The Nordstrom Interview Ch. 1

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Jim was walking down the South Coast Plaza mall towards Nordstrom. He had applied for a job there and was looking forward to his first interview with his, hopefully, new boss. Natalie had sounded pretty on the phone.

When he got there, Jim took a seat in one of the black leather chairs near the back of the men’s sportswear department. He noticed a lot of other sales people on the floor, it didn’t seem like they needed any new employees. For a while, Jim was beginning to think waiting was a waste of time. Just as he was about to get up and ask for some help, a stunning young blond wearing a gray business suit walked up to meet him. “You must be Jim. I’m Laurie – the assistant manager.”

“Nice to meet you,” Jim said, as he flashed a warm smile and shook her hand. She held on a little longer than usual.

“Come on in the back Jim, Natalie was at a meeting in La Jolla this morning. She should be here in about ten minutes.” Jim straitened his tie and followed her into the back office area. He couldn’t help but look at her tight ass as she swished her way to one of the private rooms. “You can wait in my office with me.”

As they entered, the windowless door shut and they crossed over to her desk. Jim sat across next to her as she took of her jacket tossing it on the floor. “Goddamn hot in here, don’t you think? I’m sorry about bringing you in, but you looked a little lost outside, and I didn’t want to make you wait any longer.”

“Yeah,” Jim said, “it was pretty full out there. I don’t see how you guys need any more help.”

“Well,” Laurie confessed, “Natalie’s not really looking for anymore help on the floor. At least not to sell per say.”

“You mean I’m applying for stock work?” Jim asked. Laurie smiled and rolled her chair over to him. She dipped down and Jim’s eyes had to dart to that beautiful cleavage popping out of her white dress shirt.

“No, honey. We wouldn’t want you to do that.” Then Laurie abruptly rolled away and leaned back. It was hot in the room, but that didn’t keep her nipples from hardening out of her shirt. Jim shifted in his chair; his penis had stiffened most uncomfortably. “Let me ask you a direct question.” Laurie said, her legs widening a bit.

“Yes…?” Jim said, mesmerized.

“Do you like blondes, or brunettes?” The door swung open before he could answer the question.

“I hope your answer is red-heads.” Jim and Laurie turned and a gorgeous red-haired woman walked in the room. “Hello Jim, my name’s Natalie.” Jim stood up and covered his erection by straining his suit jacket out a couple inches. “Laurie?” Natalie asked, “Would you watch the floor? Jim, you can follow me into my office. We’ll have the interview in there.” Laurie walked by Jim, and as she brushed up against him, she felt his erection touch her thigh. She turned and smiled, and then left the room. “You’ll have to forgive Laurie,” Natalie said as she led Jim out the door and into the next office. “She makes a lot of sales by flirting with the men as they come in. I guess some of it rubs off on the next cute guy, you know what I mean?”

“That’s all right.” Jim said as he took a seat across from Natalie. This setting was much more professional.

Natalie put on a pair of thin-framed glasses. “Jim, what did you do at your last job?”

“I, uh, well I’m straight out of high school so… not much really.”

“Mmm. And are you willing to commit some time and effort here at Nordstrom?”

“Yes, yes I am. Definitely.”

“You’re not going to be asking for a lot time off to spend with your family or your friends, girlfriends, hobbies, games- whatever?”

“No, no ma’am. I just moved into my own place, my ex-girlfriend left for college on the east coast tecavüz hikayeleri and I like to ski… and well, it’s mid June so…” Natalie smiled.

“Good. Well, everything should fall into place then. Jim, I’m going to be frank with you. We aren’t looking for your average everyday salesman. We need someone young, good looking, someone who can sellthemselves to the customer. I want someone the women who shop here for husbands or boyfriends can flirt with and forget all about cost and time. I want them to come back to you. Do you know where I’m going?”

“Sure. I can do that.”

“Good.” She paused. “Then I should let you know something else. This is Orange County. The woman here can’t get enough… dick… excuse the expression. Some of them want more than a sale. They want you to deliver the items yourself… and then stay awhile. Do you know where I’m going?”


“I want you to fuck some of the customers.” Jim was speechless. “Don’t worry. All the women here are beautiful.I’d fuck ‘em. They’re bored housewives who want to get back at their husbands for cheating on them with the secretary. You know how it is. I bet your mom’s a MILF. Am I right?”

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be shy, Jim. You’re a young kid with, apparently, a nice sized cock, so forget all about being shy.”

Jim squirmed around in his seat a bit. He swallowed and said, “Okay. Yeah, my mom’s a MILF.”

