The Movie Theater

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(Authoress Note: All disclaimers regarding characters, age appropriateness etc are in effect. I really advise anyone under 21 not to read my stories. It takes a certain degree of maturity to enjoy my writings without recriminations. And remember, if you are reading stories at this or any other similar site there are many different sensual pressure points. So, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Finally, this is hardcore fiction. )


Awhile back there use to be at least one theater in every large town or city showing porno movies. They lasted through betamax and VHUS but they died out when everything went on the net. Many of you reading this have probably have never visited one. Usually the theaters would seat a 100 or more though most times there were no more then about five to seven guys sitting spread out through the theater watching some XXX porn. There was something for everyone. Regular porn. Lesbian porn. Watersports. Scat. Forced. Consensual. The only difference is the reel to reel film was often grainy and the audio was scratchy. It didn’t really matter because pornography was never really pornography. It was entertainment. A Senator once said he would, “know pornography when he saw it.” Fortunately the United States of America has the First Amendment because you really don’t know what is pornography. You do know that somethings should never have been produced. Snuff Films is an example. Because film and writing imagination stirs the insides. Just as young boys back then wanted to be cowboys and today we ended up with “BrokeBack Mountain,” you don’t know where humanity will go. But, the past, before the 20th Century was filled with sexuality condoned by edict and law. Anyhow, it’s not up to me to teach. I’m here to give some enjoyment. This story is based on reality and imagination forged into a tale which I hope excites the reader. I apologize for bad editing and hope each reader knows when they’ve read too much for them and will just click the window closed. For those who read it all, I hope it stirs as much in you as it did me writing it.

1975 – Somewhere in Ohio

Frequenting these porn theaters was an idea a friend of mine had come up with. But, he moved away when he went to college so once in a while I would go alone. Oh, being just twenty-two and not some macho guy I would hit on by some of the other patrons but in the theater I’d just ssssh them and they’d leave me alone. Anyhow, there was always the thrill of the forbidden theater and the movies that played there.

What follows happened just before my twenty-third birthday. It was a spring evening around 6 p.m. when the first showing went on. A new porn movie had come to to town. The marquis had black letters, some hung crookedly and a few letters missing with the title, SLAVE GIRL BOUND FOR GLORY. Inside the theater was a poster behind glass with the movie title and a brief synopsis saying, “Caught with Consequences Sally found herself spanked and a maid to serve.”

Sitting down I saw about three other men in the theater. Two were sitting together and I thought they were probably gay. The other was a fat old man sitting about five rows up from me on the aisle.

These theaters were always quite dark and the floors tacky from what I thought must be fresh cum from prior patrons. It gave me the ‘heebie jeebies’ but at the same time was erotically exciting. Even at twenty-three I still had one of the ‘soft boy girl’ looks. I was five foot seven inches and my somewhat curly red hair and white soft skin didn’t help. And, although I had some submissive behavior I had never thought of myself as anything but a man.

This was one of those times when I decided to wear the panties I had bought a couple of months ago at a porn shop. I loved wearing them. It was always a thrill to play with my dick and feel the silkiness of the satin and then jerking off. So extremely erotic. A couple of times I had worn them and gone to the bathroom in the theater and cum in them and then gone back out to watch the rest of the film. But, I would still be so horny t I couldn’t sit for long and just went home and masturbated several more times in my apartment. I hadn’t had a girl friend in over a year. A crappy job and no money wasn’t the only problem. Being more pretty and with a not to masculine voice didn’t help either. It was an alto pitch. And, even worst was having a small dick. I lived in a small town and word got around quick. With my finances moving wasn’t an option. I had barely had enough money to cover the current rent and I didn’t know where over the next three weeks I’d get the money necessary

So, the porn theater in the next town over was fun. It relieved the pressures and wasn’t too expensive. I hoped one day to move to the big city. Ha, Akron Ohio was the big city from where I lived. The porn theater was down the block from a great all night truck stop so I’d often get a bite to eat there before I went to the movie since the concession stand was run down and was never porno open. Also, the truck stop was a good inexpensive meal.

