?

I waited until you came closer to me and you smile and I melt.


I smile and say, “Hi Jason. We finally meet in person.”

“Yes we do and you look as beautiful as I imagined you would.”

I just smile because I’m not sure what to say to that. It is probably a little inappropriate to say something like that to a colleague but it makes me feel good to know that you find me attractive. A lot of guys tend to overlook me and I wonder what it is that has really piqued your interest about me.

You must be reading the look on my face because you say, “I promise to behave and act like erotik hikaye we have only just met.”

“We have only just met,” I say with a small laugh.

“Well face to face anyway. We meet each other in our dreams every night.”

I can feel the blush come over my face because I know that you are right. Every night you wander into my dreams and you take me places I never thought imaginable. How did I ever think that I can make it through this meeting with you with a sane head? I start to say something to that extent but you put your hand on my lower back and start ushering me to the elevator. I go willingly because I do not want to cause a scene and as we wait for the elevator to come back down, I can feel the fingers of your hand softly caressing my back. All I’m wearing is a white dress shirt so I feel every touch like a hot blow torch and I know that you are able to tell.

The ride to the third floor was excruciating. There were about ten people on the elevator and I was crushed against you, my back to your chest and I could feel the hardness of your cock against me. You had your hands on my hips, trying to appear professional but i know that it wasn’t working. I could feel the eyes of other passengers on us and I wonder what, if anything, would happen if any of this got out. The last thing that I wanted was for you to get in trouble.

When we got to the third floor, everyone got off the elevator. When I started to move forward, you stopped me. I look back at you in surprise and you stare right at me. You don’t say anything at first until I ask you what is going on.

“Jessica, there is no meeting. I had to meet you in person and I knew the only way that it would happen would be if I put on this ruse.”

I watch as you reach around me and hit the button that effectively put the elevator out of commission and then you move closer to me, your chest against my back, your hard cock pressed up against me.

“I’m tired of the games. I thought that I could make it to the conference room but I can’t. I have to sink my cock into you now or I will burst. Tell me you feel the same way. Tell me you have to have me right here. Right now.”

My head is spinning a mile a minute. I can’t think straight, especially when you move your hands up to cover my breasts, squeezing lightly and then more forcefully. I moan and find myself leaning back against you for support. Then you say the words that completely do me in.

“I know you want to be dominated Jessica. Let me dominate you. Let me be the one that tells you how it is, what to do, when to do it, and how it needs to be done. Let me adult sikiş hikaye fuck you for real instead of in our dreams because I can’t live off dreams alone. Take my cock inside your hot wet pussy and keep me there. Say yes Jessica.”


As soon as that one word left my mouth, you became a totally different person. You move one hand down to my stomach and you start to raise my skirt up an inch at a time and mentally I’m kicking myself for not wearing a shorter skirt. When you have my skirt up around my waist, your hand moves further down to cup my sex over my silk panties. I can feel how wet I have already gotten and I guess you can too because your next words to me cause me moan louder.

“Mmm very nice baby. I knew that I would find you wet for me. I bet if I slid my finger inside your pussy, you would be sopping wet wouldn’t you?” When I didn’t answer quick enough, you tighten your hand around my pussy. “Answer me when I ask you a question baby doll. You do not want to make me upset.”

It took me a minute to remember what you had asked me and when I did, I said, “Yes.” The game is still new to me so I’m unsure of how to proceed. You have one hand squeezing my breast and the other at my pussy, and your lips are now firmly attached to the side of my neck. I have to reach out my hands to put them against the elevator door to keep myself steady, especially once you slide your hand under my panties and touch my pussy. Something that I have dreamed of you doing for a very long time. “Oh God!” I moan out, afraid that with just one touch, I’m going to cum right there and embarrass myself. It has been so long since anyone has touched me.

“Fuck Jessica, you are drenched. I can not wait to taste this pussy against my tongue but right now, the only thing I can think about is fucking you hard and deep. Would you like that?”

“Yes, sir,” I breathe out.

“Good girl,” you say as I feel you pull my panties down to my ankles, moving my feet out of them. I can see out of the corner of my eye that you slide them into your jacket pocket and I start to wonder if I will ever see them again. I can hear your belt come undone, the snap on your pants unsnap and your zipper being pulled down and then a few seconds later, I can feel your hard cock at my backside. I’m a little worried that you will want to fuck me in the ass but then you say, again as if reading my mind, “Don’t worry baby doll. Not this time.”

You push me further against the elevator door until my cheek is pressed against it and my breasts are flattened against the hard chrome. My skirt is yanked up again and I feel you move erotik hikaye in between my stretched out legs. You’re almost a foot taller than me and even though I’m wearing three inch heels, I can tell you still you have to bend down to get your cock positioned against my pussy. And then with one swift move, you’re embedded to the hilt inside me.

I cry out.

You growl out, “Fuck!”

I can feel my pussy clenching your cock and I even flex my inner muscles for added intensity and it seems to drive you crazy. You lift me up slightly and press against me so that I’m sandwiched between you and the elevator doors. You whisper in my ear to keep doing what I was doing and then you start fucking me in earnest. When you move out, I unclench. When you move back in, I clench and every time you groan loudly. I want to touch you somehow but you keep me in the position that you do as you continue to fuck me. With each thrust, you begin to move faster and faster as you slide one hand down to flick my clit and I scream out as the orgasm hits me hard. I’m shuddering in your arms as you say against my neck.

“I’m going to cum Jessica. I’m going to fill your hot pussy with my cum because I know that I’m never letting you go.”

Before I could form a coherent thought or even try to stop you, I can feel your hot cum jettison inside my pussy as you growl and bite down on my neck. I cum again and it seems to set you off as you continue to spill your seed inside me. After what seems like a lifetime, you set me back down on my feet and I feel you slide out of me. As my skirt starts to fall back into place, I see through the shine on the elevator door, you pull out my panties and I start to believe that you are going to give them back to me. However, I watch in silence as you rub them over your cock and then put them back in your pocket.

Without another word being spoken, you zip up your pants, snap the button and buckle your belt back. You step back until your back is against the far wall of the elevator. After a few seconds you say, “Come here baby doll.”

I turn to look at you and you smile as I move closer to you. You take my hand in yours and bring me to where I’m up close and then you kiss me for the first time, your tongue tracing my lips before sliding into my mouth and taking possession. I return the kiss with vigor and when it finally breaks, you whisper to me, “You’re mine now. Don’t ever forget that.”

And with that, you move me to where I’m facing away from you and you hit the button to start the elevator again. I’m standing there, in stunned silence, wondering how the hell I’m supposed to act normal now when my stomach is tied up in knots and I can feel remnants of your cum sliding down the inside of my thighs.

And I’m thankful now that I did wear that long skirt because I never did get my panties back.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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