“Good, well, I’m going to let Laurie come in here and train you for a little bit. Have you ever had sex before?”

“Yeah, a couple of times.”

“Less work for Laurie. I’ll watch the floor so everything will be okay.” Natalie got up. She ran her hands down her slim body. Jim noticed for the first time how perfect it was. He decided to build up his courage.

“Wait.” She stopped. “I’m sorry. But I was wondering if you’d be willing to give me my first lesson.” Natalie smiled. She walked over and spread herself over his lap.

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you?”


“You want me to ride up and down your big fat cock, don’t you?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“You want me to suck and fuck you all night long, and make you cum and scream you’re name out – Jim. Jim! JIM!”

“Yes. Yes I do!” Natalie stood up.

“Maybe. But I don’t like instructing. When Laurie let’s me know your ready, I’ll taste the goods myself. I want to fuck a man who’ll take me to the top. I want to fuck a man who will bring me to the brink of sexual heat and excitement. I want a man to come with me at the same time… over, and over again.” She walked away and turned back before she closed the door. “I trust Laurie. Anyone who impresses her impresses me. You make Laurie scream – and I’ll be your personal fuck slave.” The door was shut. Jim was left alone with a raging hard on. He shifted in his seat again, not believing what was happening. When the door opened again, Laurie was standing there smiling.

“I felt that cock. I want that cock. Ready to do me now?” Jim just sat there. “Don’t worry, baby, we’ll go slow the first time.” As she walked over, all Jim could do was stare.

Laurie took her jacket off first. She ran her hands over her covered breasts until her nipples protruded again. “Oops.” She said seductively. “Take off your jacket.” Jim had it off in three seconds. “Now close your eyes.” Jim did as he was told. He could feel her hands on his zipper. He could feel her reaching inside his boxers and pulling out his penis. He could feel her hot breath tease the outside of it. She reached and cupped her hands under his ass and then lifted his entire penis into her mouth, strait down the shaft of her throat. Jim moaned.

In and out it went. Wet from the walls of her mouth, Laurie sex hikayeleri dabbled her tongue along the fatty part of skin near the head of his dick. Jim grabbed a hold of her blond head and slightly pushed her down to the bottom again. He began fucking her face faster and faster. Gentle moans escaped her engorged lips.

“Fuck. Oh, God. This feels so fucking good.”

“Mmmm.” Laurie moaned again. She continued tonguing his penis with her mouth while unbuttoning her blouse with one hand, and unzipping her skirt with another. When Jim finally opened his eyes, Laurie was kneeling down over his crotch with his dick in her mouth wearing nothing but a thong. Her breasts were perfect! He grabbed them. At that moment she pulled him out of her mouth and took hold of his penis. She spit on her chest and then rubbed his wet erection all over her.

Laurie grabbed both her breasts and smashed them together over Jim’s member. She kneeled up and down, titi-fucking Jim, faster and faster.

“You like that, don’t you, Jimmy?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Do you want to talk dirty, Jimmy?”

“Whatever you want, Laurie.”

“Do you like fucking my tits?”

“Yes! I love fucking your tits. I want to come on your face.”

“Ooh, baby. You want to cum on me?”

“I want to come all over you. On your face and your tits!”

“Do it! Come all over me!” Jim strained, he could feel his cum boiling in his balls as his penis began to spasm under the tremendous double pressure coming from Laurie enormous mounds. Out it came, in tremendous spurts. It hit her stomach and her tits and her face. It landed on the floor, on the chair, and on Jim’s suit. Laurie stood as Jim collapsed in the seat. “We can’t afford to get this thing any more dirty than it actually is.” Laurie said as she pulled off his suit pants, shirt and tie. He stood in his boxers, his penis hanging out of the hole. “Well, well. Both of us in our underwear. What to do now?” She knelt down again and started stroking his penis, his cum creating a natural lubricant, making it easy for her to get him hard again.

“Aren’t you the one giving the lesson?” Jim said, as his breathing quickened. Laurie’s hand slid up and down his shaft as quick as she could make it go. Jim was building up again.

“Yes, I am. And you probably would be a good fuck. But I have a managers meeting in half an hour, and I have to get cleaned up.” Jim looked at her shocked as she stood up and began putting her shirt over her cum-stained tits. “Don’t worry Jimmy, you got the job. And we’ll finish this at another time. With a final zip up of her dress and a slip on of her jacket, Laurie turned, winked, and then left the room.