Well, I was watching this really great movie (Caught with Consequences) about a guy and his girl slave where he spanked her, fucked her and came in her mouth and face. Then the doorbell rang and a couple of his friends came over and she was wearing just pink panties. Made me horny since I was wearing almost the same color. The movie was really hot and before long I was so horny I had gone to the bathroom and jerked myself off while sitting on the toilet. Pulling up my cum soaked pink panties I went back to watch the rest of the movie. The guy, whose name was Paul, slapped her across her face when she refused one of his friends who really looked like a filthy old man. She looked in shock and after a few tears had her red lips sucking away and being rewarded with a creamy load in her mouth while another guy was fucking her ass. The old guy came back for another blow job. His sack was hanging down and his penis never got hard. She had to lick his nasty balls and finally he took his cock in his hand and started jerking it quickly.

Shortly after the old guy came in her face and I decided I’d go home and beat off. But I really needed to pee from the extra large soda I had gotten at the truck stop. So I went back to the bathroom.

There was a tall guy wearing black leather and a chain belt holding one nostril and blowing snot out the other while pissing in the only urinal. The stall I had used earlier was occupied and I went into the other stall. You know the kind of bathroom with writing on the stall walls. Phrases like, “I’ll suck your dick call 1-800-555-2323” or a big penis with balls scratched into the paint. The latch on the door was broken so as I sat down I lowered my jeans and my pink panties while reaching forward to hold the door closed with one hand.

I was just starting to pee when I heard two guys come into the bathroom laughing. One of them with a deep voice was saying how he’d just love to fuck that ‘little titty’ girl; referring to the slave girl in the movie.

“You’d fuck anything right about now, ” his friend teased him.

Nervously I had stopped peeing. I could see some movement through the space between the stall door and the frame. He also said he had to take a wicked leak and before I knew it I felt him pushing the door to my stall open. I tried to shout, “I’m in here,” but he had pushed hard against the door and was towering over me.

“Hey Bobby, come over here. We have a pussy girl in the men’s room,” he chortled.

“I am not…..” and before I could say anymore he said, “Shut the fuck up you little sissy girl.”

“She’s wearing little pink panties with a crotch of cream filling ,” he called out to Bobby.

I tried to protest but he slapped me so hard across my face it scared some of the piss out of me and I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

The shock of it all had stunned me and before I knew it he had unzipped his fly and I was staring at his hairy balls and penis with his hand pointing its tip and then he started peeing on my balls and the pee spattered over them and into the toilet.

“Spread your legs cunt,” he growled. His voice was a no nonsense deep demanding baritone and I just did what he said. I didn’t want to get beaten up. I was scared. He was over six feet tall and must have weighted over two hundred and fifty pounds. I’m about 5’7″ and maybe a hundred and fifty pounds.

“Look at my cock bitch,” the big guy said, continuing with, “because after I’m through pissing you are going to lick my dick clean of piss and suck my cock till you get my load cum in your mouth.

The smell of his urine was a thick rancid color as the yellow heat washed over my genitals. He and Bobby laughed and then the man moved his cock and peed right into the crotch of my panties staining the white cotton inner pad a dark yellow and also he spit in my face. Grabbing my hair he pulled me forward to his cock saying to his friend, “Bobby, ever fuck a redhead?”

Horrified i found my face was up against his crotch

“Lick my piss hole bitch or I’ll give you a beating you’ll never forget.”

I was about to object but when I opened my mouth he pulled my hair and peed a bit in my mouth

“Cunt, do as you’re told or I’ll take that empty toilet paper holder and cram it up your ass.”

In fear I started to lick the urine off his cock and heard his friend Bobby saying, “I can’t believe it Tom, Jill left her lipstick in my pocket from the other night.”

Tom took the lipstick, pulled my head back and hastily drew over my lips with the lipstick.

“Now there’s a pretty little cunt target mouth, “Tom said and then pushed his cock back into my mouth. His cock was a normal size but the head was bulbous so as my mouth slipped over the knob and my lips closed on the shaft it felt strange. What was in my mouth was bigger then the opening of my mouth.

The japon porno guy in the leather pants started walking out and he whispered something to Tom.