“You gotta be fuckin kiddin me.” Jim said as he dressed.

Five minutes later he was on the sales floor. Natalie walked up to him.

“Well, Laurie came out all flustered. She says you passed the first lesson. Here’s your second one.”

“What?” Jim said, looking around the floor.

“There is a woman standing near the French cuff shirts. She looks… lonely. I want you to sell her more than five hundred dollars worth of clothes today. You have one hour.” Then Natalie left.

“But I…” Jim looked over at the woman. She was in her mid-thirties, brown hair, fake boobs, and a short mini-skirt. Jim looked at Natalie who was busy with another customer and then approached the woman. “Miss, can I help you?”

“No,” was the reply. She looked up. “I can handle myself.”

“Alright.” Jim turned away and walked back to where Natalie was standing, now alone. “I can’t do it. I don’t know the first thing about men’s clothes.”

“You know what,” the brunette said coming over, “I changed my mind.” Natalie half smiled and sex hikaye left. “You have the same build as my husband. You can try this stuff on. Where are the changing rooms?” Jim looked around, panicked. “Ah, over here. Let’s go.” The two entered the large room and picked an empty stall near the end of the narrow hallway.

“Miss, I don’t know if we’re allowed in here together.”

“Oh, honey, it’s not like you have something I haven’t seen before.” She pulled off his jacket, and unbuttoned his shirt. After trying on four or five shirts she helped him with the last one. “Well, you look so good in them I think I’ll have to buy them all. Crying shame shirts are now a hundred and twenty five dollars apiece. Well, it’s not my money, it’s my husbands, so there you go.”

“You must love him an awful much to go shopping like this for him.”

“Are you kidding? It gets me out of the house away from that sonofabitch. Here, tuck this last one in all the way.” The woman pulled down his pants and noticed the cum stains on his boxers. “My. Haven’t we been busy.” Jim was frozen with fear. “A nice looking man like you shouldn’t need to masturbate. No girlfriend?” He could only shake his head in response. “I know what it feels like. It’s a damn crime the way good looking people are walking around and can’t get a decent fuck.”

“Maybe I should wrap these up for you.”

“The only wrapping you’re going to do is after this is all over.” The woman ripped off his boxers and then laid him on his back. “Just be quiet and let me do all the work. You can’t get a better deal than that now can you?”

The woman pulled all her clothes off faster than Jim could think and discarded all their clothes into the far corner of the stall. “Shhh.” She said as she lowered herself onto his prick. “Uhhh.” She moaned hoarsely. She slid up and down his rock hard shaft, grabbing his hands and placing them on her fake tits. “Yes. Oh, this is what I wanted. Oh, God I’m so glad I got up out of bed this morning. Fuck! Yes! Oh, Jesus Christ you’re so goddamn fucking hot!” This put Jim over the edge. He sat up, grabbed her shoulders and then turned her onto her back. He began fucking her. She grabbed his neck and pulled his lips to hers. But instead of a kiss, she whispered. “Fuck me. Fuck me like the slut whore that I am! Fuck my pussy. Make me come. Do it! Do me! Come in me! I want you to. Make me scream, motherfucker! Do it! Make me your bitch! I want you to fuck me! Fuck! FUCK!”

“Agghh!” Jim moaned as he started spurting inside her.

“Yes, come, faster!”

He shot rope after rope of come inside her pussy. More than he had with Laurie. They both collapsed in a sweaty, sticky mess, gasping for breath. The woman put her clothes on, quickly, handed Jim her credit card and said, “Put this shirts on the card. Also, get yourself and new suit, tie and shirt on me. I’ll be back for my card later this week.” She rolled her tongue across her lips and then closed the door.

By the time Jim came out it was almost time to close. No one had heard his encounter in the changing room. He walked through the empty department, Natalie saw him and walked over. “Did you get the five hundred out of her?” Jim slyly pulled out the woman’s credit card.

“Melissa M. Studner.” Natalie laughed.

“Wow, you’re better than I thought, kid.” She leaned closer. “Okay, you can go home now. I need you at work tomorrow at nine AM. Laurie gets in at ten but I want to go over a few things with you first.” Jim shook her hand and then turned to walk away. “Oh, Jim. Can you help me with something before you leave?”

“Whatever you want Natalie.” Jim said spinning back on his heels. Natalie walked over and grabbed him, she pulled him close and inserted her tongue in his mouth. After wildly dancing it around inside his pulsating lips, she withdrew and squeezed his dick before she disappeared into her office.

Tomorrow was going to be a great day.

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