Over the next 20 minutes Bobby had take a bunch of pix. After cumming in my mouth Tom had made me kneel on the floor facing the toilet filled with his piss as he and Bobby went through all my private numbers and wallet. Every now and then Tom would spank me on the ass (nearly pushing my head into the toilet bowl) and ask me who someone was or did I live alone. I learned quickly to answer as soon as asked since Tom was already spanking me a second time if I delayed at all.

“OK, Tom, I’ve got the picture emailed to you and I’ve downloaded little pussy girl’s phone book onto my extra sim card,” Bobby said

Tom was holding my wallet and said to me, “Austin, you will do as I am about to instruct or I will deliver these pictures to everyone in your address book, I’ll post them on the internet and also come to where you live and spank your ass in front of the neighborhood. Do you understand?”

He spanked my ass a couple of times and said he’d stick my head in the toilet if I delayed answering anymore.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Prove you understand. Push your face into the toilet bowl and get it wet with my pee,” Tom said. He spanked me a couple of more times as I did what he said and pushed my face into the old skanky bowl, my face washed in his piss and water. I lifted it back up.

“I will email you a list of what to buy and you will come back here next Saturday at 6:30 p.m. no later. You will get further instructions during the week.”

The Week

During the week I trembled inside as the days moved towards Saturday. I had the money Tom had left under my door on Monday. That alone terrified me. Someone had come to my apartment over the night and slid the envelope under my door jamb.

A short note said for me to deposit in my debit account. The note also said for me to go on Skype at noon and call a Skype contact ‘Wolfvolf’.

There were five $100 bills. When I left to go to the bank I thought I saw someone watching the house. Shit, that was scary. What had I gotten myself into?

Returning home I worried as noon approached but I was already past the point of rebellion and had started down the road of submission when I finally Skyped Wolfvolf. I heard the ring ring of Skype and finally his voice.

“Hello my little cum slut,” Tom said and continued with, “yes, we saw you leave this morning. So, here is what you’ll be doing to get ready for Saturday.”

He proceeded to have me write down and the I was to follow his instructions.

I had set to up a full body waxing, pedicure and manicure for Tuesday ($250) and the hair stylist for Friday ($125) as Tom had ordered.

Tom also gave me a list of what to get and where and to order.

When our Skype ended I checked on-line and found the panties, bra, stockings, shoes, top and skirt at Frederick’s of Hollywood as Tom had said, ordered and had them two day Fed-Ex. It was so scary but at the same time I got turned on when I read about the panties, I Love Your Boy Shorts- “Sheer mesh with flocked hearts outlined in silver Lurex. “I Love U” rhinestone charm.-($5), The bra was “a smooth, completely seamless underwire bra to wear under even the closest fitting styles. Underwire cups contain a soft gel that warms to your body while creating cleavage and adding a full cup size.” Seamless Gel Bra ($32). The shoes were Wrap Up Stilettos, “walk the red carpet and drop jaws in this seriously sexy stiletto. With captivating knot detail in front and a sky-high 4½” heel. ($34) and the dress was the Zipper Dress “An unexpected detail adds a provocative twist to an elegant evening silhouette. Body-hugging style with a deep V-neck features functional zipper detailing. Deep V in back.” ($19) – It had all come to $90 plus the two day Fed Ex charge.

The whole $500 was gone.

I was completely turned on after I was waxed and so wanted to masturbate but Tom had forbidden me the privilege. When the clothes came and I laid them out I was turned on again. I can’t explain what was going on in me but it was making me very horny. I should have been more afraid on Saturday when I got ready but I was also mesmerized by the panties against my naked, hairless, smooth body and putting the bra on also became a turn on. My little dick was so hard when I left the house to go to the theater.

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday I drove my old wreck of a car to the movie theater wearing the panties and bra under a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. I knew I looked like a girl when a car passed and a guy smiled at me. It was the hairdo. Well, the red lipstick covering my mouth sure didn’t scream manliness either. Tom had said I had to wear the lipstick to the theater. I had spent a week learning how to apply it. Oh, I had to spend my own money for the lip liner, lip gloss, tips etc.

The style Tom lezbiyen porno had picked was from some hairstyle blog and it was called “Short and Sassy”. When I had gone to the hairstylist she asked me why I wanted a girl’s style. I said I was going to a costume party. I had told the waxing lady I had lost a bet. But, the stylist didn’t seem to believe me. I think she could tell I had been waxed. Even though I was wearing a long sleeve flannel plaid manly shirt.

Looking in the mirror Friday night when I returned from getting my hair done I stood naked in front of the full length mirror and even without makeup, I looked so, ‘girl’. I had striking green eyes. They sparkled at the mirror reflected the my white creamy hairless skin with a sassy girl hairdo. When I looked over myself I could only tell my maleness by what hung between my legs. And when I wasn’t hard it was always so small it could be overlooked.

I drove carefully and within the speed limit. I didn’t want to be pulled over. I already felt so strange and scared. Thinking back again to Friday’s mirror look I could visualize my groomed pubic hair patch above my penis. My pubes were naturally light strawberry blond, even a bit lighter then my head of hair. Stopped at a light I looked in the mirror on the visor and thought, “God, I looked feminine now.” It was so embarrassing and I was on my way to even a more reddish blushed embarrassment.

Tom’s emails came everyday during the rest of the week. Vague reminders in his words but leaving me an indelible fear inside of what he would and could do if I didn’t do exactly as he said.

I saw the town sign and knew I was less then a mile from the porn theater. My heart skipped a beat. Time seemed to slow as the trees went by and familiar stores passed. An Eckerd Drug store on my right. then a right turn past the Gulf gas station on my left(they don’t exist anymore). As I made the turn I could see the marquis just past the end of the block. The late afternoon sun was setting and the soft red-orange colors over the cement did nothing to dispel a seedy run down ‘do not enter’ look. I had never noticed it like this before but today was not like before. Where in the past the seedy character of this part of town held a thrill now in captured the same skipping heart beat and hastened breath but it was not from the same part of my brain.

I was here. Here where I shouldn’t be but now was. I parked my old broken down, light tan, I called it more diarrhea colored, Plymouth Fury and got out of the car taking my bag with my dress, shoes. and lipstick kit. Turning on the sidewalk towards the theater a a burly man passed, slapped my ass and said, “Hey girl, lookin’ good.” Afraid I scampered to the theater as if I would find safety there.

When I pushed the blacked out door at the entrance, the same man who was in the bathroom last week with the black leather pants and chain, pulled it open from the inside. I couldn’t believe it but the guy who was peeing in the urinal before all this happened last week was also the owner.

“Hi sweetie,” he greeted me with his tobacco stained teeth. “Go to the ladies room, Tom has left instructions there and of course you will change there. Oh, today’s film is called, “Gangbanged,” you should love it.

The theater was empty and the ladies room was the door right next to the vile men’s room. Last week flashed by me and then I opened the door to the Ladies room. I had never done that in my life and now I was inside. It was a wreck. Obviously no one cleaned it. There was a toilet but no stall. A mirror which was somewhat clouded had a note taped to it. It read.

“When you are all dressed come to the concession stand. Today your name is Sally. You are the new usherette for this theater.”

There wasn’t too much time left so I quickly got ready and soon I was wearing my dress. Looking in the mirror the V neck line and the bra I was wearing gave the appearance of small titties. Before I went out I had to pee. It was so odd to be sitting this time, a week later, on the girls toilet and now caught with consequences.

Crap, when I stood up the toilet seat broke off and fell to the floor cracking into pieces. I wondered how old was this place? I was so nervous and then as I tried to walk out. The 4 /12 inch heels made every move I made one of precarious teeter-tottering. I could barely walk and wondered how does a girl even run in them.

When I got to the concession stand, if that’s what you want to call it, because last week it was just a dusty old relic. Now there was a string of Christmas lights on and the dust shimmered on the glass countertop. Also on the top was a box of milky ways, a box of starbursts and a large bag of popcorn with small bags next to it. A cooler was on the floor and Tom was there and he crooked his finger for me to come closer. Then he had me turn around and put a collar around my neck. I was so scared when he attached a chain to a piece of steel that extended down from the ceiling and ended in a hook with a clasp. Like the kind they use for mountain climbing.

I’m facing the wall collared and hooked standing on these 4 /12 inch heel barely able to move and I think I’d hang myself if I fell, except I can lean a bit against the wall.

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